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Updated 1/8/2021

We’re kicking off the new year with an update to the Welcome Hub! As we mentioned earlier in 2020, we are committed to constantly iterating on featured content and sharing our key learnings with you all as we build the future of Fortnite together. The following points are representative of the last few months of data.

Key Learnings

  • Offering a higher variety of games experiences in the hub has led to more players discovering new games and playing more games than ever before.
  • The top Creative games are influenced by Welcome Hub featuring but far from dependent on it. We’ve found that most of the top performing games achieved virality without featuring in the Welcome Hub.
  • There are true “diamond in the rough” games that we’ve discovered by looking at trending charts. Several of these maps have become top games and led to the discovery of new and talented creators.

Matchmaking Portal Changes

All creators should have a fair chance to climb up the charts and achieve success in Creative. We’re making several changes to Matchmaking portals to encourage a wider variety of game types at all popularity levels.

  • Next week we’ll start granting access to Matchmaking devices and settings to all creators, not just top creators.
  • The algorithm used to determine which games are featured as Matchmaking Portals will change. We’ll start basing our selections on how many players matchmake into your game, not the total number of plays. We believe this change will increase the variety of games in the Welcome Hub.
  • Who the creator is currently not considered in the algorithm.

Hub Improvements

We will also be adding portals to Creator Hubs into the Welcome Hub. Creator Hubs are player built hubs that can be accessed via the Welcome Hub, and feature a variety of games curated by the featured creator. This improvement opens up even more opportunities for games to climb the top Creative game charts.

  • Three of the top Creator Hubs will be featured each week. We’ll be choosing these hubs by looking at what’s trending in the community.
  • If you’d like to be considered for a featured Creator Hub, add the “hub” tag to your published content and feature a variety of content (not just your own games!).
  • All Hubs must be set to Instant Start.


Expect even more experimentation in the coming months as we refine featured content in Creative. Leave a comment if you have suggestions or awesome ideas for the Epic Team. Chat soon!


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Originally posted by thedarkwaterbun

It would be nice with creative 2.0 or sooner that it is easier to publish maps because a lot of my friends are amazing creators but they won't have the chance to publish their maps because the do not have a code

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Originally posted by barry362

I just want to easily be able to publish maps without a support a creator code :(

https://www.reddit.com/r/FortniteCreative/comments/k66pvr/supportacreator_20/ We will bypass 1000 followers if you meet the other criteria. :)

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Originally posted by Doeanl

Amazing! Thanks Flak!