Downtime for update v18.40 has ended. Drop back in!

The FNCS Grand Royale Finals is later this week, but be sure to tune in to the Hype Hour on Friday, November 19 at 3pm ET on our regularly broadcasted channels for some upcoming news.

The fun starts today with the Grand Royale Community Cup in Brazil, NA East and NA West. Compete for your chance to earn the Viktor Elite Outfit early!

Thank you. ⛏

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Hey again, r/FortniteCreative!

Downtime for v18.40 has ended.

The v18.40 update brings several device updates, new front end changes, matchmaking changes, and the new Accolade device!

Read more in our Fortnite Creative v18.40 blog post.

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Welcome back, Commanders!

Downtime for update v18.40 has ended.

Things are about to get frosty with the upcoming return of the Winterfest Ventures Season!

Read more in our latest Homebase Status Report!

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