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Unfortunately, this is my favorite skin. Mecha Morty is the only skin I have paid real $ for. Now it's been terribly glitched out for a whole chapter. Months. I've deleted the game and re downloaded it along with every other possible fix I've found x2. There are other skins I would like to purchase. But I can't bring myself to get any of them because I've dealt with this problem now for quite a while with absolutely no help from EPIC GAMES. I've reported it several times. I don't even get a response. PLEASE FIX MY SKIN I BOUGHT FROM EPIC OR JUST REFUND MY MONEY. I don't understand why EPIC can't find a solution for this....

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Hey /u/unsCANNIBAL oh no your Morty has entered the blurry dimension?! thanks for your post on this

I'll escalate this to our art team for a fix -- I see you're using PS controls, can you clarify for me which platform you're on so we can hunt down the bug causing this?