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29s de
59s no
89s w
102s [Music]
119s oh
149s a
180s oh
191s [Music]
216s [Music]
239s do
262s [Music]
266s [Applause]
269s com
281s [Music]
283s I
293s [Music]
299s know
306s [Music]
317s [Music]
328s y
354s [Music]
358s on
388s r
391s [Music]
399s [Music]
418s w
448s h
451s [Applause]
454s [Music]
460s yo his palms are sweaty knees weak arms
463s are heavy there's vit on his sweater
465s already mom spaghetti he's nervous but
467s on the surface he looks calm and ready
469s to drop Palms but he keeps on forgetting
472s what he wrote down the whole crowd goes
474s so loud he opens his mouth but the words
477s won't come out he's choking how
479s everybody's choking now the clocks run
481s out time's up over snap back to reality
485s oh there goes gravity oh there goes rity
488s choke he's so mad but he won't give up
490s daddies he know he won't have it he
492s knows his whole backs in these ropes it
494s don't matter he's C he knows that but
496s he's Pro he's so stag that he knows when
498s he goes back to this mobile home that's
500s when it's back to the Laban yo this old
502s rap C he better go capture this moment
504s and hope it don't lose it m in the music
508s the moment you own it you I never let it
510s go you only get one shot do not miss
513s your chance to blow this opportunity
515s comes once in a lifetime
535s you I can swallow up bottle uping up
539s feel like Godzilla better hit the deck
541s like the ciller my whole squads in here
543s walking around the party across between
545s a zombie apocalypse
547s and this beat is cray cray ra h h h
551s laughing all the way to the bank I spray
552s flames and cannot tame a play cake theer
554s you get in my way I'm feed you to the
556s monster I'm normal during the day that
558s night turn to AER when the moon shines
561s like ice trucker I look like aain
566s Bluster
568s monster
570s [Music]
577s happy pack black half of the bad meat
579s that means take a back seat take a back
580s to fat beats with a Max SE single look
582s at my rap sheet when attracts these
583s people is my gangster like a pat she
584s with a cat she jigle chip got a half
587s Cheeto with the V and eliminate him
589s other words I'm in him I don't want to
590s hurt him but I did him in nobody Will's
594s in L obliterating everything ISAT make
596s anybody who want with the p don't nobody
597s want it but they're going to get it
598s anyway I'm beginning to feel like El be
601s the vanilla gorilla you bringing within
602s me out of me you don't want to be the
603s enemy of the demony be enemy what
605s stupidity it be every bit the epit of SP
607s when I'm in the vicinity you better duck
608s you the minut you me 100% was meable you
612s want a battle I'm available I'm blown
614s inflatable I'm undebatable I'm
615s unavoidable I'm unable I'm on the toilet
616s I got a trailer full the money and I'm
617s paid it full I'm not afraid to p man
628s stop
631s [Music]
647s [Music]
655s [Music]
658s yeah
662s [Music]