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Originally posted by RagnaXI

How about you push for them to remove the useless T1/Propanes after a while in Endurance? Do they really want us to figure if it's crashing because of the T1 mats and propanes or because the servers can't handle 30 waves to begin with...

This is something we're doing! Take a look at our postregarding the build limit concerns. Here is a direct line from our lead engineer.

We’re still not satisfied with the current performance of the game across all platforms. There are several game mechanics that we want to make improvements on and are currently undergoing reviews on further optimizations that we can make as a whole. (despawning unclaimed drops over time as an example).

Originally posted by BigItalianBeenus

Very interesting!

When could we expect that Dev Update? Has the script been finished?

We're going to be doing something a little bit different this time around. You can expect a roadmap in the coming weeks with the dev update to follow.

Script is done! We're working on some capture at the moment.

Audio bug???

about 15 hours ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey there! I'm currently hunting down a few audio bugs that I've seen mentioned. Does it sound the same as the audio in this video? (turn down your volume before watching)

Originally posted by Bomberathans

Just make sure you try it on propane before levelling it up.

I’m assuming it won’t effect propane bc it says you can use it in tunnels.

Shouldn't impact propane tanks. I made sure to push for this because this is a great tunnel launcher. You can do some really cool things with it. <3

v10.31 Update

about 20 hours ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hi, everyone.

Get ready to make some noise! The Patch v10.31 update is now live.

Patch notes available here.


Hey, everyone.

Homebase is loading up the van for Cloaked Star’s next Hit the Road adventure! Downtime for the v10.31 update begins now.


External link →

v10.31 Release Timing

about 24 hours ago - /u/M_House_Epic on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey, everyone.

Get ready to crank up the volume! Downtime for the v10.31 update is expected to begin today at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).


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