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So I very recently paid 16 Dollars for 2 sets of V-bucks, for the new Spider-Man No Way Home skin. As well as the Boba Fett skin.

But now they're both gone out of my locker, after some searching, I find the game says I returned them. Which I know for a FACT that I did not.

Even if by some accident or glitch I somehow refunded them, why haven't I gotten back the 16 Dollars, or the 3,000 V-bucks I spent on them?

Personally I have also spoken to a handful of players also experiencing this issue. Alot of players trying to purchase the new Merry Marauder bundle, and the imperial Stormtrooper, have found that it disappeared from their locker as well.

And same as the case with me, even if somehow it did get refunded for them, the money they paid, and the V-bucks they recieved, are not there.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Maybe any fixes?

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Have you reached out to Player Support about this?

Originally posted by throwawayy6387

I can't login to contact them online because of 2fa.

I enabled it suuuuper long ago just to get the boogie down emote. Of course by now I've forgotten it, I can't get into that email because of it either, and for whatever reason the password I've used for every account including that one just won't work for it.

You should be able to open a ticket without needing to log in. Maybe not a chat but for sure you can open a ticket. Click 'I can't log in' and go from there.