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Dear Kings and Queens,
On Wednesday, September 21st, our Halloween Event returns once again!

This is the place to be if you have any questions about it or would like to discuss it with other players.
Please keep in mind that your opinion may differ from the opinions of other players, you don't have to convince each other of anything here. :)

We appreciate your feedback!

Please write your feedback in a factual and constructive way and stay on topic.
So that we can pass your feedback on to the developers, the following points would be important to note:
  • Feedback that only contains one sentence like "In my Orb I can see a bright future ahead!" is not helpful. Please make sure to include reasons for your opinion.
  • The same goes for positive feedback. We are happy about it of course, but describing what exactly you like is always very helpful!
  • Limit your feedback to the actual content. Feedback like "You should improve X" or feedback that refers to other game content or previous events is not helpful.
  • Use the "Like" button if another player has already reflected your opinion well.

Thank you very much and have fun!

Your Forge of Empires Team  
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It's that time of year once more for all things macabre. The circus is back in town, and this time there are some new guests. A fog settles in as you gaze over the fairgrounds, and a chill runs down your back as you enter the familiar canvas and rope buildings. While things appear to be the same as in previous years, there are few surprises in store and there are lots of treats to find inside this twisted circus.

The Halloween Event will start on the 21st of September, and will run until October 12th!

The Ringmaster welcomes you back for another year of spooky surprises. He brings a few new thrills, along with some familiar chills.


He will provide you with 30 rush quests, and 21 additional daily quests. From these quests, you can earn Fairground Tickets, which can additionally be earned through logging in once per day, and completing incidents in your city.

Candle Flashlight Lantern Orb (New for 2022)
halloween_icon_tool_1.png halloween_icon_tool_2.png halloween_icon_tool_3.png
Disperses one fog tile. Disperses an entire column of fog (when not blocked). Disperses 8 surrounding fog tiles. Reveals hidden rewards by removing all visible darker fog tiles.

Important Tip - The candle can be used on each individual fog tiles, to disperse them, but the flashlight and lantern must be used on empty tiles. The new Orb option will allow you to instantly remove the thickest of fog, which can only be used on darker fog tiles and can only be purchased by using diamonds.

Eyes on the Ground!

When navigating in low visibility, it is always good to mind your feet and to know where they are going, but within the Halloween Event, it is also key to finding lucrative rewards! Indeed, as you make your way, you will find many items on the floor worth your attention!

The first are pumpkins, which will contain a random reward (as well as a chance at the daily special). Secondly, there are Lightbulbs that will help you make progress toward the Grand Prize!


Yet, that is not the only thing you will need to watch out for!

Just like last year, you will find Toy's strewn throughout the fair, which will unlock special additional quest lines. The completion of these, will provide some frighteningly good rewards, and earn you the fairground findings achievement!

Reward Calendar
Be sure to be on the lookout for - Daily Stickers. These can be spent in the Reward Calendar! Each sticker is unique, and will open one of the 21 slots within the Calendar! Each one opening a unique reward!


You are probably wondering what happens if you miss a day? While there are plenty of things to be afraid of within the Halloween event, missing a daily slot within the Reward Calendar is not one!

Joker Sticker Pieces can always be found throughout the event, as well as won in Daily Challenges. Once you have enough of them, you can piece them together, to make a full sticker and open a slot that was previously missed.

These are key, as you will definitely not want to miss out on the reward for completing the Calendar! Within, are two selection kits, a unique avatar, and a host of other items!

Event Pass
As with previous events, you can also unlock the bonus prizes alongside the Grand Prizes!

Rewards for 2022!

Now that we are all out of tricks, you are probably wondering what are this year’s treats?

The Tarot Card Caravans are sure to find their way to your city, with 12 levels to achieve, there are many coveted treats to off. While your citizens may not find the gypsies appealing, you'll be able to earn population, coins, goods from the previous age at level 8, forge points at level 10, attack boost for your attacking army at level 11, and level 12 will allow you to collect Fragments of Finish All Supply Productions when motivated!

Tarot Card Caravans (5x4)
at level 12:
  • Negative Happiness
  • Population
  • Coins
  • 10 Forge Points
  • 30 Goods from Previous Age
  • 19-22% Attack for Attacking army
  • 1 Fragment of Finish All Supply Productions (when motivated)
You can also find these spooky buildings to create that frightful atmosphere in your city. Be forewarned, the goodies offered will only last for a limited amount of uses or time, depending on which one you choose.

Haunted Tree (2 x 2) Daunting Tower (1 x 1)
Active: 20 FP per collection
5 collections
Active: 20% Attack for Attacking army.
1 day limited
Expired: Decoration: 250 happiness
Expired: Decoration: 250 happiness
Part of the Calendar Reward. Fragments can be obtained as Daily Specials.
Part of the Event Pass.
Last but not least, a collection of avatars for you to show off, if it's in the cards for you to find them.

Ichabod Bellatrix Morrigan Aura
All_Player_Avatars_halloween22_180x180px_QUEST%20m.png All_Player_Avatars_halloween22_180x180px_QUEST%20f.png All_Player_Avatars_halloween22_180x180px_PRIZE%20d.png All_Player_Avatars_halloween22_180x180px_PRIZE%20f.png

In addition, the Halloween Prizes also include some older avatars! If you have already received them, you will get Forge Points instead.

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know! We're very much looking forward to your feedback here!

Finally, please keep in mind that you can always test our newest features in advance by using our Beta Mobile App. For more information on how to install it, please follow this guide.

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

Your Forge of Empires Team  
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xivarmy said: Dimensions appear to be listed wrong (described as 4x5, but appears to be 5x4)
Ah yes, fixed. Thanks :)  
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Here are the current stats for the new Event buildings:
Spoiler: Tarot Card Caravans - Lv. 12 W_SS_MultiAge_HalloweenBonusGP22l.png

Age Provides Produces
1d if motivated
Happiness Population Ranking Points Attack boost for Attacking army Coins Forge Points Previous Era Goods Finish All Supply Productions-Fragment -Fragment
Bronze Age -90 149 100 19% 1,500 10 30 1
Iron Age -160 319 160 19% 3,500 10 30 1
Early Middle Ages -170 490 400 19% 5,900 10 30 1
High Middle Ages -190 688 800 19% 8,300 10 30 1
Late Middle Ages -210 902 1,200 19% 10,900 10 30 1
Colonial Age -250 1,139 2,000 20% 16,600 10 30 1
Industrial Age -280 1,392 4,000 20% 20,700 10 30 1
Progressive Era -310 1,661 6,000 20% 25,100 10 30 1
Modern Era -330 1,947 10,000 20% 31,300 10 30 1
Postmodern Era -350 2,244 16,000 20% 39,300 10 30 1
Contemporary Era -400 2,558 24,000 21% 51,200 10 30 1
Tomorrow Era -490 2,882 40,000 21% 59,300 10 30 1
The Future -590 3,223 64,000 21% 68,000 10 30 1
Arctic Future -680 3,575 96,000 21% 77,200 10 30 1
Oceanic Future -790 3,938 120,000 21% 87,100 10 30 1
Virtual Future -940 4,312 160,000 22% 97,500 10 30 1
Space Age Mars -1,510 6,826 260,000 22% 162,900 10 30 1
Space Age Asteroid Belt -1,640 7,414 360,000 22% 180,500 10 30 1
Space Age Venus -1,770 8,014 420,000 22% 198,900 10 30 1
Space Age Jupiter Moon -1,900 8,630 480,000 22% 218,300 10 30 1
Needed Fragments for Finish All Supply Productions : 30 Spoiler: Haunted Tree
W_SS_MultiAge_HalloweenBonus22a.png active -> W_SS_MultiAge_HalloweenBonus22aDecoration.png inactive
Happiness Forge Points production time active for Happiness
250 20 24 hours 5 collections 250
Spoiler: Daunting Tower
W_SS_MultiAge_HalloweenBonus22b.png active -> W_SS_MultiAge_HalloweenBonus22bDecoration.png inactive
Happiness Attack boost for Attacking army active for Happiness
250 20% 1 day 250
Needed Fragments: 100  
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The Event is available on mobile, once you have the version 1.240.12 (or higher) downloaded and installed.  

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