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269s I'm
299s 3
309s hello there battle bus enthusiasts
311s welcome back into the drop SP great to
313s have you here talking all things
314s fortnite competitive my name is Adam
316s Savage great to be your host it's an
318s exciting time and why is that cuz
320s chapter 5 is finally here and we got so
323s much to break down and talk about here
325s on the show today joining me my gu the
329s squadmate we've assembled together the
331s almighty SBG and lash fellas I I love
336s you and it's good to see you here uh
338s it's great to see you here um loads to
339s talk obviously you when a new season
341s drops we all get so excited uh but SVG
344s before we dive into it how are you my
345s friend how is life how's the world
347s treating you it's going well man thank
349s you very much I love you as well Adam
351s it's nice to see you I'm glad you back
353s working together and you know we got
354s lash on board last time the boys were
357s all together it was a great episode so
358s I'm looking forward to it
360s indeed it's about to be another
362s fantastic episode and love you too Adam
364s love you too SBG let's go this is about
366s to be oh one good one because chapter
369s five is upon us it certainly is so
372s there's so much love out here on on on
374s the team tonight and you guys we love
375s you as well whether you're listening or
376s watching wherever you are around the
377s world uh you are very very welcome here
380s and we love having you and as we said
382s we're going to break it all down because
384s there is an absolute ton to get through
386s we are going to be talking all about
388s obviously the new season load to discuss
390s there map weapons items what it means
392s for competitive the whole shebang it's
395s coming your way uh tournaments things
396s that have been announced things to look
397s forward to that are coming up on your
399s calendar as well as some players to look
401s out for and of course the illustrious
404s quiz Jens I know you love it we we all
408s love it we all love getting involved in
409s this yeah uh it is all H coming your way
412s thick and fast here uh so get ready for
414s that right uh let's just jump into it I
415s think um let's start with the event the
417s event that kind of ended the season and
419s we looked ahead to the new one as well
421s umg it was it was it was kind of amazing
424s um how much did you enjoy it what did
426s you like about it you know and uh what's
428s coming up that you are absolutely giddy
430s about so I very much enjoyed it I was
433s one of the few people that were able to
435s stay on the rocket the whole time so I
437s flew up on the rocket as it left just
440s saying I was special and then the event
443s itself was awesome really enjoyed the
445s concert uh always been an Eminem fan so
448s just throwing that in there was little
450s icing on the cake along with all like
451s the visuals and it took us through all
453s these new worlds that we're about to
456s experience in fortnite which is
458s incredible so I I loved it I had a great
461s time lash we watched it together I I
464s know you enjoyed it too oh yeah like
466s being able to to watch that as well with
469s your buddies I mean that's the best part
470s but being able to see the new
472s experiences as well which is watching
474s this weekend where we have our Lego our
477s rocket racing and the festival being
479s being able to get a little bit of a
480s sneak peek of that is just it was
483s fabulous and now I'm even more excited
486s to be able to see how that intertwin
487s into the space because o it's looking
490s really good it you hit the now on the
493s head it is looking so so good I mean
495s tens of millions of people uh tuned in
499s uh were in game watched you know watched
501s other streamers we going of prob I mean
503s that's what I loved about it as well is
505s I love you SBG was on the rocket the
506s entire time classic SBG classic um I
510s think I love the fact as well that when
511s you're kind of in game you were you and
513s your squad you were there with your
514s outfits you were all kind of there
516s together you felt you really were as a
517s team going through this together
519s cosmically be it the Lego or or racing
521s everything you mentioned there and the
523s festival is is is coming thick and fast
524s too um I mean initial reactions to the
527s new season obviously we knew that the
529s map was going to change to a degree we
530s didn't know exactly how it was going to
532s change but uh let me start with pois I
535s mean lad where you dropping SBG where we
538s dropping so for me the ruined reels I've
540s really been enjoying that it's got a
542s nice aesthetic and I feel like that
544s would be a great place for me to host a
546s concert I can't sing that well but you
548s know what if we filled up that area and
551s had everyone have to listen to me it
552s would be phenomenal and I like Landing
555s center of the map generally when it
558s comes to just like playing around with
559s friends more a little more action pack
561s so Ru res has been my
565s spot see SPG you say ruin reels that
570s that seems kind of kind of run down but
572s I'm going high Echelon classy quz now
576s this is a drop spot that has become
578s pretty popular because you also have a
580s little bit of that rotation launchpads
582s above in that snowy winter biome and it
584s kind of down slopes into the mid map but
587s because or the fact that I like this is
590s because you're able to then take those
593s rotates over towards the right side and
595s head over to Lavish layer and that is
598s where you can start to access a little
599s bit of that Medallion a little bit of
601s that Mythic mix
604s oohoo
607s oooo oh lash I'm so glad you're here too
610s I mean this is the thing is as you you
612s you you make some unbelievable points
613s about you know kind of like location P I
615s mean I there there are so many this is
617s the great thing about this and if you
618s are someone who has not played fortnite
620s in a bit or you came back into OG and
622s now you've got the brand new map you can
623s see that there is I love the different
625s terrain I love the different kind of
626s like kind of biome aspects to it kind of
629s or kind of land I love reck Reckless
631s Railways I had I've had a whale of a
633s Time the the the train in general SBG
636s how much are you enjoying a train
638s capturing a train being included in this
640s season because I I don't know how that
642s doesn't make anybody smile it's such a
645s unique thing for fortnite is to have
647s this like rotating almost POI that moves
650s around the map and you can capture it
652s you can get extra Loot and then you
654s could also fight people on it it's like
656s a super unique idea for me cuz would
659s have never expected anything like that
661s to be added to Battle Royale and I I'm
664s so excited one to see like how players
666s decide to prioritize that and then also
670s what is going to happen if that just
671s starts coming through late game
674s tournaments and stack lobbies there just
676s a train rolling through I have no idea
678s but I'm excited to see it see every
681s single time I fought on the train it uh
684s hasn't gone well I I'll say that much
686s because you try and build on it and your
688s builds are just instantly destroyed so
690s when you try and take a little bit of
692s angled fights it also can act as a
694s little bit of a blockade especially in
696s zero build where you kind of can't look
699s over it well then you run into a little
701s bit of a a pause in your fight therefore
704s you kind of have a a constant evolving
707s like you had mentioned POI in and of
709s itself I think it's I think it's I mean
711s yeah it just adds another layer doesn't
713s it that's what it's all about is adding
714s another layer to competitive and another
716s another way players have to kind of you
717s know kind of be aware of certain things
719s like like said train be aware you know
721s it could be get out of Ja jail card if
723s necessary I mean that's the great thing
724s and if you just you're jumping into it
725s in this new season utilize it see how
727s you enjoy it because it's a really cool
729s addition to the game I think at least
730s anyway um you know let's talk about
732s bosses and and mythics as well here you
734s know five bosses on the map okay each
736s with different Mythic items I'm list
738s them off real quickly lavish layer with
739s Oscar's frenzy auto shotgun fencing
741s Fields with nisha's strike AR the grand
744s glacia with Monto using Force AR snooty
746s shaes with Peter Griffin Hammer Pump yes
748s and the re Railways valerina hyp SMG um
752s is there a boss that you've kind of gone
754s up against slash that you kind of most
755s enjoyed
756s tackling see I don't know that I tackled
759s this boss in fact I I actually just just
762s got destroyed by The Hammer Pump by
764s Peter Griffin and it did not go well
766s however one Mythic that I'm really
769s liking is that hyper SMG that thing is
773s absolutely Reckless especially when you
776s have those attachments automatically on
779s it and then you have that scope and you
780s take a little bit of those medium range
782s shots because you're doing insane
786s damage you are SPG I mean I think it's a
790s good point that's what I love about
791s these bosses they they are they can be
793s tough and but when you do but the
795s rewards you get from them are a a big
797s time game Cher uh when it comes to
800s particularly kind of the end game and
801s having the kind of that Mythic Weaponry
802s your your disposal yeah 100% I have
806s landed at a POI mostly that doesn't have
808s the bosses so my boss is the player that
811s is able to eliminate them and then bring
813s the loot to me so that's kind of been my
816s boss that I've been taking on and then I
818s get the medallions I get their mythics
820s it's been perfect um and the medallions
823s are kind of awesome if you just are
825s consistently box fighting people because
827s everyone just keeps walking over you you
829s get one elim your Shields go back up
832s another team comes you're like all right
834s I'm chilling come on bring it on buddy
836s and then you take down another one it's
837s been a lot of fun I like it
839s I'm very interested to see how the
841s medallions kind of play out in that end
843s game because it kind of acts like a
844s slurp juice in that nature where you
846s have a constant Shield just refreshing
848s you so when you have those kind of
850s players like poo that are so good at
853s that box tobox range I think they
856s they're those are the kind of players
857s that are going to be able to really
859s flourish and even we saw on the first
861s day of scrims Baka and pars playing low
863s ground with the medallions
866s amazingly yeah players already utilizing
868s Med I and you you may have been at home
870s as well utilizing them also and enjoying
873s them I'm sure you've been enjoying the
874s new weapons too I mean there are there
875s are there are lots to get excited about
877s here new Weaponry wise um what have you
879s been what are you taking
881s into what are you aiming for when you go
883s into kind of like into into for right
885s now what kind of what kind of particular
886s Weaponry do you want in your inventory
888s um SBG what's what's something that you
890s have to have in your load out to ensure
892s that you dominate so I think early game
895s I've actually really been liking the
896s frenzy auto shotgun the like quick
899s output of damage that it puts out has
901s been really nice to win those early game
903s fights and then he switched to that
904s Hammer Pump later on in the game and the
908s Nemesis I've seen is more of like an
910s accurate mid-range weapon versus the
913s striker is like a good followup spray
916s weapon so I'm torn between those two I
918s don't know exactly how I want to play
920s them yet see I'm taking the Nemesis only
923s because only because I have that
926s Nostalgia of those slower fire rate but
929s big damage assault rifles you got your
931s heavy assault rifle from back in chapter
933s one and then you have the ranger uh
936s assault rifle from chapter 3 I believe
938s it was and being able to have that mix
941s is just incredible to be able to range
944s in that extra bit of damage but the fire
947s rate of that stri AR I mean we got to
949s talk about it that thing absolutely
952s beams especially when you get a player
954s with Incredible aim in the right hands O
957s it's it's wraps yeah talk talking about
959s that beam the hyper SMG is a beam too
962s like that thing just shreds people and I
965s I I've been using that with some of the
966s mods when you get the extended mag on
969s there that thing is beautiful yeah I
972s mean mods have been you obviously
974s another huge addition to this season
976s here um are there certain mods that you
978s are kind of your kind of you've
980s highlighted some their SBG but um both
982s you again like any particular combos
983s that are really powerful anything that
985s you think is definitely worth listing
986s because you got like you know Scopes
988s optics for grips you muzzle breaks
990s suppressors what is it lash that you've
992s been kind of like really enjoying right
993s now you think it's going to make a big
994s difference come competitive in
995s tournaments as well so a triple threat
998s combination here is when you have the
1000s laser grip the extra magazine and you
1005s also then have the suppressor on which
1008s therefore allows you to get a really
1010s really close fire shot on anybody
1013s especially up close when you have that
1015s bur SMG which by the way I'm so glad is
1018s back I've been missing in that burst SMG
1019s since season X so hyped to have that
1022s back but being able to have that very
1024s pinpoint accuracy combination not only
1026s up close are you sneaky and silent but
1029s you're also a little bit of that
1031s mid-range once you're kind of over on
1032s top of the builds and then your players
1034s are like 30 MERS or so distance you're
1036s still doing a consistent 20 damage burst
1042s shot yeah it's a it's a it's a a very
1046s good point I think that's you know I
1048s think that's the the the thing when it
1049s comes down to the modding aspect as well
1050s SBG you know if you can have like a
1052s trifect or you can kind of you know the
1054s great thing about it is is always trying
1056s to make it bespoke always want to make
1057s about you and how you like to play
1059s personally specifically and I think
1061s that's the great thing it gives it's
1062s just another layer for players to again
1064s to think about layers why talking layers
1066s layers layers but it is it's layers I
1068s mean that's what it is it kind of gives
1069s players you players a unique opportunity
1071s to really make the game as much their
1073s own as possible yeah and I think it's
1076s also going to make players have to learn
1078s how to use use everything to the best of
1080s their abilities because not every
1082s location has those benches where you can
1085s then create your own mods you're going
1087s to have to learn to play with whatever
1089s mods are on the weapon that you're
1091s picking up because most of the time
1093s you're not going to get just a massive
1094s variety of choices and I love to see
1098s kind of that additional as you love to
1100s say Adam layer to the game where we're
1103s going to now have mods become a part of
1106s what players think about when building a
1110s out see one thing I do want to talk
1112s about though is the spawns of those mod
1115s benches because they align relatively
1118s similar to those forast towers and
1121s because we had midgame objectives back
1123s in the mix where we have not only the
1126s rift Island but also again like I
1128s mentioned those forecast Towers it's
1130s also going to implement very similarly
1132s because it creates these these traffic
1135s areas if you will where now even though
1137s this Zone does pull in a certain
1139s direction oh you have a forecast tower
1140s that becomes an active spawn rate
1143s therefore you have more players kind of
1145s turning right side and that adds again
1147s another like Adam likes to say layer of
1151s just Eternal game sense that you have to
1153s think about like oh is this going to
1155s have a rift island is this going to have
1156s a forecast tower on my sight and then
1159s how can I take advantage of that yeah
1161s the mid game objec is actually same list
1164s I think as chapter 4 season for you
1165s forecast Towers combat caches and Rift
1167s Island um again you know it's all about
1170s how I do love riff Island I got a lot of
1172s time for it I think they a lot of
1174s players will obviously I love seeing the
1175s train tracks running around it too this
1177s is the thing I just keep getting so
1178s gassed about looking at the map and how
1179s things have changed I kind of you always
1181s spot new things oh that's great it's a
1182s great addition um that's the beauty of a
1185s brand new season really but I mean with
1186s these with these mid game objectives um
1188s SBG they I mean they are they good for
1191s this competitive season um do you think
1193s that make a big difference as well I
1195s think it always does because it's
1197s something that you can rely on when you
1200s have to deal with RNG and chance it's
1203s something different that you know okay
1206s if I go for the cash if I go for the
1209s midgame objectives I know that I'm going
1211s to be able to get this the chances of if
1214s I have to fight for it that's a whole
1216s another story but if you're a confident
1218s fighter if you're able to get to them
1220s first typically you're going to be good
1221s and the new Rift island is so nice
1226s looking like it's got two little sides
1228s to it to play off of so it's not just
1230s that one singular loot Lake like
1232s building like what we saw in the past
1234s it's a whole new mix and I think that's
1236s going to add some extra depth to those
1238s fights up on that island and the cool
1240s thing is we saw a completely new
1243s Revolution of players in 2023 this year
1246s of players that were basing their entire
1248s strategies of being able to bring back
1251s their game from combat cashes Rift
1253s islands and of course well now the
1256s reintroduced are forast Towers
1260s yeah they certainly have I think you
1262s again we there are so many changes you
1264s kind have to wrap your head around
1265s because obviously I always find with
1267s with players as well like where they're
1269s where they think about when they come to
1270s a new season and you see how quickly
1272s they say right our you is this we're
1273s going to drop here this is where we're
1274s going to go this season you make the
1276s decisions it seems very quickly as
1278s players do they must take all these
1280s factors into consideration consideration
1282s SBG here because you you want to make
1284s sure you want to give yourself the best
1285s opportunity possible and you know the
1286s kind of player that you are I guess is
1287s it kind of tend to kind of stay in the
1289s same kind of area where you would
1290s usually drop on the map or you kind of
1291s look towards different pois thinking I
1293s like the I like I like the I like the
1295s loot there I like the opportunities to
1296s kind of get ahead like the mid game
1297s objectives I what where do you think the
1298s players mindset how do they make the
1300s decisions so quickly is I'm ultimately
1302s trying to say so I think they're a
1304s little rushed when we see all these Pros
1306s tweeting out like Landing here for 2024
1308s like come on the season started
1311s yesterday you don't really know that you
1312s want to land there the entire season but
1315s there is some kind of idea to it we know
1318s know that certain players like ABA or
1320s quey typically like to land on the edge
1323s of the map versus other players like
1325s Bucky and ocus love to land in the
1327s middle Polo Sphinx landed middle uh last
1330s season so there's a lot of players that
1333s typically Trend towards center of the
1336s map versus edge of the map and then you
1338s can kind of start to feel out like all
1341s right there's not much in this area do I
1343s have enough loot from this POI is this a
1346s POI that's going to typically be split
1348s is it fought for and then you start to
1349s check all these boxes and if it starts
1351s to check all the boxes for you that's
1353s why you put that tweet out but
1355s nonetheless it still is a little early
1357s for me knowing we're probably a ways out
1361s before we start talking about fncs drop
1363s spots yeah yeah I mean I mean lash let
1366s me ask you quickly as well we haven't
1367s talked about like movement mantling
1369s swimming sliding I mean there there's
1370s lots of differences in that department
1372s too definitely and you you have a almost
1375s a refreshed relearning period especially
1379s for a lot of these players which is
1380s going to kind of tap into that being
1383s able to come into 2024 and all that
1387s competitiveness well what are you going
1389s to be able to do to put in this work in
1391s to adapt to these new things like we
1393s have literally a new mantle mechanic
1396s where you can climb up an entire
1398s building scale like that is incredible I
1401s just got absolutely worked yesterday
1404s playing some games I'm like where did
1406s this guy come from he's just popping up
1408s the building and boom one pumped but
1411s that's the ultimate skill Gap that we're
1413s going to now see heading into the new
1415s year of competitive as well because like
1417s we had seen in major 2 to Major three
1419s for que Vito I know this is a
1421s conversation that constantly finds
1423s itself in the mix but that's because we
1426s saw the probably one of the greatest
1428s fncs performances we've ever seen in
1431s history of quey and veto and major 2 six
1433s vrs insane but then they got a little
1436s bit of that that Victory sweetness and
1438s then it turned into bitterness real
1440s quick not even qualifying for major 3's
1441s Grand
1444s finals that's true it did and it was I
1446s mean I remember that six the six vrs was
1449s it was magical man just I it was it was
1451s it was because you kind of think that
1452s that is such a a a difficult thing to do
1455s and they managed to do it and and so it
1458s was it's just so brilliantly as well but
1460s I mean as you can say you know again SBG
1463s we've got all these different additions
1465s to the season is is movement for you
1467s quickly as well is is that a big factor
1469s do you think is going to influence a lot
1470s what happens competitively as well it
1472s really change things for players um I I
1475s wouldn't say it massively changes things
1477s but there's like the little intricacies
1479s that players will have within a box
1481s fight within a build Fight Within
1483s rotates and endgame that we've already
1485s started to see like players backwards
1488s ramping down uh during end games to get
1491s that little bit of speed boost so like
1493s you climb beginning of Zone you ramp
1495s down you slide down it so then you get
1496s that speed boost some teams did that
1499s towards the end of last year and then
1500s everyone else started to catch up and I
1503s think we'll start to see similar things
1505s like that where you know a couple Duos
1507s are like I got the secret strats but
1510s awesome part about fortnite you can go
1511s into the vods you can watch these people
1513s and see what they're doing and then
1515s Implement that to yourself so no it's
1518s not a huge change overall but over time
1522s it will become one I believe yeah we're
1525s going to see different strats different
1526s kind of 577 IQ plays just coming out
1529s left right and Center very very soon so
1531s keep your ears to the ground folks um
1533s chapter 5 is out there enjoy it we'
1535s we've mer scratch the surface of what is
1538s available in this uh in this new chapter
1540s here so make sure to give it a go and
1541s enjoy it with your pals uh because it is
1543s there and it's going to be around for a
1545s while and so let's have some fun with it
1547s uh speaking of fun hey do you know what
1548s I think it's time for I think it's time
1551s that we test your knowledge SBG and lash
1553s and do our quiz what are you saying
1555s fellas I like it yeah they're in they're
1558s in and by the way you mentioned about
1559s doing a gig earlier on the SG I would
1561s totally buy a ticket front row seat 100%
1563s I'd be there man I got you all right
1565s we'll talk we'll talk later uh right
1568s okay it is time for our quiz if you are
1569s brand new to the uh to to the drop spot
1571s and don't know what this is ultimately
1573s uh it we basically ask multiple choice
1575s questions three to each of our guests
1577s here um and then we go back and forth at
1579s the end of which if it's a tie we go to
1581s a tie breaker question which is
1582s ultimately um the closest person to the
1585s answer wins which we usually do anyway
1588s just because it's a laugh and we love it
1590s um so I'm I'm I think we're gonna do it
1592s again because it's great uh so SBG I'm
1593s gonna start with you today you're gonna
1595s get the very first question here in the
1596s quiz Are you ready for this Born Ready
1598s born born ready of course he is right
1601s SBG your question and guys at home play
1604s along as well get involved okay we want
1606s you guys to get involved as well see how
1608s you do right question one SBG how many
1612s seasons of fortnite have there been
1615s including this one how many seasons of
1617s fortnite have there been including this
1620s one is it 26 28 or 30 26 28 or 30 I'm
1627s going to go
1629s 28 okay very straight in there lash I
1632s mean he was not messing around there he
1634s he's locked in 28 would you would you
1636s vibe that would you change it up uh I
1639s would actually go with
1641s 27 that was not one of the options but
1644s okay I I'll I'll accept
1646s it oh Je it's all
1650s good s like question soill it's still
1652s your question you mentioned you like
1654s going to classy courts uh classy Stay
1657s classy lash always right the correct
1661s answer was actually 28 SBG get a point
1666s baby let's go all right I'm walking out
1668s after that one one Z one okay that's
1670s that's it that's it do that whoa whoa
1673s wait now wow yeah Mike mik drop he's
1675s left uh he's not really he's not really
1677s uh right question one for last here uh
1679s let's see if you can tie things up okay
1681s fortnite OG was the shortest season ever
1685s how many days was it fortnite OG was the
1689s shortest season ever how many days was
1691s it again the answers are either 26 28 or
1695s 30 how many days oo okay so we just
1700s started chapter
1701s 5 uh on was it December 5th and we
1706s started chapter 4
1710s OG I want to say 26
1713s days you say you think you want to say
1715s 26 days yeah yeah yeah yeah okay if that
1718s had been your question SBG what would
1720s you have gone for so there's 30 days
1723s November minus five would be 25 then add
1727s three is eight that's 28 boom same same
1730s answer as the last one
1732s 28 okay well it wasn't 28 oh I can't do
1736s math and it wasn't 26 it was 30 the
1740s answer is 30 days oh
1743s gentlemen that was close though that was
1745s close it was T we're talking about a
1746s couple of days here but um yeah 30 days
1748s 30 days very short season but one that
1750s we all absolutely loved it was brilliant
1752s fun okay so we got uh one Zer to SBG
1754s going into the second round of
1755s questioning okay here we go SBG how long
1758s do flow berries give you a low gravity
1762s effect for how long do flow berries give
1764s you a low gravity effect for is it 10 12
1767s or 15
1768s seconds oh jeez those are all so close
1773s um I was going to say 15 right off the
1776s bat before you said the numbers so 15
1778s Final Answer 15 locked in straight away
1781s lash lock in would you have said I think
1783s it's I think it's
1786s 10 okay well if only this had been
1790s lash's question cuz it was 10 uh and
1794s sadly 15 was not the correct answer
1796s obviously but um 10 seconds was the
1798s right answer yeah flow berries 10
1800s seconds okay it's quick very quick 10
1802s seconds wow uh okay so it remains one
1804s zero to SBG lash you have to tie this up
1808s brother this is the one for you this is
1810s the one for you here we go question two
1812s for lash what's the most damage that you
1815s can do with one cluster Clinger what's
1819s the most damage you can do with one
1821s cluster Clinger is it 90 120 or
1825s 150 good luck got it gotg smiling
1829s smiling through that one uh what was
1831s that Z what was that actually actually
1833s hold on no no no no I didn't lock in my
1834s answer I didn't lock in my answer um he
1837s locked it so no no no no so I saw this
1840s clip someone threw down three cluster
1844s clingers and it did
1846s 240 damage I want to say what was the
1849s second one he's waffling judge
1852s no second like it was 120 right was the
1856s second option yeah 90 120 or 150 I'm
1859s going
1861s 120 okay are you sure you locking that
1863s in I'm locking
1865s in s SBG would you have agreed with him
1870s would you I I I literally have zero idea
1874s so like whatever C is I'll go with I
1878s wish you'd kept your original answer
1880s lash because it was actually 150 it's 60
1884s then 3 * 30 for the Clusters um so 15
1888s 150 in to yeah 150 so it remains one Z
1891s going into the third round massive okay
1895s this is it question number three for
1898s SBG how many pois are there on the map
1903s how many pois are there on the map 11 12
1906s or
1908s 13 I have the map open on my other
1910s screen so no you don't do that don't do
1914s that you loser go
1916s on but
1918s H 11 I don't know what were the options
1923s 11 12 and 13 11 we'll go
1926s 11 lash would you're nodding would you
1928s have gone for that or something
1929s different so I have 12 in my mind
1932s because I know that's not I know it's
1935s not the POI number but I have 12 in my
1938s mind because that's the amount of Rift
1940s Island spawns there are compared to the
1942s 17 we had in chapter 4 season 4 so I'm
1945s gonna I'm gonna say it's the same I'm
1946s gonna say it's 12 just tossing it l
1948s there okay
1951s so it wasn't
1954s 13 it was wasn't 12 either 11 it wasn't
1958s 12 either it was 11 spg's got the two oh
1961s my goodness I that doesn't feel right
1964s it's one zero theasaurus rex there did
1968s you did you look at the maps did you
1970s look at the map I didn't but like I have
1972s it open so like I've been looking at it
1974s so it doesn't count you are so Su right
1977s now us I didn't know what the questions
1979s were this guy guy Fair I'll take my
1982s point away it's one zero okay one zero
1984s okay so lash no no pressure here but
1986s he's he's given you a point back to get
1989s you come on uh uh lash this is your
1991s question uh question number three uh by
1993s the way lcasa Rex is a great name for
1995s you here we go this is this is it this
1998s is it how many stations are there along
2001s the railway how many stations are there
2003s along the railway is it five six or
2006s seven
2009s so I gotta visualize the map right now
2012s so if anybody else is doing the same
2014s thing I'm I'm do it no no not doing the
2017s same thing that you just did no no no no
2019s all right so you got one I know North I
2022s know you got one South and then there's
2024s another one to the corner so that's
2025s three so I'm going to say there's
2027s another one to the right and then
2028s there's another one to the top left so
2030s I'm going to say that's five
2033s total okay it's good logic
2036s again uh somebody's gun where would you
2039s have what would you have said it was
2041s your cue uh what were the options I'm
2045s also really glad that lash got the
2047s questions he did and I got the questions
2048s I did just want to say thank you for
2050s whoever choose options were five six or
2053s seven lash number five I'll go six we'll
2056s make it
2057s interesting well it wasn't
2060s seven and it wasn't five it was six it
2063s was six SBG would have got not like this
2066s donut by the go man but look look hey
2069s look we we can't we can't trust SBG at
2071s this point I mean we he he's we the
2073s first question could have been a bit of
2074s a bit of a bot job but there could have
2075s been a screen open with how many seasons
2077s are there in fortnite that could have
2079s been a thing I mean random I up to it
2082s and told you it didn't count I tried to
2084s not answer question trying to make lash
2086s feel like happy okay I appreciate I
2089s don't to get upset we're a family here
2091s okay right tiebreaker question because
2094s why the heck not all right you guys play
2095s along at home as well here it's all
2097s about whoever's closest to the actual
2099s answer here right tiebreaker question
2102s how long does it take for the train to
2106s complete a full circuit How long does it
2109s take for the train in chapter 5 to
2112s complete a full circuit what do you
2115s think and obviously lash you're going to
2116s be the first person here to take a while
2118s to take a guess yeah and then somebody's
2120s G to follow up okay what are you
2124s saying I'm gonna say
2128s it takes around the same time as the
2130s first Circle to start closing in and
2134s that's about two minutes and 30 seconds
2137s so that's that's my answer 230 or two
2141s minutes and 30 seconds okay so lash
2144s locking in 2 minutes and 30 seconds
2146s that's the
2147s barbg where where are you where are you
2149s vibing so the map is about 8 82,000
2153s square m large right and the train moves
2157s at approximately 11 m/ second so then if
2160s you try and calculate the circle of all
2163s that madeup numbers I just made it's
2165s going to be about four minutes for the
2168s complete
2170s lap four minutes for a complete lap okay
2172s you got two minutes 2 minutes 30 seconds
2174s from
2175s lash and then I mean SPG Einstein and us
2179s with some mad numbers and then I mean
2182s there okay fine uh so four four minutes
2185s uh neither one of you are that
2189s close the correct
2191s answer is not 2 minutes 30 it's not 4
2196s minutes it's not 5 6 seven or eight it's
2200s 9 minutes 25 seconds y 9 minutes 25
2205s seconds that's almost 10 minutes to get
2207s around the map that's wild how nice is
2210s that that is wild um I mean to be honest
2214s I mean SPG because you were still so far
2216s away there we probably should take away
2217s your point just make it a draw z z but
2219s still um there you go that's our quiz
2222s uh that's our quiz there hope you guys
2224s enjoyed that playing along well done SBG
2226s that was that was that was a great
2227s performance today commiserations lash
2230s GG's good questions great questions and
2232s uh great
2234s question yeah great questions so yeah
2236s SVG is very happy with those but I hope
2238s you guys enjoyed that at home as well
2239s and uh let us know how you did online
2241s make sure to get that into US did you
2242s get everything correct did you get 9
2244s minutes 25 seconds probably not that is
2246s a wild answer but it's a thing it's a
2248s thing all right let's let's move forward
2250s start talking about actually the
2250s competitive side of things as well again
2252s now because the first tournaments uh
2254s have been announced there's lots to look
2256s forward to for all different uh styles
2258s of players here uh first tournaments are
2260s on Friday um just a few here we've got
2262s the lik of the PlayStation Cup
2263s qualifiers which is Battle Royale and
2265s zero build the price wor
2267s $250,000 there's cash cups I mean what
2269s SBG what's what for you is kind of
2271s you're looking forward to on the
2272s competitive calendar you're definitely
2273s going to lock in and make sure to tune
2275s into uh the cash caps I I love to see
2277s the duo cash cups coming back I can't
2279s wait to see one who plays together
2282s because you know it's the off season
2284s everyone's kind of switching teammates
2286s and trying to figure out what's best for
2288s them and then two we get to see how
2290s those teams do and we kind of get to
2292s start to see what the competitive meta
2295s and overall gamepl is going to look like
2298s doesn't mean we're going to actually see
2300s like a real in-depth piece because
2302s people are just trying things out but at
2304s least like get a little glimpse into
2306s what's to come
2308s and speaking of what's to come I mean
2310s when we look down that competitive blog
2312s post I woke up I'm just like ah yeah I
2314s got my coffee in hand I'm just reading
2316s through it and I see oh like halfway
2320s through the page down we got confirmed
2322s Duos fncs 2024 oh my goodness I'm so
2327s excited more DTS in January that that
2330s was the main like eye popper the ey
2333s popper it definitely was definitely was
2335s I mean that's the thing we we we get so
2337s excited because the festive time of year
2338s we kind of like of wind things down but
2340s we realize that nope come January we're
2342s gonna ramp things back up again we got
2344s an entire year to look forward to uh and
2346s that's we just around the corner here I
2347s mean we also got you mentioned um
2349s Victory cash cups and Duo zero Bill
2351s Victory cash cups um with even more
2353s players qualifying to the finals 11 and
2355s a half thousand on EU $100 for everyone
2358s in the final which is awesome um seven
2360s of these are going to run before
2361s Christmas for you guys so keep that
2363s noted as well um there's also mix up
2365s Mondays I mean we do we do have a bit of
2366s mix Monday through sbgs it's it's a bit
2368s of fun yeah I saw somewhere it was like
2371s three straight weeks of tournaments and
2374s just like pretty much something every
2376s single day so if you like to play any
2379s kind of competitive fortnite one there's
2381s something for you even if you haven't
2383s played yet I guarantee you one of these
2386s you will like and then two for fans of
2390s the competitive like this is awesome you
2391s can play all the tournaments you can
2393s watch all the tournaments I can nerd out
2395s hit some vods and see what everyone's
2397s doing it's I'm super excited for it and
2400s the mixup Cups have been quite fun just
2402s because it's like a fun tournament where
2406s you don't have to take it super
2407s seriously and you can try out new things
2411s try out new teammates and play whatever
2413s random thing they throw at you and
2417s remember we also got our console players
2419s we got PlayStation cups back in Action
2421s zero build and Battle Royale solos oh
2424s and I know that is an absolute blast
2427s because you also get to witness maybe a
2429s little bit of an upand cominging story
2430s we have players like cam who are
2432s absolutely balling out on Console before
2435s they had come over and started to
2437s dominate especially in chapter three for
2438s Cam and then we even players like Meo
2441s who can just I mean let's be honest Miro
2443s can just do it all yeah he's he's he's
2446s not bad he's not bad at the forite he's
2449s notate he's fine accurate accurate yeah
2452s it's good way of putting it B Champion
2454s right there um yeah we've got we've got
2457s I mean that's the thing is there there
2458s is there are tons of ways and you guys
2460s absolutely said it as it is there are
2461s tons of ways now whatever kind of um
2463s however you play like what kind of you
2464s with rank mod coming in last year
2466s different opportunities now to kind of
2467s you know kind of try and test it out try
2469s and get involved as as involved as you
2470s can do in competitive and see and see
2472s how you get on there and uh there's lots
2474s and lots of ways you can do that and
2475s there's as you can see there's tons
2476s particularly in the festive period
2477s there's loads of ways that you can jump
2479s in and get involved as well there in
2481s upcoming competitions um I wanted a
2483s touch on as well here mentioned players
2485s and you know kind of the players though
2486s we've been watching different clips
2488s recently I think I watched yesterday Mr
2489s Savage dropped like a 37 elimination
2492s bomb which was Unreal um Mongol back in
2494s the mix all the different players all
2495s kind of getting involved in kind of you
2496s know kind of um showcasing what they're
2498s kind of doing in chapter five already um
2500s let's take a look at some of the Duos as
2502s well that kind of you know starting to
2503s take shape over the course of this you
2504s know com coming season as well um you
2507s know who who kind of really sticks out
2509s to you that are definitely worth kind of
2510s keeping note of you know that kind of
2511s ones that you are looking forward to
2513s seeing um take take take to action there
2516s SBG who who jumps out you so let's go
2519s with Bryce and chubs first I think they
2521s were one of the most consistent Duos in
2524s all of North America aru arguably the
2527s world over the course of 2023 we saw
2530s them finish six in major one 11th major
2533s 2 fourth major 3 and six at Global
2536s championships before this year most
2538s people that follow competitive fortnite
2540s I'm going to even include myself don't
2542s even really know who they were they put
2545s themselves on the map year and I'm
2547s really interested to see how it all
2549s turns out at the current moment these
2552s two have decided that wasn't good enough
2555s we didn't play well enough finishing
2557s pretty much in single digits in every
2559s tournament we played so Bryce is now
2562s playing with chubs Chubs is playing with
2564s Skittles and we'll see if they decide to
2566s stick with that we we know there's
2569s changes I hope they get back together
2571s the success of this Duo has been
2573s incredible and I really want to see more
2575s of it but I also do think the two
2578s players are ascending to that next level
2582s to where they're now both finding
2584s teammates bolts has won an fncs Skittles
2586s is highly regarded as one of the top
2588s players in North America so they've
2590s moved on but maybe to better I find that
2592s hard to believe but we'll see how the
2594s next year turns
2596s out and I do really want to want to hone
2598s in on bryx as well because he has been
2601s one of the more underlying flying under
2603s the radar High Ground players and even
2606s through some of the Solo collegate cups
2609s we saw that highlight so much as well as
2611s during major number one they were widely
2613s considered I believe I remember this
2616s somewhat vividly of like they were one
2618s of the most uh populated High Ground
2620s teams in major one and to be able to see
2623s that consistently find its way even
2625s finding two Victory Royals during the
2627s global Championship as well I mean do we
2630s do we have another like EU kind of story
2632s arc where the players just keep on
2634s winning but then they keep on splitting
2638s I mean there are quey Veno split and T
2642s and mustach split so that's you know
2645s those were two very successful Duos last
2647s year that are now it's Tason Vino
2650s mustach Thomas HD which also means
2652s malaba is not playing with Thomas HD so
2655s there's a lot it's a whole Carousel
2657s going on in Europe right now everyone
2658s trying to figure out who the best
2660s teammate is and they're all such skilled
2662s players that I think it's a matter of
2664s like what is the perfect Duo versus like
2667s what's a good Duo because there's going
2669s to be one that hits and finds the
2672s perfect Duo and that's when you get a
2674s six out of 12 wins in Grand finals with
2676s quey and
2677s Veno well you know Thomas HD the one
2680s thing he hasn't done is won the title he
2681s need he needs it and quezy could be the
2683s one to step up and help and get there
2684s he's done it before but that's what I
2686s love I mean I love you know obviously
2687s speculating you know have to wait and
2689s see what exactly what happens but it is
2691s kind of exciting because it really mean
2693s we we love drama the entertainment of it
2694s all and kind of learning you know kind
2695s of about the kind of the the new kind of
2697s um Duos that form and how they're going
2698s to take to uh you know take to
2700s proceedings come kind of like the the
2701s official kind of competitive season
2703s kicking off here I mean I mean lash
2705s again speculating but Duos that you kind
2708s of are kind of keen to see uh we think
2710s might be a thing that we should
2711s definitely keep our ear to the ground
2714s about see this is a Duo that was
2716s together this year though so we we just
2719s mentioned one that is is kind of on the
2721s waivers on the Waters of chubs and bryx
2724s but this Duo I'm gonna take you on a
2726s little bit of a a time machine back to
2728s chapter 4 major 3 Dei Misha the team
2733s that had eight different drop spots
2735s eight different Loop patterns throughout
2737s the grand finals out of 12 games mind
2739s you and then finished in a third place
2743s position on that grand finals Lobby and
2746s I actually got confirmation sneak peek
2748s this Duo is actually sticking together
2751s in 2024 they plan to at least like when
2754s we talk about like oh is this tast and
2755s voo is is this going to happen nah this
2758s dooi and Misha they have the strategies
2761s down and they want to be able to
2763s continue to keep that workflow heading
2765s into 2024 and I respect it because that
2768s performance major 3 and even a 17th at
2770s the global Championship was a star St
2773s enough performance for me and one of the
2776s really cool things is this is a Duo that
2778s you can see continuing to work on the
2781s things continuing to find what their
2783s problems are hitting the vods and coming
2785s back better each each and every single
2787s major last season didn't call to the
2790s finals in the first major finished
2792s bottom third in the second major then a
2795s third place in major three and then top
2798s half in the grand or Global
2800s championships so that is very impressive
2803s that's what you love to see is teams
2805s continuing to stick it out working with
2807s your teammate fixing those mistakes and
2810s one thing based on their strategies of
2812s this like somewhat people were going to
2815s call it random but it's it's 100% not
2817s random it's random to the people they're
2818s jumping
2819s on these players Landing in various
2823s places picking off players it works
2826s because Misha and Tina are such good
2827s Fighters it works because of the midgame
2830s objectives that they can play for fight
2832s for and get all that extra loot now I
2835s don't recommend this for anybody in you
2838s know most lobbies but in closed lobbies
2841s Misha and Tini have an incredible
2842s strategy and other teams are going to
2845s pull that out and I'm interested to see
2846s how it turns out and they spend so much
2849s time in the vods to be able to get that
2851s information as well like some people may
2853s just see it on screen be like oh why are
2855s they doing this like it just like you
2856s had mentioned seems so random but the
2859s amount of knowledge that this Doo really
2862s put to work in those like you had
2865s mentioned set lobbies is just impressive
2867s to say the literal very least and now
2871s especially here in chapter 5 I'm so
2873s excited to see them because we have the
2875s riffi back in the action as well as we
2878s have forast Towers back in action and we
2880s also have the train to be able to play
2883s into that and then five major volts not
2885s including some of the minor volts that
2888s include some of those mods oh there's so
2891s much opportunity well and one more thing
2894s lash we don't know how teams are now
2897s going to react because Misha and Tini
2899s have been so successful now everyone in
2901s the back of your mind when you're
2903s creating loot paths when you're
2904s developing early game strategies has to
2907s think about this and you might play
2909s differently you might play slower based
2911s on oh these guys could pick us off and
2913s if they do it once in a tournament then
2915s it is always in the back of your mind
2917s and going to cause you to play
2918s differently than say they never achiev
2921s this and were successful so not only is
2923s it just them but it's the rest of the
2924s lobby that is now affected but we just
2927s mentioned that 11 P on the map not
2929s including obviously split drops and we
2931s have 49 Duos I don't I don't think every
2933s single one of those Duos is g to be able
2935s to be like
2936s are Misha and Dei gonna be able to just
2939s Camp it around this corner like there's
2940s so much that's happening there I mean do
2943s we really think that every single other
2945s Duo and every single other drop spot and
2947s building and area that you try to look
2948s into like that that's a lot of
2950s information to take in it is but you
2953s need to do it if you want to win you got
2955s to be aware that these guys could be
2957s doing it especially when it comes down
2958s to those weekly finals for fncs and
2961s especially the grand finals you're
2963s firing me up here boys just just talking
2965s about all these different variations of
2966s what could possibly happen uh you know
2969s about the course of the season the
2970s different changes the ways that you kind
2972s of you know players are going to have
2974s to I guess like really going to do their
2976s homework I mean they always do anyway
2978s and the V reviews and such but um it's
2980s going to be absolutely electric we
2981s cannot wait for this thing to to to
2983s really kick off and uh if if if if the
2986s the new chapter is anything to go by
2987s what we've seen so far it is going to be
2989s fireworks from start to finish um I've
2992s Loved this it's been great I love to
2994s just you've left me with a a smile on my
2995s face I'm literally going to say goodbye
2997s in a minute and hop on and play a few
2999s games because I that's why I love this i
3002s i l jump straight and I can't wait um
3004s for you guys as well SBG lash where can
3007s everyone find you online where can we
3009s keep in touch with what you're doing and
3011s uh and what you're up to in the
3014s space you go first okay I'll go first
3016s yeah you're the best so you gotta go
3018s first oh I did win so I am the best
3021s that's true it's sub's gun on Twitter
3023s I'm also running some Community Awards
3026s comp Awards FN on Twitter if you guys
3028s want to participate go check that
3030s out well you can find me Caden Lasher c
3034s a yde n l a s h e r on all social media
3037s platforms got some really really cool
3039s stuff cooking up here as I'm going to be
3042s dropping a video actually right after
3044s this of a conversation I like to call
3048s the fncs goat debate where I take apart
3051s like every single best players that are
3052s in the goat conversation and depict
3055s their teammates across every single fncs
3057s so that'll be really interesting as well
3059s as before the new fncs kicks off I've
3062s got a pretty cool documentary across the
3064s 2023 story as well
3067s launching love that documentary yeah
3070s that's that's awesome bro I love that I
3072s can't wait for that look at these guys
3073s you guys so much this is amazing um I
3076s have love this I can't wait to see make
3078s sure you guys at home as well do make
3079s sure to follow lash and SBG as well all
3082s the great things that they're up to uh
3084s in the fortnite space right now um
3086s Savage you can find me on socials as
3087s well Adam Savage and thank you so much
3089s for taking part here tonight in the in
3091s the quiz sure you did at home for
3093s listening in for watching in as well we
3094s look forward to seeing you on another
3095s episode of the drop up real soon till
3097s then take care we'll see you on the
3098s battle bus baby bye-bye for
3114s now
3174s he
3234s real