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313s hello there and welcome into the drop
316s spot great to have you here for a brand
317s new episode talking all things fortnite
320s competitive it's me Adam Savage your
321s host good to be back here as well joined
323s by two of the ogs on the show today as
327s well loads to cover it's the Almighty 2K
330s life with P what is up boys it's good to
333s see you here I mean um honestly the
334s competitive space right now is going
336s absolutely bananas loads to talk about
338s here uh lean first and foremost it's
340s been a while my friend how have you been
342s you're looking pretty it's good to see
344s your beautiful face oh thank you man you
347s know I don't really get compliments like
348s that nowadays so you know whenever you
350s looking good you know it means a lot it
352s means a lot I'm very happy to be here
355s always a good time talking fortnite with
357s you guys the last drops I did was with
358s you too so you know we get to almost run
360s it back do a part two of that episode
362s well run it back this is it Panda every
365s time we we have you guys together we I
367s think I think the conversation it just
369s is effervescent it feel it's bubbling in
371s the air it feels good I mean this this
373s is this is the this is the trio right
374s now this is the Dream Team right up here
376s on the show that it is and look Levin
379s and I have a little beef to settle right
381s on the last quiz he got two right I got
383s two right so we're here to settle the
386s tiebreaker of sorts we'll see who walks
388s away the real champ this
390s time why does this guy always have be
392s with me it's always the one Panda always
394s tells me we have beef and I'm like do we
396s like why I don't remember I I always see
399s you making that smile Le thinking here
401s he goes again and I don't know what he's
402s talking about I I love it I love it uh
405s for you guys though welcome whether
406s you're watching or listening from around
408s the world it's great to have you here uh
409s we've got loads to break down in our
412s episode today here for you uh we're
413s going to be talking about fortnite OG of
415s course uh the season that everyone is
416s talking about everyone's so invested in
419s as well well here uh talking about some
421s chapter one players too loads and loads
423s that going to cover there uh third party
425s tournaments right now as well as the
427s best players of 2023 what will that
430s entail we'll get to that later on of
431s course the Revenge match the quiz it's
434s coming your way here later on which you
435s can definitely get involved with as well
437s here on the show uh but let's dive
439s straight in first first things first
441s fortnite OG I mean it's it's it sent the
443s world into a Tiz that's a very British
446s thing to say there Le appreciate that it
447s sent the world into a Tiz here um
449s everyone is you know kind of very
451s excited about this I mean chapter one
453s map how have you both found first and
454s foremost the fundamental question is how
456s have you enjoyed uh this OG map Panda
459s coming to you first buddy have you
461s enjoyed it thus far uh absolutely in
463s love with it Levin and I were kind of
464s talking about a little bit before the
465s show we were talking about how it's
467s brought our friends back to the game and
469s and how it's just an unreal feeling to
473s be back in what was a massive time in a
476s lot of Our Lives I mean me personally
478s like I can't lie I was working a
480s full-time job then and I would literally
482s leave work early to come play OG
485s fortnite with the boys so it's really
488s cool to be able to experience this again
489s I never thought it would actually happen
491s so to be back in this beautiful
494s beautiful map uh of course now this week
497s with the huge update over at loot Lake
498s seeing Kevin back in the game it's just
501s exciting yeah I'm with you man I was I
503s was skipping school and stuff that don't
506s don't be doing that don't be following
508s yeah don't do that but you know I know
510s what you mean Panda man it was just you
511s know you think back to that time of your
513s life and and you know there's so many
515s good things that it brings back so many
517s great memories I think the big thing for
518s me is is the people it's brought back
521s right being able to almost rekindle
523s friendships like logging on to play with
524s people who I've not spoken to in
526s genuinely years now right and it's like
530s the social aspect of it has has been
531s even greater I've been on my grind like
534s I it's been a while like since I've
536s grinded like ranked or any sort of like
538s you know BR mode like that you know I'm
540s always in the ufn MCH trust me I'm there
542s but when it comes to ranked I've been
543s under the ground I'm currently sitting
545s at champion on the ground to Unreal
547s we'll get there hello so you know I'm on
550s theground right now you know what I'm
551s saying so it feels really
553s good yeah I mean that's that's like a
556s really great point about the kind of
557s community aspect as well like friends
558s com back to the game and playing
559s together as in groups and I think that's
562s you know it kind of reignited right
563s reignites the flame for a lot of players
565s you may have lost touch with the game
566s and brings them back in particularly
567s with Lo opportunity now in com you
569s ranked and such as well as you mentioned
571s there's there's great great ways you can
572s kind really invest your time back into
574s back into fortnite which is which is
575s which is awesome I mean looking at the
577s map itself as well POI is obviously a
579s huge part of this um where have you guys
582s been I mean that's the big question
583s everyone's lives where you're dropping
584s where have you guys been dropping um and
586s is it different as well to like you know
587s kind of a secondary question is it
588s different to where you used to drop uh
591s kind of like in the original kind of map
593s way back when um Panda where where are
595s you kind of currently where are you
596s focusing your attention so all my focus
598s right now is is number one on risky
600s reels now that's not to say that's the
602s only spot I'm dropping but that is the
603s main spot I'm dropping when it comes to
605s the map as of right now being able to
607s land at the screen get some pop shots on
609s the players coming in you know I always
612s got the best drop here and then rotating
614s around the hills you can either go over
617s uh into whaling you can go over to the
618s containers not too far from there
620s there's a lot of opportunities to rotate
622s around the map from this position and it
624s always seems to be less contested less
626s congested than a lot of the other spots
628s in the map now if I want some action you
630s already know I'm going tilted Towers uh
633s for all of that fun but last but not
635s least Shifty shafts that spot to for me
637s is is like home you know how to play
639s Shifty then you are easily going to be
642s winning some of the biggest challenges
644s on the map in my opinion right because a
645s lot of people just don't know how to
647s play this area whether it's rotating
649s over to greasy taking advantage of the
651s teams rotating out of there or playing
653s the angles here in Shifty I mean it is
655s just a special special spot on the map
658s so it's hard to pick just one so I had
660s to pick three no I'm mov on the Shifty
662s shout I think that's a I think that's a
663s real solid shout personally you
665s mentioned you know one in action so
667s going to I'm a resident toted dropper
669s you know you can find me in tted Towers
672s red brick building best drops ever
674s you're never out dropping me on red
676s brick building if you landed at red
678s brick and you you know were eliminated
680s by someone it was probably me you know
681s what I'm saying up on that chest right
683s there smack the chair get the loot get
686s the weapons and take everybody out um I
688s actually do also really like landing at
690s Shifty shots as well that that's a
691s really good spot but I'm usually in in
693s like most my games I'll be at Tilted
695s it's weird because obviously like back
697s then I I probably did land that toour a
699s lot as well but I probably did like
700s scatter around a bit more I remember the
702s first spot like I ever really like
703s mained were like the little houses just
705s south of risky I'm sure you rotate
706s through there a lot when when you go for
708s risky like it was just really R it was
709s like back when I was playing console
711s with my mates and we were like terrible
713s right and we couldn't do anything we
714s just land at those houses off like we
716s were surviving off of like three chests
718s and we were just having the times of our
720s lives so uh yeah I've definitely leveled
722s up a bit so it's usually tilted for me
725s lad I I I I was say I I I used to be
728s quite quite a snobby snobby shaes
730s connoisseur haed Hills junk Junction
733s what was I thinking what what what was I
734s thinking back then what happened I I was
738s a very different person a different
740s player there but now I I go there and
742s think I don't understand what the the
745s the drawing I've been trying other
746s things out like Pleasant Park and such
747s but yeah go back there very different
750s very different to go back there now
751s after all these after all this time it's
753s funny you said that right because it's
754s like my my question to you was going to
757s be has there been anywhere you just
758s haven't gone yet right because I I've
760s been grinding like I've played almost
762s hundreds of games now at this point
764s right and I kid you not on my map junk
767s Junction and Haunted Hills are still
768s question marks like you know n none of
771s my games like I played so many games
773s like I told I'm in Champion I've been
775s grinding but none of my games have like
777s taken me there and I've just never even
778s thought to like Dro there maybe I should
780s just for pure Nostalgia now at this
782s point but yeah anywh you guys just
784s haven't been any question marks um for
787s me as far as like dropping spots go no
789s question marks on the map I've hit
790s everything so far but as far as like
792s dropping in places I haven't gone to
794s that Viking Hill yet or snobby uh
796s ironically of course that's one of the
798s spots that that Adam loves so much but
801s uh when it comes to to that that haunted
804s junk Junction area I actually like
805s splitting that in squads if I'm playing
807s squads right being that area and go loot
811s up real quick get back together and
812s rotate around the map that's kind of for
814s me I do love the hill of course that
817s Viking Hill there's so much that can be
819s offered there and I think obviously
821s having high ground around the people
824s underneath you and being able to get
825s that Intel before moving is so so
828s important and so crucial uh when you're
830s trying to rotate on a map with these
832s huge elevated points so definitely love
835s these spots again not necessarily my
837s main spots but I've been there a few
840s times just not Landing
843s there you don't have question marks
845s though no question marks no I I do need
848s to spend more time at Paradise Palms I
850s don't feel like spend enough time there
852s I need I need to Vacation more in that
854s kind of side of the map you know kind of
856s like you know the Southeast region I
857s need I need spend more time there I I
859s just feel like I'm always always missing
860s out I need to perfect it um but I mean
863s of course you know we see we see pois we
864s see you guys listening watching have a
867s question marks to the m make sure to
868s open up explore
869s every single nook and cranny you can but
871s items as well are a big part of this
873s season and infantry um you know kind of
875s like the items that have come back into
876s the mix here the Weaponry um what have
879s you been enjoying like the most I mean
881s we we're just beaming here just smiling
882s because it's just so fun stuff that we
884s kind of G you grew up with loved so much
887s l what's been kind of like you know kind
888s of I think you must have any inventory
889s that you've really wanted to kind of
891s have you know enjoy as much as possible
892s when can jumping in game or a must have
895s definitely will be the grapple gun right
897s I think everybody will say that's a must
898s have one thing I've been enjoying a lot
901s though is is definitely uh RPGs right
904s and just you know like the classic sort
906s of like you RPG a box and then you shoot
908s just like as the RPG hits so they're not
910s expecting to be able to take damage be
912s sneaking a couple shotgun shells there I
914s think that's been fun for me one thing
916s that has been fun that is to do weapons
918s but maybe not using the weapons at them
920s is the joy I get from just seeing a
923s purple or gold pump shotgun because they
925s are so rare like they're just
927s non-existent I bet you in the chat right
930s now let us know if you've actually found
933s one yourself not you picked one up after
934s eliminating someone you just found one
936s like I swear I never find them I never
940s ever I mean that's fair I'm gonna be
942s honest that's that's fair and that's
944s kind of my thoughts on the loot pool
946s right now like I'm excited for
947s everything right Everything feels really
949s good in the game but if I have to pick
951s like what I'm most excited to find it is
953s anything that that's purple or gold
955s right anything that's epic or legendary
957s it doesn't matter what it is I don't
959s care as long as it is purple or
961s legendary I'm feeling good when I see it
963s yeah I see I often see a gold glint in
965s the distance thinking what could this be
967s it's a bush it's a bu it's a bush it's
969s fine it's a bush it's fine it's fine
971s I'll take it but I I I was hoping for
973s something else it makes me think how
975s sport we were back in the day cuz back
976s in like back in chapter one like actual
978s chapter one you'd like see the gold
980s glimp and it'd actually be like a gold
981s pump like just sitting there like floor
983s yeah yeah yeah like how how did we have
986s how did we go from that to like only
987s bushes now
989s oh man oh it's it's it's it's such a
992s temptation to go all that distance to
994s grab just the bush it's but but say I'll
997s utilize it it today I'll but yeah agree
998s with you grapple gunning my face off
1000s right now loving using that I think it's
1002s just it's just fun to you know
1003s traversing around the map and kind of
1004s you know playing you as much as you can
1007s with what you have to you out there in
1008s terms of in terms of these locations
1011s because I think that's what makes it so
1012s iconic as well here fortnite is it's an
1013s iconic game it's got iconic bits about
1016s it one of the main things being the
1017s areas in which you drop and kind of you
1019s know kind of go toe-to-toe with your
1020s competitors as well um any kind of the
1023s strategies you guys were employing as
1024s well anything you you mentioned earlier
1025s on about you know kind of like the
1026s Viking up high and where you can go but
1028s Leb where where are you kind of like
1029s tending to how you tending to play
1030s things and go back proceedings as well
1032s yeah so the one thing I really wanted to
1034s to mention while we were talking about
1035s these things and this is linked to
1037s strategy is the the update we just had
1040s like over like that past week I love the
1043s drift BS I've had missed them so so so
1046s much so being able to to you know go for
1049s my little like drift drift board sniper
1051s Clips has been really really fun I'm
1054s glad they're they're
1055s back yeah I'm going to be honest uh I
1058s was a part of a reunion event this week
1060s and uh the Bonsai Bros were just
1063s flipping around on those hoverboards
1064s going for the trick shots mid it was fun
1067s to watch I can't lie it was really cool
1069s to see and that's what this season is it
1071s just feels fun like it it's just no
1074s pressure you just jump in enjoy your
1076s time and the hoverboards are definitely
1078s a big piece of that
1079s there there's something there's
1080s something really a warm feeling inside
1083s when there's a hoverboard and a golf
1085s cart side by side charging towards
1086s battle just feels just always feels so
1088s right doesn't it feels so right um I
1091s mean if you guys do as well do you think
1092s the game feels more like chapter one or
1095s the recent kind of chapter four seasons
1097s do you think it feels more kind of like
1098s that nostalgic kind of where it used to
1099s be or do you think it's kind of like a a
1101s revamped version of what we're kind of
1102s used to uh nowadays Panda you know I
1106s think it's I do think it's very very
1108s reminiscent of chapter one I don't want
1109s to take anything away from that I do
1111s think there's some feels to it that that
1112s make it feel a little bit newer but I
1114s think it's the good stuff right I don't
1115s think it's stuff that like ultimately
1118s make it not feel uh authentic the the
1121s sprinting the mantling all these things
1124s that like we just didn't have in chapter
1126s one we do do actually have here in the
1128s fortnite OG season which I think is
1131s really really cool that they implemented
1133s that into this one um and I don't think
1135s it feels unnatural right I think it
1137s feels more uh
1139s as it should have back in the day
1141s especially now that we have it right I
1142s couldn't imagine a world where they took
1144s it away and brought this this season
1146s back so perhaps to them for putting it
1148s in sometimes I wonder how he played
1150s Without mantling how did like how did we
1153s play this game for years without
1155s mantling or sprinting honestly like I
1157s look back at like old footage and I'm
1159s like Oh my like why he not mant just
1162s mantle M just manle but obviously they
1163s can't right but it's like yeah I'm glad
1166s we have those things with the OG season
1168s you know I'm definitely glad do we do we
1171s have sliding do we have sliding back
1173s then no no no oh dude I I live I live my
1176s life one slide at a time I love to slide
1179s me if you just try walk now without
1180s sprinting sliding maning now you're just
1182s going to be like why am I going so slow
1185s you know what I mean it feels weird if I
1188s see a hill I'm sliding that puppy every
1190s single time I'm not messing around um
1192s but uh I mean I mean let's I've got a
1194s fun thing we can do here as well guys
1195s obviously you if you listening at home
1197s watching right now um we've talked about
1199s kind of like the way the map is but
1200s let's talk about kind of the players for
1201s a second here as well right right let's
1203s look at some popular chapter one players
1205s and we're going to try and comparatively
1207s we're going to try and compare some
1208s original kind of like OG kind of chapter
1210s one players to kind of like you know a
1213s player that is now in 2023 that's kind
1215s of like kind of similar side by side
1217s with it play style achievement anything
1218s else you want as well um let's let's
1221s start let's K things off let's K an
1223s original an OG here Mongrel okay Mong is
1225s a player we kind of synonomous with you
1227s know kind of that kind of that time
1228s period the map uh is there a player that
1231s you think is kind of similar to the way
1233s in which Mongrel is play style the way
1235s he goes about business I mean what what
1236s do you think
1237s Panda you know this is a good one uh
1240s obious the obvious answer is [ __ ]
1241s because he's made his comeback and
1244s literally it's hard to replicate that
1246s man to be honest uh and it's good to see
1249s him back in the game I don't know to be
1252s honest like personality wise I don't
1254s think there's anybody that can truly
1256s replicate that era of Mongrel in the way
1258s that he did
1259s uh I don't know Lin do you have somebody
1261s you think that fit that so like I I was
1263s thinking about this right and and I do
1264s feel like in a lot of instances it's
1266s just impossible to compare like any of
1269s those people and players to like people
1271s now cuz the game changed so much like
1274s even if you tried to like be like really
1276s intelligent and be like well yeah like
1277s Aqua was like the best igl back then Al
1280s so should I pick the best IG not like oh
1281s like maybe que or something even if you
1283s try to do something like that it just
1284s doesn't really work one thing I will say
1286s though the way I'd think about this is
1287s more like like taking just a very
1289s specific aspect of that of the OG person
1293s and anyone that brings that today one
1295s thing I used to love about mongr back in
1298s the day was when he'd be eliminated in a
1300s tournament like you just knew you were
1302s going to get an alltime scream or
1305s complaint of some sort you know like you
1307s just know like you know he's about to
1309s just like wreck them vocal cords and I
1312s think the pro that does that nowadays
1313s the most in a way that like gives me
1315s that same sort of feeling it's probably
1317s queasy funnily enough right so I'm not
1319s saying they're similar players right
1320s because they're definitely not in many
1322s different ways but just in terms of like
1324s I know when czyy gets limed he just says
1327s the maddest stuff like he just starts
1328s screaming and complaining and it's
1330s hilarious like it was back then in
1332s Mongol so that that'd be my comparison
1335s love that love that yeah similar energy
1336s similar energy those two I mean I mean
1338s other players you know think about some
1339s players like tfue Aiden you mentioned
1342s zate Mr Savage I mean all players that
1345s you know kind of I guess naturally the
1347s players that when when they were
1349s competing players that are competing now
1351s have you kind of Taken on board the way
1353s they used to go about business and you
1355s kind of like you know learned from them
1356s and use it in their own kind of you know
1358s play style now and kind of learn from
1360s the ogs and brought it through into kind
1361s of like into into modern day kind of
1363s like comp fortnite as well Panda which I
1365s think is you is absolutely gonna be a
1367s thing because I guess a lot of the
1367s players who competing now would have
1368s looked at the Players some of the ones
1370s mentioned there as kind of like their
1372s their kind of guides to what how they
1374s should go about and and how they can win
1376s today you know funny enough I had a
1378s conversation about this right and and
1380s who was like the most influential OG
1384s players for for players to come right
1387s and there is one person I won't say his
1389s name Vivid that was very uh very
1392s committed to the idea that it was him
1394s and the liquid boys that influenced a
1397s lot of what happened in competitive
1399s fortnite and he actually said this with
1401s good reasons so I do respect his answer
1403s in this way and I actually kind of agree
1405s with him in a lot of ways they were the
1407s only true competitive players that were
1410s constantly streaming and posting content
1414s around what they were doing when they
1416s were finding highlevel uh high level
1419s ways to throw the nades for example they
1421s were posting that it was not something
1423s that they were gatekeeping like a lot of
1424s other teams were and and they Vivid
1427s actually had a message I I believe it
1429s was from zate it was saying like hey
1431s thanks for showing us this because like
1433s I would not have realized going into the
1435s weekend like that this was a thing which
1437s is so interesting to think about looking
1439s back uh and it was cool to see them come
1441s back for the OG season too for uh poach
1444s chap Vivid in 72 hours uh coming
1447s together again was really cool to see
1449s but when you look back you kind of have
1452s to do give them a bit of a nod when it
1454s comes to the the amount of stuff that
1456s they shared because those liquid boys
1457s did not hold back in what they found no
1460s I agree I agree I us love watching them
1462s I think of that scored my favorite
1464s unfortunately for vivid my favorite
1465s wasn't him back then my favorite was
1466s actually chat back then finally enough
1468s but I I yeah I literally have the same
1471s thing I was watching pink stream the
1472s other day and some he got asked a
1474s question of like uh you know who was
1475s your favorite players back then and he
1477s said like I looked up to atore that
1479s atore was like the guy who wanted to be
1480s and understandably so like that World
1482s Cup run into like season X right and all
1485s that like that was unprecedented levels
1488s of just dominance from him so a lot of
1490s the players Now look up to those players
1493s and and did look up to them and it's
1495s even crazier for the ones that are still
1497s here right like the m the Savages of the
1499s world like the fact that he's still
1500s kicking it crazy man like that's that's
1503s real GH St stuff so yeah big up to all
1506s the OG's big up to the current players
1508s as well because you know in a couple
1509s years time we'll be talking about the
1510s current players now like we do these
1512s guys right like they'll be newer Pros
1514s who looked up to to the guys now so yeah
1517s it's true it's true AB as Le said big up
1520s the ogs and for you guys if you haven't
1521s had a chance to go on it yet do so uh
1523s for the OG map is available now enjoy
1526s the season because it is an absolute be
1528s Mark our words here uh right fellas um
1531s obviously you know with uh with the drop
1533s spot here we have lots of fun in games I
1535s mean that's how that's how we roll um
1537s one thing that we love to do is of
1538s course don't don't why Le don't look so
1542s defeatist okay don't be just like come
1545s on you enjoy this as much as we do
1547s Panda's rubbing his hands he can't wait
1548s he can't wait for the quiz okay he's
1551s enjoying his life and so he should and
1552s I'm having a great time too I'm in
1554s distress it's not my neck on the line to
1556s do this don't do this Adam
1558s this is this this is how we go about
1560s business right if you are brand new to
1562s the show a whever You Been b This Is How
1564s We Roll okay um on the quiz we have
1566s three questions both for Levan and for
1569s panda at the end of which if we have
1571s ourselves a tie we have a tiebreaker
1572s question okay now all of our questions
1574s are multiple choice the tiebreaker is
1576s simply a case of whoever's closest to
1578s the answer wins all right we tend to
1580s play anyway because it's great it's
1582s great times and you guys at home love
1583s this as well uh so we're going to do
1585s this really simple um L we're going to
1586s kick start with you my friend you're
1587s going to be the want to KCK us off here
1589s question you guys ready ready Dare I ask
1592s you for a Battle Cry each is that is
1594s that a thing we should do here battle no
1596s just gonna Beep Beep don't let me do
1599s this please
1601s please let's just move on someone can
1604s there and uh we'll just yeah okay here
1606s we go here go right here we go 11
1609s question number
1610s one uh winter Royale 2018 was held in
1614s season 7 of fortnite who won the e U
1618s tournament okay was it either Metro
1622s skite or tux winter Royale 2018 was held
1626s in season s of fortnite who won the EU
1629s tournament was it Metro skite or
1633s tux what's your Vibes wait cuz I'm
1637s pretty
1640s sure this is this is so frustrating
1643s because I'm pretty sure Skype won the
1644s first qualifier like the original like
1646s the first round that happened in EU I'm
1649s pretty sure Skype won that maybe it was
1651s TC my brain can't remember I'm just
1653s going to go Skype I just I can't I like
1655s I yeah I'm gonna go Skype I'm gonna go
1657s Skype Lo it in okay I mean Skype final
1661s answer then Panda would you have gone
1663s anywhere else or would you have G the
1664s same um you know I was actually leaning
1666s towards Sky until he said Sky because
1668s now I'm gonna go
1669s Metro just be different well lucky for
1674s us it was Levan's question because sky
1677s is the correct answer
1678s there we go baby one zero baby here we
1680s go love that great knowledge great
1683s knowledge there wasn't a guess at all
1685s great knowledge okay no remember I
1687s remember I remember it was good it good
1689s good good bro I love it okay okay one Z
1691s to 11 okay this is it P to tie things up
1694s here okay question one for panda the
1697s first World Cup Duos qualifier was held
1699s in season eight of fortnite who won the
1702s NA East tournament was it Mega and dubs
1706s clip clicks and skeptic or crims and
1709s Spades the first World Cup Duos
1711s qualifier was held in season 8 of
1712s fortnite who won the NA East tournament
1715s was it Mega and dubs clicks and skeptic
1717s Crim or crims and Spades what do you
1719s think Mega dubs final
1722s answer mear and dubs Final Answer
1724s straight in there wasn't even what what
1726s makes you think it was Mega and dubs
1727s just uh a feeling you know I watched a
1730s lot of fortnite back then and while I
1732s don't know this with 100% certainty I'm
1734s like 75% sure it was Mega and dub so I
1738s got to go with my gut here and lean
1740s towards them Le where would you have
1742s gone I would have G the same answer
1744s something's telling me mega and dubs I
1745s don't know what it
1747s is I can confirm that the correct
1751s answer was in fact Crimson Spades it was
1754s Crimson
1757s Spades not looking good for panda I
1759s can't lie not looking good but Le for
1761s the first time in however long got a bit
1763s of a lead I think this is the first time
1765s I've ever LED ever like in these CU so
1768s I'm Happy Well Done mate well done well
1770s sadly there's two more questions for
1772s both of you uh for Pand to get back into
1774s the game here uh question two for 11
1776s okay on average how many supply drops
1779s are there per game three six or nine on
1785s average how many supply drops are there
1787s per game three six or
1790s nine I'm gonna go six because it's the
1795s middle one and it's like nine just feels
1799s too much you know it's defin more than
1802s three but nine just feels too much so
1804s I'm going to go
1806s six okay 11 um Panda what would you have
1809s what would you have said been your
1810s question I would say six as well to be
1812s honest nine just feels like too much
1814s yeah okay okay um the correct answer was
1819s actually nine n it's nine nine Supply
1824s jobs per game you guys at home get that
1827s that's yeah that nine seems a lot where
1830s where are they dropping they on my map
1832s I'm like oh there's maybe two I don't
1834s know yeah but nine okay okay so still
1837s remains one zero it's unto Panda to tie
1839s things up here to make it one all uh
1841s Panda your second question on average
1844s how many minis will you get if you open
1846s 15 chests on average how many minis will
1850s you get if you open 15 chests three six
1854s or
1856s nine I actually know the answer I feel
1859s like so it's it's six because it's
1861s roughly a 30%
1864s chance so six yeah you agree I think
1869s he's right yeah yeah and he is in fact
1871s correct it is six ties out one one I'm
1876s back in it I feel it in my fingers I'm
1879s having a great time okay this it this it
1880s um okay so uh question three for 11 here
1884s we go this is to take a 2-1 lead uh the
1887s last the last question for Le here we go
1889s how many different divisions are the
1892s ranked cups divided into how many
1895s different divisions are the ranked cups
1897s divided into is it five six or
1909s seven he's thinking he's thinking man
1911s he's try he's trying to do the maths
1913s he's trying to do the math I'm trying to
1914s I'm trying to like figure it out like
1916s photographic memory
1920s what do you think I'm just going to I'm
1921s just going to go five I can't I can't
1923s think I just I'm just going to say five
1926s yeah I'm just going to say five he's
1928s going with five Final Answer uh Panda
1931s what would your final answer have been
1933s there uh
1935s seven
1936s seven just to be the correct answer the
1939s correct
1940s answer is in fact five it is five left
1945s it's five it's five those being bronze
1949s silver gold platinum and Diamond Diamond
1952s Plus yeah yeah that's what it is it's
1954s five it's five okay I'm only ever aware
1956s of one you know I'm only ever playing
1957s Diamond Plus so I wouldn't I was the
1959s other obviously obviously all right all
1961s right champ all right champ okay here we
1963s go so uh question three for panda here
1965s here we go um let's see if you can tie
1967s things up what rank do you need to play
1970s in the OG Skirmish cups what rank do you
1974s need to play in the OG Skirmish cups is
1977s it gold bronze or nothing it's nothing
1981s Final
1982s Answer Final Answer 11 would you have
1986s would you have agreed with M Pand he
1990s sounds too confident so the answer just
1993s must be nothing cuz he must just
1994s remember it from like a blog post you
1996s know like anybody can play in this you
1998s know like he must clearly remember that
2000s line um so I'm going to blindly follow
2003s him and trust that he's correct and say
2005s nothing as well yeah
2008s well the blog posts have clutched up cuz
2011s it is indeed nothing it is nothing it is
2013s indeed nothing so there we have it we
2015s have ourselves we actually have an
2017s official an official tie going to the
2018s tiebreaker so this is awesome here we go
2021s this is it baby and this is a fun one
2023s this is a fun one for you guys you got
2024s to play this at home as well okay this
2025s is a real fun question uh here we go I
2029s love this how many vending machines are
2032s there on the map oh how many vending
2035s machines are there on the the map what a
2038s question I love it do me a favor man how
2043s many do me a favor uh what do you what
2047s do you uh what do you boys think here so
2049s um I'm gonna ask um be I'm actually
2053s gonna I'm gonna ask you first 11 no ask
2057s Panda last last time we had this
2058s question on the on the last set we all
2060s did together you asked me first I think
2062s you should ask P okay I'm H Panda I'm
2065s happy to do that in the in the you know
2068s good sportsmanship here yeah what do you
2070s think what's your first
2072s answer how many vending machines on the
2074s map I think there's
2076s 12
2078s 12 specific okay 12 12 okay so 11 the
2083s question for you is how many vending
2084s machines do you think there are on the
2085s map well I'm going to do what Panda
2087s tried to do to me last time and I'm
2089s going to cheese him and I'm going to
2090s just say 13 I think it's more than 12 so
2092s I'm just going to go one above him and
2093s say
2094s 13 I'm going to say you should have win
2096s 11 cuz I think I think it's less oh okay
2100s I see okay so we've got 11 we got we got
2103s we got 12 and
2104s 13 yeah the correct answer how many
2109s vending machines are there on the map is
2112s in fact
2114s 54
2116s 54 vending machines level 2K wins the
2121s quiz get in come on he's done it he's
2125s actually done it I don't
2128s I don't believe it he's it he's done it
2130s you know what you deserve it Levin hats
2132s off to you you are the better man today
2135s I fully give you that win thank you
2137s thank you my brother of course no it was
2140s fun it was this was a good one I liked
2141s it speech yeah please please go ahead uh
2145s so I'd just love to thank my mother
2146s first and foremost you know without none
2148s of this would be possible for me I'd
2150s like to thank uh all my mates who got me
2152s to start playing fortnite way back then
2154s in in chapter chapter one season 2 I'd
2157s like to this man reading the script to
2159s he's like looking down I would like to
2161s thank the academy as I have written this
2163s I
2164s knew 20 seconds commercial break the
2167s music Started start my bad my bad my bad
2170s thank you everyone though thank you
2171s thank you that Wicked congratulations I
2173s mean that that was you guys at home
2175s listening and watching as well how did
2176s you get on let us know online as well
2178s how you got on there I love that
2179s question so simplistic that last one
2181s that tiebreak it was absolutely
2182s brilliant there um right well done you
2184s to uh let's move on you know what
2185s because uh tournaments and General uh
2187s you know kind of Talk of the Town when
2189s it comes to fortnite and of course uh
2191s loads been happening recently um yeah
2193s you actually touched it earlier on here
2195s Panda uh third party tournaments one of
2196s them being a reunion recently uh tell us
2199s about that you enjoyed that it looks
2200s like a fantastic thing to be part of and
2201s 100K prize po as well is is is it's a
2204s lot of cheddar oh it was a lot of fun I
2206s can't lie it was this past Monday and uh
2209s it brought back OG players but also OG
2211s Talent we had Sundown on the mic course
2214s sh who's been consistent in the scene
2216s and then we had a Antics back on the mic
2218s so it was a really cool event uh even as
2220s like a commentator cuz like I've never
2222s really got to spend time with either
2224s Sundown or Aussie actually before that I
2227s had never even casted with shio so I got
2229s to cast with each one of them
2231s individually despite spending a lot of
2232s time with SH over the years um it was
2235s cool to be able to cast with each one of
2236s those individual uh individuals and then
2238s of course watching a lot of players come
2239s back to the scene we saw Summit one G
2241s playing with Hutch we had Mongrel and
2242s Metro playing together um Aiden make his
2245s made his way back into it uh so many ogs
2249s stepping back to the plate to compete in
2251s this one and it was a lot of fun to
2252s watch till the very end uh so I
2254s definitely uh recommend if you didn't
2256s get a chance to watch the event 100K on
2258s the line go watch it it was a cool one
2261s uh that boom TV hosted over there a
2262s second that statement go check it out I
2265s I think I'm I'm the sort of the same
2267s right seeing like Aussie and Sundown
2268s casting was like a proper throwback you
2270s know like that's something we we've seen
2272s in a while so uh that that was really
2275s cool um and yeah just seen some of the
2277s people like like you said like seen
2278s someone like Summit 1 playing it's like
2280s I've not seen him play literally since
2281s the early days of chapter one and that
2283s was really really cool so yeah that was
2285s a lot of fun that was awesome I mean I
2287s mean there's there's loads of things
2288s happening third party t as mentioned um
2290s we had the 10K steel series recently W
2292s by threats py and Peter bot um I mean
2294s the reddish Rumble as well 25k there
2296s leev you were part of the the broadcast
2298s team there um what was that like to be
2299s part of was that that that that looked
2300s amazing it was a lot of fun man and and
2303s I think for me personally like it was
2306s just cool to be a part of an event you
2309s know taking place on that chapter one
2310s map like I started commentating in
2313s Chapter 2 like my first event was you
2315s know chapter 2 season one Squad days
2317s right so I never even ever commentated
2319s an event on this chapter one map then of
2322s course it was a squad event as well
2323s right and like that took me back to like
2325s my OG days when I was trying to compete
2327s way back when it was squads and we used
2328s to run like private customs and oh man
2331s it was it was it was a lot of fun for me
2333s on a personal note and it was so fun for
2335s the competitors man like shout out to
2337s the the winning Squad in the end it was
2339s motor Pilkey Mr Savage and quezy motor
2342s the Creator in that Squad had a crazy
2345s clutch to like win the last game and win
2347s the whole thing like it was incredible
2349s like they were all hyping him up as well
2351s like Mo you're the best it was crazy um
2353s it was obviously the reddish Rumble was
2354s reddish his event she came second she
2356s was so good throughout that tournament
2357s so a bunch of high notes from that one
2359s for sure yeah yeah we love reddish
2362s sh yeah prob she's been on the drops up
2365s before we we absolutely adore her we got
2367s the um the Shong cup as well in the
2369s Middle East that was a 40K cup there as
2371s well um of course tons of official
2373s tournaments are underway with rank cups
2375s and victory cups having started this
2377s week um I mean in general just an
2378s overview very quickly have you been guys
2380s been enjoying the the tournaments so far
2382s this season Panda like what's what's
2383s your thoughts so far it's been a lot of
2386s fun to watch I think I've watched more
2389s events and more people just streaming
2391s their povs of events this season than I
2393s have all year and I and I I let me say
2397s this I watch a lot of fortnite guys like
2398s this is part of what I do on a regular
2400s basis but I've been enjoying it being
2402s able to like edit a video and then look
2404s over and just enjoy like whatever stream
2407s is up on my other monitor has been
2409s really really fun um it's cool to see a
2412s lot of people come back to the game I
2413s really enjoyed watching of course ninja
2416s Tim Nick MKS Lop all playing together
2419s couraging that that Squad as well we
2422s even seen cloaky come back for a little
2423s bit watching their their banter and fun
2426s is just
2427s it's unreal to think like that's what I
2429s that's what I like fell in love with
2431s fortnite 4 back in the early chapter 1
2434s days was watching them and now watching
2436s them again here in chapter 4 five six
2439s seven years lat whatever the case
2441s actually is like just years and years
2443s later it was an amazing feeling and it
2446s was something again I just never
2447s anticipated happening yeah man see
2449s seeing those OG players playing together
2451s like a couple days ago I was watching
2452s like mongr Benji and then Mr Savage and
2455s Ley playing all together right that was
2457s like crazy I think for me though on a
2459s tournament
2460s front I personally would love some more
2463s Solo cups just cuz I ain't got no
2465s friends you know I'm all lonely out here
2467s you know no it's the first like cup that
2470s happened I like messaged one of my
2471s friends like an OG player I used to play
2473s with and I was like Yoo you want to play
2474s was like no I like n you about n you
2477s better log on and play but he didn't
2479s come so you know in the end I didn't end
2481s up playing it but yeah some Solo cups
2483s would be nice just I me I'm I'm a bit
2485s more lonely you know look got two
2487s friends in us we we're here you man we
2489s got I I don't want to play with you guys
2491s I I don't want to play with you okay
2492s then it's not that he doesn't have
2493s friends guys don't let him fool you very
2496s picky very heartbroken very very picky
2500s um I mean that I mean that's U yeah I
2503s think that's one of the great things
2504s about this year now and I think uh you
2506s you can see right there you whether
2507s you've got friends like most of us do
2509s have and check it all out as well um
2511s before we kind close the sh yeah we
2513s talked about 2023 the year is rapidly
2515s coming towards its end I can't really
2517s believe this um but there's been so many
2519s massive moments many big things have
2521s happened across the course of the Year
2522s we We highlight them here on the drops
2523s but every time we we do a show here um
2526s we obviously very soon have got
2527s ourselves SBG big fan of Big Friend of
2530s the show uh we love SBG a lot he runs
2532s unofficial awards for the community um I
2534s want to know kind of what what you guys
2536s might be voting for in terms of like you
2537s know kind of where you think your kind
2538s of allegiances might lie in terms of
2540s like the a few different kind of
2542s categories here uh first I to jump into
2544s is simply the best player in 202 23 like
2547s who do you think um has been the best
2550s one to highlight that the player that is
2552s is worth kind of giving your you know if
2554s you had to take a guess or or a stab in
2556s the dark you'd say that that could that
2558s could very indeed be the winner uh Leon
2559s do you want to kick us off yeah let's
2561s let's let's get into it man it's such an
2563s interesting topic because I think
2565s there's so many different angles you can
2567s look at it I've been so conflicted when
2570s chy to come up with an answer and and I
2572s and I think at the end of the day I've
2573s sort of landed with Camy being my answer
2575s just because of how incredibly dominant
2578s he's been over the year in terms of just
2580s the outright results that nobody can
2581s match this guy when it comes to results
2583s every big Lan steps up the fncs is even
2586s though C and never actually won one of
2588s the the majors right they they were
2590s still quite consistent in them in a year
2592s where a lot of like the top Elite you
2594s know Duos Titan Duos we have in EU
2596s weren't as consistent Ry had ups and
2597s downs so I think just for that Cammy
2600s probably is considered by most people
2601s right I think Panda when you look at
2603s cammy's name now he's popping up in a
2604s lot of the goat debates now and when you
2606s see people talking about that in
2607s fortnite but the reason why it's been so
2609s conflicting for me is because I'll be
2612s real man I look at the likes of Veno I
2615s look at the likes of cold and how well
2617s they've played this year like the only
2620s sort of asteris I put on cami's name you
2622s know if I was thinking about like Player
2623s of the Year type stuff is I don't think
2625s there's ever been a point this year
2627s where it's been like the consensus that
2629s cami's the best player in the world
2630s right like I don't think there's ever
2631s been that play that's not like a you
2632s know he's always up in that like top 10
2635s right but there's never been a
2636s definitive point where I think everybody
2637s was like wow this is the best player in
2638s the world right now throughout the year
2640s that name's always been Veno or cold
2643s it's felt like right and so you know I
2645s have those two very very high in my sort
2648s of like best player of the year you know
2649s conversation and I think you know if it
2652s wasn't going to go to CID pray go to one
2653s of those
2654s two yeah I'm gonna be real with you I
2656s have a very very similar take uh I I
2659s said there's two ways to look at this
2660s question there's the stats right and the
2662s stats don't lie that Cammy has had uh
2665s probably the most successfully as an
2666s individual both inside official events
2668s and outside uh and third party events
2671s and if you look at just the sheer
2674s ability of a player and I've said this
2676s all year up until the global
2677s Championship literally the day of the
2680s finals was Veno I just said non-stop I
2683s thought he was the best player in the
2685s world and uh I know you talked about
2687s cold and and for me I think I need
2689s another year of cold before I really
2692s just like definitively put him in that
2694s conversation but right now I I think
2696s think Veno is my my kind of lean to I
2698s think he despite not necessarily having
2701s the best finishing Global in that major
2702s three that doesn't take away from the
2704s fact that he is as an individual player
2708s in my opinion the best yeah it's
2711s interesting because even when you say
2713s you know you mentioned stats there I
2714s think it's important to caveat that like
2716s that that's you know stats in terms of
2719s like the actual just pure results of
2720s who's winning in terms of stats as like
2723s there's plenty of stats that would back
2724s up the fact that Veno and other people
2726s have been the best player in the world
2728s in terms of maybe they have the most
2729s damage dealt across these tour right
2731s there's so many different things you can
2732s look at to to Really judge that it's
2734s it's a very very interesting one I think
2736s I'm I'm with you in that like you know
2738s if you watch the fnc broadcast most of
2741s this year if you've been listening to me
2742s which not everyone does but if you have
2743s been listening right I have probably
2746s said like in breakthrough year in 2023
2749s was there a particular player that you
2750s think had a had a massive standout
2753s considering globals and whatnot but who
2755s do you think had a a big breakthrough uh
2757s this year in 2023 should we all say it
2759s on should we all say it on free on count
2761s of free should we all say who we're
2762s thinking all right one two three Cooper
2766s yeah yeah yeah 100% it's got I mean it's
2769s got it's got to be after after what
2771s happened panda in that GL did we all say
2774s at the same time then because it
2776s definitely did feel like we did it was
2778s close hope did it was close it was close
2781s I I think it it was very very close you
2783s know uh but we all had the same
2785s sentiment like Cooper just had an
2786s incredible year uh and watching back I
2789s actually watched back uh the interview
2791s he did in the media Lounge following the
2794s win right and not a lot of people got to
2796s see this um I didn't post mine
2798s personally uh some other people from the
2801s event in the media side posted their
2803s interview with them I I just went back
2806s and watched his answers and seeing his
2809s confidence and excitement and and sheer
2812s focus on the future was really really
2814s cool he had uh instantly not only took
2818s in the moment realized where he made
2820s mistakes in day one but he was like now
2822s I know what I need to do to stay close
2824s to if not on
2826s top yeah yeah and and and I think even
2829s when you just look at before globals
2831s even the sort of run he had before then
2833s when you know his sort of way of
2835s bursting onto the scene the whole story
2836s of merror sort of picking him up as like
2838s a wild card sort of pick and and they
2840s did as well as they did in fncs that
2842s alone would have had him in the sort of
2844s conversation for breakout of the year
2846s but then to go on and win globals is
2848s crazy to throw in another name uh that I
2851s think deserves some credit I'd go with
2853s Mixon as well over in EU right polish
2855s Powerhouse obviously Mixon and Blaha
2857s have been phenomenal this year I think
2859s both of them you could you could sort of
2860s having in this conversation but I look
2861s at Mixon individually and and and he's
2863s always been the one that's pra impressed
2864s me just a bit more and I think again
2867s they've gone from being a team that is
2869s sort of in that tier 2 category to
2872s almost a team in the middle between when
2874s you look at the Elites in EU that tier
2876s one won the best of the best mustach
2877s maluka Kami say T Thomas all these guys
2881s like Mixon and bah have just been sort
2882s of just under that and we look at the
2884s results the results match up a lot you
2886s know really well with some of those
2887s Titans so I think they've definitely had
2890s an amazing amazing year and respected by
2892s many but I think most people probably
2894s say
2896s Cooper yeah well I mean let us know what
2898s you think I mean Cooper or Mixon again
2900s let us know online there could be
2901s somebody else as well you want to throw
2902s into the mix definitely let us know and
2904s that's the great thing about this about
2905s the community everyone who kind of
2906s enjoys the game and and what's happening
2908s in comp is that everyone has their their
2910s opinion they they have think different
2912s things and we love to hear from you guys
2913s as well here uh lastly let me ask you
2915s guys um about best competitive streamer
2918s or content creator in 2023 we know this
2922s is a big category as well obviously so
2924s many content creators and streamers out
2925s there who a celebrator celebration of uh
2928s fortnite competitive to uh pan kick
2931s start with you um who kind of sticks out
2933s for you as the kind of names that we
2934s should definitely consider for this
2935s particular award
2936s so this is a very very tough one right
2939s um because there were a lot of like
2941s breakout creators I think in the
2943s specific comp space I think Reese
2945s elevated his content to an insane level
2948s Aussie putting in more hours than pretty
2950s much any streamer when it came to comp
2952s Focus content but I think it's
2953s undeniable that clicks is just at the
2956s top of his game and and it's not just
2958s even on the comp side like the evolving
2961s brand of Clicks in 2023 was massive and
2964s the fact that he didn't take his off the
2967s gas when it came to competitive play is
2969s that much more exciting to watch he's
2971s built this this massive massive entity
2974s that is clicks into something World Cup
2977s version of him would have never
2978s anticipated and on top of that still
2980s been a highlevel competitor which in in
2983s my book is enough to give him that award
2986s I don't know how you're feeling Levin I
2988s know you kind of have probably some
2989s similar sentiments but what are you
2991s thinking it's interesting right because
2993s and and let me land here because it
2995s might sound a bit about to start saying
2997s right but you know you know when when
2999s click started to sort of blow up right
3001s and it was you know around sort of the
3002s World Cup time then into chapter 2 when
3004s it was like the Box fighting era and he
3006s really really became like the you know
3008s like the biggest guy in na up there with
3010s tfue back then right I didn't get it I I
3013s didn't get it I didn't see it for me it
3015s was like I I I get he's good at the game
3017s so everyone's watching him for this uh
3019s but I I didn't think as an actual
3021s streamer and as a content creator and as
3023s a character like I didn't think it was
3024s really there and and you when people
3026s have done conversations of like if
3028s fortnite disappears tomorrow is this guy
3029s going to still be a big streamer and
3031s that kind of thing like I used to always
3032s think with clicks I don't know man I I
3034s think fortnite really carries him there
3036s but this year over the past year when
3038s I've watched clicks I have seen a
3040s Creator who is truly found his element
3043s found his confidence found his voice
3045s like one thing about one thing I
3047s attribute to clicks I think is cool if
3048s you put Clicks in a like another big
3050s group of like big twitch streamers and
3052s big content creators he doesn't get lost
3054s like he still shines as Clicks in in a
3056s really impressive way you know and I
3059s think you can just watch it like he's so
3061s like the confidence he has when you
3062s watch him on stream as well is just like
3064s gone to a whole different level where I
3065s think he understands like he's the guy
3067s now um and and for me I I think he's
3070s been phenomenal I go with you panda I
3072s think he's been for me the the sort of
3075s creator of the Year big shout out to ree
3076s as well I love me some some more
3078s hardcore competitive comp you know you
3080s know analytical stuff and I think the
3083s big biggest credit I'd give to reesee is
3084s just how many top level Pros Reese
3087s educates like you got people who are
3089s like battling out for fncs titles right
3092s and they're like watching Reese sub
3093s videos with a pen and Pad just going oh
3095s my God Reese said this go start doing it
3097s you know so you know I'll give Reese big
3099s credit for that but but clicks for me is
3101s just such a like fun Creator to watch so
3104s good at what he does and of course you
3106s know I just I think so many people look
3109s up to him as a creator that they they
3111s strive to be like and that's a big
3113s credit to the hard work he's put in yeah
3116s 100% I mean sentiments do you agree it
3118s clicks the biggest content creator and
3121s streamer of 2023 let us know the chat
3123s somebody tells me that there'll be a lot
3124s of people out there who definitely
3125s definitely agree as well you guys listen
3128s thing what's that the big clicks
3132s or exactly exactly uh for you guys as
3135s well listening and watching thank you so
3136s much for being part of the drop spot as
3137s always kind of listening and watching to
3139s what we have to say here uh lean Panda
3141s guys I've Loved this I've had a good
3143s time I've enjoyed myself I'm always I
3145s mean this is it's just buddies catching
3146s up but also talk about the great things
3147s happening in fortnite com right now um
3149s for those who don't know where you are
3150s online Levan where are you where can we
3152s find you at 112k on all social media
3156s platforms you know tweeting about you
3159s know fortnite football basketball
3161s tweeting about something right always
3163s tweeting about something um yeah be sure
3165s to to check me out on any platform you
3168s use and and and Panda where you at yeah
3171s uh twitter.com lifw Panda youtube.com
3174s lifewith Panda and honestly check out
3177s twitter.com I think it's FN comp Awards
3180s uh The Unofficial Awards we talked about
3182s before uh definitely check that out a
3184s lot of work going in by SVG so a big
3186s shout out to him as well I I've been uh
3188s seeing some of the stuff that he's
3189s putting together behind the scenes on
3190s top of he just had a kid so he is
3193s putting in work right now oh
3196s congrats congrats indeed yeah and it
3198s it's a lot of work that's a that's a big
3200s life balance right there um for you guys
3202s uh make sure to check out of course pan
3204s and L and you can find me online at
3205s Savage as well uh it's been great having
3207s you here we look forward to seeing you
3208s on the next episode of the drops up real
3211s soon for now though go out there enjoy
3212s for OG and we'll see you real soon take
3215s care bye-bye for
3226s [Music]
3234s now
3367s [Music]