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The wonders of the moon, space travel, and science come together in the immersive reimagination of a future European Space Agency international lunar mission to the Moon’s south pole. As you collect resources to build the Hassell Lunar Habitat [https://www.hassellstudio.com/news-event/lunar-master-plan-hassell-and-european-space-agency-launch-pioneering-habitat-concept\], you can talk to astronauts and interact with Info Points in the 3D experience, built in UEFN.

In this blog, you’ll learn about how Sequencer was used, how Verse was implemented for gameplay and the custom HUD, and more. The blog is filled with links to various tutorials, talks, and panels to help you create your own experience.

Read: https://create.fortnite.com/news/the-making-of-lunar-horizons-in-fortnite-an-immersive-reimagination-of-a-mission-to-the-moon

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