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thanks for posting this and having a video attached, its extremely helpful! Im sending this to folks now.

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The Resistance Leader style for the Sarah Connor outfit appears to have a stretched face when performing some Emotes or actions.

Jira FORT-559658

01 Feb


They definitely knocked out a large majority of these issues but obviously its possible that a few instances would remain. If and when this happens again, you can send a bug report then DM me your username/ID. i can send it along to make sure we continue to look at any lingering terrain issues in the Autumn Foothills biome.

31 Jan


Originally posted by Struckxd

u/FreightTrainUSA just in case you haven’t seen this yet

Is this still happening with the patch today?


Originally posted by Papilla64

Hello. This video was taken in the br lobby seconds after exiting Save the world, which was also having extreme stuttering. I tried reporting things in the game before but i can't text anything, it only lets me take a screenshot.

The screenshot being taken is normal as it tries to capture your screen for the dev team. Dont worry so much about that, the report itself + your user name is enough to find it.


Are you getting this 1fps in the lobby? Is it also in the BR lobby? We're looking into perf issues while in game. Can you put in a bug report in the game menu and send me a DM with your user name?


Since you're on PC if you can send over your logs via a discord message ( reddit doesnt allow sending files) I can put your logs into the current bug report the devs are working off of.


Ok, so it should be this link with a v


Hey folks - Just wanted to clarify what's going on here.

The Jess and Kyle arcade cabinet quests used to give you heroes in Battle Breakers. They now give you Razor and Kurohomura in STW instead. If you haven't finished these quests yet then when you complete them you'll get the hero as a reward.

If you've already completed the Jess and Kyle arcade cabinet quests and you do not already have the matching hero (Razor or Kuro) then you'll get them in a giftbox when you log in. You won't get a second copy if you already have the hero, but can recruit additional copies from the Collection Book.