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296s fam welcome to the drop spot the
300s official fortnite talk show where we
302s talk all things fortnite competitive
304s fncs you me all the things we will talk
308s about on today's show I have two very
310s special guests that will be talking us
311s through a couple things and their
313s Journeys it is another mini Miner and
315s Jenny Smiles my two personal close
318s friends don't tell it uh that I love
320s more than anything uh how are you guys
322s doing
324s oh gosh well I'll make sure not to tell
326s women that um we're the faves but I'm
328s doing amazing it feels so good to be
330s here and be back with you guys like the
333s family the fortnite fam but I'm so
335s excited to be on the show we have so
337s many amazing things to talk about
339s yeah it's great to be back great to be
340s with you guys again getting to chat and
342s uh you know two of my best friends don't
343s tell Vivid and you know it's great to be
345s back of course always yeah absolutely
348s well uh we've got a couple things we'll
350s be highlighting here on the drop spot uh
353s we'll be starting things off talking
354s from content to Talent so we're talking
356s about how many minor Jenny spells went
358s from content creators to being on a
360s broadcast right we'll be talking about
362s hey there's a brand new season Chapter
364s Four Season Two what the heck what's
366s that all about we got you covered and of
368s course one thing's off with just a
369s little little touch of competitive we're
371s discussing the grand finals of major
374s number two and potentially thinking
376s forward and what does major number or
378s major one rather what does major two
379s look like there we go I corrected myself
381s don't worry everybody uh yeah so uh
384s before we kind of get too crazy in case
386s for some reason people don't know who
388s both you guys are do you want to just
389s take a second just tell us a little
390s about yourselves
392s yeah so my name is Minnie Miner I do
394s content on my own platforms I do
396s streaming video creation all on fortnite
398s and I've been a part of the fncs
400s broadcast for nearly a whole year now so
402s working with Zeke for a whole year
403s nearly so it's great
406s yeah many you so wait what did you do
409s like before that I mean because I just
411s met you two like knowing you doing the
413s fncs stuff but like I don't really know
414s much about what you did before this
417s yeah I was just sort of uh creating my
419s own content so I was doing my own videos
421s from a very young age I started when I
422s was 14 so just making loads of random
424s videos I had my own little radio station
426s when I was 10 so I used to just host my
429s own little radio shows just you know but
430s I didn't post them like nobody cared but
432s um I I just had them myself you know do
435s my own little videos and uh that then
436s sort of came into doing YouTube videos
438s doing all different content and then
440s fortnite came around 2018 and it was two
443s season two chapter one all the way back
445s then started playing the game actually
446s one of my friends at school was like oh
448s mate you gotta play this game it's
449s called fortnite it's great I'm enjoying
451s it so I was like all right fine yeah
452s I'll check it out I'll check it out I'll
454s give it a go and uh yeah here we are and
456s uh yeah I was just sort of creating
457s content doing a lot of streams and um
460s yeah then I just got an opportunity with
461s with uh with my orc at the time TNA Team
464s new age and they were hosting a
465s tournament with prac server monster D
467s faces uh production company and that was
470s my first broadcast so I was able to you
472s know do a little bit of broadcasting
473s Esports world and here we are today on
476s the fncs show and I me can be more
478s grateful
479s so good I look up to many were like
481s Minnie's so good at any what he knows I
482s just love it all right how did I get
485s here well how did you get here how did
489s you get here we all want to know I
491s actually so I started streaming on mixer
493s I streamed there about like two years
495s and um
497s then it ended up shutting down and so I
500s switched over to Twitch I had to like
501s rebuild I don't even have a Twitch
503s account so I literally like started
504s Switch Account a few years back and
506s restarted everything
508s um I got this opportunity to go on a
510s phase reality show in La so I did that
513s for about a month I got like top five um
515s I ended up not getting picked but
518s um it led to Luminosity picking me up on
520s their org and it was just a perfect fit
522s it was so amazing so I've been there
524s close to a year now uh and I got an
527s opportunity hosting with the NFL and
529s they do this awesome thing they include
531s like fortnite and they play with NFL
533s players content creators so hosting that
535s was so much fun I felt right in my space
538s being with the camera you know just
540s talking to people I love to talk if you
542s can't tell but anyways so
544s um I just was like this is exactly where
546s I'm meant to be with this whole
548s broadcasting thing and I got an
550s opportunity with the fncs because they
551s were like well you played fortnite
552s forever like you done the broadcasting
554s like this would be a perfect fit and I
556s was like heck yeah sign me up so I got
559s that opportunity it was so fun I did the
560s major one for three weeks with all of
563s you guys and it was a great time uh
565s definitely learned a lot too um with
567s like fortnite competitive world but I'm
570s so excited to continue to work with all
572s of the broadcasting fortnite events and
576s things of that nature yeah for sure it
578s was great to have you and of course many
580s minor it's always great to have you but
582s um what do you guys feel like uh let's
584s let's talk about this as like a whole
586s right like broadcasting is very uh it's
589s very difficult and I think it's very
591s easy for the outside view looking in to
594s us to be like oh yeah you gotta just sit
596s there you just talk to fortnite you look
597s at a camera and it's easy you should be
599s amazing at this it should be no problem
600s it's very difficult uh what was like
602s maybe like a hurdle for each of you that
605s like you felt like you had to get over
607s uh initially to kind of like say like
609s okay I can kind of be comfortable now
611s doing this
613s I think for me I played the game for a
615s long time so I play the game
616s competitively even now so I'm always
618s playing all the tournaments and uh sort
619s of came from a competitive background
620s before I appeared on the show so a lot
622s of people would say that they would be
623s like the on-camera presence but I
625s already had a little bit of experience
626s in the past doing that I had a green TV
628s production so I'd been involved in a lot
629s of Productions in studios before uh for
632s different production companies uh you
633s know in in the UK and just had that sort
636s of presenting experience before so that
637s wasn't really too much of an issue but
638s for me it was like I played the game
640s competitively at like a decent level so
642s all the stuff that I knew about the game
643s just trying to condense that into some
645s thoughts and some words and some phrase
647s that I could say was a little bit more
648s difficult because when you ask when you
650s just have so much in your head that you
651s want to say picking out the most
652s important bits is is the most important
654s part so that for me was the most
656s difficult just you know trying to not
657s say everything that I know and just
659s focus on the bits that actually mattered
661s and actually were interesting
662s yeah so it's different from me for sure
665s so I I am like a very here we go here we
669s go
670s here we go guys buckle up get ready for
671s this I'm a very casual player yes I've
674s been playing fortnite forever yes I know
676s fortnite understands my net fortnite I
678s can play and I've played in um a bunch
680s of vote tournaments I played in so many
683s tournaments and stuff but just for fun
684s never like super competitive just you
686s know smiling having a good time so going
688s into this I also switch like from my
691s role usually I just kind of like do the
693s hosty thing but this is analyzing so I
695s had to dive deep and learn and
697s understand competitive fortnite it is a
700s whole another ball game it's a whole
702s nother world so having to like really
704s learn grow and understand that aspect of
707s fortnite was challenging but it's been
710s so fun because it's also allowed me to
712s explain it better to my community to my
714s chat and finding a way to absorb it
717s correctly and also try to lay it out to
720s somebody that can understand it best
722s like if I was listening to it I wanted
725s someone to explain it to me like the
727s version where I can like on my save
729s level where I can understand because
730s sometimes I listen like I'm listening to
732s all these analysts and I'm like I
733s understand it now but Jenny like a few
736s weeks back I'm just like wait what did
738s they say so that the whole like kind of
741s understanding it and trying to bring it
743s to the audience in a way that they can
745s understand even if they're not in the
747s competitive World
748s um
749s is challenging for sure because again
751s like you have to learn it all yet it's a
753s whole different thing that you have to
755s dive into so that was a challenge but
757s I'm very excited because it's continuing
760s to grow so much and also I'm able to
762s share it with so many people and that
764s experience has been like I've gotten a
766s lot of good feedback from it
768s yeah I think that's that's a that's
770s difficult right like because you know
773s again it's like people don't realize
775s what goes into a broadcast you know you
776s just think like oh I'm I'm a high level
778s player I watch I play fortnite I'm you
780s know this Division and I'm here to watch
782s this broadcast watch it first compete
784s but man there's there's also people that
786s have never watched fortnite that have
787s decided oh there's a tournament let me
789s let me tune in and see what this is
790s about okay maybe maybe I like it maybe I
792s don't you know and I think you know
794s there there is that line where you know
796s kind of what you were saying it's like
798s you have so much that you could say but
799s you have to think okay I need to say
801s something here that will not only speak
803s to the competitive players I need to be
805s able to say something it also speaks
806s like the mid-level players and then even
808s players that are brand new that are like
811s storm surge what did you just say like
814s you know there's so many things that we
817s always have to be thinking about
819s moment to moment in these broadcasts
822s um you know I think it's really funny
823s that like both you guys have uh some
826s semblance of like a history because like
828s when I started guys like I I was I had
831s no background at all right in
833s broadcasting oh I just walked in one day
836s uh back in the days of this other game
838s uh epic was making called Paragon and
839s they were they were like hey we got this
841s tournament coming up but I was like hey
842s uh I want to do that I feel like I'd
844s have a great time talking about that
845s game at a competitive level and they're
847s like uh sure and then I was like wait
851s what's fortnite and they were like uh
852s well I mean you did the other one do you
854s want to do this one and I was like I'll
855s do some fortnite why not and then here I
858s am all this time later uh so yeah
861s definitely have the personality for it
863s Zeke like you are you are in your exact
865s spot you're meant to be
868s um you know my secret is just meme
870s um just Meme and be goofy at all times
873s uh love it and apparently that is what's
876s worked for me uh because that's just who
878s I am but
879s yeah it's uh yeah getting into
881s broadcasting is crazy you know there's
883s just so much that goes into it and I
886s think too
887s uh kind of going back I I talked about
889s people not knowing you know like what
891s it's like for us like guys you know the
894s amount of times where you have to like
896s walk on set and they have to be like
898s okay where's the camera oh that camera
899s moves I have to track that camera okay
901s we have to talk about these things they
903s want us to touch on these Duos yeah
905s there's so much
907s so much that goes into broadcasting I
909s feel like a lot of people don't really
910s know about do they Mini no they don't
913s and it's the same with you know just any
915s fncs show in studio it's it's always got
917s that level of you know depth and detail
920s that you need to go into especially when
922s we talked about before about the the
923s vast you know widespread of players that
926s there is in the game you know just have
927s high level competitive players who are
929s watching you have you know the lowest
930s level people that are just tuning for
931s the first time so uh you know combined
933s with all the lights and all the cameras
934s and all the people in your ear telling
936s you you know you've got a time where you
937s haven't got time uh or you know who you
939s need to talk about it's just about like
941s trying to condense all those thoughts I
942s mentioned earlier into something that is
944s actually interesting because you know
945s most of the time you're just saying the
947s the best points that you can so just
949s like how can I think about which of
950s those points are the best well in that
951s environment well you've got hundreds and
953s thousands of people watching online uh
955s behind that camera you've got people in
957s the back all the production crew that
958s are watching as well and uh sort of
960s watching it all go down but
962s for me it's just like that is that that
964s is the difference that is the difference
966s to me from going like a streaming room
968s to to going into a massive Studio like
969s that yeah I was gonna say too like
971s you're in the comfort of your own home
972s when you're streaming it's very chill
974s you're very just like okay I do this all
976s the time I even in high school like I
978s did uh broadcasting I was on like the
980s tiger TV it was like a new show for our
982s school but I did like all that stuff but
984s it was all things that like I was the
987s producer and also like doing the show so
990s in this sense when in the broadcasting
992s world you have somebody like you know
994s putting you where you're supposed to go
996s like producing it what you're supposed
997s to say we're supposed to do all that
998s kind of stuff you have like you have say
1000s in it like you know obviously you study
1002s what you're supposed to do and what
1003s you're supposed to say on the players
1004s and like you learn so much
1006s um but again like too you you're like
1007s okay well I'm only gonna have time for
1009s this amount I want to make sure I say
1011s this this and then they're in there and
1012s then they'll talk in your ear like okay
1014s go over here Walk This Way or do this or
1016s we're gonna we don't have time for that
1017s and I'm just like okay just gotta stop
1019s into it and like you gotta be ready on
1021s your tiptoes like what's next so um I
1024s think you definitely it's something that
1025s you adapt to and it's not not anybody
1028s can just be up there on that stage and I
1029s think you know it's some people just
1032s think oh yeah like they're just watching
1033s it and they're also watching like they
1035s don't see rehearsals like there's
1036s rehearsals there's practice time goes
1038s into it
1039s um it does it doesn't just happen like
1041s you don't have that high quality show
1043s with just like without practice and
1044s without
1045s um like thorough thoughts into how they
1048s want it to be shown to the audience um
1051s there's just so many little details that
1053s make it run smooth I believe that we
1055s have to perfect as like you know the cat
1059s or as the talent on stage and I think
1061s you know people see that and they're
1063s like wait maybe
1067s I mean it's just like there's so many
1069s couples as well like we rehearse
1070s everything you know obviously to make
1071s sure we know where positions are and
1072s what we're generally going to talk about
1073s but especially when you're an analyst
1075s like I don't know what Zeke is going to
1077s say when he throws it to us you know as
1078s he could ask any question you know it's
1080s like oh you've got to be ready for it so
1081s same with the game as well the game
1083s could go completely unexpectedly and you
1085s just have to adapt and think like okay
1087s how can I present my thoughts and
1088s present thoughts that people are
1089s actually interested in and not just
1091s things that just have already happened
1092s on the screen that we've already seen so
1093s literally uh
1095s you're watching end game and you're just
1097s you're as it's happening you're like
1099s okay oh this is happening in this team
1100s and you're like watching six nine
1102s screens and you're like okay all these
1103s players all these teams and your brains
1105s working a million miles an hour and
1107s you're like okay the lights are on the
1109s camera's on you what are you gonna say
1110s hey guys so let's talk about this like
1112s process it so quickly I think there's
1115s like a lot of process time that you have
1118s to almost like speed up so quick um
1120s usually I think if I was if I were to
1122s have like five minutes in between games
1124s I can the real beats I mean you know you
1126s could really be like super comfortable
1127s but having to go out there and be like
1129s wow I just watched all that like how do
1131s I break this down smoothly in the right
1133s way that it can be you know absorbed
1135s correctly like it's just it's definitely
1137s a challenge it's definitely
1139s not easy
1141s yeah and when you layer that on top of
1143s like you know we as like the the talent
1145s team the group of people that are there
1147s to put on the show you know we have this
1149s like narrative we're trying to tell
1151s right like this story we're trying to
1152s weave in through this whole thing and
1154s then so you might have an amazing point
1155s but you're like that doesn't matter
1158s because like that's not part of the
1160s story and like sometimes we'll just go
1161s with it which like hey by the way this
1163s little thing was super cool because we
1164s do want to like highlight all the cool
1166s things we see right there there is a
1168s very limited amount of time we have on a
1171s set at any given time to do anything
1172s right and that's outside of like we get
1176s there and they're like all right guys
1177s everything's good everything's looking
1178s great you're like here we go three two
1181s one you're live everything just broke
1182s hey you have to fill everything is
1184s broken don't mess up and you're like
1187s everything's on fire and now I have to
1189s like be here and make sure like you as a
1192s viewer yeah and you as a viewer you
1194s can't know if at any point you as if
1196s you're like hey did something break
1197s we've done something wrong so like for
1199s us too it's like okay everything's
1201s breaking I'm looking at minimine I'm
1202s like okay bro you got me and he's like I
1204s got you now look at Jenny she's like I
1206s don't know what's happening I'm like me
1207s neither Jenny you know like let's go
1210s do not make it as best as you can with
1212s any circumstances that happen I think
1214s too yeah like that adaptation is so
1216s vital in any like broadcasting world you
1220s just have to you know you're it's live
1222s like it is going like there are no
1224s there's not many mushroom for errors or
1226s mistakes so you have to like roll with
1228s the punches and I feel like y'all do
1230s that flawlessly live because there's
1231s been instances where that has happened
1233s and you guys have made it work like I
1234s didn't even know what was going on like
1236s until I like looked at the chat you're
1238s like oh yeah the screen's broke I'm like
1239s dang y'all I had no idea I'm like I'm on
1242s the team you know like and I'm just
1243s watching you guys I'm just like you just
1245s do it so well so Props to you guys for
1247s that that's so great yeah it's difficult
1249s I think I mean you got all three like
1251s couples thrown in you know it's like
1252s something else that hasn't worked or you
1253s know something you know someone's gone
1254s wrong but I think it just comes down to
1256s like how much have you prepped like if
1258s you've prepped enough for the show if
1259s you know your stuff inside and out then
1261s it's like it's no problem right we could
1263s talk about fortnite for hours and hours
1264s and hours because
1265s um I know from a personal standpoint I
1267s always like to over prepare for shows
1268s rather than under prepare so if
1270s something like that does happen I've got
1271s a whole list I've got a whole you know
1272s document full of notes on every single
1274s team so if something goes wrong you know
1276s here and there you have to fill for an
1277s extra five minutes you have to talk
1278s about a team then it shouldn't be too
1280s much of a problem but um that's
1281s literally just how you kind of get
1282s through that is like the work you do
1284s beforehand just to make sure that if
1285s something does go wrong and something
1286s you know a little careful's thrown in
1288s then you know it's not too much of a
1289s problem but there is yeah there's always
1290s that slight level of panic where it's
1292s like oh no we're not in the game what do
1294s we say the preparation what do we do
1296s it's so crazy I think that's what I
1298s didn't know going into it too because
1300s like I would just go out there and be
1301s like what's up guys you know talk about
1303s what I know but the prep is crazy like
1305s having to you know study the in-depth of
1308s the teams what how many evidence yes
1310s they want to do as they used to be with
1311s who used to be with who what's the not
1314s the beef but like what's the drum like
1316s you know what what's the stories going
1317s on with all these teams like and n a and
1320s EU like you have to separate them like
1322s oh that's he doesn't play on this like
1324s region like you you know it's just
1325s coming into it really not being crazy
1328s familiar with um a lot of the teams
1330s other than like you know like the top
1332s teams it's definitely like whoa it was
1335s just like a whole bunch of preparation
1337s for me um I think it was easier after I
1340s like kind of figured out my flow of like
1341s how I get a study and prep but yeah I
1343s think prepping is like if you don't if
1345s you go out there without being friends
1346s like
1347s you're done you're done
1350s I think though like that's that was one
1352s thing uh I appreciate about you Jenny
1354s when you came in you know you had done
1355s prep but it is man competitive is just
1359s so different and you can't really be
1362s ready for it until you're in it and so
1364s like what I liked it was that you came
1365s in you're like I have this knowledge but
1367s like how do I focus this and then like
1369s immediately just all had a rally behind
1370s you be like okay let's just help like
1372s put Jenny on the the right track you
1374s know we just have to point her in the
1375s right direction she's got the knowledge
1377s but like we just have to make sure
1378s you're saying it this way exactly like I
1380s think that's what's like vital in a show
1383s for all of us is like even someone like
1385s me I've done this for a long time I feel
1387s very comfortable and Set uh man I could
1389s feel give me a time and I'll say yes
1392s like I will fill any amount of time but
1393s there is still you know you you can
1395s never be satisfied with where you're at
1397s there always have to be growing you
1399s always have to be learning and saying
1400s like Okay this isn't the end if I'm if I
1403s ever become like if I get to a formula
1405s yeah this is fine I'm the best I can be
1406s like
1407s I'm doing something wrong you know like
1410s there there has to be a level of I want
1412s to become better at this and so I think
1414s yeah yeah like when it happens for all
1417s of us right like we come in we're like
1418s hey you know what I want to talk about
1419s this did that sound weird and we're like
1420s no it sounded great and like even if it
1423s sounded amazing you know you'd even have
1424s those moments of like did I make a
1427s mistake right like because again you you
1429s kind of touched on me but there's so
1431s many people watching right it feels like
1433s you can't make a mistake the pressure is
1435s on yeah the pressure is crazy and yeah
1439s like even to kind of double back on like
1441s you know when everything breaks like
1443s even the pressure that mounts times two
1444s right in that situation so like uh you
1448s know what what do you guys like do to
1449s help Orient yourselves in those
1451s situations because like I know they
1452s happen they're not frequent you know
1454s they happen every now and again but they
1457s happen right yeah I just usually take a
1459s deep breath I'm like all right and then
1462s I just I really I'm just thinking like
1464s wait pause I'm having a conversation
1466s about fortnite Fam I'm friends like
1468s y'all are on stage with me so if you got
1470s if it was just me up there I'd be like
1474s is a lot more comfortable having your
1477s friends on stage like having you know
1478s being able to bounce off each other lean
1480s against each other on for you know
1482s whichever topic you guys are on uh I
1484s think that is so amazing to have that
1487s connection that we have as like a talent
1489s team even behind the scenes like how
1491s close we get how close we are
1493s um the the love and care and everything
1496s that is just like presented off stage I
1499s think really shows up so much on stage
1501s like the chemistry and all of it really
1504s makes for such a good show and I think
1505s in those situations like where
1507s everything goes wrong like y'all are
1508s just friends and you're on stage and you
1510s could die you can just Chit Chat that is
1513s the difference between people that don't
1514s know each other and they're trying to
1515s make it work and just like having an
1518s actual conversation of friendship and I
1519s think like you can make any any bad
1522s situation work if you're just hanging
1523s out with your friends online you know
1525s yeah it's true I mean that's exactly
1526s what it is the chemistry is most
1528s important isn't it it's just you know we
1529s even hang out we watch movies together
1531s we'll yeah we'll chill we'll chat like
1533s we'll go to dinner and stuff like that
1534s like we are very uh we're very close off
1537s camera as well I think most people don't
1538s see that of course but that definitely
1540s helps when you're on camera as well
1541s another thing is just having that
1542s confidence in yourself just thinking you
1543s know what okay I know my stuff I know I
1545s can talk about this uh as Zeke pointed
1548s out earlier you know you can have those
1549s moments of self-reflection often your
1550s own you know worse critic in a sense
1552s where it's like oh I could have said
1553s that a little bit better or I could have
1554s filled that a little bit better maybe
1555s I'd go in more depth on that team where
1557s I take the depth out of that team it's
1558s just like in your past experiences
1560s you've just learned from it you know
1561s it's like okay maybe I'm gonna do that
1562s differently next time and you'll never
1564s get to a stage where you're absolutely
1565s perfect but from those little
1567s refinements those little Perfections
1568s that you can try and make to your to
1570s your casting your analysis your hosting
1571s whatever you're doing is just the most
1573s important thing because that's how you
1574s develop and that's how you grow so
1575s there's uh yeah it gets used those
1577s moments I think there's always room for
1578s improvement in anything like you're
1580s never gonna get to a spot where you're
1581s like I mean you could be proud of
1583s yourself like oh yeah that was great and
1584s then but you could also Vibe review just
1586s like the pros do yeah you can revive
1589s review your own self like even in the
1591s broadcast aspect and say okay I could
1593s have mentioned this here or I could have
1594s looked at the camera more or whatever
1596s you know you can analyze how you
1598s performed on stage how you could do
1600s better for next time and stuff too so
1601s like you could literally you I bod
1603s review I don't know if you guys do that
1604s I definitely thought of you like the
1606s shows too like and just kind of think
1608s how I could be better for the next one
1610s yeah I mean we're only human right like
1612s exactly we're just trying to do the best
1613s we can I think that's I think that's my
1615s biggest takeaway like from a viewer
1617s perspective is like just making sure
1619s people understand that it's not just
1621s like even just us as fortnite Talent
1624s there's other games out there right and
1626s the people behind the scenes they are
1627s pouring everything they have into making
1630s this broadcast amazing and they might
1632s slip up and make you know say a word
1634s wrong or call the player wrong name or
1636s whatever but like they are still giving
1637s everything they have to this broadcast
1639s so like
1640s just appreciate them you don't have to
1642s say like hey good job though that's nice
1644s and appreciate it but like hey just be
1645s like hey this is a tough job and they're
1647s doing the best they can they made a
1648s mistake let's just stay with them they
1650s got this like you know what I'm saying
1651s like that that would be my biggest uh
1653s yeah I hope someday all of the world can
1656s understand yeah this is very difficult I
1659s think the pressure too for me coming in
1660s was also the other thing feel in the
1662s space too and I think women in fortnite
1663s is growing like it's definitely
1666s um like there's so many amazing women in
1668s fortnite you can just know from like the
1669s woe attorneys from this everything
1671s coming off like like we're here to sign
1673s in the fortnite space but I think too
1675s that pressure of like seeing a female
1677s speaking about porn I I you know have
1679s that to that pressure to think okay like
1681s I have got to step up and like I
1684s honestly kind of like prove and show and
1686s represent women so well like in
1688s competitive Fortnight so I think that
1690s was also like a pressure for me that I
1691s wanted to
1692s um make sure that I said as much as I
1695s could like correctly and uh present
1697s everything well
1699s I mean our talent team as well like we
1700s all sort of build each other up there's
1702s always that sense of a team aspect I
1704s think that's what I already like about
1705s the way that we do things with the fncs
1707s and behind the scenes that a lot of
1708s people at home wouldn't even see but
1709s it's just that we are good friends of
1711s course we are you know it's not fake we
1713s don't hate each other and then go and
1714s pretend to be friends and oh hello how's
1716s it going uh but no we are actually
1717s genuinely friends off camera we do bring
1719s each other out we do help each other
1720s improve because we're all in the same
1721s boat we're all in the same situation we
1723s know what it's like to go out on our
1725s first time and you know mess up a few
1726s words mess up a mid game say whatever it
1728s may be but we've all been there we've
1730s all like experienced it so I think just
1731s for everyone in the team just to help
1733s each other out and really build each
1734s other up I think that's that's my
1736s biggest like thing that I enjoy uh about
1739s being on the fccs because like everyone
1740s is just so friendly and everyone's nice
1741s to each other and we all just want the
1743s best for both each other and the show
1744s itself so I love it yeah super quick do
1747s you guys have a favorite memory what's
1749s your favorite memory
1751s favorite memory uh I mean so many for me
1754s it was just like my first time on the
1755s show we were doing rehearsals and it was
1758s just like it was a weird experience
1760s because we would like stood on the stage
1761s I think it was uh I think it was me and
1762s music uh and it was one of those
1764s situations where I looked at everyone on
1766s the stage I looked at the the cameras
1768s and stuff and I was like I've been in
1770s this situation in a dream it was a
1772s really really weird situation I was like
1773s this has actually like happened before
1775s it's like a Deja Vu moment almost yeah I
1777s was like this is actually happening
1778s because like I you know I've watched the
1779s liberal class since the very beginning
1781s you know Season X and whatnot but
1783s um I was like I've gone from like
1785s watching and doing viewing parties on my
1786s on my streams to actually being here in
1788s person on camera on set like with all
1790s these people that I've looked up to for
1792s so long it's like oh my like this is
1794s happening like that was like it's a
1795s weird thing it's a weird like small
1797s moment but that is always something that
1798s I think back of is like yeah that is
1800s like the moment I was like this has
1801s actually happened like that was a
1803s surreal moment you were like wait I've
1805s almost yeah you've dreamed this like I
1807s dreamed about that yeah I was like whoa
1809s It's Zeke he's real I can see him this
1812s is unbelievable like I've seen him in
1814s like summer Skirmish and everything and
1815s it's like now now we're on the show
1817s together it's uh yeah that for me was
1819s like my like my one moment where I was
1820s like wow this is cool oh my I like okay
1824s okay for that like I loved the when we
1828s came out and we had to do the little
1829s like handshakes or like the fun like
1831s things that we got to do with each other
1832s I think that was so fun for me um it
1835s just kind of showed a personality he's
1836s like that was Goofy and silly and fun
1838s um but the whole like the really the
1841s experience in a whole I cannot pick you
1843s out a single point because like it is
1845s just all so good like it is also good I
1848s think one funny funny thing I was gonna
1851s mention just about like the content like
1853s just like the broadcast team
1855s my first night there we went to dinner
1858s and I know this it's funny I think they
1861s ever wish it up we went to dinner and um
1864s I got up to the restroom and when I came
1866s back everyone was gone
1870s they gave me like they left me like
1872s whatever and the lady like comes and
1874s brings the bill and it was a bill for
1876s the entire table and I can't read Danish
1879s and it was like 600
1881s 000 I thought I just pulled my card out
1884s I'm about to pay that everybody starts
1886s running back they're like no no no no
1887s and it was just so funny it was like oh
1890s my gosh I don't know it was immediate
1892s like wow you're already bullying me but
1894s like out of love you know and it was
1895s just yeah I felt like I was a whole new
1897s family after that yeah we clarify I
1900s wasn't there I wasn't there so don't
1902s nobody said nothing to me I wasn't there
1904s no yeah I was in a meeting it wasn't my
1907s idea though just just that's right for
1908s the record that really made me feel like
1910s you know when someone brings you like
1911s that you're like dang I'm loved already
1912s like that's great
1915s she's here let's just you know make her
1918s pay for our food why not uh I think to
1920s put Jenny on blast for a moment I have a
1922s favorite many uh mem Jenny memory uh and
1927s uh yeah and uh it was actually one of
1930s the nights we were we had movie night
1931s okay okay um okay uh yep Jenny already
1935s knows uh Jenny Jenny is uh talks about
1939s being a cheerleader or talked about uh
1941s you know I was a cheerleader growing up
1942s blah blah blah 10 years All-Stars thank
1945s you so so you know we're like uh-huh
1948s sure like okay so she hops up and she's
1951s like hey like I will pick someone up
1953s right now uh and so like we all kind of
1956s look at each other like uh vivid's like
1958s yeah okay I'll do this Vivid being the
1960s the natural guy that he was like yeah
1962s okay all right sure yeah let's let's see
1964s let's see then 11 like uh yeah I suppose
1967s I could help being tall big strong 11 uh
1970s so
1970s you know Jenny like goes she's like hey
1973s put your hands lock them together lock
1974s your fingers and then like hold them up
1976s right they're just gonna pick we're just
1977s gonna put them up there so we're like
1979s okay uh sure that sounds fine uh and
1983s then like they drop she picks up Vivid
1987s they shake for a minute and then he gets
1988s he like she puts him down 11's like dude
1991s I'm out I don't know I don't want to do
1993s I I don't know that I'm comfortable
1995s doing this I was like I got this yeah he
1997s steps away now naturally we're all
2000s talking about what we witnessed we're
2001s all like you know Jenny that's crazy I
2003s can't believe Jenny's in the corner now
2004s she's still talking to it she's like Hey
2006s listen I can if you want I will pick you
2008s up solo vivid's like wait what I hear
2012s this
2013s I don't I and I kind of like look over
2015s him like
2016s are you are you gonna try and solo pick
2018s up Vivid listen
2020s Jenny's uh a small individual Vivid is
2024s not much much taller but he's still very
2027s swole
2028s uh
2029s I am really go
2031s hey Jenny and she is full picked up
2035s Vivid and is sitting there for like one
2038s second and I everything stops everyone
2040s freezes everyone stops talking and looks
2043s over at them Jenny then Emily her whole
2046s body wobbles and then she drops
2050s laughs
2052s he drops Vivid that was very bad there
2056s was a bed behind it he fell on the bed
2058s okay Minnie I remember immediately
2061s looking right at you and just being like
2064s what did I just see that was I mean yeah
2069s that talk about a memory like that
2070s that's like something just completely
2072s happen randomly and uh yeah I remember
2073s seeing it I was like why have you done
2076s that
2078s listen my things why did Vivid Trust Me
2081s A and B it made a really loud noise like
2084s I picked him up and he just like fell
2086s in a really loud noise when he fell and
2088s I think it was just like he was like I'm
2090s fine but I was really worried but he was
2092s ended up being fine everything's fine he
2094s was fine well he says he's fine but we
2096s know he walked out of that room yeah he
2098s just limped away
2103s anybody that wants cheerleading tips
2105s come to me I'm obviously your girl don't
2108s don't do it nope terrible she almost
2109s killed it and it almost happened
2113s um well hey that was a fun conversation
2115s as far as uh being talent I was just a
2118s couple more things we do want to talk
2119s about here on the drop swab kind of
2121s before we do Gil saying goodbye let's
2123s start with the brand new season uh man
2126s guys listen the inner anime lover in me
2129s is like freaking out all right chapter
2131s four season two is amazing Mega City the
2135s new bottom right half of the map is just
2137s grown by like what 30 percent or
2139s something like that some crazy number
2141s everything is wild new guns new things
2144s uh what has got to be your favorite part
2146s of this brand new season
2148s I love everything about it I love um the
2150s whole look of the new biome I think
2152s that's my main takeaway it's just like I
2153s actually went into replays I turn up my
2155s settings up to Epic like literally
2156s everything on Epic and I went into the
2158s replays had a few cinematics looked
2159s around and oh my goodness it looks
2161s amazing I was looking at it I was
2162s thinking this is fortnite like this is
2164s actually fortnite Battle Royale looking
2166s at the the mega City the new POI it's
2168s absolutely beautiful and you just
2171s wouldn't ever expect it to be in
2172s fortnite but it is and it's real and
2173s it's so good
2174s dude it like transports you into a
2176s different world you really you're like
2178s you have to double think wait did I open
2180s fortnite like is that the game because
2182s you're just like this is so new and I
2184s think that's what makes it really
2185s exciting because people that have played
2187s fortnite for years and years and years
2188s always look forward to New Seasons and
2190s when they do something like as
2192s incredible as this it is so refreshing
2195s even as just a Casual Gamer but like
2197s incompetitive it opens up so many more
2199s doors and avenues for different
2202s um you know IQ plays like how are we
2205s gonna use these railings how are we
2206s going to do this how are we going to do
2207s that and so I think that is just so
2209s exciting to see how these players are
2211s gonna you know change the meta from like
2214s now there's not hammers you got the
2215s kinetic blade like that's what's in the
2217s game now so how is that gonna look like
2219s what you know speaking of just like meta
2221s City it's four pois in one it's huge I'm
2224s thinking how many things are gonna be
2226s landing there like that's gonna be so
2228s exciting to witness
2229s um and then you know again just the all
2231s the new weapons in the game
2233s it's so it's gonna be awesome I know the
2235s new shotgun's great
2237s um in comparison to like the Thunder it
2239s has a lot like the accuracy is really
2240s good and I feel like we'll we'll see a
2242s lot of players using that over
2243s um you know since Thunder's not in the
2245s game any longer
2248s yeah what do you got uh what do you
2249s think Minnie what do you think how you
2250s feeling about things uh I mean I gotta
2252s say man
2254s kinetic blade that's where it's at uh
2259s again you know going back to the anime
2261s lover in me you know it's uh I get to
2264s finally feel like a samurai I get to run
2266s around I get to fly at people I get to
2268s try and uh just demolish them and uh get
2271s one pumped well we'll talk about that
2273s aspect but we'll talk about me trying to
2274s make a cool plays
2275s yeah Zeke trying to make cool plays
2277s you're now able to do that you know with
2278s the uh the kinetic blade I love it
2280s actually uh I think it's a really really
2281s good item I think this is a really
2283s really nice item because it's balanced
2284s and competitive but it's also really
2285s really fun to use in in uh public and
2287s Casual playlists so you can actually use
2289s it to attack people you know and get
2291s some good damage off and of course you
2292s can use it as a Mobility as well so for
2294s competitive players that's mainly what
2295s they're going to use it for but I like
2296s it you know you can get them at specific
2297s areas but you can also get them from
2299s chess you can get them as floor loot so
2300s it's kind of balanced it's not just
2301s everyone going to one area because
2303s that's where the mobility is that you
2304s need to win the game I like how it's
2305s kind of spread across the map and it's
2307s really balanced it's not breaking it's
2308s not quite as destructive as the
2309s Shockwave Hammer was so it's gonna make
2311s end games a little bit more peaceful a
2312s bit more back to as we expected before
2314s and I like it I think it's just a great
2316s item in general and I'm excited to see
2317s how it's used in the end games in
2319s particular because in pubs and in Arena
2321s that I'm playing with right now it's
2322s it's really fun
2324s yeah how you guys feeling with the new
2325s Havoc weapons the suppressed they are uh
2327s Jenny you kind of touched on the pump
2328s shotgun right you like you like that
2330s accuracy
2331s first shot I can see amazing I'm a fan
2335s um but yeah the AR too like it's smooth
2338s and the Mythic one is like so good like
2341s crazy good but um yeah I think even me
2344s with like semi-good aim I'm a fan of the
2346s AR the new uh AR so um I think we'll
2349s definitely be seeing that a lot too it
2351s can uh spray through builds quickly as
2353s well so you might see it doubled up as
2355s like an SMG
2356s and I think it'll be a great weapon and
2358s a great addition to fortnite for me the
2361s pump it's that it's that new Havoc pump
2362s shotgun it's got a little bit of a
2364s smaller reticle than we've seen in
2365s previous pump shotguns and previous
2366s shotguns like the thunder so it makes
2367s hitting shots a little bit more
2369s difficult but when you do connect with
2370s it oh my goodness the damage that you're
2372s able to Output especially that Mythic
2373s one you can get them at the three pois
2375s with the vaults so yeah the Mythic Havoc
2377s pump it does 250 damage to the head
2381s I didn't miss say that that is actually
2383s 250 damage to the head and it obviously
2388s can one pump but play it's the only
2389s shotgun in the game that can as of right
2391s now it is absolutely crazy and the
2394s Damage you can put with the body as well
2395s it's 144 damage to the body from a range
2397s it's really good because it has that
2398s smaller reticle it is quite possibly the
2400s best shotgun that we've had in the game
2402s especially in recent seasons
2404s we're back to the days of being able to
2406s to one pump somebody oh yeah those days
2408s have returned yeah they are back in full
2411s force
2412s um is there a is there maybe like a
2414s player you guys uh are are focused in on
2416s uh especially with you know major two on
2418s the horizon that you think might do
2420s super well here in the season yeah for
2423s me it's a swizzy on EU now I want to
2425s focus on swizzy because he's one of the
2427s players that has actually moved just to
2429s EU this season or last season playing in
2431s the grand finals and they actually was
2432s second in Grand finals after day uh one
2435s so they were doing really really good
2437s this was almost an unheard of uh
2439s occurrence you know one of our other
2440s regions of course came from the Asia
2442s region one fncs in chapter two season
2444s eight and it's had some pretty good
2445s performances throughout the season uh or
2447s chapter three and swizzy just performing
2449s at a very very high level especially
2451s coming into the new uh you know the new
2453s region for him the new environment that
2455s this uh Duo are in shimoki and swizzy
2457s they played really really well in fncs
2459s and on the show I actually referred to
2461s them as potentially the new Malibu Crema
2463s mustache or the way that they play
2464s they're playing playing those mid-ground
2465s layers really really well they're
2466s playing those sort of free edit plays
2468s really well as well I'm really enjoying
2469s seeing them play and they're playing
2471s with such uh aggressiveness they're
2473s playing with such a confidence in the
2475s games which we don't usually see I think
2476s when people when teams go over to a
2478s different region and especially a bigger
2479s region where there's you know maybe the
2481s the average player quality is a little
2483s bit higher you'd expect them to play a
2484s little bit more safe look more scared
2485s but these guys are really taking on the
2487s challenge and I mean he won five solo
2490s Cash Stop games the other week he is
2492s just an incredible player and next
2493s season I'm excited to see them develop
2496s dude my eyes are on Kanata for n a i
2499s okay why we have an interview with
2501s Kanata and it was amazing I love his
2504s energy and also I love his confidence I
2506s feel like there's a good balance between
2507s like being confident and you know being
2509s cocky but he has a great amount of
2511s confidence going into this game he and
2513s his Duo agers are just like are
2515s confident in one another and I think
2516s that really shows placing second
2519s um and agreeance but let me tell you I
2521s really see this being kanata's year
2523s because I think I I'm gonna say I'm
2526s going to live and say like this is the
2527s year he gets in fncs he has played so
2529s well but he hasn't yet gone mnts title
2532s and I think this will be the year that
2534s he does it but
2535s again too this is something super
2537s interesting talking about Mega City
2539s earlier he's already claimed some of
2541s that territory so that's really cool
2543s because I know last season two he
2544s claimed faulty and no one really like
2546s was gonna mess with them faulty even
2548s being one of the few eyes with like the
2549s most chests they still claim so much of
2551s that territory so I think them kind of
2554s already putting their feet down and
2555s saying this is where we're gonna play
2556s this is where we're taking over uh
2558s that's gonna be so crazy for them
2560s because that's going to give them a
2561s great Advantage so much opportunity and
2563s again like not many people are going to
2564s want to contest them there so
2566s um I'm like so excited my eyes are on
2568s Kanata and ages to see how they perform
2570s coming moving forward with the new
2572s season yes yeah because of course Canada
2574s was landing at fully space you mentioned
2576s that voice is gone so I know he had to
2579s change right he had to change was forced
2581s into it which exactly that might throw a
2582s few spanners in the works for him
2583s because of course A lot of these teams
2585s are landing elsewhere they know their
2586s drops they already exactly yeah can't
2588s find out they know how their surge works
2589s but for Canada now he's just completely
2591s lost his strong spot his drop spots gone
2592s into thin air and now I'm gonna try and
2594s learn a new drop spot which is probably
2595s better you know it has I believe from
2597s Mega city has 102 chests like 250
2600s degrees Yeah it's absolutely insane so
2602s the potential for success coming out of
2603s Mega city is probably better than fully
2605s splits right yeah no as you mentioned
2607s I'm excited to see them perform this
2609s season I mean Canada come out with the
2610s most damage too like again those the
2613s other teams that are leaning Mega like
2614s like they're gonna be like I gotta stay
2616s as far away from their corner of Mega
2618s city as possible I ain't trying to get
2619s empanadas I say that is for sure
2622s uh I I do want to touch on you guys to
2624s talk about Mega City a little bit uh I
2627s okay I have a little bit of concerns and
2629s I want to see if you guys are maybe like
2631s in the same headspace uh so like we talk
2634s about what's super dope about Mega City
2636s what are maybe just like one or two
2638s things that you maybe have concerns
2640s about because for me I feel like the POI
2643s uh and Jenny you actually kind of
2645s touched on this it's like 4p lies in one
2646s yeah it is it's crazy it's huge
2649s um which also means there's a lot more
2651s room for like error in some ways right
2655s oh yeah no for sure like it's uh I want
2658s to land there and also I'm kind of
2660s terrified to lay in there because again
2661s like you don't know how many teams are
2663s going to be leaving there obviously
2664s there's drop Maps like I mean not drop
2666s Maps the you know they're going to claim
2668s their territory
2669s um but at the same time like until we
2672s see these games play out and we're not
2674s really gonna know like how many teams
2676s can land there if it's four pois in one
2678s like it could potentially be like eight
2680s or something teams and also those
2682s Railways being there you can get from
2684s like one side of the city to the other
2685s and like a heartbeat uh it's just it's a
2688s it's dangerous so I think the teams that
2691s are going to want to land there are
2692s gonna be teams that are ready prepared
2694s to like honestly fight off spawn if
2696s there's a ridiculous amount of teams or
2698s they're gonna split it peacefully and
2700s maybe not really worry have to worry
2703s about like fighting off I think it's
2704s literally goes either like that way full
2706s send or not you know
2708s yeah definitely I think the teams are
2710s landing there this season from what I've
2711s seen it is some of the best fighters on
2712s the region because they just have to be
2714s adaptable of course when you're landing
2715s at a new drop you know there's new as
2717s you mentioned the rails that people can
2718s use I think the teams are going to find
2719s the most success are going to be those
2720s that literally memorize where each of
2722s the Rails go which which color do I hop
2724s on to get to this side of the map which
2725s color do I harm to get to this side of
2726s the map so just having that ability to
2729s just to zip around the POI because I
2730s mean I don't know about you guys I'm
2731s hopping on the rails right now I have no
2733s idea where I'm at I could be going sort
2735s of like back to chapter two who knows
2736s because I have no clue where I'm gonna
2738s end up so I'm saying my teammate oh
2740s there's a guy on me oh yeah it's right
2741s I'll get over to you in a sec I'm hop on
2743s a rail I'm in I'm in the other side of
2744s the POI like I don't even know where I
2746s am so I think the team if I was playing
2749s capacity that I was Landing there I
2751s would learn those uh those those rails
2753s because I could end up so split but no
2754s it's gonna be most important for those
2756s teams that's my only concern is the
2757s teams that don't learn that might have a
2759s few issues and you know maybe the Vault
2760s might cause a few instances where people
2762s are kind of like camping on it because
2763s you know people could just camp in the
2765s in the corner of the Vault if you didn't
2766s know I I totally haven't done that in
2768s Arena
2773s [Music]
2775s tweeted out talking about how like you
2778s know a accuracy and stuff mechanics is
2780s like less so much less like 25 and
2783s having like a high IQ in the game is
2785s like 75 and I think that's where that
2787s comes comes into play like really
2789s knowing your jobs are like knowing the
2790s colors which ones you're gonna drop on
2791s like exactly where you're gonna land how
2793s you're going to move where like you know
2795s you're rotates just within your POI
2797s before like main rotation I think all of
2800s that is so crazy to think about too
2802s because I think a lot of these players
2803s create metas that again in turn like we
2807s all end up playing even just normal Pub
2808s players but to see what they come up
2811s with they create like their IQs are
2812s insane these competitive players blow my
2815s mind with some of the stuff they come up
2816s with I mean just beside like your normal
2818s gameplay some of the things that they're
2820s even doing I think the mix of having
2822s them
2823s the sword in the game
2825s um with a lot of the different augments
2827s I know a lot of those combinations are
2829s going to be amazing to see and I can't
2831s wait yeah that which hey that's a great
2834s segue because we could talk about
2836s major one grand so just wrapped up um
2839s but I kind of want to like Focus this a
2842s little bit on more of like major two and
2845s what that kind of looks like so
2846s obviously you know just want to really
2848s quickly say huge congratulations to
2850s everyone who won Grand finals of major
2852s number one just an amazing feat right
2854s and now we're gonna be about about to
2856s run it back for major number two
2859s on top of a new season on top of being
2861s more spots to qualify through the global
2863s championships uh you know how you guys
2865s get like like
2866s hoping maybe we'll see major to evolve
2869s from major one I think I mean it's just
2872s going to be about what lessons of teams
2874s learn because of course major one first
2875s season of a chapter lots of new stuff
2877s new map new locations to land that new
2879s loot path new uh you know new everything
2881s ready especially this season when we got
2882s the new zones so it's gonna be about
2883s yeah it's gonna adapt the quickest who
2885s can be the best at thinking okay this is
2887s what we did in major one you know maybe
2888s the things didn't work out too well
2890s maybe we didn't go a POI at the
2891s beginning of the Season maybe we didn't
2892s learn our drop well enough so it's going
2894s to be about who can learn the best who
2896s can adapt who can self-reflect in the
2898s most uh effective manner to then go and
2900s pop off in season in a major two because
2902s this is what this is all about there's
2904s so many changes to fortnite all the time
2905s you have to be adaptable you have to be
2906s on your toes because if you're not then
2907s you just get left behind yeah and I
2909s think too like with the new changes
2911s um the teams that are going to be having
2913s to like change or drop spot because
2914s they're dropped fight no longer exists
2916s like they're kind of forced into this
2917s new area I always say practice makes
2920s perfect so the the practice time in
2923s comparison to a lot of the other teams
2925s that have like their same drop like
2926s they're very familiar with it probably
2928s don't have to like obviously put as much
2929s time into like knowing it or
2931s understanding it so that's gonna play a
2933s factor in like what if they're not
2935s training and working on like aim or
2937s rotation as much if they're just
2938s focusing on the POI like they're gonna
2940s have to put a lot of their energy into
2942s understanding it knowing it so I think
2944s that it will be cool to see if it you
2945s know maybe they're like okay we didn't
2947s touch point on this too much but get
2949s again again because like major major two
2951s is like coming up again like it's right
2954s around the corner and a blink of an eye
2955s it will be here so uh I I just think
2958s that it kind of puts the teams that have
2960s their drop spots set like at an
2962s advantage in the sense versus the teams
2963s that are having to like relearn a new
2965s POI but again these are the best of the
2968s best players so if anybody can do it
2970s they can do it and uh I think we'll see
2972s the b-thon but it will be really fun to
2975s see how it unfolds yeah and Minnie you
2977s touch on the storm surge or not storm
2979s I'm sorry the Storm Circle changes yes
2981s uh talk us through a little bit of that
2984s and maybe just give us your thoughts
2986s yeah so I mean there are storms that
2988s have changed as well due to the you know
2989s the new zones affecting it so it's gone
2990s from 9 to 12 basically so we have now 12
2993s storm circles instead of nine which
2995s makes the mid game a little bit longer
2996s so we have a little bit of a uh more
2999s zones and bigger zones that are then
3001s slowly go into a smaller Zone uh the end
3003s game is quite similar it's a little bit
3005s more fast paced it feels a little bit
3006s like Zone Wars from what I've seen from
3007s a few scrims that I've watched so very
3009s very fast pace you need to be on your
3010s toes for that but the mid game it makes
3012s it a little bit more interesting for
3013s teams that are landing on those Edge
3014s drops because in the past if you don't
3016s pull that first Zone you don't pull that
3017s second Zone you're kind of a little bit
3019s at a disadvantage when you're rotating
3021s it a lot of the teams will just sit and
3022s hold you especially with the you know
3023s the Shockwave families who were able to
3024s get ahead of zone now the zones are a
3026s little bit bigger so first zone is
3028s almost the entire map second Zone just a
3030s little bit closer and again so it's
3031s going to provide a little bit more value
3033s for teams that are landing at those Edge
3035s drops maybe they need a little bit more
3036s time to loot maybe they take a little
3037s bit longer on their loot path from their
3039s surge plan so I'm excited I'm excited to
3041s see which teams will actually benefit
3043s from this will we see teams that are no
3045s longer just relying on the zones I mean
3046s we saw in major one especially day one
3048s of EU we had so many West zones and the
3050s top five were all West teams so it's
3051s like no surprise there but this time
3053s maybe we'll see some teams that are
3054s landing at different areas of the map
3055s benefit from having the zones more
3057s favorable for them um and I like it
3059s because it's not about Zone RNG as much
3061s anymore because that's going to be a
3062s factor but it's not as quite as as
3065s important because like I think Samsung
3066s in some senses like we were like oh yeah
3069s the Zone's falling North this team's
3070s gonna win like yeah it's almost like
3072s automatic but now it kind of has like
3075s more of a fair game in the sense of
3076s being like okay well you have plenty of
3078s time to rotate in like that that
3080s shouldn't be an issue for you so I love
3082s that I think it'll be very fun and I
3084s love that new edition
3085s yeah I can't wait man we're gonna be
3087s talking about so much of this too uh in
3088s the future and of course on the
3090s broadcast there's just so much to unpack
3092s with all of these changes uh really
3095s quickly want to highlight uh we've got
3097s some upcoming tournaments I don't know
3099s if you guys know anything about a couple
3100s of some of these but uh I mean I've
3102s heard there's a reddish Rumble coming up
3105s Jenny yes
3107s on the 16th which is today
3111s um so exciting I think that there's an
3114s amazing amount of players that kind of
3116s blew my mind like the amount of
3117s competitive players uh from euna because
3120s some of the games are EU and some of
3121s them are on it on n a service so uh
3123s you'll have a handful of teams that
3125s actually don't really compete against
3126s each other like in the major events like
3128s playing against each other so I think
3129s that'll be really interesting
3131s um but yeah it's going to be a blast
3133s it's actually co-ed so one girl one guy
3136s on each team uh and I love it I think it
3139s will be very fun
3140s yeah
3142s I mean I love it personally like you
3144s know we're getting loads of new sort of
3145s third party tournaments coming in you
3147s know mixing in with the cash cups in
3148s game and the Victory cups and all that
3150s it's just like so much going on in the
3151s competitive scene and I like these
3152s because it sort of brings the community
3153s together you know maybe you're gonna
3154s play with someone that you've never
3155s played with before earn a bit of cash as
3157s well potentially but most importantly
3158s just have fun yeah yeah I love it I love
3161s it there's a couple more too a for all
3163s you College folks out there we got a
3164s Collegiate tournament coming up I mean
3166s that's absolutely wild we got
3168s PlayStation Cup coming up we got Mama
3170s Benji Trio's cup what the heck there are
3173s so many ways to get involved in all
3175s things fortnite if you want to hop in
3177s you want to compete you want to start
3178s preparing yourself for potentially
3180s moving on up to the fncs maybe I don't
3182s know maybe you just like is let's just
3183s compete I mean there's just so many
3185s different ways to do that and I think
3187s that's gonna be my favorite like a thing
3189s about competitive it's not just evidence
3192s yes just not just that one percent it's
3193s like hey look at all these crazy things
3195s happen all these things going on yeah
3197s you could lead the way right into you
3199s being in the fncs and playing against
3201s these these crazy players like you you
3203s could be the crazy players I just kind
3205s of put in the work play the tournaments
3207s practice enough and it really could be
3209s you yeah I mean big shouts of mountain
3211s Benji Fisher calls Trio cup uh on Friday
3213s that's going to be amazing I'm gonna
3214s play in it actually so uh I'm excited I
3216s think I'm playing with eleven so uh
3219s um I know 11 is a bit of a fortnight
3221s grinder as well so that's always good
3222s but no but you know I love these like
3223s Creator cups as well we've had one uh
3225s with queasy we've had other tournaments
3227s in game which is you know linked to
3228s crazies link to Pro players I love it so
3230s much because it just again brings the
3232s community together it brings faces to uh
3234s to people that maybe don't know maybe
3235s people don't know Mountain fishy but now
3237s she's you know a lot more exposed to a
3239s whole new audience which is amazing and
3240s I think she deserves it she's a great
3242s content creator and I see her play all
3243s the time and she's always grinding the
3244s game so definitely deserves it and I'm
3246s excited to play it so on man I also say
3249s big shout out to uh speaking about the
3251s women in fortnite the world attorney
3253s that just happened it's amazing I was
3254s able to play in it and we also had
3256s um just big to Somerset and Vanessa
3259s Vanessa being newly signed to LG my team
3262s so we're teammates now so you gotta
3264s shout my girl out she did so good her
3267s and Somerset are like a forced to be
3269s reckon with they're crazy cracked at the
3270s game and
3272s um just up and coming like wow like it's
3275s so crazy to see I know
3277s summer has been grinding so so hard and
3280s um I really I want to see her the the
3283s first one with the fncs for sure she
3285s could she made it I believe the final
3287s last season right I believe it was this
3289s is the last Elite cup uh final of the
3290s season so uh she's doing great I mean I
3292s always love watching her streams Vanessa
3294s likewise as well just fantastic comp
3295s players fantastic content creators as
3297s well and I think that's what I really I
3298s respect and appreciate about these two
3300s creators is not only are they able to
3301s balance creating content creating fun
3303s Vibes in their streams also being able
3304s to play at that high level insane it's
3306s not difficult you know it's really not
3307s difficult at all putting in the grind
3308s putting in the hours VOD reviewing
3310s scrims we see them doing it and we see
3311s the results when we when they do play in
3313s these tournaments and you know I mean
3315s they're just dominating on it I think
3316s it's is it's almost that second uh
3318s Championship here so I might be wrong
3320s with that maybe she has like I think one
3323s like this might be her third in a row I
3324s don't want to say that right yeah
3331s he's really good yeah it's it's cool too
3335s just to know like so an Invitational we
3338s had an opportunity to speak with
3339s Somerset on uh the broadcast Vanessa was
3342s interviewed like on the stage and then
3344s now like even on the fncs we talked with
3346s Vanessa and then now come later whoa
3349s they're just like yeah we're just
3350s winning no big deal we're just kind of
3352s some of the best it's just us doing us
3354s you know like it's so sick man uh yeah
3357s there's just so much to be excited about
3358s in the world of fortnite just for
3360s there's like something for everyone out
3362s there right and and we hope that all of
3364s you have of course enjoyed the the
3365s ramblings of us as we uh talk about
3368s crazy things like Vivid just being
3370s thrown uh because Jenny just launched
3372s him because she thought she could yeah I
3374s don't know you know
3378s uh but yeah uh Before We Say Goodbye do
3381s you guys want to maybe closing thoughts
3383s where can people find y'all
3384s yeah so you can find me on Twitter you
3386s can find me on YouTube twitch just uh
3388s search up mini money you should be able
3389s to find me and uh yeah it's been great
3391s to talk to you guys again and I really
3393s enjoyed the podcast I'm excited for this
3394s season as well so make sure to tune into
3396s all of the fncs and all of the the third
3398s party tournaments as well that have
3399s broadcast make sure to watch them and
3401s support because it's what this community
3402s is about isn't it we're about building
3403s each other up we're about making these
3404s events great and I'm excited to see both
3407s in-game and external tournaments survive
3409s this season oh yeah and like I said like
3411s We are family that includes you that is
3413s listening you are in this fortnite
3415s family this talk show like you're just
3417s in a chair sitting over there listening
3419s we're you are a part of the conversation
3421s so thank you for participating in uh
3424s supporting all of us here but um if you
3426s guys ever want to find me anywhere it's
3428s Jenny Smiles on Twitch and then Jenny
3430s Smiles TV on all my other socials but
3433s yeah I was so grateful to be here with
3435s you guys it's so I miss you guys it's so
3437s good to be back with you guys I don't
3439s know I miss you all so much hopefully we
3441s can see each other soon and we can do
3443s more movie Nights because those are
3444s easily highlights
3452s okay anyway uh
3456s I don't want to be broken I need my
3458s hollow bones please uh thank you all so
3461s much for tuning in and again please go
3462s follow these two incredible people
3464s they're amazing and of course thank you
3466s all for tuning in for listening for
3468s watching wherever you're doing that we
3469s appreciate you all so much remember
3471s major two right around the corner and of
3474s course we'll be back with episode four
3475s of the drop spot in just a couple weeks
3476s so until then we love you keep yourself
3478s safe and we'll see you on that battle
3480s bus
3539s foreign
3582s [Music]