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It seems like something major has changed about dodge behavior since the last patch. I have constant problems with my character dodging in the wrong direction. I'm using Mouse and Keyboard, so there's no ambiguity about what key I'm hitting. It is very common for me to double tap D for a right dodge, and instead my character does a full escape roll backwards. The behavior isn't so common that I can tell why it is happening or recreate it in training, but it is common enough to get me killed several times per dominion match.

It isn't related to there being a wall to my right or no space to dodge. In fact, it often seems to happen when my right is clear but left is blocked. I have not noticed it happening when dodging left, but I can't say for sure that it isn't. EDIT: It happens when dodging left too.

What could be causing this? I've only been playing a couple of weeks, but I had 0 cases of this before the patch.

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Hey there guys,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this!

And thanks for sharing what fixed it for you @Pavel-71 - has the issue ever come back since or did unplugging / replugging your mouse and keyboard once do the trick?

@Drudgenought - does the above work for you too at all?

I'd also advise verifying the game files too.

If there's no change, please could you provide a video as well as confirm the model keyboard / mouse you're using?

Thank you!

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