It’s time for the Bargain Bin clearance event! In this final Wild Week of Chapter 2 Season 6, Island vendors are offering BIG BIG savings. All Bar balances will be reset at the start of next Season, so take advantage of these huge deals to deplete your Bar balance to 0!

What deals can you look forward to? Through the end of the Season, all Exotics and many services are 50% OFF. The Exotic Marksman Six Shooter? 50% off. The Exotic Grappler Bow? 50% off. Bushranger’s prop disguise service? 50% off. Don’t undervalue this increase in purchasing power!

Bargain Bin will keep clearing stock until downtime begins for Chapter 2 Season 7 — happening June 8, 2021. The Island’s vendors thank you for your business.

Blog post: fn.gg/BargainBin

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15 days ago - /u/M_House_Epic - Direct link

Originally posted by RunningTall

Cut the price to upgrade to a legendary weapon too?

Hey, u/RunningTall. Weapon upgrades are not among the discounted services. (The vendors still gotta stay in the green!) The discounted services include:

  • Intel
  • Prop transformation
  • Rift activation
15 days ago - /u/M_House_Epic - Direct link

Originally posted by bibear54

Is chicken glide challenge broken?

Hey, u/bibear54. There is indeed a bug with this Quest. We plan to auto-complete it for players!

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