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When I start For Honor it will crash every time, but at inconsistent moments like while I'm playing or starting the game up, it gives me the reason that the files are broken and that I need to verify the integrity. I verified the integrity of the game files through steam, and also checked my driver health to make sure it was optimized and fragmented. In game at max settings I am getting flat 60 fps and I'm only using about half of my Vram, I also turned down my setting to where it used about a 1/3rd of my vram and it still crashed. I would prefer not to uninstall the game but I need to I will, any suggestions on how to fix this.

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@SuccMehoff Hey there!

For now, as a first step, please check out this FAQ if you haven't already and make sure you've not skipped any steps.

If that doesn't help, please Uninstall the game, and then reinstall it after you have launched Ubisoft Connect as an administrator. Then once the installation is done, please launch the game as an administrator as well, then let me know if you're still having trouble!

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