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Ubisoft complaints not working, not interested in problems. I loved for Honor even ordered the collectors edition at launch which never arrived, they took my money and despite showing reciepts still wont send the product. despite contaction them many many times still wont send. Now its time to start legal procedings for something I did not recieve on a game that keeps coming up with error codes towards the end of breach matches, the same gear at the end of every match and never recieved what I ordered. Another case of a company not interested and only in it for the money and not customer satisfaction.

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@bunkergex Hi, and welcome to the forum !

I've taken note of your message, and I'm sorry to hear that there has been an Issue with your order of the Collector Edition of For Honor.

For the purpose of our investigation, a case has been created.

You can access it via the Help website, and it will allow you to provide us with the documents necessary for our investigation, all while protecting the privacy of your information.

As for the error codes encountered at the end of Breach matches, as well as the end of match gear, I invite you to provide us with screenshots, which will help us isolate the Issues.

If you have questions, or for any other Issue, don't hesitate to reach out to us !