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Hey Warriors!

We've seen your questions on what our next gen announcement + Ubi Connect mean for FH. Our breakdown can be found here: ubi.li/vEic3 !

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Originally posted by Jaeger_NL

That’s unfortunate.

But thank you anyway for clearing it up for us so that we won’t go into next gen with the wrong assumptions.

This is why we strongly wanted to publish this. I saw folks saying things like "they confirmed crossplay on Warrior's Den", even though that was not the case. I hope everything is more clear now.

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Originally posted by GoldRedAngel

They are concentrated to deam much in their tournaments

Tournament organization is a separate thing and unrelated to this announcement.

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Originally posted by Slythecoop49

So 60fps consoles will be playing against 30fps consoles? How will that be made fair when input lag will be different between 8th and 9th gen consoles? At least on a pc there’s next to no input lag so the FPS difference between pc builds isn’t felt as bad. But on console we all have controllers but only some of us will be seeing double the frames.

It's something we'll keep an eye on for sure, but the alternative is splitting up groups of friends as they each make their individual decisions about next gen - or not enhancing the game at all even though we have the ability to.

PS5 and XSX players can still choose to play with wireless controllers and with unoptimized TV/monitor setups. There will always be performance variables that we can't 100% account for.

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Originally posted by Theliraan

It's shock. u/UbiInsulin, could you please explain why had your company decide to kill For Honor? By low performance? There are tons of potential yet, please don't do it. Breath new life to out favourite game via cross-play between all platforms.

Brawlhalla has crossplay, but For Honor is not in plans! FFS!

This is a decision that continues FH in the same state it's in currently - people will be able to keep playing within the same console family, keep playing with their friends, and access the game on their new device without switching back and forth between consoles.

Cross-generation functionality + next gen enhancements enable FH players to bring FH into the 9th generation with them.