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I have played this game since beta on PlayStation and transferred over to PC a little over a year ago. I have already re-purchased a large amount of aesthetics in the game, but I was wondering what future plans there were for cross-progression. Are there any plans to implement cross-progression in the near future now that cross-play/platform has been introduced? If not, why? I have loyally enjoyed this game for years; however, it is hard to overlook the absence of this feature as we near the end of year six and look forward to year seven.

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Hey @Sir-Calamari!

At the moment we have not announced any plans for adding cross-progression to For Honor, though cross-play is something we're working on if that interests you as well.

As for the possibility of cross-progression being added in the future, I'm afraid that support isn't able to speculate on future content releases, but we'll forward your feedback to the team about wanting it added! 🙂

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