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The one guy who actually streams everything regularly and puts effort into his content is carrying viewership. yep shocker lol.

edit: Its sad that these pros all see this success yet a lot of them wont even stream meaningless $200 cash cups...

The fact there's regularly cash prize events running in the game client which no-one streams still surprises me to this day.

The format of the tournament system is tailor made for a nice stream - typically some easier matches at the start when everyone is on even points, then some increasing difficulty, leaderboard starts to shake out a bit, and then a dramatic last game or two with better players. Never eliminated, often a single pop off game away from $$. Hell, there's even a big pop-up on the front menu of the game which tells everyone a tournament is live and helps direct players onto Twitch, etc.

All in a nice 3 hour bundle of content. And it makes for a great Youtube cutup as well - 3 hours of footage edits down nicely to 10-15 minute highlights.

During FNWC we had players streaming with 5+ minute delays (I advised more of the concerned players to do this), without facecam, no comms, etc. and still pulling huge viewership....and for whatever reason only one org streamed it for their players, along with only a handful of players who all have huge channels today (TFue, Nick, Sypher, etc.).

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Well… yeah, that’s how a business works lmao. Everything they do is for their own gain and profit, that’s normal and that’s okay. Also, 30 mil IS a lot of money. You can’t just say “oh well they net billions every year so 30 mil isn’t a lot” because budgets exist. As we saw with the UEFN release, epic puts a ton of their budget into other things that have nothing to do with comp. And that would STILL be true even if comp was as big as it was back then

It was also actually $100M the first year lol

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