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I have been building an Canny Endurance for my alt because its low on coins. I believe Epic nerfed coin gain but thats for another time. Anyways, I copied my main's Canny which I know is 100% AFK but it would keep failing. So, today I decided to stay the entire time and watch it and the things I saw were interesting.

  1. Wave 6 has just 1 spawn point. Its a good bug though :D
  2. Wave 10 was bugged. It has 360 degree spawn which fcks everything up.
  3. Wave 25 space rocks was on a different amp
  4. After wave 28 the game jumped right to wave 30. It was mini boss and mist pod wave.
  5. Wave 29/30 hybrid was on the wrong amp
  6. During wave 30 the game jumped back to saying it was wave 29.
  7. When the wave 29/30 ended the endurance completed meaning i only did 29 waves for full 30 credit. I know because today was Canny Endurance Quests and I got rewarded for wave 30.

This sh*t needs to get fixed. I've been told its been like a year this has been going on. Either way instead of wasting time updating UI or nerfing guns, fix game breaking sh*t.

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Hey can you send a DM to me with your user name. Team has been looking into endurance issues.