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2s What's up, Fortnite Fam!
3s Zeke here.
4s These are some of our favorite plays from major one,
7s starting with number five.
11s Still holding off the down low.
12s Winter did not survive the fray
14s Forzen so many builds invested and now he's disappeared.
18s Abracadabra. Can he find the win?
20s Six more splashes.
21s And the med mist as well
22s He's on the delayed time. 10 seconds.
24s Until that zone fully clocks in. The need to find him.
26s I don't think they have heals no way Forzen does this
28s Crazy! Tick down, one more person.
31s Does he have the heals is the question. No.
33s Paceve going for the shots Forzen beamed down.
34s That could be enough. Paceve following. He does not have the heals.
37s Hammer towards the top, Forzen running, sprinting,
40s surviving and winning the game!
43s I do not believe it!
45s We've not seen any heal offs yet
47s But Forzen pulling one out at the perfect time.
50s We didn't think anybody was going to do it.
52s The duo looked so strong.
53s But he managed to pull through.
55s He had them med mists,
56s he had the chug splashes,
57s And he had to hold his nerve.
59s Wow look at this play here
61s Number four
62s Trying to go for even more his teammate
63s did go down anything is better than nothing especially
66s with that flying shot through the sky like that Ceice never touched the ground.
71s Number three
73s This is it here can Cold hold on.
74s He gets an elimination.
75s Or knocks on to Khanada, but Ajerss still in this game.
80s He's looking to convert and he does.
81s A full elimination comes through. Cold now fights Ajerss here
85s for it all it's actually Death on the other side of this another one
88s coming through here for Cold! Can he be stopped?!
91s Number two
93s They're not looking like a team that's going to hold onto first place.
96s Look at this, sending Th0mas all the way through
98s and he slides right in, what a play!
102s While he's getting hit by surge.
104s And he turns around 180 and continues to fight.
106s They win it.
107s And last number one
109s Th0mas taking on a few, defends
111s He got away, Malibuca in trouble, max shots side by side.
114s They have a few refreshes, but Malibuca also out from the box.
116s It's chaos they can't see.
118s Th0mas is down! Malibuca is gonna be able to actually almost pick one up.
122s The conversion is going to be there He's out of ammo on almost everything
126s has to reload.
127s It's all up to him. Now it's Savage that he takes down hammer in the inventory.
131s He's making sure everything is clean. Going in and out the redeploy is there for him.
134s He has all the tools
136s to make the solo clutch a possibility both so healthy on mats.
139s This will come down some of the final moments but Malibuca falls down.
142s No mats now!
143s Tayson needs this elimination to stay in the game and he finds it on to Marius!
148s The goat continues his reign!
151s Staying in front of the competition on the back side of zone.
154s No mats left Tayson
156s Hung high to try Malibuca
157s On his last mats as well
159s so close to to find
160s Malibuca falls!
161s It’s done!
163s That’s why he’s the goat.
164s Tayson stays alive when it shouldn't be possible
167s and now he just needs to Keep on racking points.
170s He needs to stay alive Fred's on The other side of that wall.
173s He just needs to stay quiet.
175s As long as nobody notices
176s he's good, but he falls as well.
179s We have to know Frankie, Tocata, MiniMiner who has won this FNCS?
183s Now we can reveal there's just one point between it.
186s And your champions of Major number 1 are Merstach and TaySon!
193s I hope you enjoy the battle bus ride down memory lane.
196s Let us know if your favorite was here.
198s And of course, we'll see you for Major 2.