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I use and have a membership via a Nintendo Switch. I wanted to play on my phone so I won't miss the Battle Pass this time. I completely downloaded it, and continued to sign in. It redirected me to Nintendos website, put in my info. The it would put me back in the app. Then it would act like nothing happened. It asked for the info again. I've looked this up, I've restarted my phone, nothing. I've deleted the data, nothing. What should I do not, completely delete the app now?

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Hi u/StoneWater2024!

What u/seni38 is suggesting may be the way to go here. Check out the article at fn.gg/namelessaccount to guide you through making your Nintendo Switch Epic account a full Epic account. If that doesn't work you can reach out to player support at fn.gg/support and one of the agents will be able to look into what's going on there for you.

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