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Ubisoft connect overlay is causing some serious issues with my game. The overlay doesn't seem to work, it worked yesterday and whenever i click the button combination to open it, it uses more and more of my cpu. It also makes my game stutter harder when someone logs in and the overlay tries showing them logging in. I've opted to play without the overlay on now because it destroys my performance and makes the game nearly unplayable.
A complete restart of my pc which obviously includes the app didnt help.

Ryzen 5 3600x
16gb 3200mhz
Nitro+ Radeon rx 6900xt
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Hi there, sorry you are still experiencing these performance issues drops in game. While I understand you may have already completed some of these steps, could we ask that you have attempt our basic troubleshooting steps as outlined here.

If you are still experiencing this after completing these steps, could you please provide your system reports as advised in the FAQ guides below :

Generating a DirectX Diagnostic Report

Generating a Microsoft System Information Report

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