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283s hello there fortnite fans welcome into
286s the drop spot bringing you all things
287s fortnite competitive a talk show you'd
290s love to see it lots to break down for
292s you this week and I'm joined by two good
294s friends of mine because smart to my face
296s each time I'm in the same vicinity as
298s them the almighty Vivid and mini Miner
300s I'm not joking either Lads I'd love to
302s see you only earlier recently within
304s Grand finals now reunited here on the
306s drop spot uh Vivid minimano who if
309s there's somebody out there doesn't know
310s who you are I mean I don't know what's
311s going on because everyone at this point
312s around the world should know exactly
314s what there's the superstars like you're
316s like Hollywood in fortnite style
319s um but if they don't know exactly who
320s you are uh Vivid mini give us a bit of a
322s rundown on uh your history in fortnite
324s uh and how you came to be on the show uh
327s assembly put I am a very happy man
329s because I'm talking to Adam and Minnie
332s about all the things Friday uh no one
334s more seriously um I used to play
335s fortnite competitive a long time ago uh
338s starting to get some gray hairs and some
339s wrinkles in that regard basically ended
342s up becoming too washed and hopped on the
343s analytical train so now you can find me
346s on all things kind of related to that
347s kind of stuff
349s yeah I'm not I didn't quite make it as
350s far as Vivid in terms of fortnite
351s competitive uh didn't quite make the
353s World Cup but uh for me I just played
355s the game ever since the beginning I used
356s to play custom games in my community
358s sort of grew my YouTube channel and
359s start streaming the game and stuff like
361s that and now here I am on the uh the
363s analyst desk on the main broadcast as
364s well just like Vivid so it's great to be
365s with you guys in great chat as always
367s always great to chat and it's lovely to
369s for you listeners as well here just to
370s kind of catch up with with the with the
372s with the gang and just break everything
373s down really lots to talk about on the
375s show this week uh we're talking about
377s ranked mode obviously announced during
378s Grand finals uh console cup as well lots
381s of lots of out there as well as Grand
383s finals which happen only recently and uh
385s just talking about everything uh that we
387s saw in those uh those two days 12 games
390s which was just absolutely unbelievable
392s so much to digest there uh let's jump
394s into ranked first though I want to talk
396s about that kind of initial reactions
397s here because I remember being there kind
399s of on the show kind of talking to you
400s know um with Zeke as well talking about
402s kind of all the thing coming uh you know
404s fortnite players way uh with a different
407s ranks you can get all the way up to
408s Unreal
410s um initial reactions uh Vivid kick us
413s off here what was your first thoughts
414s when you heard about rank mode yeah I
416s mean hey excited right that was pretty
418s much what I was feeling
420s um the fact that there are these things
422s that players of all levels can work to
424s address whatever rank you are you can
426s always work up to that next level make
428s sure that you always have something to
429s grind for that's really the goal for a
432s lot of these players I want to hop in
434s and be able to play ranked and that's
435s the thing as well like now all players
437s can kind of feel like they can hop in
438s and kind of go towards something have a
440s goat or something so overall I think
442s it's a really really good addition to
443s fortnite
444s yeah I agree it just makes those games a
446s little bit more competitive it makes
448s something on the line it makes for some
449s interesting end games as well some
451s exciting end games for streamers to play
452s and uh for viewers to watch as well I've
454s been hopping into it as well myself
455s really enjoying it especially the zero
457s build mode as well which has been
458s introduced it's so much fun
461s dude I I've been captivated by by the
464s streams I'm literally jumping in because
465s you can see that it gets you know it
467s gets it gets quite intense because you
468s know obviously if you lose games you
470s don't get the eliminations you start
471s talking to your percentage starts to
472s fall you might fall out of that yeah
474s that particular Rank and it gets you
475s know you can you can feel the players
477s that wanting so desperately and all the
479s fans as well in the community you want
480s to see them succeed and kind of Rise as
482s quickly as they can to the top but
484s um you can really feel I mean with a
485s percentage aspect as well here going up
487s and down a bit it kind of adds a real
488s kind of uh you know kind of intensity
490s factor as you talked about here like
491s thinking about you know please let me
494s stay in this rank don't let me drop out
496s of it you know it's it's it is fun to
498s watch as well it adds an extra level of
501s intensity right something they'll work
503s towards every single game not only like
504s overall as like an overall goal but
506s every single game matters so much
507s because of those percentages you don't
509s want to go down off spawn so you can
511s kind of hop into a game and you'll feel
513s that intensity throughout but then also
515s kind of hop into a stream right and see
517s the streamers no matter what point that
519s they're at or whatever content creation
521s point that they're at throughout that
523s game you know it matters right you can
525s hop in just be like oh my gosh at this
527s point they can't go down and stuff like
528s that so it's really really fun
530s yeah no it is and it changes the
532s decision making as a player at a macro
534s at a micro level as well particularly
536s where to drop where to when to make the
537s decisions do we fight this team do we
539s rotate this way I remember when we used
540s to play Irene with Vivid we used to just
542s you know sit in the corner and Vivi
543s would just go 1v3 everyone which uh went
545s well most of the time but of course you
547s wouldn't really want to do that in ranks
548s nowadays because it doesn't quite work
550s out that way because you know we want to
551s keep we want to keep in our rank we want
552s to stay in a good rank so no it does
554s change the decision making a lot and
555s it's really interesting to make that uh
558s an option for people to play all the
559s time it's not just tournaments where you
560s have to make this decision it's now
561s ranked as well
563s yeah I think I think it's a great
564s addition the fact that you can hear kind
565s of rise up the ranks and different
566s access to different kind of rewards and
567s and competitions such as well for you
569s know whatever kind of rank you are I
570s think it's I think it's really enticing
572s for the kind of casual players as well
574s um but yeah let's let's talk let's be
575s completely open here for a second okay
576s this is a note where this is a this is a
578s night this is a happy place and we can
580s share right now our current ranks okay
581s I'll go first because I know for a fact
583s that I'm gonna have without a doubt the
585s lowest rank here and every listener is
587s going yep that's probably right next to
588s the million divid okay I jumped into a
590s couple of games of Duos I'm rocking
592s silver three baby silver three massive
595s that's where I'm at uh Vivid where are
597s you honestly uh when it comes to Iraq
599s thank you thank you I'm having you know
601s I'm laughing at Adam over here you know
602s it's silver three and um listen I I have
605s a confession to make Adam uh you are
607s actually a higher rank than me right now
609s because I you know dancing right I've
611s been I've been bedridden I'm jet lagged
613s I have been hardly on my computer
614s computer and you know rank just came out
616s about a week ago I haven't been able to
618s get on yet so I gotta tip my hat off to
620s Adam he's currently high rank than me
622s he's bronze he's bronze he's trying to
624s he's trying to he's trying to mask
625s exactly
630s bronze three I know how it feels uh I I
633s unfortunately uh for you Adam I'm not a
635s lower rank than you um I've been playing
637s a little bit I've played a little bit of
638s zero build and build currently plat two
640s and build currently Diamond two in zero
643s build I think so uh yeah unfortunately
645s I'm the higher rank but you need to hire
647s me again is that what it is I do because
649s I need yeah we need to we need to play
651s we need to play together like what's
652s going on I'd love to but you're both
655s you're both looking thinking maybe let's
657s not invite Adam to that let's just let
659s him just watch maybe and just kind of
661s watching the sidelines and I get it I
663s understand yeah um but you know in terms
664s of ranked itself as well uh you know it
666s definitely encourages kind of more
668s casual players to get involved um do you
670s think the Met has changed a lot in
672s ranked compared to the previous
673s tournaments and how how players are able
675s to do things in-game as well Vivid oh
677s yeah I mean 100 right like many of us
679s kind of talking about Arena and that was
681s kind of the competitive playlist prior
683s but now the competitive playlist will be
684s ranked and we pretty much have a uniform
686s game now across the two Gamers when it
689s comes to the the regular games and those
691s competitive games so definitely The Meta
693s has shifted there's a bunch of items
695s that are now kind of in ranked and a lot
698s of meta is kind of based on which items
699s that you actually are able to pick up so
701s a lot for the competitive side when it
703s comes to the players to kind of adapt to
705s right now yeah there definitely is of
707s course we have vehicles we have NPCs we
709s have heavy snipers grenades all these
711s items that competitive players weren't
712s necessarily used to before so it
713s definitely throws a whole new spanner in
714s the works and of course this is season
716s zero for ranked as well so I'm sure
717s we'll be expecting some change some
719s updates some cool new additions to
720s ranked as well so uh I'm personally very
722s excited I'm loving it so far
724s yeah me too I think it'd be good to see
726s exactly how things on fire yeah every
729s time I see someone tweet out saying that
730s yeah they've made it to unreal I
732s literally I stood there you go ggs it's
734s like a little clap thinking that is that
735s I just know how hard the grind is and
738s you kind of appreciate and kind of think
739s that is I mean Vivid do you think are
741s you gonna go for it are you gonna go I
743s can see you kind of I can see you kind
744s of thinking that yeah your palms getting
745s clammy they're thinking I could just
747s jump back in I could just get me some
748s unreal some unreal action ASAP listen
751s I'm motivated I'm down to get unreal
753s right there are those rewards that kind
755s of you know go ahead and actually obtain
757s when it comes to uh each competitive
759s season like many mentioned this is like
761s the first rendition of it so you know
763s being able to get unreal on the first
766s you know ranked session of this would be
768s like kind of be having that like OG
770s aspect right if you you have it you get
772s that uh reward from getting unreal then
774s you kind of have it forever so Hey
776s listen I'm down I need to hire Adam to
778s carry me you know he has a higher rank
779s than me so
781s yes that silver it does go crazy you
783s know Adam I mean we played Adam actually
784s when we were last in uh in Copenhagen
786s for the fncs and we were getting dubs
788s right okay well you say we were you you
791s were there and I was I was spectating
792s chopping up a tree but I I appreciate
794s the zero build in zero yeah
797s well that didn't happen yeah hey I love
800s them trees you love them trees uh I
802s can't get enough uh but yeah ranked is
804s out there right now I hope you guys
805s enjoying that and uh are rising the
807s ranks and uh getting all your way up
809s towards you know maybe to Silver three
811s where I'm at maybe maybe or platinum and
813s Diamond are Beyond as likes the rest of
815s the team have let's talk about actually
817s Champions Cup as well here obviously
819s adopting uh the ranked uh rules as well
822s I think that's really interesting that
823s we have that um have the the same rules
826s going into the console Championship
827s which seems to have been a really well
828s received uh kind of um cut the players
831s are looking forward to jumping into and
833s getting their hands up yeah I mean first
835s and foremost right it's more competition
837s always love to have these events going
839s on because you know whenever you're
841s watching fortnite I'm a very competitive
843s minded person I love to be able to just
845s hop on and watch all the competitive
847s events that are happening so the more of
848s them the merrier that I specifically uh
851s will always be but yeah specifically the
853s CCC it's always a very very fun event
855s obviously the console players get a huge
857s chunk of money to fight for and then we
859s got some of those other competitive big
861s names that we all love and know kind of
863s hopping over to console to compete in
865s that as well yeah 250 000 price put
869s across all regions it is a big event and
871s as you mentioned a great opportunity for
873s console players that maybe don't play as
874s many tournaments to have their own
876s dedicated tournament to test their
877s skills against some of the other players
878s you mentioned we do get some of our top
880s tier Pros coming over onto console as
883s well I know queasy is one of you console
884s cups in the past as well which is always
886s interesting to see those keyboard and
888s mouse players actually making their way
890s over to the console uh and trying their
892s hand it it is a little bit different
893s there's a little bit sort of a different
894s feel to it when you do play keyboard and
896s mouse I've played a couple myself and it
898s is a little bit different but for those
900s players that do want to join her hop
901s over and and play in these cups it's
903s always a blaster watch
905s it's all it really is always a blast to
907s watch I mean 250 000 as well is as you
909s said like it's an enormous amount of
911s money across all regions uh and great as
913s well I think the fact that you can the
914s console players have their own chances
916s in a season as well to kind of you know
918s rise the range if it wasn't for mini as
920s well you know recently lonely mere
922s control that yeah I I'm a controller guy
925s um yeah no chance on keyboard mouse
926s there but yeah I think uh yeah I'm I'm
928s kind of I'm already gassed about it as
930s well with it yeah it's awesome and I
932s want to kind of put on on the idea that
934s Minnie was kind of point out that it's
935s not actually easy to make that
936s adjustment switching back over to
938s console right you know when some of
939s these big name players have to switch
941s over there's a whole new bunch of
943s settings that you have to kind of adapt
944s to and then when it comes to your
945s peripherals specifically right they're a
948s little bit different I just saw Veno
950s tweeted out this week that he you know
952s basically wasn't streaming because he
953s was grinding console so these top name
956s players literally have to go ahead and
957s like grind like they're preparing for
959s like an F in CS to just kind of get used
961s to those settings when it comes to this
962s competition so it just kind of adds that
964s extra layer when it comes to the level
966s that these players are playing at but
969s those that don't have to adjust as much
970s though are the controller players now
972s control players usually have a better
973s time in these console cups because even
975s though they might come from PC 240 hertz
977s monitors you know it's 240 FPS setups
980s they can actually make that adjustment a
981s lot easier because of course the
983s controller is a little bit more native
984s to console that's kind of how usually
986s people play and interact with their
987s consoles so I think a lot of the top
989s tier keyboard and mouse players that we
990s see queasy Veno those sort of uh players
992s will try and pick up a controller player
994s whether that be originally from console
996s or one of their friends that do already
997s play PC and bring them over to console
999s because usually they have a better time
1001s so usually it's the it's the controller
1003s players that are at the top of these
1004s leaderboards but of course when you're
1005s when your name's queasy or Veno you
1007s usually still sneak your way up there I
1010s mean I think you're right I mean you
1012s know ingredients key ingredients as well
1013s to winning this you know when it comes
1015s to the console uh Champions Cup like
1016s what do you think Vivid is the way to do
1018s this how do you how do you master the
1020s the crazy new meta
1022s oh man that's a that's a tall question
1025s you know listen it's just all about
1026s playing right like who who's been
1028s grinding the most right we're all
1030s talking about getting unreal or what
1031s about just getting the practice in for
1033s for the the actual competition itself
1037s whoever's spending the time it's going
1039s to pay off yeah it is and what better
1041s than to play some ranks and try and
1043s grind on the settings that will be in
1044s the tournament which is always useful
1046s and of course for those players that can
1048s adapt to the change of course we have a
1049s few changes coming coming through of
1051s course we have the odm gear as well who
1053s can make the most of those mobilities
1054s that's what it's all about and for those
1056s that have already played the round so
1057s far they're finding that success and
1059s it's working well
1060s this really really are they really are I
1062s mean we should talk we should talk about
1063s you know you mentioned success there
1064s mini as well and I I we have to talk
1067s about all the kind of all the the wild
1069s stuff that happened uh across Grand
1071s finals uh Chapter Four Season Two
1073s recently uh we were all luckily there we
1075s were very fortunate to be there in the
1077s studio breaking like watching it live
1078s together which was such a such a fun
1080s experience some of the great things is
1081s actually being together and you know
1083s kind of watching all the action unfold
1085s and we've got to talk about you know the
1087s the EU first and foremost we mentioned
1089s queasy already but and veno2 but what an
1092s unbelievable performance these two put
1094s in there you know you know getting a
1096s victory Royale in any of these
1097s competitions when the lobbies are so
1099s stacked with the best the best players
1101s in the region do they come Grand finals
1102s when all the qualifications happen and
1104s you've got the best of the best of that
1105s season
1106s um you know six wins out of 12. five in
1109s a row it it's almost I mean this is a
1112s record that I cannot imagine being
1114s broken anytime soon because they've set
1116s such a a landmark Milestone there David
1119s I just don't yeah I mean how they're
1121s just the Unstoppable we kept every every
1124s single time it happened we just kind of
1125s stood there with our Jaws to the floor
1127s thinking they've done it again
1129s yeah it was just like game after game
1131s right I kept kept tuning in and it was
1133s like oh my gosh they're poised to Win It
1135s Again they're poisoning again again
1137s again I like like what was happening
1139s over on EA but the sentiment for me is
1142s finally right I feel like I've seen
1143s queasy and Veno at the top of so many
1146s prediction lists when it comes to season
1147s after season even Invitational and they
1150s just oh they just came up short just a
1152s couple of times but finally they found
1155s themselves first place of an fncs and
1157s mini they they did it in a fashion that
1159s like like Adam was saying
1161s record-breaking performance like people
1163s are gonna talk about this forever yeah
1166s you can't say they didn't deserve it you
1168s know they they definitely deserved it
1170s six out of the 12 games they managed to
1172s get a victory Royale I think what I
1173s really love about Cuisine Veno is they
1176s have an identity they have a play style
1178s that they've mastered over the the
1180s seasons that they've played of course
1181s working with blood X as well just you
1183s can actually look at an end game you can
1185s look at a drone shot of an end game and
1186s you could blank out all the players
1187s names if you look at the teams all the
1189s way up on top you could probably say who
1191s that actually is because it's always
1192s Cuisine Meadow and when they're in that
1194s position they always succeed and we saw
1196s it again even off spawn they were doing
1197s such a great job getting surge tanks
1199s setting themselves up for success I
1201s don't think I've ever seen such a
1203s perfect performance from a team in a
1205s grand finals in all of the fncs's I've
1207s watched they would I I think you're
1209s absolutely right they were they were so
1211s dominant that it was just a memorable
1213s performance there which just kind of you
1214s know no one could no one could keep up
1216s essentially just too just too darn good
1217s but Global championships later on this
1219s year I'm looking forward to seeing
1220s exactly what they have in their locker
1221s and what they can bring to the party as
1223s well there but you know let's talk about
1225s some of the other Duos as well who did
1226s unbelievably well yeah malibucca and
1228s Thomas HD you know came in third despite
1230s you know being contested they had I
1232s think it was I think they got eliminated
1234s four times off spawn you know yo that is
1237s a mighty feat having already qualified
1239s as well still managing to sustain and
1241s get into that third position Vivid that
1242s is an unbelievable achievement for them
1245s both listen a little bit of a heart take
1246s here right I had an internal kind of
1248s debate in myself I was like you know the
1251s cuisine Veno performance was that that
1253s was extraordinary right but
1255s Thomas HD and malibuco was theirs like
1257s even more so impressive in some regards
1260s because even after day number one they
1262s were in eighth place and that was when
1264s they had actually gone down I'll spawn
1265s four times so they had only played out
1268s two games during day number one out of
1270s those six games and they were still in
1272s eighth place and I was like whoa like
1274s already that's impressive and then for
1276s them to finish out the fncs in third
1279s place after that that day one
1281s performance oh my goodness like their
1283s performance alone I really feel like
1285s almost competes with the record-breaking
1287s performance of Cuisine Veno almost I
1290s wouldn't quite go as far to say that
1292s it's beating it I would say that they
1293s had a very very good performance it is
1295s very close they performed very well and
1297s a lot a lot of that is down to the fact
1299s of course they go for those pulse rifles
1301s that uh the floating island the rift
1302s Island they're always trying to go for
1304s that whether whenever they are alive in
1305s that later stage of the lobby and I
1307s think day number two they were a little
1308s bit it wasn't quite as much action or
1310s spawn I think they realized they were
1311s kind of getting third-partied a lot so
1313s they ended up kind of splitting off a
1314s little bit and trying to loot different
1315s areas so they definitely weren't as
1317s directly as contested as they were in
1318s day one but by no means taking away from
1321s their performance it was absolutely
1322s unbelievable this is a Duo that's
1323s already qualified to Global
1325s championships via major number one so
1327s it's almost very easy to take your foot
1328s off the gas and we didn't see that
1330s either with mustache and taste in second
1331s place as well another team that has
1333s already qualified yet still continues to
1335s dominate no matter what just shows how
1337s professional these teams are and even
1339s under the horrible circumstances of
1341s being contested in Grand finals a third
1343s place is just out of this world
1345s is is absolutely out of this world and
1347s it's so dangerous and I'm glad you
1349s mentioned you know Mr I'm so used to
1350s saying Malibu for a mustache uh I know
1352s yeah yeah we have a mustache and Tyson
1355s that consistency we always talk about
1357s and how you know able to con you know
1358s consistency deliver how the you know the
1360s meta might change from season to season
1362s but always managing to find their way
1364s and find it getting into the top spots
1365s as well Vivid it's it's one of these
1367s things that you cannot help but just
1369s kind of Marvel at because it's it's so
1370s unbelievably impressive yeah and that's
1372s the thing that I really like about the
1374s the major format that we have each of
1377s them leading up in the global
1378s championships because again we're
1379s talking about two teams Jason mustache
1381s Thomas and malibucca both of which have
1383s been qualified the global since major
1385s number one so you know like many
1387s mentioned it's very very easy for these
1388s those to kind of take the foot of the
1390s gas because they're like oh listen well
1391s we're already qualified for the biggest
1392s event in the year but no the
1395s competitiveness the competitive minded
1396s players that we have competing in the
1399s game they always want to do their best
1401s and the fact that both of the teams
1402s still got top three and major number two
1405s you know it's kind of like this little
1406s step stepping stone right we get to
1408s watch them kind of evolve from each
1410s major to major the major leading up into
1412s the global Championship it just creates
1414s storylines
1415s yeah that's so good they didn't just
1417s need to qualify once they just qualified
1418s twice you know through major one and
1419s major two they you know they were in
1420s that top five major two as well again
1422s why not but of course it does like make
1424s some spots available for people down
1426s below as well so some other teams that
1427s of course went through of course setting
1429s Cali vaniak Kami as well I dropped Mappy
1431s what a cougar what a crazy story that
1433s was as well by the way I contested Anvil
1435s drop spot a team that had sort of you
1437s know been developing throughout the
1438s season looking good and still managed to
1440s qualify to the global championships I'm
1442s excited to see how they perform of
1443s course flaky flaky and gripsy that's the
1445s new and grippy and flixie that's uh
1447s that's the one good old flaky flikey
1449s that's the new one for me no grippy and
1451s flixie that is a Duo that I've been
1452s looking at a lot this season and they
1453s definitely deserve it as well
1455s yeah the I mean the leaderboard for us
1456s we saw queasy and then it was so
1458s dominant in that in across the finals
1460s weekend but it was great to see the
1461s leaderboard was was you know
1462s flip-flopping all the time considering
1463s that you know some teams had qualified
1464s and that would really shake things up
1466s but you mentioned uh gripy and flixie
1468s there as well Vivid what makes them such
1469s a compelling Duo to watch as well yeah
1471s listen there's a lot going on in the
1473s store first and foremost it's just got
1475s to be the consistency right they were
1477s pretty good at getting to the end game
1479s almost every single game getting top 10
1482s in a bunch of their games and you know
1483s Minnie actually pointed out something uh
1485s while we were watching the fncs that was
1487s a was a good strategy for this Duo yeah
1490s I mean day one ended and uh we all you
1492s know we all got back and I actually
1493s thought you know let me have a little
1494s look at some vods from some of our top
1496s teams to see what we want to talk about
1497s going into day number two and I hopped
1499s into the uh the vods of gripy and flixie
1501s and they were doing some really
1502s interesting things of course getting so
1503s much Serge or spawn doing a great job at
1505s that at Mega City it's fairly simple to
1506s do that with all the big buildings but
1508s they were actually going all the way
1509s into the storm deep into storm to pick
1511s up some spare kinetic blades from
1513s kenjutsu Crossing so it just gave them
1516s this kinetic blade every single game
1518s which offered them so much flexibility
1519s in mid game allow them to rotate so
1521s easily in end game and just assisted
1524s their strategy which of course they're
1525s so good at already and it's these little
1527s strats these little techniques that the
1529s teams use that really set them apart and
1531s it's really what qualified into Global
1533s championships
1534s yeah the kinetic blades obviously it's
1536s actually an integral part of rotations
1538s throughout the course of the entire
1539s season but just yeah it's just every
1541s single time the end game a few teams
1543s left just hearing that constant like
1545s it's just wild that sound effect will
1548s live with me forever and I'm I'm happy
1550s for that to happen
1551s um but you know felixi and grappy aside
1553s we won one region as well that obviously
1554s you were a major part of as well
1555s watching was the kind of the
1557s collaboration now um nae and na West
1559s coming together for NAC uh for chapter
1561s four season two uh Dukes and edgy with
1564s the the victory it was so tight
1567s comparatively to EU I mean we've had you
1570s know the last game was a Difference
1571s Maker there but edgy having finished
1573s second four times third two times gets
1577s the championship what a what a way to do
1579s it as well you know listen I was talking
1581s about crazy and Veno finally kind of
1583s getting their win rate they've been in
1584s on the Hub of the prediction list a lot
1587s but edgy you know the finally is really
1590s over here right like Adam mentioned he's
1592s gotten second and third so many times
1593s when it comes to those F and cs's you
1596s know pairing up with the Dukes now
1597s worked very very well this this season
1599s and yeah it was just all down to that
1601s last game kind of flipped the switch
1603s when it comes over from e or right e it
1604s was kind of like a blowout we knew who
1606s was going to win that the entire time
1607s but no over on N A it came down to that
1609s last game particularly when it comes to
1611s those global Championship spots as well
1613s getting top three was what was needed
1616s and that was not decided until the last
1618s game I think you know like the top seven
1620s all of them people were you know in
1623s contention for actually qualifying for
1625s globals it was so close so intense
1628s anyone could win it I was personally on
1629s the edge of my seat and I was just
1631s watching I mean it must have been
1632s amazing to sort of see it all go down in
1634s game as well as in the studio as well
1636s watching it all uh transpire it was such
1638s a close battle and I mean even Miro and
1640s Cooper coming second place I think Mira
1643s at the beginning of the Season he wasn't
1644s actually going to play this fncs but he
1646s ended up picking Cooper via a coin flip
1648s I'm hearing so that is an interesting
1650s way of picking a Giovanna it I mean it's
1653s mirror in a nutshell isn't it nutshell
1655s just just I mean the thing is the guys
1657s the guys yeah the accolades you know are
1659s spread far and wide what what he's
1661s managed to do uh season upon season in
1663s the game but yeah I think yeah it does
1664s it wouldn't surprise me Vivid if that
1666s was the case it was simply down to a
1667s coin flip and that's exactly just how
1669s things unfolded yeah no 100 so the story
1672s there is you know obviously you know
1674s Mira was considering retiring at the
1676s beginning of the Season everybody
1677s thought he was kind of done him and
1679s Bugis but that was you know that was
1680s kind of like the big storyline over on n
1682s a and then yeah I guess Miro was like
1685s you know what listen I might as well
1686s play some for like a bit of any damn
1688s coupon he was like all right listen flip
1690s a coin and if you know you get it right
1692s then we can be Duos and it was Tails
1694s flipped it boom got tails and yeah they
1697s just started the duo based off of that
1699s and I love to kind of watches they would
1700s develop I've tuned into some of Cooper's
1702s dreams and you know he's very very smart
1704s a lot of his calls I get to watch if
1706s some of these competitions are very very
1707s smart and then paired up with the Miro
1709s who's been playing the game for so long
1710s like Adam has mentioned also very very
1712s smart so it just added up quality for
1714s globals and now Mira who thought he was
1716s going to be retiring is now going to an
1718s international event at the end of the
1719s year it's crazy and I'm excited to see
1722s how they perform of course Cooper one of
1723s the upcoming players in the n a region
1725s another one Poyo and sphinx they
1727s qualified in the third place as well of
1728s course poya playing with Booga at the
1730s beginning of the Season then things
1731s didn't quite work out and now poy has
1733s come out played with uh Sphinx and now
1735s of course qualified to Global
1736s championships actually Google not quite
1737s making it into that top three so Hoya
1740s has actually worked out better in that
1741s instance so I'm excited to see them
1743s perform as well I I'm massively am I
1745s think interesting as well obviously we
1747s have Global championships around the
1749s corner and we all know that is going to
1750s be one that you do not want to miss and
1752s speaking of which uh fncs Global
1754s Championship tickets are actually life
1756s the sale is live you can get your
1758s tickets right now uh the global
1760s Championship will take place from
1761s October 13th to October 15th 2023 you
1765s can make sure to secure your spot before
1766s it's gone at fn.gg forward slash tickets
1769s that's FN dot DG forward slash tickets
1773s it is going to be an absolute weekend to
1776s remember we were all very fortunate to
1778s be present there at Invitational and we
1779s have some of the greatest memories ever
1781s I think we can all agree here it was
1783s something else I even think about just
1785s just to talk about acre and edgy a
1786s second ago there as well I remember all
1787s the different players coming out uh kind
1789s of doing the introductions to the to the
1791s you know the fans everyone's screaming
1792s in the audience and I don't know why I
1794s remember this but I remember Acorn like
1795s he was one of the few that kind of did
1797s this kind of like almost like a
1798s something like a skateboard movie this
1800s kind of like Ollie jumping up in the air
1802s as if I mean moments like that capturing
1805s them live as well I mean I mean fncs
1807s Global Championship is going to be it's
1809s going to be Unforgettable isn't it uh
1810s you know I've said it uh not like you
1814s know not a lot of people will know this
1815s but I've said it to a couple of people
1816s and I've been to a couple of events in
1819s my fortnite career most of them were as
1821s a player an Invitational was kind of the
1822s first one I was actually able to go to
1824s as an analyst and you know whether it
1827s was I was able to just maybe like I was
1829s a lot less stressed watching some of the
1830s games but I truly believe that the
1832s imitational was the best in-person event
1835s I've ever been at when it comes to The
1836s Vibes
1838s um how everything was set up I just had
1839s the most fun at Invitational so I'm
1842s looking forward to globals and you know
1844s what kind of caught me jarnley right
1845s there Adam was that you said Acorn and
1847s edgy and the thing is like oh well you
1849s know now it's obviously Acorn we get so
1851s used to saying Duo names and that's the
1853s cool thing as well when it comes to
1854s story lines from Invitational to now
1856s global championships later this year is
1858s we'll have to see like which Duos kind
1860s of switch up or which those have kind of
1862s stayed together so that will just make
1864s it all the more fun yeah I I completely
1867s agree it was also my first event my
1869s first in-person event as an analyst and
1871s oh boy was it so much fun there were
1873s three main big things I picked up from
1875s it that I really enjoyed the first thing
1876s seeing all the different regions come
1878s together and compete that was amazing
1879s the second thing seeing the Brazilian
1881s fans they were going absolutely crazy
1883s just by our analyst desk as well I could
1884s just about make him out and they were
1886s just screaming the whole time and the
1887s third thing peelys people love dressing
1890s up as peelys and I saw four peelys
1892s walking along and I thought you guys
1893s look amazing so I hope to see more of
1895s that in global championships because uh
1897s yeah please dress up as peonies
1898s everybody can go yep
1902s four pilies make a right that's what
1904s everyone says yeah that's what it is I
1905s think I think that's a classic old adage
1907s uh but uh yeah it's our available make
1910s sure to check it out if you can go do so
1912s because it undoubtedly were the players
1913s there everything will be they're the
1915s fans it's going to be a fantastic ride
1916s indeed uh one thing guys we we've kind
1919s of integrated into into this fabulous uh
1922s talk show here the drop spot is we like
1924s to have our guests on and we like to do
1925s a little a little quiz little fun little
1927s quiz ask some questions have some fun
1930s one of you feels enormously shooting by
1932s the end of it can't get the questions
1933s but we thought this would be really fun
1935s for you guys going head to head would
1936s you are you down for this oh 100 I'm
1938s downtown I'm embarrass myself
1941s what's the problem okay The Price is
1943s Right yeah this is all about Pride now
1946s okay uh what we're gonna do ask ask a
1947s question to each third to mini into
1949s Vivid and all for all our listeners as
1950s well you guys can play along so you can
1951s get things correct as well have a guess
1953s and see if you get it right and see how
1954s many points you can get by the end of
1955s this I'll ask you both a multiple choice
1956s question each I'm gonna ask you a direct
1958s question about the region that you've
1959s the most associated with recently each
1961s and then we'll ask two questions which
1963s are basically the closest person to it
1965s gets the point okay really
1966s straightforward all right here we go I
1968s need some kind of music next time
1970s cool music okay I could just do my own
1973s now there we go right mini we're going
1976s to start with you my friend we're gonna
1977s start with you okay here we go multiple
1979s choice question okay and obviously
1981s listeners you can play along as well
1982s here we go
1983s how long does it take for a capture
1986s point to be claimed 40 45 or 50 that's
1992s five zero seconds 40 45 or 50 seconds
1996s how long does it take for a capture
1997s point to be claimed good luck there's
2000s not much difference between 40 45 and 50
2003s is that before you asked that question I
2005s was thinking it's around 45 seconds so
2007s you just gave me every option around 45
2009s seconds which doesn't really help
2013s um I've done a lot of these I've done a
2015s lot of capture points they're really
2016s good loot and if you haven't done one
2017s definitely do it especially when you're
2019s capturing it it does it really does it's
2021s like five out there for ages so yeah
2024s eternity is not an option is it no uh
2026s that wasn't one of the choices it wasn't
2027s okay uh I'm gonna go with 45 seconds
2031s okay David accuracy what would you have
2034s said
2035s um 45
2037s the correct answer is in fact 45 seconds
2039s well done Minnie well done my friend
2041s love that 45 seconds 1.2 million if
2044s you've got a correct listening as well
2046s well done you if you got it wrong
2048s oh well okay uh next up we move on to
2051s the second question uh question uh for
2055s vivid now this is for you uh
2056s specifically Vivid uh let's have uh
2059s let's see if we get this correct okay
2060s question for vivid for to you need this
2062s for a point to catch up with uh how long
2065s does it take for a combat cash to open
2068s how long does it take for a combat cash
2071s to open is it 40 45 or 55 zero seconds
2076s same options that we have for many but
2079s 40 45 or 50 how long does it take for a
2082s combat cash to open uh an eternity
2086s again that was not one of the options
2089s okay well surely we're just like I mean
2092s obviously it's around 45 seconds right
2093s like this I'm gonna use the same like
2096s thinking that many used and I'm just
2098s gonna go with the 45 because it's in the
2099s middle
2100s and surely we would just keep a uniform
2101s right like if it takes 45 seconds
2102s capture capture points good logic 45
2105s good launching your cash as well good
2107s launching surely uh mini what would you
2109s have chosen now curious too
2111s I would probably have gone 50 I feel
2113s like it takes a little bit longer oh
2115s gosh
2116s well use that has it been had it been
2118s Minnie's question okay he would have got
2122s that wrong it was 45 seconds
2125s baby let's go okay okay that was good
2128s that was good starts Good Start okay so
2130s one one this is good this is good this
2131s is better than than previous guests have
2133s done
2137s okay right uh next uh you've got a
2140s question here um specifically for you
2142s but about one of your regions okay okay
2144s so uh this is for mini specifically for
2147s you
2148s which team finished fourth in the NAC
2151s Grand finals and just missed out on
2154s qualifying for Global Champs
2156s which team finished fourth in the NAC
2159s Grand finals and just missed out on
2161s qualifying for Global Champs and just a
2163s reminder here this is a question about
2164s NAC which Vivid is is more kind of um
2167s inclined to know the answer for right
2169s and uh simply because you worked in the
2170s region and likewise the videos is about
2172s the EU region that's the opposite right
2175s okay exactly exactly I shouldn't have
2177s said I watched it but I I did watch it
2179s but now it seems even worse if I don't
2181s know it oh you see no doubt I doubt I'm
2184s trying to think I'm trying to think I
2186s know who got there for sure
2188s I mean the question is vivid would you
2190s know the answer to this just yeah
2192s okay okay right so yeah last time and
2195s you guys obviously this thing as well
2196s can give it a go here but which team
2198s finished fourth in the NAC Grand finals
2201s and just missed out on qualify for
2202s Global Champs
2204s see I would have said Acorn and cold but
2206s you say that they've just missed out on
2208s qualified for Global Champs and they did
2209s that major one so that's where I'm
2211s getting my head in a Twist here I don't
2214s know if it was them that's the thing
2217s um I I'm gonna have to I'm gonna say
2221s booger and threats actually I'm gonna
2222s say booger and threats fourth place
2225s uh out of curiosity is shaking his head
2227s I'm just hey I'm just asking Vivid what
2231s would you have gone for I think it was
2233s Aviv and Skittles oh okay I think
2237s I'm putting out there if you both hit
2238s her and and I'm sure there's a lot of uh
2241s shouting and screaming at home right now
2242s because both of you were incorrect
2245s yes the correct answer was yomzo and
2249s rice
2253s I knew okay I saw a new book and threads
2256s got fifth I knew you were wrong because
2257s I know they got fit by one point so
2259s whoever one point
2261s so tight so tight but rice yeah fourth
2265s finished fourth and she just missed out
2267s qualified for double Champs there okay
2269s that was Minnie's question so vivid a
2270s short opportunity here to take the lead
2272s into two one of the last two questions
2273s okay Vivid your question which team
2276s finished eighth in the EU Grand finals
2279s which team finished eight years old
2285s athlete now and a bad deal
2291s okay uh presumably mini would have gone
2294s for the same I would have also gone for
2296s the same yeah the correct answer is
2298s indeed Mr Savage and video deal they
2300s came in eighth position just missing out
2303s uh on uh on global so that is uh by Four
2306s Points one elimination
2309s because I knew that they had when you
2311s had asked the question to Minnie and be
2313s like who came forth I was like oh so
2315s he's basically asking who got like right
2318s outside of the qualification I instantly
2320s knew that I was gonna get away because I
2321s know you're gonna ask me okay okay smart
2324s you see you've got the magic there do
2325s you guys got the logic down man okay
2327s right so there was an opportunity here
2328s obviously it's two one to Vivid two
2330s questions left here but it's the closest
2332s answer gets the point so mini no
2334s pressure but you have to get this
2336s correct over Vivid to stand a chance of
2339s making this a win for you with that love
2340s that final question I do so okay it's a
2343s it's a closest get to the point question
2346s here's a question
2348s what was veno's average damage dealt per
2351s game in fncs Grand finals what was
2356s veno's average damage dealt per game in
2360s fncs Grand finals
2363s the closest answer will get this point
2367s this is a really good it's actually a
2369s great question so this is a really good
2370s question and it's going to be really
2372s awkward if I say like six and Vivid says
2375s like 8 000 because it's clearly going to
2377s be very different
2378s um I'd be surprised I would be surprised
2380s if his average damage was six it's
2381s probably not a big one they won they did
2383s win and he got a lot of the limbs yeah
2385s he clutched up a lot it's per game
2388s across 12 games yeah what was veno's
2391s average damage dealt per game in fncs
2393s Grand finals
2395s um this is a question I'll go I'll go as
2397s we are on screen divot what is your
2399s answer first
2400s oh I'm at a disadvantage here then you
2403s are I'll flip it up for the next
2404s question don't worry
2406s oh man
2408s um
2409s I'm gonna say 812.
2413s 812 okay it's locked in 812. now Mini
2417s this is now for you this is an
2418s opportunity here what are you going what
2420s do you think is average damage dealt per
2422s game was in fncs Grand finals
2425s they didn't get a crazy number of Limbs
2427s each player has 200 hp
2429s and it gets a lot of those frags and I
2432s know queasy was doing a lot of damage as
2434s well I don't think there was gonna be
2435s far off here I'm gonna say 1050.
2439s that I think okay I think many will I
2442s think just that you have guessed more
2443s than me yeah yeah I chose a battle
2446s you're crazy he's really good so I chose
2448s a bad number
2450s listeners what did you guess because
2451s we've got 812 coming in from Vivid and
2454s 1050 coming in from mini the correct
2459s answer is the average damage dealt per
2462s game in fncs Grand Final by Veno
2473s that's crazy that's average per game
2476s 1576 oh my goodness Bonkers uh but that
2480s makes things really interesting because
2481s we go into the final question now where
2484s it's all about whoever wins this is
2485s correct wins this week's quiz all right
2488s here we go okay question number four how
2492s many zip lines are there on the map only
2496s horizontal ones not to vertical
2499s only horizontal
2501s oh how many zip lines are there on the
2505s map only horizontal not vertical
2509s starting to wish I had a map of fortnite
2510s behind me rather than the uh the map of
2513s the world so it's not quite nice I think
2514s I don't think that's gonna help you
2516s Minnie no one behind you
2518s um I'm gonna come to you first because
2520s Vivid had the last question first yeah I
2522s want to see Minnie's answer first as
2523s well here so this is the one how many
2525s zip lines are on the map only horizontal
2527s ones not the vertical ones I'm just
2530s trying to think about all the pois
2532s Ed lonely lamps has a few I know down
2535s south west has a few I know the exact
2537s number so oh okay yeah of course he does
2540s someone's yeah someone's been not
2542s looking online I think yeah
2545s for me I'm gonna say
2548s I'm gonna say 28.
2551s okay so Minnie has got in with 28 is
2554s that high I don't know
2556s what is your Vibe here Vivid how many do
2559s you think there are on the map and
2560s bearing in mind here if you choose
2561s higher or lower it all depends that'll
2563s be the kind of like the the victory
2564s either way
2567s um
2570s I say you do I say a number that's the
2572s higher or lower do I think you said 28
2574s right I said 28 28 28. I think that's a
2577s I don't know who though listeners what's
2580s your Vibe what's your vibe what's your
2582s Vibe shout out at the screen we can't
2584s hear you but Shout at the screen
2586s nonetheless
2587s I'm gonna say
2588s 24.
2592s 24.
2594s how many zip lines are there on the map
2596s if it's like a hundred and we're just
2597s we're just five thousand only horizontal
2601s ones mind you the correct answer is
2604s 52 minis the winner wow oh my goodness
2609s 52. I thought it was too high I thought
2611s I've just messed that up dude 52 zip
2614s lines horizontal across the map that is
2617s that is Almighty that's that that feels
2619s way more than when you play in-game but
2622s still that is the correct answer Minnie
2624s congratulations you have won our quiz
2626s but GG's dubo that was that was real fun
2628s that was really good that was great and
2630s I was I was captivated till the very end
2631s there that was really that was great I
2633s told you I knew the exact number the
2634s exact number is 52.
2639s something tells me one day he'll be
2641s somewhere and someone says I will show
2642s you how many zip lines that were in the
2644s mouth or the ones well actually there's
2646s 52. actually and then the match changed
2648s and then I'm just wrong and yes yeah
2651s yeah or so sometime you're at a dinner
2653s party in the near future and uh mini
2654s just goes you know there's actually a
2655s there's actually an average damage of
2657s 1570 76 Grand finals once yeah
2661s um
2665s yeah
2666s it leaves many as usual in a quarter
2669s just crying on his own uh
2672s this has been so
2674s much I've had a I mean it's been great
2675s to catch up with you both um so much to
2677s look forward to Karen Lee in the uh in
2679s the you know the fortnite calendar and
2681s everything coming up um final thoughts
2684s here Lads you know we've had a great you
2685s know great grand finals Chapter Four
2687s Season Two we're looking ahead to like
2688s some ranks with all things coming our
2690s way and a fantastic summer Vivid um so
2692s much to look forward to in the Fortnight
2694s calendar overall looking forward to
2696s watching the finals of the console
2698s Championship cup
2701s um looking forward to Major three
2702s looking forward to Global championships
2704s you know finally finalize the teams
2706s going into that
2707s and uh you know honestly I'm looking
2710s forward to maybe more quizzes in the
2711s future because that was that was really
2712s fun
2713s yeah that was all the fun especially
2714s when you win it feels a lot better you
2715s know it feels good because you'll get
2717s now only one day don't worry mate it's
2719s all right uh but no what a show what a
2721s uh what season of course it's been for
2722s major two I personally loved it and of
2725s course as David said major three around
2726s the corner it'll come quicker than you
2729s expect I'm sure and of course um the
2731s global championships the end of the year
2732s is going to be amazing the last chance
2733s qualifies too who's going to make their
2734s way finally into the uh into the global
2737s championships it's gonna be a very
2738s exciting to see and if it's anything
2740s like this season's major to Grand finals
2743s you don't want to miss it because it's
2745s going to be electric you absolutely do
2747s not want to miss it and just uh just to
2748s reiterate as well for you guys the
2750s tickets are actually available right now
2751s the events from the October 13th to
2753s October 15th 2023 this year simply go to
2755s fn.dg forward slash tickets and you can
2758s find out loads more about how you can be
2759s there in person with the team and the
2761s players embracing every single second
2763s what is going to be an unbelievable
2765s Unforgettable uh few days uh thanks so
2768s much for listening uh to the drop spot
2769s it's been great having you here um Vivid
2771s minimano where can we find you both
2772s online
2774s um yeah
2775s fortnite analytical stuff usually on the
2777s main broadcast also on Twitter at Vivid
2779s FN
2780s yeah you can also find me on the main
2782s broadcast and on Twitter at miniminer YT
2785s awesome stuff uh chaps thank you so much
2787s thank you all uh for listening you can
2789s find me on Adam Savage as well I can't
2791s wait to see you very soon back on the
2793s drops once and then take care enjoy
2794s yourselves out there and happy grinding
2797s because ranked is out there it's
2798s available go enjoy it we'll see you very
2800s soon take care goodbye for now
2807s [Music]
2828s thank you
2863s foreign
2930s foreign
2941s [Music]
2959s [Music]
2975s [Music]