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119s back
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309s what is going on fortnite fam welcome to
311s the drop spot it's epic's official
313s fortnite talk show and you guys guess
315s what I'm hanging out with you today but
317s you know what's even crazier it's not
319s just us hanging out we got some very
321s special guests lined up fortnite OG is
324s back so you know we had to get an OG up
327s in here it's none other than lock
330s Mr OG himself Mr powerfulest powerful
334s man Lo welcome to the talk show how you
337s doing yo yo yo fortnite OG is here it's
341s been an exciting week uh now we're in
343s fortnite season 6 but yeah I mean so
346s much content already filmed a lot more
348s to film and uh tournaments have been so
352s great I'm sure we're going to talk more
353s about them um but yeah it's been great
356s thank you for having me it's going to be
357s a fun show Absolutely and I had to bring
359s in one of my my top three favorite
360s people of all time it's mini Miner
362s what's going on thanks you so much Z
364s yeah I mean it's great to be here again
367s and I'm excited I'm excited for the show
368s today uh I I got asked to do this show
370s and they were like oh would you like to
371s do this podcast this this talk show the
373s drop spot with with Lan I was like yep
375s 100% don't send any more details do not
378s care thumbs up I'm I'm on I'm there just
380s just get me on it and uh yeah here we
382s are so um yeah this is great that's
385s basically what happened to me they were
386s like yeah so you know we're going to
387s we're going to do this this talk show
388s we're happening it's o G time I was like
390s of course yeah we'll talk about OG yeah
391s and they're like yeah you know got mini
393s Miner I was like oh yeah mini Miner you
395s know it's going to be good they're like
396s yeah you got lock and Sh I was like okay
397s I'm sorry what did you say can you run
399s that by me one more time you know I'm
400s going to be there uh but yeah we we've
402s got so much to talk about on the show of
404s course we'll be talking about fortnite
406s OG it's back it's here we might take
409s part in a quiz thankfully I'm on this
411s side of the quiz I don't want to for
415s llan have you ever lost a
417s quiz uh probably yeah statistically I
420s guess I definitely have um you know at
422s some point but I've never lost one on
424s the fortnite drop spot talk show like
428s wow that's impressive how many times
429s have you been on so zero but Still
432s Remains the
434s Same zero is zero like 0% loss rate so
438s yes true I'm GNA keep that today keep
440s that going uh mini Miner what's your
442s record right now let me try and think uh
445s right first one I was on I one second
447s one I was on I won so I also haven't
451s lost a drop spot quiz so this is the
453s Battle of two Titans two people that
454s have never lost a drop spot quiz going
458s head tohe this is this is going to be
459s big so yeah don't don't miss that we're
461s going to be doing that later on and and
463s as usual play at home with that because
464s it's always going to be a blast but yeah
466s I'm I want to win again oh man they're
468s going for three for three we crazy yeah
470s I'm just glad again I'm on this side
471s that's what's up we'll also be talking
473s about some uh recent tournaments that
475s have happened and even some coming up
478s but I want to just jump right into to it
480s fortnite OG it's here in a lot of ways
484s it's what I remember and in different
486s ways it's so much more new ways to
488s approach it kind of like this remixed
490s version of what I remember and like a a
492s little bit of the new a little bit of
493s the old how are you guys enjoying OG
496s fornite oh I am absolutely loving it I
499s mean I've been uploading daily YouTube
502s videos which I haven't done since
504s chapter 1 season 9 which I know we're
506s actually revisiting uh soon as well uh
509s which is it's going to be great uh but
511s yeah no it's been it's been so much fun
513s uh obviously a lot of content around you
515s know the OG Loop pool and the the old
518s pois uh but also just like the new meta
521s the new guns coming out uh well the old
523s guns coming out I should say yeah uh but
526s uh yeah no it's been good fun uh getting
528s around all the tournaments obviously
529s played my OG Skirmish uh just the other
533s week so that's going to be very very
535s exciting to talk about and I had a great
537s time doing it so yeah
540s Vibes are a 10 right now for OG for yeah
543s Vibes are High I mean it's great to be
545s back I think is is my summary of how
547s this is going so far just be able to use
549s all the old items go to the old pois and
552s just get that old feeling again it's
554s that Nostalgia driven love that we have
556s for for the OG map and I think it's just
559s I I'm just happy I'm just happy I'm
560s walking around the map I'm feeling good
563s uh knowing all the locations already as
564s well so you kind of don't need to learn
566s everything which is really nice and just
568s yeah again so into play what I like is I
570s like seeing all the OG strats coming out
572s things that we haven't really thought
573s about for ages it's like yeah you know
574s what let's do a Rocket Ride it's like
576s when have we last done a Rocket Ride
578s Like Never but it's it feels fitting on
579s this map um so yeah that's what I'm
582s enjoying doing at the moment how have
583s you guys been feeling as far as like I
585s guess like playing so for me it's like I
588s I've watched so much so many streams
590s right seeing people they've been
591s streaming there's been so much like uh
594s kind of just like love of fortnite
596s reignited for some and they've come back
598s and I'm like watching like dude this is
599s so much fun but then I play it and I
602s jump out of the bus and then that's just
604s when it hits me it's just like dude this
607s is fortnite like you've taken me back
610s for you guys H how is it kind of being
613s back in that way like did you have a
615s moment where you're like bro OG's
619s back I'm trying to think exactly like
622s obviously the first drop which I'm ke to
624s hear everyone's first drw but mine was
625s pleasant Park and I although I may have
629s been eliminated off spawn that's
632s irrelevant uh I got to drop it my
634s doghouse chest uh you know the one with
637s the the dog it's it's called dog house
639s because there's a dog house um the chest
641s in there I grabbed it and I think I got
643s like a suppressed SMG I was like I
645s haven't used this thing in ages and then
647s I got yeah one pumped upstairs uh but
650s you know it was uh it was just yeah so
652s nostalgic used to drop there all the
653s time uh with my world cup Duo fresh used
656s to play comp there um but for my actual
659s OG tournament I actually didn't drop
660s Pleasant at all I actually really do not
662s like Pleasant I think I've matured or
664s grown as actually not that great um and
667s that's like what maturing is all about
668s is realizing that you what you thought
670s was good it's actually not that good
671s because a place called you know the
673s community calls Westworld which is like
675s down south of Paradise Palms that's
677s that's the that's the spot to be all
679s right that's Prime real estate um get
681s your Shields um which is now a little
684s bit easier um but uh yeah no it's uh
688s it's been good where where did you guys
689s drop first uh first drop uh I'm trying
692s to think about where I where I landed I
693s actually I planned right I had this
695s great master plan when we're playing
697s well when I was about to hop into the
698s new season because I knew it was coming
699s out obviously because it it got uh it
701s got released and I was like right okay
703s I'm going to try and do it in
704s chronological order the first ever drop
706s that I went went to in in chapter one
708s season one was pleasant Park so I okay
711s let's try and just go there again let's
712s keep that same that same Vibe let's go
715s there in my first game I completely
716s forgot I just jumped out the bus I was
717s too excited you know I was like the bus
719s was going I was like I'm going
720s wherever's first and I actually don't
722s remember where that was uh which is
723s really bad for for for a talk show
725s because I can't really talk about it I
727s think it was I think it was Paradise I
729s don't know somewhere on the map anywhere
731s would be cool because it's just all that
732s Nostalgia hits uh and I like that you
734s mentioned that that you sort of mature
736s uh because one of my favorite Trends
737s going through the season was that he's
739s not or I'm not playing uh fortnite he is
742s or she is right it's like and it's like
743s the older version of yourself five years
746s later that's one of my favorite Trends
748s and it kind of just encapsulates what
749s it's all about it's like we're not just
750s playing the old map we're also going
752s back to a time five years ago when we
754s were completely different people doing
755s completely different things and that's
757s what H me the most is like this is this
759s is cool because I remember a time when
761s this was in my life and it was different
763s you know and it's crazy how far things
765s have changed and how far we've come you
767s know like man how different you know
770s kind of to your point when you're
771s playing that it's almost like dude what
772s was I doing at that time oh yeah and you
774s kind of start to think and reminisce
775s like wow how far we have come from that
779s time time how different fortnite is now
781s how different we are as people it's so
783s so crazy as far as drop spot listen the
786s first one I won't lie okay I win risky
790s reels okay listen listen guys calm down
792s hold on risky reels I know it's tring
793s find seven chests yeah you know I I went
796s I started risky reels cuz that that was
798s like my home away from home that was
800s like okay look I just need to make it
801s off spawn I need to survive I need to
804s just loot up I need to be ready that was
806s for me that was risky reels I knew every
808s chest spawn I knew where to go where the
810s FL floor loot was I was ready to go now
814s something you kind of hinted at was like
817s how different things feel one of the
819s things that like I've kind of resonated
821s a lot with is the fact that like
824s legendary like purple and gold weapons
826s rare weapons they feel rare you know
829s when you open that chest and like a gold
832s tack pops out it is just like the
835s craziest feeling in the world you're
837s just like dude I can't can't lose uh how
840s are you guys finding that and kind of
842s also paired up with the fact of like
844s there's not really many Shields to go
846s around right like everything feels
847s scarce and I'm kind of really into
851s that yeah I I like the idea of like
854s pulling up to a fight and it's like do
856s they have Shield or is this going to be
859s an easier fight like I'm going like
860s because like you say like like the past
862s Seasons that we've had it's like
864s everyone's got Shield everyone's got
866s spare mats uh they're going to be
868s equipped to like get ready to heal for
869s the next like kind of re-engage but this
871s is like well you hit them and crack them
873s for shield they might not have more like
875s it's a very real scenario so I actually
878s like that um kind of gameplay I also
880s like the uh the bushes and how the
883s bushes are like especially within
884s tournament play you know they've got
886s that great use case of taking that first
888s bullet especially in like box fight
890s shotgun fights you literally don't take
892s the first shotgun so it's like a really
895s good item to have especially with how
897s good Boogie bombs are as well um which
900s again encountered those in competitive
901s quite a bit uh they're a popular item
904s dance dance disco disco time um so yeah
907s and the bushes count of those so it's
910s all got a like a use case and everything
912s like nothing feels useless uh maybe
915s smokes but even then not really because
917s in there was a couple smokes play you
919s know there's a couple smoke play so it's
920s like everything's got some kind of value
924s uh especially in competitive formats so
926s no it feels really really refreshing
929s I think one of one of my most annoying
931s things with the smoke set is when I'm
932s playing with other people and they just
933s they just Chuck a smoke down and we're
935s I'm like what are you doing like I can't
936s see like we're trying to fight a team
938s and you've Chuck a smoke on the ground I
940s can't see now or we're trying to we're
942s trying to hit the revive and I'm like
943s I'm I'm trying to revive someone I don't
944s know where you are to revive so I don't
947s know what to do but yeah the smokes are
949s the smokes are definitely fun uh I'm
951s liking a lot of the Chug jugs being on
952s the map of course as well there's a
954s really really good healable and also the
957s stink bombs I think they I actually
958s forgot how good they were zero build not
961s so much but build like someone could be
962s boxed up you crack them CH a few stink
964s bombs there and they are they're gone
965s like there's no chance for them because
967s they have such a wide radius it seems
969s like a lot more than I thought uh they
971s were and they just damage so much and I
973s love cing it in in Duos and squads just
975s five five five five five because that's
976s the most pointless com ever but it's
978s just it's just fun I like just Ching got
980s to let the team know you're doing damage
982s exactly constantly don't don't stop
985s saying five five five five when I'm
987s playing with a pro every time I play
988s with the pro I'm like I got to like
990s really tell them when I like hit them
991s you know it's like I'm I'm
994s contributing five five exct same y I've
997s just thrown it at their box but I got
998s them for 10 so that's worth something
1001s right it's good fun I love it so much
1005s has there been a weapon uh in in the
1006s loophole or or even like an item that
1008s really surprised you I feel like for me
1010s it's a scope AR I I don't know maybe
1013s maybe back then that that age of Zeke
1015s that that level of gameplay of Zeke
1017s wasn't good now I pick up the SC Dr and
1019s I'm just excited man I'm just ripping
1021s people's faces off I'm shooting 28s
1023s across the map it's just such like like
1027s when I have it someone's getting lasered
1028s period right is is there a a weapon or
1031s an item that has like stuck out to you
1032s they like man this thing is really
1033s really
1034s good yeah for me uh this was during my
1039s zero build portion of my Skirmish uh and
1042s Alex my teammate uh who I played it with
1045s he was like oh like try out the lmg and
1048s the lmg
1049s is way different than I remember at noi
1052s uh like kind of seasons of fortnite like
1054s it used to have this crazy like uh
1058s hitbox and now it's just like kind of
1060s very accurate and high fire rate decent
1063s damage at like decent ranges um so I was
1066s actually running that over a shotgun in
1068s zero builds um which actually you know
1071s had some decent success that would the
1072s scope they are as well great for like
1075s shooting people that have just done a
1076s rift because everyone got a rift
1079s everyone got a rift uh at least in the
1081s the season five week so um yeah no it's
1085s uh it's been been fun trying out new
1087s weapons for sure yeah I'm loving that
1089s lmg and I think I remember I used to
1091s have a hundred shots but I think as you
1093s mentioned they kind of had like a wider
1094s spray so the tradeoff between 40 shots
1097s down to 60 um to get a little bit of a
1100s tighter spray and better inbox
1101s performance I think is so good so I'm
1103s also loving that the one for me right a
1105s little a little secret I'm going to let
1106s you guys into of how good this weapon is
1107s I feel like people don't talk about it
1109s enough semi auto sniper it's so good now
1113s I don't understand how but I woke up
1115s played the new season and this this
1117s sniper is absolutely insane it's got 10
1119s shots it does 240 to the head I think
1121s even with the Green version and it does
1123s like 95 body shot damage maybe the
1124s higher Rarities do more I'm I don't see
1127s anyone take it and I every single time I
1129s take it I get so many eliminations it's
1130s so good if you're not taking the semi-
1132s AO you missing out I got pick that up oh
1137s definitely man definitely so good
1139s it'll uh really up my uh KDA from zero
1142s to one you know I'll finally get an
1144s elimination maybe Victory Royale maybe a
1146s vict Royale I believe okay so what pois
1151s have you guys been
1153s enjoying uh as you've kind of been
1155s playing is there any that kind you've
1157s been gravitating
1158s toward yeah I I'll give you a top three
1161s uh so in no particular order because I
1164s don't know which one I'd go with as
1166s number one I'd say that Westworld drops
1168s The Paradise Palms uh that's where I
1171s dropped for all my comp games uh and
1174s then Shifty sha some reason it's calling
1177s out to me it's got that nice rotated
1179s into tilted you know and not many people
1180s Dro there so I really like that one and
1183s then
1185s third I'd probably go with you know
1187s what's funny I have been yeah at that
1189s bus as well uh but I think I'd probably
1191s go retail no sorry salty
1193s Springs um because it's got that Rift
1196s underneath at the bottom too which is
1197s nice to just like rotate out of
1199s um so yeah that's probably my top three
1202s okay is PS good do you agree Min man do
1205s you have a top three or you just have
1206s one that you're like n this is I think I
1208s have I think I like different pois for
1210s different reasons and I think for me uh
1212s Dusty dver was always my OG drop spot as
1215s soon as it got into the game I don't
1216s know why I just sort gravitated towards
1218s it and I really really liked it I think
1219s because there's so much wood there so
1221s back in the OG days you didn't
1222s necessarily to get Max material so
1224s having enough wood or maybe 99 wood or
1227s 500 wood would be efficient um and I'm
1230s still loving it you know often you kind
1232s of like don't like things as much as you
1234s grow a bit older and you grow into the
1236s game and you get better I actually am
1237s surprised at how much this is holding up
1239s to to how I'd like to play now and it's
1241s center of the map so you can easily wkey
1243s people if you want to if you want to
1244s play it a bit slower there's plenty of
1245s ways you can get to sort of less
1246s congested sides of the map and there's
1248s loads of mushrooms there as well so we
1250s talked about the the little bit more
1251s difficult access of heels earlier on
1253s there's so many mushrooms that you don't
1255s even need to pop those minis in those
1256s bigs because you can just use those if
1257s you are uncontested um so I'm really
1259s liking that at the moment I think for me
1261s Nostalgia reasons one of the actually
1263s the person that introduced me to
1264s fortnite um me and him used to play Duos
1266s all the time we used to land at snobby
1267s Shores and that hasn't been in the game
1269s since uh all the way back in the day so
1271s snobby Shores is like has a special
1273s place in my heart because that was our
1275s drop spot I think it took us about a
1276s month to get a win from there but we got
1278s there in the end so snobby Shores for me
1280s I'm loving that team you know for me
1283s it's it's got to be it's got to be
1285s paradise I I don't know why but I love
1290s Paradise Palms and and ever ever since
1292s it like came out I kind of went there on
1294s a whim once and I was just like dude
1296s this POI rules I don't know if it's just
1299s because like there's so many like little
1300s nooks and crannies to hide in you know
1302s maybe it's the fact that there's like
1304s that kind of big hotel and sometimes you
1306s just kind of like go floor to floor and
1307s you have fights on these floors and I
1309s don't know there's just something about
1310s Paradise Palms that I have just always
1313s love maybe maybe it's the fact that it's
1315s like kind of that desert part of the map
1316s right so you kind of start on the desert
1318s you leave and then everything's green
1320s everything's luscious and you have a
1321s chance I don't I got I got eliminated
1323s almost immediately but I think for me
1325s Paradise Palms has got to be a spot so
1326s if the three of us we we Tri up okay
1328s which is going to happen after this by
1329s the way just just clear schedules
1331s Victory Roy after Victory Roy um where
1334s where would we drop where where do you
1336s guys where would we drop which server
1339s are we dropping first you know what I
1341s feel like there different ones I was
1344s going to say which one's do I feel like
1347s I'm willing to go to
1350s you it's probably na probably the better
1352s one cuz come to me come to me I need all
1354s the help I can
1356s get the thing I don't know where we
1359s where we dropping
1360s I I don't know like I'm not trying you
1362s guys like to play a little more
1363s aggressive you a little bit more chill
1365s off spawn um I mean Zeke likes land at
1368s Paradise I'm I'm quite surprised at that
1369s so Lan maybe you're a bit more Paradise
1372s I could I could do a paradise maybe even
1374s like a West World rotate into Paradise
1376s maybe like you know that's a good idea
1378s yeah got set up the plan you know you
1379s got the Rifts on the side of the map now
1381s which is really great so we could hit
1382s one of those up rotate in take a five
1384s maybe retail win because we don't lose
1388s get a drop somewh around divot find a
1390s llama and then we get an RPG we Rocket
1394s Ride Zeke up to the hill he takes out
1396s get rid of him yeah we're grapping up
1399s just send him away we just get him out
1401s of the map i' played so many games with
1403s fortnite that I feel like what I just
1405s articulated is like a decent percent
1407s chance of happening a good
1409s i' played five of those games where
1410s exactly that has happened you know
1412s what's crazy is mini minor also is
1414s accurate that I'd get Rocket R away and
1416s then yes it's like no Zeke there's a big
1418s there's a nice big loot over there like
1420s a nice at the end of a rainbow it's
1422s really going to be great for you send
1424s him out into the ocean falls off in
1426s eliminated and I think you do get the
1428s reboot cards butet return we didn't it's
1430s all right we'll we'll we'll we we got a
1433s good Trio cooking here I think this is
1434s this is good I'll say fatal Fields okay
1437s I like fatal
1440s is
1440s validas also valid you know the thing is
1443s there's like no real bad spots on the
1444s map like I feel you can't lose maybe
1447s flush Factory is
1448s like it's got a rift now too so it's
1451s actually not even that bad like it's not
1452s that bad every everything's got
1454s something right everything has like at
1455s least one thing that's like you know
1457s this this makes it worth it or at least
1459s yeah not bad I like it I like it no I
1462s love it no else no else that's right now
1465s speaking of else whatever you is going
1467s to take one cuz we're moving that out
1469s now to the quiz that's right it's
1473s happening okay
1475s so first off every everybody watching
1477s wherever you're watching you guys play
1479s along okay you guys answer the questions
1481s the best of your abilities but the way
1483s it's going to work is I'm going to ask
1484s each of you a question okay we're going
1486s to go back and forth you either get it
1488s right or you get it wrong get a point if
1490s you get it right at the end of a couple
1494s questions if you guys have the same
1496s amount of points we go to tiebreaker and
1498s we which case you will have to give me
1499s the closest answer to what the answer
1502s might
1503s be okay let's kick this off dude I'm I
1507s feel so good I've been on the other side
1508s of this quiz and right now I just feel
1510s like I'm the king I'm like did you win
1512s when you went on the other side I did
1514s actually I did win um which is crazy I
1517s beat reddish shout outs to her she's
1519s incredible uh but I managed to pull out
1522s a w it was very close it was extremely
1524s close but now now we turn attention to
1526s both of you who's going to win let's
1528s find out okay Minnie Miner I'm going to
1531s come to you for the first
1534s question which season the Tilted Towers
1538s first appear in season 1 season two or
1543s season
1545s 3 yeah uh it definitely wasn't on the
1547s first season there was quite a Bare
1549s Bones map uh chapter one season two is
1551s my answer for that one chapter 1 season
1555s 2 now llan if you were to give me an
1557s answer what would your answer be season
1559s 1 Season 2 Season 3 but this isn't my
1563s question right it is not no no yeah good
1566s cuz I actually don't know it's a coin
1567s flip 50/50 between one or two for me I
1569s know it's not three uh see in my head
1572s it's like I you know what I would say
1574s one I think it's actually one yeah okay
1577s I could be wrong but I think it's one
1579s okay one of us is wrong but it doesn't
1581s matter one of you is in fact wrong yeah
1584s the season in which tilted Towers first
1587s appeared
1588s was season two yes congratulations you
1592s got yourself the point okay that's okay
1594s Lo that was his question fine you're
1597s fineus warm those questions wrong and
1599s yours right and right I I'm not going to
1601s lie I was like oh they're going to give
1602s an easy one and and you said that I was
1603s like that's a get that wrong I could get
1606s that wrong yeah
1609s this yeah see it's it's when I asked the
1612s question for you that you're going to
1613s get them right every time and then
1614s suddenly mini Miner's going to get
1615s dethrown it's just it's I wrote the it's
1617s not happening don't worry okay here we
1619s go llan your
1621s question Dusty Depot became Dusty divot
1625s at the end of which season season one
1629s season two or season
1631s three okay so dusty divot
1636s happened when the uh at the start of I
1641s want to say
1643s four
1644s because that's when the superhero skins
1647s happened and there was the opening
1648s cinematic of it Landing so what was the
1652s question again when at the end of at the
1654s end of which season so one two or three
1657s so it had to be the end of three yeah
1658s end of season three okay and mini minor
1662s if you were to give me an answer what
1664s would your answer have been yeah I would
1666s have also said end of three I think he's
1668s absolutely right I remember the The Hop
1669s rocks going into season four when you
1671s could get those and like bounced around
1673s when Dusty divot was not got it didn't
1675s have a load of trees in it and it was
1676s like a really different landscape uh
1678s that was a fun time so yeah I think he's
1679s right well llan I can confirm you are
1683s right it is at the end of season three
1685s when the meteorite hit you are now one
1687s for one one for one question number two
1691s mini
1692s minor the game update this week features
1696s season six which of these weapons was
1699s first added in that season the double
1702s barrel shotgun
1705s clingers or six shooter
1711s so which of these weapons was added
1713s first in that season first double barrel
1716s shotgun the Clinger grenade or the six
1720s shooter o this is a this I don't I I'm
1723s assuming they came out at different
1725s points during that season back in
1726s chapter one um I mean I played this
1729s season
1732s um I'm trying to think I'm I'm I'm
1735s trying to think about how this how would
1736s they usually go about the the release of
1739s things I think Clinger I feel like would
1741s just come out later on down the line
1743s maybe double barrel as well I'm leaning
1744s towards six shooter right now because it
1746s seems like that's kind of the vibe of
1747s the Season kind of like Western themes
1750s so I'm gonna go with six shooter
1753s although this is probably wrong or I'm
1756s not that confident about it so six
1758s shooter six shooter you locked in yes
1761s I'm going to go locked in six shooter
1763s okay speaking of locked in lock Len yeah
1766s I get that a lot um look I think I I
1770s think I think I think Minnie's right
1771s here it's uh it's a six shooter kinger
1773s was definitely way earlier it feels as
1776s was the barrel like I just remember the
1778s Calamity skin holding a six shooter and
1780s that was like kind of the whole
1781s aesthetic so yeah it's got to be six
1783s shooter the answer
1786s is the six shooter that is correct
1790s congratulations Min Miner you're two two
1793s wasn't confident with that one that was
1795s that was a close one listen shout out to
1797s Lin though he's just like yeah look you
1798s wanted this time here's what was going
1800s on outfit six shooter I remember it so
1804s can confirm no I mean I did the update
1807s video for I remember the weapon being
1809s not good but
1812s like um I do remember it I remember all
1815s the bad ones there you go let's let's
1818s see if you got this next one llin which
1821s popular tournament ran through most of
1824s chapter 1 season six was it the summer
1828s Skirmish the secret Skirmish or the fall
1831s Skirmish a you're gonna get me on this
1833s one I'm not gonna
1835s lie
1838s um I know I got invited to one of them I
1841s don't think OC people got invited to a
1842s lot of them so I don't really remember
1843s too much about
1846s it ah you're gonna it's it's gonna be a
1849s shot in the dark here
1855s um once again it's the summer Skirmish
1858s secret Skirmish or fall Skirmish yeah so
1862s you work with uh American seasons was
1865s the opposite of us uh so your summer is
1868s my winter so it season five came out oh
1874s when did five come out four came out I
1877s feel like in the winter so far it could
1880s it could be the summer wait six was that
1883s wait what was I doing I was like his
1884s thing was off there was look I don't
1888s think I actually have no idea um lock me
1892s in for wait what was the six one six was
1894s Cube season was that the one where it
1896s was a clip of the guy like jumping in
1899s the air with the RPG and the cube was
1902s like in the zone I feel like it was that
1904s one
1906s um answer that yeah he could be anywhere
1911s wait no I know what I was doing
1916s now see secret Skirmish locked me in
1918s done okay don't mini Miner would you
1922s like to take a stab yeah I I I think
1925s you're right I think it was that clip I
1927s think that clip is what I have in mind
1928s and I was trying to think about what was
1930s that from cuz that is an iconic clip
1932s flying around in the sky no one knows
1933s what's happening that is that is
1934s hilarious um my thought process there
1937s because I was also struggling so much
1938s and I think I I I thought about when was
1941s season seven season 7 was the winter
1943s season the christmy season right so I
1945s was thinking before Christmas
1948s so I'm I I would have gone with full
1950s Skirmish but I I was also you know it
1952s took me it took me a while to get to
1953s that conclusion no yeah I should have
1955s worked backwards from Seven I didn't
1957s know where I was at six or five seven
1959s was that no it's good it's good but I
1962s also didn't know like if it was the
1964s secret one CU that's not I'm not right I
1966s might not be right we don't know the
1967s answer yet so you might be right I might
1969s just be talking waffle who knows Zeke no
1971s all right run it down the answer
1974s is the fall skirmish
1978s okay now it's not over it's not over
1981s because Vinnie could answer question
1983s three wrong you get question three right
1985s go to tiebreaker okay all right Minnie
1987s Miner I'm coming back your way on
1991s average how many Duos landed in tilted
1995s Towers in the OG Skirmish tournaments is
1999s it five seven or nine this really this
2004s really took a turn you know it was like
2006s this is pretty difficult
2008s went crazy like vertical okay um yeah we
2012s we we just amped up the questions didn't
2014s it um it went from pretty pretty pretty
2016s simple fortnite questions to now what's
2018s the mass of the Sun uh I um so Quantum
2023s Dynamics
2025s uh it might as well be because I
2027s probably have the same idea uh what
2028s would sorry what were the options 5
2030s seven9 yes on average how many Duos
2033s landed in tilted Towers in the OG
2036s Skirmish tournament
2040s dude I I
2043s think tilted big I'm I'm trying to apply
2046s some logic but I don't know what I can
2048s apply to this
2049s uh I'm going to go with seven
2053s because it's in the middle yeah that's
2056s what I would have gone with too seven
2058s any see any reason and for that exact
2060s same reason as well because it's in the
2062s middle it's the only logic I can apply
2064s to that I have no idea it's a complete
2065s guess okay and a lock
2068s agreed yeah the answer
2071s is seven that is correct so luy so lucky
2075s that is so lucky okay so by by the
2079s metrics mini you're three for three so
2082s what I want to do is I want to ask llan
2084s question three yeah and then from there
2087s I want to ask you guys the tiebreaker
2090s we'll get to that in a second L I want
2092s to ask you this question yep tilted has
2095s the most chess of any
2097s POI but which has the second most is it
2102s Paradise Palms Pleasant park or greasy
2106s Grove the second most chests of any
2111s POI it can't be pleasant it can't be
2116s it's going to be paradise it has to be
2117s paradise you lock actually it could not
2119s be uh let me one I'm not going to do the
2122s mental math in my head I think
2125s it's I'm pretty confident Paradise lock
2127s it in lock it in Paradise yep mini minor
2131s what would you have said I'd agree uh I
2133s went to Pleasant in a tournament
2134s recently and I looked at how many chests
2136s there were and I was like is it really
2137s that many chests I don't remember
2138s exactly how many there were I think it
2139s was under 20 um yeah it was between
2142s greasy and uh Paradise for me I think
2144s Paradise is bigger so I would have gone
2145s with that yeah it is in fact Paradise
2148s Palms it is in fact Paradise Palms
2152s okay we have the tiebreaker so mini
2154s Miner technically You've Won
2156s congratulations you're now three for
2158s three than I want to ask this this this
2161s tiebreaker though uh this this kind of
2166s shook me a little bit so I just want to
2167s ask and just kind of get your guys'
2168s thoughts okay so this would be a closest
2171s answer is the winner okay so there's a
2174s number and you just have to be the
2175s closer
2176s one mini min are you won so I'm going to
2179s let I'm GNA ask you the question first
2180s and then llin you'd answer second mini
2184s minor how many permanent Rifts
2187s are on the
2191s island yeah yeah yeah yeah we don't get
2194s options for this do I was waiting for
2196s the is it is it no I was waiting for
2198s that okay we don't um oh this is yeah
2202s these are always these are always funny
2204s because sometimes people are are miles
2207s out usually me and it's quite hilarious
2209s uh I don't know I I don't know because
2212s they added Lowe's more that's the thing
2213s it's not like I can apply any OG
2215s knowledge to this they added a bunch
2216s they add so many so many right
2219s um permanent Rifts I'm going to try I'm
2223s just going to
2224s say
2226s 37 37 it's a good number number yeah
2230s it's a standard number I I don't know
2231s good number I'm going to do I'm going to
2233s do rough math I'm going to do five for
2235s each side trickle a little more in 23
2239s add the salty Rift 24 lock me in for
2243s 26 26 Rift isn't there yeah there is
2247s okay so you said 26 and then mini minor
2249s one more time what did you say I said 37
2253s 37 the
2255s answer is
2258s 61 wow what 61 permanent Rifts bro that
2263s number blew my I dude I thought it was I
2266s like llan your answer I was that's where
2268s my I was like it's got to be 20 right
2270s it's got it just has to be around 20
2274s nope
2276s 61
2277s that's insane wow oh wow yeah you're
2280s you're yeah you're right it's 61 bro
2285s blew my mind well either way
2287s congratulations mini Miner you are now
2289s three for three we must collectively
2291s Dethrone you so the next time we're
2293s going to invite as many people as
2295s possible and they will all
2298s collect yeah that's uh that'll be fun
2300s that would be fun stop that's the only
2302s way we just get as many people involved
2304s as
2305s possible is the first got them all right
2307s though so you know I'm I'm happy with
2309s that but
2310s [Music]
2313s GG's I thought the the Tilted one was
2316s just going to you know on average how
2318s many Duos landed in tilted I would have
2320s just Frozen dude I would have said like
2322s five you know like 12 and it's like nope
2324s that's not true at all I gave you three
2326s options and you didn't answer any of
2327s those zek good job um well as we
2331s continue the conversation uh I wanted to
2333s talk about uh recent tournaments uh llan
2336s this is kind of been something crazy
2338s like when I saw this I was like this
2340s this is dope you have an OG Skirmish
2344s tournament bro what did it how did it
2347s feel when you got reached out to and
2349s they were like hey do you want one of
2351s these tournaments how' you
2353s feel no it it was so awesome I mean so
2356s when they actually reached out it was
2359s way back before it was you know fortnite
2362s OGG like I didn't know what it was he
2363s said hey do you want a tournament I was
2364s like yeah sure do you want do do you
2367s want solos do you want squads or do you
2368s want build no build that were kind of
2370s the things to work with and I was like
2371s look you know what Let's do let's do
2373s Duos I I really enjoy Duos like Duos is
2376s my most enjoyable to play event so let's
2379s let's go with that and then I just went
2382s with like you know I I prefer the build
2383s modes so let's do two of those and then
2385s let's check in a little zero build as
2386s well like we've been doing a little bit
2387s of that uh on the channel where we've
2389s been playing like kind of a lot of the
2390s zero build cups I played pretty much all
2392s of the ones last chatter to try and get
2394s a win for the uh the victory cup
2397s spoiler alert we didn't win uh but we
2400s got third once and it felt really bad um
2405s but uh you know there is Victory cups
2408s coming up so you best believe I'm going
2409s to get involved there um but yeah
2412s actually playing my OG Skirmish was
2413s awesome I really really wanted to make a
2416s video about winning my own cup and
2418s winning money out of my own cup would
2419s have been like so awesome potentially
2422s like weird for someone to win their own
2425s cup um but uh I wanted I wanted it for
2427s the content and I had some some good
2431s games uh the thing I loved about it as
2434s well with this like obviously these are
2435s like OG kind of Cups uh with the
2438s Skirmish so the format is very similar
2441s to the World Cup format that we had back
2443s in the day 10 points for a win one point
2446s for an elim so for me what I did is I
2449s benchmarked the best game I ever had in
2451s the world cup with my Duo fresh at the
2454s time and we got 91 points uh and we got
2458s seventh one week in in the world cup
2461s that was our best game shout out my
2462s Carrie fresh definitely made that happen
2465s um and so I was like let's see if I can
2467s beat that as a score because it's the
2468s same kind of brackets except it's
2470s actually a little harder because Point
2472s startle at top 25 for World Cup whereas
2474s this startle at top 15 I believe so
2477s there's a few more points inflated for
2479s the old format but this one uh the
2482s points were actually still higher um
2485s yeah it did really well the best week
2486s got 94 points uh with Ludo in the build
2489s cup but the closest to getting paid out
2493s um was with Alex and we got 91 points uh
2496s on the no build um because he's going to
2499s be my Duo for the reunion Cup coming up
2502s which I'm sure we'll talk about a it as
2503s well um yeah so that's going to be good
2506s fun I wanted to get some cracking with
2507s my Duo for you know the bigger the
2509s bigger tournament so got the Synergy
2511s down uh we had a few Great Clips uh from
2514s the tournament uh made a nice little
2516s video out of it it it's gone live on the
2518s channel um but yeah uh other than that
2521s fish and Anon won both sessions of my
2523s bill tourn which was crazy um I know
2525s Anon reached out to me he was very
2526s thankful for the cups he was like thank
2529s you for picking newer um and builds but
2532s yeah no it was it was great fun and then
2534s like internationally as well those other
2536s skirmishes had some pretty crazy results
2538s as
2539s well yeah dude it it like there's just
2542s been so much happening like it's it's
2546s crazy that it's just all like rapid fire
2549s you know you just like look you're like
2550s oh yeah I kind of just like anticipated
2553s like a single thing coming up and then
2554s it's just like Bam Bam there's all this
2557s stuff happening uh Minnie have you had
2559s an opportunity to like compete anything
2561s I know you're like you're always
2562s dabbling dude I always see you dabbling
2564s different things yeah yeah yeah always
2566s yeah um I I think because there was so
2567s many tournaments on uh last weekend it
2570s was just like I had to make a schedule
2572s like I I had to go in go on to go in in
2575s game look in the compete right okay so
2577s that's when that one is that's when that
2578s one is if I play that that one I can
2580s actually overlap that and we don't do
2581s good in that one we can start that one
2582s late it's like yeah it was quite a quite
2584s a quite an intricate process to make
2586s sure I could play as many as possible
2587s but actually did end up playing them uh
2589s played the one there was one at 10: a.m.
2590s in the UK woke up for that showed up got
2593s there um and didn't quite do as well as
2596s we hope but it was fun it was good to to
2597s be there and play it but uh that yeah
2600s the these OG skirmishes a lot of fun
2603s throw back to the OG sort of World Cup
2604s format as you mentioned there lock and
2606s it's it's cool it's it's nice to play in
2608s them and it's nice to have some
2609s tournaments early on in the season as
2610s well it's like we right we have the new
2612s season bam straight into tournaments
2613s don't have to wait too long so I love
2615s that how do you guys feel like the the
2617s community has kind of like adapted to I
2619s I like your point M it's like suddenly
2621s there's just tournaments yeah right how
2623s how do you guys feel like the community
2625s just kind of been like hey new season
2626s this is OG wait a minute now we got
2628s competition on the scene okay what do
2631s you guys
2632s think oh I love it I'm gonna be playing
2635s these Victory cups coming up I'm gonna I
2637s I love it for the content sake of things
2639s like just being able to like recount a
2641s story through like your your competitive
2644s journey is Al also fun like I'm going to
2646s do a ranked one as well like it's good
2647s fun I actually really enjoy um the like
2650s more competitive side of fortnite um
2652s especially with all the power guys as
2653s well it's just like great because
2655s they're actually really good at the game
2656s so they can teach me things as well um
2660s but yeah definitely going to hit those
2661s up and then I think we got the mccreamy
2662s cup coming up next week for OC as well
2665s which is a squad
2667s I think it's a squad zero build it could
2669s be a squad build I'm not sure all I know
2671s is it's squads which is interesting um
2673s we haven't had one of those yet in OC I
2675s know the na and uh Na peeps did but yeah
2678s very interested for that that's going to
2679s be good fun who's the scor for that you
2682s know yet look I'm trying to I'm trying
2684s to be like hey Po Boys how about we hit
2686s a little po Squad real quick you know
2688s what I'm saying like let's get a little
2689s little po Squad going not sure if
2691s they're going to buy for that but uh
2692s yeah I got to send that message in the
2693s chat today probably to try and if we can
2695s get that going how they react are they
2697s like yeah we we're down to play or is it
2699s kind of like oh yeah well I'll get back
2701s to you you know Steve you are down right
2705s CU like it's like yeah you know there's
2707s money on the line it's like so sometimes
2709s I might if like we lose you know I might
2711s have to like feel like you know help
2714s supplement that a little bit you know um
2716s but yeah no it should be it should be
2718s good fun I reckon uh I reckon we we
2720s should be pretty solid for it yeah I'm
2723s excited for the ones that are coming up
2724s they're uh they're always good we have
2726s the rank cups as well that are coming up
2728s so uh it's going to be a good
2729s opportunity to play against people in
2730s your rank and obviously tournaments are
2732s quite you know quite spread out so
2733s there's people of all skill levels but
2735s rank cups are going to be really fun uh
2736s currently I should be on course I think
2738s I'm yeah I think I'm running Diamond
2740s Plus so we should be able to play in
2741s that one uh which I'm excited for I love
2744s that you've just segwayed for me you
2745s just you just did the segue for me
2747s because we're going to talk about future
2748s tournaments that's right they're coming
2750s up uh you know okay you guys don't need
2752s to ask me what rank I'm at don't don't
2754s wor don't don't I'm just going to save
2755s you the trouble you you don't need to
2756s ask me uh llan what rank are you at man
2759s where you at right now where you sitting
2761s yeah so I actually did my rank up uh
2763s kind of video or my my rank video
2766s yesterday to see what rank I get at the
2767s start of my journey okay um you well I
2770s got fortnite open right here because I
2771s don't know what exactly it is see you
2773s always got to be ready for these
2774s questions toes I like that it's Platinum
2778s something um I think it's Platinum one
2781s so okay yeah it is platinum one so is
2784s that build or zero build that's build
2787s that's build um so yeah I I so does that
2790s mean I would play the Platinum cup is
2792s that what that means I I haven't looked
2793s too much into those Frank cups like and
2795s how they were because I know there's
2797s rewards uh for those cups which I I
2800s think a lot of people don't know about
2802s um that you can get free gliders and a
2807s umbrella as well so yeah I will be
2811s playing for that uh I believe you need
2813s to hit a point threshold yeah 75 points
2815s to get those so uh could be interesting
2818s you know it lock to me it sounds like
2821s maybe you should make content around it
2823s maybe like a video like an
2825s explainer maybe maybe I don't know what
2828s that Cup's all about man but I feel like
2830s I watch they're doing a few of them you
2832s know actually do you know how many
2834s they're doing listen you know I don't I
2837s don't know for sure but you know what I
2838s do know is if a you know a really
2840s popular content creator out there by the
2843s name of I some starts with an L I don't
2845s know if they made a video I'd probably
2848s watch that
2852s video you guys got me laser beam that's
2856s who you're talking about yeah we get
2857s laser back on there we'll get L to make
2859s a short about it I'm sure we'll be all
2861s over that it's pretty crazy it's like as
2864s three content creators they all start
2865s with L and they all have an icon skin of
2867s the game and they're still that you got
2869s to pick from three like it doesn't
2870s divide it at all um that's crazy but
2873s yeah no there's a couple looks like
2874s there's a couple rounds of it so yeah
2875s I'm going to do like a piece of content
2876s on the first one and then kind of
2878s promote the second one everyone will
2879s play get a glider type of deal for sure
2883s you love it you love it uh one thing
2885s that kind of stood up to me was uh boom
2887s TV I mean you guys see you so you kind
2889s of touched on it a little bit llin the
2892s reunion featuring fortnite 100K
2896s tournament that's happening
2898s Monday I like it's just so crazy to see
2902s how much hype is kind of around fortnite
2905s OG and again just to kind of have
2907s competition around that dude I just love
2910s it so much right getting people to kind
2911s of participate whether they're winning
2913s gliders whether it's prize money just
2916s seeing like that again that kind of
2918s spark reignited like I'm just so here
2921s for
2922s it no 100% I'm really pumped for it
2925s under Alex's as well kind of it's funny
2928s like my my build doer who was has been
2930s like really teaching me how to get
2932s better at fortnite Luda he's been like
2934s really like we we pull box fight Maps
2936s like probably like couple days a week
2939s type of a deal to try and like get some
2941s coaching to actually be better and I was
2943s like look do do you want to play this
2944s with me and he was like no I I really
2946s just like zero builds but and that was
2949s knowing that last place gets free money
2951s by the way so he was like very honest
2953s he's like look you shouldn't play with
2954s me you should play with Alex Alex is
2957s like zero build Goat as well so he he
2959s got 15th I believe at Gamers 8 um as the
2963s the zero build comp so um going to be
2966s with him he's going be Elling uh looking
2968s at the roster of players also playing uh
2970s I am quite terrified uh because this
2972s will be a North American server so we're
2975s gonna be you know one foot back on the
2977s uh the Ping Advantage but that's fine
2979s Zer builds that's why I like zero builds
2981s you can actually play on uh on some ping
2984s delay there um as you see even my cup I
2987s think maluka won money in one of my cups
2990s all the way from Europe so goes to show
2993s ping isn't everything um in in zero
2996s builds it's a lot of positioning and a
2997s lot of I'll be honest at least luck but
3000s that's just what I say um yeah uh so
3004s yeah like we'll see what happens we
3006s we'll try and cook what we can uh but
3008s yeah look if Shifty uh if uh if epic
3012s well and clicks don't win I will be
3014s surprised that be that'll be interesting
3016s it' be good to watch because uh I I got
3018s the pleasure of speaking with speaking
3019s with Alex at globals and different
3020s events in the past Invitational and
3022s gameer a and he yeah he's a really nice
3023s kid he knows what he's talking about he
3025s definitely has a a really good brain
3026s about the game as well so I think you
3028s got definely got a good teammate there
3029s when it comes to ig yelling uh you got a
3031s drop spot for that yet maybe have you
3032s have you chosen anything or is it not no
3035s we've had a few chats uh we're waiting
3036s to see where everyone else is going to
3038s go but we're thinking the north side of
3040s tilted so we might be one of those seven
3042s Duos you know nice you're just gonna
3044s send it like that yeah I mean I hope I
3047s don't know if Nick MKS is playing with
3048s Aiden I I see Aiden in the chat I mean I
3050s would love to see Nick Mar haen team
3052s drop tilt Towers I'd actually love that
3055s um but but if they are like might have
3057s to watch out you know like can't be you
3059s still land there if they land there yeah
3061s I think I think so we just north side
3063s tilted rotating the loot Lake I think is
3065s the vibe I don't it's 100 Duos is it is
3068s it 100 Duos I don't even know we find
3072s out have to find out find out I guess as
3074s long as everyone makes it
3075s right 100 players is a lot of players
3078s yeah um but yeah we'll we'll we'll find
3081s a spot but either that probably can't go
3083s Westworld because a lot of Pros already
3086s going there so yeah we'll find something
3088s we'll find
3090s something okay are you going to try and
3092s compete Min you going to try and do some
3093s crazy stuff you're G to try and hit some
3094s of these cups yeah I I I always try you
3097s know get involved it's always good I I
3098s always like getting invited to sort of
3100s third party events always always nice uh
3102s to be involved and try and play
3103s obviously because I do you know the
3104s broadcast stuff the analyst stuff it's
3106s nice to be involved in tournaments
3107s because then I I I always say I use that
3109s a lot of my analysis like if you put
3111s yourself in those positions whether it
3112s be zero build or build if I'm in an end
3114s game if I'm in a competitive end game
3115s with with top Pros then I can actually
3117s feel what it feels like to go down to
3119s Surge and and bad things like that
3121s because that's what happens so um yeah
3123s I'm playing I'm playing another third
3125s party event this weekend it's a charity
3126s event so that should be fun um and lots
3129s of yeah lots of lots of cool stuff on
3130s the calendar and that's what I like
3131s about OG fortnite it seems like a lot of
3132s people are starting to get noticed about
3134s these or get told about these sort of
3136s third party events and organizers are
3138s hosting them and this is what fortnite's
3139s all about you know it's not just the the
3141s in-game tracks we also have these
3142s external
3143s comp so awesome guys as we kind of move
3147s to kind of closing thoughts uh I wanted
3150s to first off just thank you both for
3151s your time because this has been so so
3154s much fun um I wanted to give you guys
3156s the floor uh one obviously if people out
3159s there where can they find you and two if
3161s you got anything going on just tell
3163s everyone what you got going
3165s on yeah no I'll kick it off I mean gonna
3167s be uh probably starting a live stream
3169s series soon on my ranked Adventure uh so
3172s obviously starting on Platinum one uh
3174s going to try and get to Unreal playing
3175s with a few Power Pros in between uh
3178s that's going to be on my YouTube channel
3179s throughout the week but if you miss it
3181s don't worry cuz we're going to make it
3182s into a nice little tight video for you
3184s guys as well um and then other than that
3187s just uh other creative maps that we're
3189s working on uh one thing that we kind of
3191s launched start this season was an OG hit
3193s map so kind of all the OG weapons that
3196s you'll be playing with in Battle Royale
3198s right there for you in a map where you
3199s just get straight into the combat so
3201s you're jumping on and trying to get
3202s straight into a map maybe consider
3204s giving it a look you might see it in
3205s your discover as well um and then daily
3208s videos on my main Channel my second
3210s Channel more Lin and power uh the group
3214s format with all the Power Pros and
3216s content creators so a lot of content a
3219s lot of content I'm loving that content
3222s where gonna they find you you forgot to
3223s tell them that tell them that
3225s yeah oh find me me or bnie you loin
3230s first oh yes you can find me on YouTube
3232s Lin uh more loin and Power
3237s you guys gotta go check them out now Min
3238s Miner what about yourself yeah I mean I
3241s I just want to say first I'm loving the
3242s power content at the moment I saw a
3243s short recently where it was like who can
3245s jump the highest in power um and it was
3248s like everyone trying to everyone trying
3249s to like place like a like a sticky note
3250s on on a board that was a lot of fun I I
3253s I felt for Alex who was so short he
3255s couldn't actually make it that high I
3256s think loser fruit just ended up using a
3258s using a ladder yeah Che which is quite
3260s funny so yeah definitely if you haven't
3262s checked out their content definitely go
3264s ahead and give that a watch but as far
3265s as myself concerned yeah I I stream a
3267s lot on Twitch at Min minor gaming and if
3269s you want to find me on Twitter or X you
3270s can it's Min Min YT just search at Min
3272s Miner wherever you want to find content
3274s and you should find me there I've got
3275s some got some cool stuff just just
3276s vibing out playing fortnite grinding
3279s you'll love to see it well to all of you
3280s that have watched we hope you've had fun
3282s hopefully you guys got a bunch of those
3284s questions right there's no way I would
3285s have gotten any of those right but as
3287s always we love you all so much keep
3289s yourselves safe and as always see you on
3292s that battle
3294s bus
3301s [Music]
3348s [Music]
3353s [Music]
3359s [Music]
3365s [Music]
3408s [Music]
3424s [Music]
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3462s [Music]
3473s [Music]
3480s [Music]
3495s k