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Hey guys, so I was trying to log into Fortnite on my Xbox and my Switch but for some reason my account had been unlinked. So I tried logging into epic games from my computer to try and link it again, but it said that my username and password wasn’t right. I tried resetting my password and it said no accounts exist with the email that I used for the account. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m not sure what could have caused this, and I was able to log in perfectly last week but now I’m completely unable to. I reached out to Epic for support but I’m still waiting for them to get back to me. Apparently they closed my ticket, so I’m trying to open it up again. Does anyone know if there a phone number I could call instead?

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Hey u/ManaMagic_! Did you get this sorted?

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Hi! I’m so sorry, I should have provided an update. I’m working with epic games agents to sort out my problem, hopefully I will be able to get my account back soon! 🥰

That's awesome! My fingers are crossed for you!

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Like just now😂

Yayyyyyyyy! Welcome back!