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The issue is when I am gliding my crouch button is not on the screen to press so when I land I cannot carry that momentum into a slide. I understand this might seem like a corner case but it is important. This means when anyone plays on touch they cannot do an action that every other input can. The same thing happened last season with the ghosts and the dash button not being on the screen. I would like to see this fixed so at least touch players have the opportunity to do what all other inputs do. /uFreightTrainUSA

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Hey u/PlusTruth8745! Is this consistently happening for you? What type of Android are you using?

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i see that you're just doing your job but we all know this will be swept under the carpet like the turbo building bug that got reported >10 times.

The team are actively working on a fix for the Turbo Building bug. It definitely hasn't been swept under the rug. I hope to have an update on that for you soon