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Impossible to swap base color of the pirate.

Help ?

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Hello @PlowPlow666 thanks for getting in touch with us about this character.

In order for us to double check if this is intended or is indeed a bug with customization, are you able to link us to a short 1-minute video clip of this issue?

If you are using a Windows 10/11 PC, you should be able to record a clip using the free Xbox Gamebar overlay that may be already installed on your PC > 
- Launch the game
- Make sure the game is visible on your screen before pressing any keys
- Press the Windows key and G key, then select the 'Start Recording' dot button to record a clip
- Upload your new video clip to a website such as Youtube/Imgur/Twitter and post the URL link to the video in the thread, so we can view this.

Xbox/ PlayStation consoles should give you an option to record a clip using the share button on your controller. Your console will then ask if you would like to upload this to YouTube or Twitter, you can then post the URL link to the video in the forum for us to view.