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6s [5:00 AM]
8s I want people to feel ...
11s ...motivated.
15s The classic expression is anything is possible...
18s ...but I think anything is possible ...if you work hard. Genuinely.
23s You can do anything, if you set your mind to it and you're passionate about it.
26s Even if you're feeling doubt,
28s I felt a little bit of doubt too, there's always a way to flip it around.
31s If you: Never Back Down, Never Give Up.
36s Genuinely.
41s [Intro music begins] Ehhhhh-Mazing!
45s Never Back Down... Never Give Up...
47s [Nick] Okay. I'm going to do my intro in 2 seconds when I’m on on the Battle Bus.
50s and ...3 ...2 ....
53s Hey everyone!
54s It is NickEh30 here, and welcome back to a new Fortnite update.
56s We're going to be checking it out, we're going to give you my-
59s ...One more time...
60s Hey, everyone.!
60s It is NickEh30 here. Welcome back to another Fortnite update....
63s There’s a lot more to Fortnite and a lot more to streaming than just:
66s “Are you good at the game?”
68s [NICK STREAMING] One more over there.
69s [NICK STREAMING] Love it.
70s ...when there’s a story...
71s ...from start middle to end...
75s [NICK STREAMING] ...And now it's going to be a 1v1.
76s Context ... really emphasizes how good that clip is.
82s [NICK STREAMING] Oh my gosh.
84s [NICK STREAMING] Oh he is good.
85s [NICK STREAMING] I love this thrill!
87s [NICK STREAMING] Tagged him. He's one shot.
89s [NICK STREAMING] Full box. I coned him!
91s [NICK STREAMING] Oh ... he got out!
93s [NICK STREAMING] Full Box. No.
95s [NICK STREAMING] Ooooohhhhhhhhhh
99s [NICK STREAMING] See you guys. That's why I like Fortnite.
100s [NICK STREAMING] No matter what...
102s [NICK STREAMING] ...there’s some great players out there.
103s I think context is one of the most important things...
106s ...when you're making a good story.
108s [A VHS Machine can be heard starting up]
110s [CHILD’s VOICE] Nicolas!
111s [MOTHER’S VOICE] Hi Baby!
112s [NICK] I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada.
113s [FATHER’S VOICE] Hey, guys.
114s [NICK] ...kind of out in the ‘Boonies’ ...
116s ... not a lot of people to hang out with.
117s You just make your own fun in the backyard.
120s My parents really didn't have a lot.
122s My mom moved from Lebanon.
124s She came here to Nova Scotia.
125s My parents had a lot of different family businesses.
128s From a convenience store ...
130s To a pizza shop...
132s ... to an automotive shop.
134s [DAD] In every business they had a role.
135s They always worked. Nick always worked with us.
137s Him and his brother.
139s [NICK] We would be there...
140s ... doing tire changes, oil changes.
142s ...putting cars up on the hoist.
143s [MOM] It's nice to show them how to work.
145s Because life isn't easy.
146s Nothing is easy. No.
148s And they think what we do is easy.
149s So if they're involved ... they know it.
151s [NICK] I learned that working hard ...
153s ...was something you needed to do.
155s If you want to succeed in life, you need to give it you're 110%.
164s [DAD] So I remember this...
164s ... as clear as it was yesterday.
167s It was grade one.
169s I was dropping him off at school...
172s ...and he looks up at me.
173s He said: “Dad, what should I be when I get older?”
177s And I said: Well, you want to be...
179s ...something where you can make good money.
181s Because, you need money to live.
184s But, it'd be nice to have a job where you can help people too.
188s He said: “Do doctors make lots of money?”
190s I said: “Yeah, they can.”
192s “And doctors help people?”
193s I said: “Yeah, doctors help people.”
195s “Okay, Dad, I'm going to be a doctor.”
197s I said, “But you need straight A's to be a doctor.”
200s “Okay, Dad. I'm going to get straight A's.”
202s [BROTHER] My brother, I want to say, is what I call a perfectionist.
205s His grades were always perfect.
207s Like, PERFECT straight A's.
209s [NICK] Prioritizing school was number one for me.
212s I want to become a doctor. I want to try to help people.
214s I want to have the best resume,
216s to be able to succeed, the best that I could.
218s So, I was doing taekwondo.
221s I was doing guitar lessons.
223s I was in the Mathletes... peer tutoring ... student council.
227s As you can imagine, it's a lot.
228s For my first year in university.
230s I didn't get a single grade below A-plus.
233s And ... um ... going into my second year ...
236s ...I started to get a little overwhelmed.
239s It was nonstop, nonstop, nonstop, study, study, study.
243s It got to a point where I was so overwhelmed...
245s ...I can’t ... I can’t do this.
248s There was a lot of stress on him.
249s I could see it.
250s You did say one day he's going to crash.
252s I mean, you can only handle anything for so long.
254s I kind of just like lost myself. It was too much.
257s I guess I got to a point where I was overwhelmed
259s and I needed something different.
261s [NICK’S VOICE] This is my room right here...
263s Along the way, I was just kind of doing a YouTube channel.
266s [NICK STREAMING] ...3...2...1
267s [NICK STREAMING] Hey Everyone! It’s Nick-A-30!
269s It was Nick-A-30 ...
272s It wasn't anywhere near popular.
275s I was embarrassed. I didn't tell anyone.
276s My friends didn't know.
278s when I did my channel, I was trying to be the best version of myself
281s because I was not happy at the time.
282s it was kind of like...
283s ...I wouldn't say ‘fake it till you make it’ but, you know...
285s ...how you can become something... every time I was filming,
286s Every time I was filming,
288s I would just: ‘be happy, be happy, be happy.’
291s And it came across as very cringey sometimes.
294s And that's why I was embarrassed.
294s It was just: way too high energy...way too forced.
298s And you could tell. For sure you could tell.
300s I think it had like 30,000 subscribers around that time, which if you think about
305s if you're really trying to go full time, it really isn't that much.
307s But it was something I was very passionate about.
309s {NICK STREAMING] ...things aren't going so well...I'm not very confident...
312s At that point, I was very burnt out.
315s I needed to change something.
317s [NICK STREAMING] YouTube is the one thing I'm good at right now.
321s [NICK STREAMING] ..I'm confident we can make it far ...
323s So I came to my Dad...
325s I printed off all the analytics, all the documents, all the videos that I've done.
330s “I want to stop university. I want to pursue making content full time.”
335s I said no.
335s No. You got to go to school.
338s At least, if he finished his university degree and then want to try to do something.
341s But he's stubborn. I'm stubborn.
344s She's stubborn.
345s We're all stubborn in his family.
347s We were looking for a house so we could have my mom and dad...
349s ...live with us. And as we were looking through it,
353s I looked at that downstairs garage and I said to Blanca:
356s “I'm thinking of building him a stream room. And giving him a chance.
360s I showed him the garage.
362s I said: Now, what do you think...
365s ...if I took half of this garage...
368s We'll set it all up with computers and stuff, and you can stream.
372s I'll give you one year.
374s One year to prove me wrong.
375s He right away, he looked and he was kind of surprised.
377s I don’t know if he thought I was serious or not.
380s I really thought he's just going to get it out of the system and go back to school.
385s [NICK] At the time I remember...
387s [NICK’S VOICE] Alright Mr. Amyoony...
388s [NICK] I agreed to his offer...
389s [NICK’S VOICE] ...say something we'll look back at 10 years from now....
392s But I knew dang well I was making it.
395s I’m going to become a full time creator. I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.
398s [NICK’s VOICE] What do you have to say, once I’m in this room recording?
402s [DAD] Don’t do it.
403s [NICK] Why?
403s [DAD] Just don’t do it.
405s [NICK’s VOICE] Why?
406s [NICK’S VOICE] Do you think this is a waste of time?
409s [JUNE 15]
410s [JUNE 15] [NICK STREAMING] We're going right down;
410s [ONE YEAR TO MAKE IT] and let's go to Anarchy Acres.
412s [NICK STREAMING] I want to go guns blazing.
414s When I was on my come up, I would do a 5am livestream
417s ... for 5 hours.
419s Then I'd be editing a video.
422s I’d post that video.
424s Then I’d do another five hour stream to appeal...
426s ...to people in Europe, people in Australia
432s And I did that ...
433s [NICK STREAMING] He sees us, He Sees us! Go Go Go!
435s ...for a year straight.
437s Non-stop. Every single day.
440s I think because I edited my own content...
442s I want to find a nice transition point.
443s ...I was able to excel at a higher rate than most people.
448s I was going through and looking at: How I got eliminated...
450s ...how I was eliminating other players.
452s I'm always in the learning mindset.
455s As I continued to stream, I was good in certain...
457s aspects of Fortnite.
458s One of them being building and editing.
460s I was so quick at it.
462s But there is this clip. I was on top of a ‘1x1’. and I edited it down...
466s ...I shot at someone...
468s Jumped up, closed the edit.
471s Went back down, Edited. Shot.
473s It was one of the coolest clips ever.
475s [NICK STREAMING] That is so clean man!
477s No one had done anything like that.
479s It was unheard of.
480s And eventually name that stuck around was the 2017 ‘Edit God.’
485s So as I was streaming...
487s ...viewership was going up and up and up.
491s Wow. That's huge.
492s I think within a year we gained 2 or 3 million subscribers.
496s It was absolutely unheard of.
498s [DAD] I remember in January 2018...
502s [DAD] ...I went away to the Police Academy.
503s I was a squad leader.
505s and I'm walking through the hall and I would hear...
508s ...My son’s voice?
510s Nick’s voice.
511s And I look into the room. And they’re watching Nick. Live.
515s [chuckles]
517s [NICK STREAMING] see how I faked him out there, guys?
519s [NICK STREAMING] I pre-aimed. I adjusted my sights before I popped out,
521s And I walked a little further down the hall..
523s ...and somebody else is watching him!
524s That night, there was probably 6 or 7 people watching.
527s He really started blowing up. He started getting huge.
531s [NICK] I’d look at my emails ...
534s ...from my YouTube channel, social media and all that stuff.
537s I had like 30,000, 40,000 emails there were so many opportunities
540s There were so many opportunities.
542s So many brand deals... so much stuff
545s There was just too much.
547s [DAD]
548s [CHECK YOUR EMAIL WHAT DO YOU THINK?] And he kept saying: “Dad, I need your help.”
550s There's a lot of opportunities here. I don't know what to do.
554s It got to be real hard for me to help him.
558s I said to Blanca...
559s ...”Do you think I'm being selfish?”
562s He's got once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
565s ...and I'm ... running around doing ... policing.
570s So I went to the Chief of Police.
573s I said: “I need six months off.”
576s “no pay”
577s There was a lot going on.
578s They wouldn't give me six months off.
580s They said they couldn't.
581s I said: “I'm going to have to resign then.”
584s So I resigned.
585s To manage him and help take care of his business.
590s And, you know ...
592s ... The rest is history.
593s The rest is history.
595s I have to give credit to my Mom and my Dad.
596s My Dad as my manager.
598s He’s my security at events, my Stream Room builder, my mechanic on my car...
602s ...any kind of problems with the stream; he fixes it.
604s My mom, she's making sure I have meals cooked.
608s She's handling the taxes, managing my finances,
612s I think the reason why
614s I put so much work into my channel is because I saw how hard my parents worked.
618s I saw how stressed out they were, and I knew that...
622s ...this could be a really big thing if I really dedicated...
626s my mind to it. Itcould really help out and do something good.
631s [Dad] At the end of the day, I think it all goes back to...
634s ... hard work...persistence... and put your mind to something.
639s I'd always tell them: “You don't know how strong you are”
642s “...that's your problem.”
644s And he didn't understand what I meant when he was younger.
646s If you're not trying to be better,
649s then you're you're you're not living.
652s {NICK] When I wake up, I'm editing Fortnite.
654s When I wake up, I'm streaming Fortnite,
656s When I wake up, I'm talking about Fortnite.
659s Everything that I've done has led up to this moment
662s and the fact that I now get to be in the Fortnite ecosystem,
665s in Fortnite itself, and see myself, play as myself...
670s ...to be In-Game in Fortnite.
673s For Nick.
673s I think it's a dream come true. Really.
675s [NICK] There's a lot of elements in the Icon outfit...
678s ... that my community will recognize.
681s They know me for the ‘Mogul Master’ Fortnite outfit.
684s So there's a little bit of that.
685s They know me from the never back down never give up mindset
688s ...the 100 player customs that we do with our community to get everyone involved.
690s That references the King and the crown on the outfit.
695s There's just so much stuff!
697s I feel like I'm sharing it with my community, but also my family.
700s If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here with the Icon outfit.
703s I wouldn't be talking to you guys right now.
706s You know,
706s I'm just going to enjoy it. Soak it in ... keep on working hard.
711s Everything that got me to this point right here...
713s ...I’m going to keep on doing.
715s I'm going to be streaming every day.
717s I'm going to be working hard and...
720s ...Never Backing Down, Never Giving Up.
723s [Laughs]