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We all know that its more likely for the community managers to see the bug posts rather than the mega thread, I posted around 5 different videos of 5 different bugs that I took time to post because I have to record it with my ps4, trim it, post it on youtube, download it from my pc and than post it on Reddit just so there can be a slight chance they see it and maybe fix it

What else do you want us to post? Memes? We have a bug flair to post bug posts so let us post the bugs that they are unaware of yet because they've been happening for months but you keep deleting our posts about them! No wonder they never fix the annoying bugs that have been going on for months, you silence us so they don't know!

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Originally posted by GucciMyFeet

Yea like Epic checks that megathread

We absolutely check the bug megathread and it's more likely to be seen there rather than in a post that may get buried. Either way, make sure to tag me in all bug related post / comments.

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I've been getting my daily rewards skipped, and others as well

This is actually a visual bug. Your rewards are safe! You are getting them the day prior. Here is the Trello Card on the issue.

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