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0s What’s up, Fortnite Fam!
1s You may have already noticed,
3s but the island has gotten a little more wild
5s in the C4S3 update.
7s Here to help me traverse the jungle and break down all of the changes
11s is the one and only Tocata.
14s Thanks, Kelly. Let’s start off with exploring the wilderness of
17s the new jungle biome that has taken over
19s the center of the map.
20s With natural mobility, endemic life, and even mud,
23s three new POI’s will be joining this untamed landscape.
27s If decaying cities and secret rooms spark your interest,
30s check out Rumble Ruins.
31s I hope you’re feeling worthy, though, because to reap the rewards
34s from the new vault here, you’ll need to sacrifice an item from your loadout
38s that’s worthy enough to pass.
41s You’re getting tired after making a long rotate?
43s No worries, cool down in the river at Creeky Compound.
46s Surrounded by metal structures, it’s the perfect location
49s for maxing out on scarce materials.
52s And finally, Shady Stilts.
54s A mountainous village with a lot of concentrated loot.
57s A perfect location to get geared up quickly.
60s The whole biome has constant changes in elevation,
63s from the forest canopy in the sky to the creeks along the jungle floor.
68s Want to amp up your rotations? Well, now you can.
71s Build your momentum with the new Grind Vines,
73s which you can use to ride through the foliage.
76s But it’s not all leaves and bushes.
78s There are four new types of plants, each with unique properties.
82s Bomb Flowers that you can launch at structures or opponents that explode.
86s Slurp Plants, which provide health and shield.
89s Hop Flowers that you can utilize to take high ground from your opponents.
92s And if you’re feeling a bit gassy, there’s a Stink Flower that will
95s stink up an area, damaging opponents per second.
99s In addition to new plant life, prehistoric predators have also found
103s a new home on the island.
104s Be careful of the Raptors, as they can be aggressive.
107s Although, if you are fortunate enough to turn one into your friend,
110s then you can use the Primal Companion augment to regenerate health and
114s get thermal vision while riding.
117s Normally, you want to avoid slipping in the mud,
119s but this time it might be worth the fall.
122s The mud in the jungle biome comes with some unique properties,
125s which protect you from the new thermal tech.
127s Speaking of new thermal tech, the Thermal DMR allows you
131s to spot hard-to-see enemies by detecting infrared energy.
135s Although this may be the hot new gun, you need to stay cautious.
138s Heat signals wont be picked up by opponents masking themselves
142s with the aforementioned mud.
144s There’s a lot of buzz about the WildWasp Jar.
147s This item spawns an angry swarm of wasps applying small tick damage
151s to builds as well as anyone,
153s and I mean anyone, who dares to enter its range.
157s They say breakfast is the best way to start your day,
160s so why not try out the Flapjack Rifle?
162s This high-capacity assault rifle with heavy structure damage
166s is the perfect addition to any balanced loadout.
169s For those of you with attachment issues,
171s the Kinetic Boomerang might be the weapon for you.
173s Fling towards your foes or bounce off of walls,
176s and with a left-click you detonate a close range blast.
179s Or with a simple right-click, this aerodynamic tool will always come back,
183s right by your side.
185s A few weapons are making the return, such as the Drum Shotgun,
188s With its high fire rate, large magazine size, and high DPS,
192s this is a must-have in close-range combat.
196s The Combat SMG will also be making its was back to the loot pool.
200s On a final note about weapons, the coveted Pulse Rifle will no longer
204s spawn at Rift Island.
206s Instead, capturing the island will reward you
209s with a devastating enhanced Drum Shotgun.
212s No loadout is complete without your favorite augments.
215s And with a new update, means new opportunities.
218s Swift Shotgun Reload will be perfect for close-range combat,
221s allowing a faster reload time for shotguns.
224s If you’re looking to bug your opponents,
226s then think of selecting the WildWasp Weaponry augment,
229s which will spawn a few WildWasp Jars.
231s There are plenty more new augments being added to the update,
234s as well as some old ones returning.
236s For a full list of augments, check out the most recent blog post.
240s Being able to use these new weapons and augments effectively
243s will be crucial to dominating your ranked matches.
246s And now that you’ve had some time to practice against similarly skilled players,
250s it’s your moment to showcase what you’ve got in official tournaments.
253s While you check out the most recent blog post, make sure to orient yourself
257s on what rank you’ll need in order to compete
259s in the various tournaments and events throughout the season.
262s Different events might have different requirements,
264s so let the grind begin!
267s This season is jam-packed with some wild changes.
269s A ferocious jungle biome, tons of unique weapons,
272s and even new competitive opportunities.
274s The only question remaining is ...
276s Are you ready to board the Battle Bus?

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