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it literally takes me 15 to 30mins of searching to find one [censored] match in DOMINION, BREACH, DEATHMATCH OR BRAWLS, and 5 to 10mins in DUELS. This has been happening for the past year and its annoying to the point that i thought it would change at some point. WHAT THE [censored] IS GOING ON UBI!?!?!?!? I resorted to watching any streaming service while i [censored] try to play this game.

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Hey @commanderdage

I'm sorry to hear you have been getting very long wait times to find a match of these game modes.  

If it is still happening, please can you go through the connectivity troubleshooting found here.

If you still need assistance, we'll need to speak to you through a support ticket to look into this, so let us know and we'll create a ticket for you. 

If you would prefer to contact us via live chat or a social media private chat instead, you can do so on the links below: 

Live Chat (only when it's available)



If you do contact us through one of the above options, please let us know, otherwise we will create the support ticket for you if you still need assistance.