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Explanation: Chicken glide at Colossal Crops challenge not counting.

Evidence: Not needed.

If replicable, how: Try and complete challenge as described.

Platform: P.C.

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20 days ago - /u/M_House_Epic - Direct link

Thanks for the report, u/TheRealRazoola. We're looking into it.

20 days ago - /u/M_House_Epic - Direct link

Originally posted by TheRealRazoola

u/M_House_Epic, No problem, I have found a way to complete the quest also.

Goto Steel Farm and speak to Farmer steel. Select quest to visit Colossal Crops. Then pick up chicken from farm and bounce to Colossal Crops. Both challenges will complete once your there.

Thanks for the message (edit: and the Quest tip!🙂), u/TheRealRazoola. As an update, we'll be auto-completing this Quest for all players who reach this part of the questline.

20 days ago - /u/M_House_Epic - Direct link

Originally posted by Onegemini420

Just another report that the chicken glide is bugged. I just glided with chicen across both crop circles, by the gates and small structures back and forth and nothing. I even dropped the chicken to pick it up again in the middle of colossal crops and then glided around. NOTHING. Then I dropped the chicken a third time, picked it up and bounced off some tires on one of the roofs and got a good high long glide down to center. NOTHING!. I understand your "looking into it" but that sounds like you do not believe it is happening. Well it is. I want to hear "We are aware and are fixing it and this is where you can find out when it is fixed to try again"

Hi, Onegemini. I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the Quest. Fortunately, we'll be auto-completing it for all players who reach that part of the questline.

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