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i didn’t think much of it till i tried logging in on my brothers account and i could get in on there, i went to log in on the website and was met with this screen, i feel like my support request was mistreated originally and i feel alienated and not cared about in this whole exchange, i never was told why they disabled it when there wasn’t a clear reason to do so, i never said i had trouble logging into the account in the original support request, i asked if they could remove the restriction so i could play fortnite on my xbox, i feel this was handled poorly and made the issue of my support request shift as the new goal was regaining access and ownership of my account, it has proved to be extremely difficult as the oldest receipt i have for this account is from a few months ago but the account was created in 2018 so it looks fishy, i don’t know what to do and i’m disheartened.

PM'd you for some additional info. TY /u/swagzard78