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Next gen consoles have arrived! With their release, please remember to include what platform you are playing on when posting any bug reports.

This will help the Fortnite Team to investigate issues in a swift manner. Thanks!


  1. Post any bugs or feedback about playing Battle Royale on your new Xbox Series X|S here
  2. Be sure to describe any issues clearly, and link to any relevant media or posts
  3. This post will be kept up-to-date with workarounds where available, and with any known issues stated by Epic



⚠️ Issue: Settings will not transfer from Xbox One

  • Xbox Series and Xbox One settings are independent of one another
  • Locker Presets are shared across all platforms
  • Take a screenshot of your old settings page if you have custom keybinds

⚠️ Issue: Unable to play Competitive

  • Epic tweeted that Tournaments are temporarily unavailable on Xbox Series or PS5
  • Arena playlists will still be available



Please use r/Fortnite or r/FortniteCreative for reporting Save The World and Creative Mode issues
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Originally posted by Bubsy777

I have an Xbox elite series v1 controller. The game doesn't register the right d-pad button presses. That's where I bound my jump paddle and it won't work anymore. I tried binding other actions and nothing works on the right d-pad.

Thanks for the report /u/Bubsy777, we'll shoot this over to our QA team for investigation.