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Hello, I have been playing since almost day 1 of this game. I believe if you look at my account, inactivity and quitting is not what I do especially considering the hours I grind during losing games. Match making penalties should not occur because I don’t quit games. My gamer tag is “quit for me” not “I quit games” this is the second time I’ve been standing still without being able to move or not load in at all and my connection is immaculate with my PS5 & Wi-Fi. I would like some type of trouble shoot for this issue that do not result in me not wanting to play or not being capable to play till I get a penalty again. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hi @trigga_tre I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing connectivity issues and received a penalty.

Could you please go through the connectivity troubleshooting then try again to see if that helps.

However, if the issue persists or if your NAT status show as anything other than Open or Single NAT, you may need to forward ports to your device.

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