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Please find the daily changelogs for this week below.
Every day we'll make a post notifying of any bugfixes or changes to the game, or otherwise to let you know that no changes have taken place.

Should you have any feedback regarding the contents of the daily changelogs, please let us know here.  
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  • An issue occurred with our diamond reward tool, that prevented us from awarding you the diamonds for testing. This works now and we already awarded you the ones for the Guild Battleground Update
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  • The guild ranking page would not load and lead to errors. The same happened to rankings in GvG. They now work as expected
  • When having the Golden Crops, the Collect All button would not show in certain cases
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  • No player related updates
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  • No player related updates
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  • When having an empty message (for example if someone sent you an offer and the message got removed), it would always be on top of all other messages. It is now were it should be
  • Tooltips would sometimes not show up, when they should. They will now appear as intended
  • We also did the finishing touches to the visual improvements for the windows in the Technology Tree

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