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Why keeping these bugged husks? they serve no purpose other than adding frustration now since love storm questline is gone.

Current bugs with them:

  • The projectile sound still persist even after impact.

  • Their damaging clouds are stacking.

  • They come in mass numbers, more than almost all husks.

  • Their projectile is faster than anti-air trap.

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This was brought up and known internally at this time. We wont be able to hotfix the lobbers off or have any quick fix. With all the quest days changing this slipped through the cracks in terms of when the lobbers should leave. The lobbers will be active until the end of the season.

In the future we're looking to make sure to avoid this from happening again, any specific enemies that are tied to certain quest should and will be removed once those quest end. Exceptions include some holiday ventures where its expected specific Husk stay longer.