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We have a brand new feature hitting Fortnite and that we will be debuting on our Dev stream, 4PM on July 25th.  It’s a new feature that we will be testing, so cross your fingers! For the first time we are working with Twitch to tie broadcasting and playable in-game content together. Introducing, the Twitch Broadcaster Quests!

How do I participate?

Well your first step will be linking your account, which is as simple as heading to the settings when you log on.
2017-07-20 14_56_26-Fortnite.png
You will see a button to sign in and authorize using your Twitch account, under the livestream Tab.

Once you click this button, you will be taken to the Twitch page where you can login. After logging in or creating an account you will receive your first Broadcaster Quest!
TwitchFlowForMooney7 (1).jpg

Streamer? Completing this quest will allow both Viewers and Subscribers to have a chance to receive quests by just hanging out in the chat during a 4 hour window! You will see the Twitch timer which will inform you of any viewers/subs who receive a quest.

I’m watching my favorite streamer how do I get a quest?

Well that part is easy, just sit back and enjoy the stream and randomly viewers* will be selected during the 4 hour window for quests. You will have a 36 hour window to complete this quest, after which it will disappear. You MUST link your account to be eligible to receive quests!

*If you are a Subscriber you have a chance to receive a Sub quest which provides superior upgrades to the Viewer quests.

A few final facts:

  • Each unique quest has a 24 hour period before it can be acquired again.
  • You are limited to 1 Broadcaster, 1 Viewer and 1 Subscriber quest at any one time.
  • And you’ll be notified in-game every time a Viewer/Sub receives or completes a quest, so you can shout them out!

We will be demoing this feature live on our Dev stream at 4:00 PM EDT on July 25th, so be sure to join us in trying out (Hint: That means things may break) this never before seen feature!


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