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My son told me he was having trouble signing onto his account on the switch. When I try to sign on through the computer on epic games website, it indicates there is no account associated with that email.

I found out a couple days ago my email account (same one associated with epic) was hacked about a month ago and I recently had to change the password and secure it back up.

Is there anyway i can recover his Fortnite account or contact someone through Epic to help with this?

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If his account is on Switch have you tried logging in to the site by selecting to log in through Nintendo Switch? Try that and see what happens. It may be that the Switch got disconnected.

You can reach out to Player Support here https://www.epicgames.com/help/en-US/epic-accounts-c74 - scroll to the bottom and select 'Contact Us'

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I did and it made me create a new account for him.

Thanks for the link

Yeah, that means the Switch account is 'headless' and attached to an Epic account that does not have an email attached or Epic display name attached.