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3s what's up fortnite fam have you ever
5s tuned into the fncs broadcast and you
7s were unsure what you were looking at
8s well fear not as we have a full
10s breakdown for you starting with the zone
13s indicators
16s zone indicator is located in the bottom
19s right corner of the screen
20s look at the cloud symbol with a
22s lightning bolt this identifies the
24s current storm phase there are nine
26s phases of the storm
28s directly to the right of this indicator
31s there is another symbol next to a timer
34s the symbol rotates between a clock and a
36s cloud the clock means that the storm is
38s still the cloud means that the storm is
41s moving
42s after the sixth storm phase there is no
45s longer a still period zones seven to
48s nine immediately start moving
49s [Music]
51s storm surge occurs at three different
53s times in a match the third fifth and
55s seventh zones there are also warning
57s periods in each zone before storm surge
60s begins
61s it can be complicated but all you need
63s to know is that if you're below the
64s damage threshold you need to do some
67s more damage to get yourself to safety
69s the damage threshold is different in
71s each level it is determined by the
73s amount of damage a team has dealt the
75s exact number a team is above or below
78s can be found on the right side of the
79s screen just above the minimap
82s once storm surge begins the teams with
84s the least amount of damage in the lobby
86s will begin to be hit with storm surge
88s storm surge will remain active until the
91s player count drops to the number
92s corresponding with each zone third zone
95s is 70 players fifth zone is 50 players
97s and seventh zone is 30 players once the
101s player count reaches each respective
102s number storm surge turns off
106s if you're watching a broadcast or a
108s stream in a different language and can't
110s tell if they're above or below the
112s damage threshold the text will always be
114s shown below the blue icon if they're
116s below and above if they're above
120s something that's been recently added is
122s the team rankings indicator in the
123s bottom left corner of the screen
125s this indicator gives you a live update
127s of the players ranking while the game is
129s in progress
130s you can also see the live rankings
132s during the wide angle shots of the
133s action as it unfolds
135s you may also notice a beam of light over
137s a team
138s this indicates that they are the top
140s team within that tournament the cool
142s thing is it will continue to update as
144s the game progresses
146s [Music]
147s lastly we have to quickly talk about the
149s new placement change feature on the
151s leaderboard
152s in seasons past we had no indication on
154s how much the leaderboard shifted game to
156s game with this new addition we not only
159s know if a team has risen or fallen on
161s the leaderboard we also know by how much
166s these incredible features allow you to
168s experience the action from the comfort
169s of your own space we hope to see you in
172s the chat throughout this fncs season
174s until next time we'll see you on the
177s battle bus
180s [Music]
193s you