We’ve seen the community reaction to the addition of Quest XP to Save the World and the corresponding reduction to Mission XP, and wanted to clarify how some aspects work, and explain the goals and reasoning behind the change.

First off a clarification on how the daily XP cap works. This cap only applies to base XP earned from STW Missions. The Quest XP you earn is not capped by this value, and any rest XP you earn from playing Missions isn’t counted against the cap either (although once your base XP hits the cap you’ll stop earning rest XP in STW as well).

The goal of this change was to shift where XP is coming from, without changing the maximum amount of XP you can earn in STW each week, or the average XP income rate. Earnings for the first few missions of the day should be accelerated by the Quest XP, and then you’ll fall back to a lower rate once the quests have been completed. This is intended to allow the average STW player to earn more XP each day, without changing how much a hardcore player can earn over the course of a week. Currently, we’re gathering data from the live game to determine if we’ve hit this goal, or if we need to rebalance the amount of XP awarded, and we intend to push out balance tweaks over the next couple of weeks to ensure STW XP is hitting its targets.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support for Save the World and the community.

The Fortnite Team

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