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92s [Music]
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186s [Music]
192s so
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276s [Music]
282s foreign
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329s so
352s um
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436s you
490s me
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1099s uh
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1157s so
1159s [Music]
1167s [Applause]
1175s i'm raising and i'm here to represent
1177s field east but my name is clement and
1179s i'm here to represent solari my name is
1181s anas and i'm here to represent guild
1183s esports hey my name is roti and i'm here
1186s to represent
1188s [Music]
1191s okay guys you're ready
1198s for it
1201s thirty thirty
1218s oh my god
1228s the goat of the setup i should really
1229s get on it
1240s [Music]
1243s [Applause]
1245s you sing it through the ball
1248s [Music]
1253s nice
1255s come on
1263s out
1264s looking so bad
1267s [Music]
1280s why do we take dummies
1283s nice
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1300s oh
1314s oh
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1326s [Music]
1357s i
1362s what's up fortnite fam the new season
1365s means new loadouts for fncs let's break
1368s down some of the most common loadouts
1369s based on your role in your duo starting
1372s with the
1373s igo the in-game leader or igl is
1376s responsible for calling and mapping out
1378s your rotations guiding your teammate and
1380s often tarping the igl holds a vital role
1383s in guiding the team to victory a proper
1386s loadout is a huge key to that success
1388s this season we have seen them focus on
1390s having one close range weapon and one
1392s distance weapon for surge tags then the
1394s remainder of the items will be healed
1396s the most common loadout is the drum
1398s shotgun first assault rifle and then a
1401s variation of heels to feel the remainder
1402s of the slots this combo however doesn't
1405s cover everything but that's why you have
1407s a fragger on your team as well
1410s the prager is responsible for getting
1412s crucial tags and eliminations throughout
1414s your game
1416s now the loadout of the fragger is all
1418s about fighting and ending fights quickly
1420s this is why we often see that the first
1422s assault rifle is swapped out for the
1424s combat smg
1426s meaning that in this role you'll hold
1427s two weapons designed exclusively for
1429s close range engagements while the rest
1431s of the slots are dedicated to heal
1433s the fragger loadout often includes the
1435s striker pump shotgun the combat smg and
1438s then a variation of heels the ability to
1441s clean up fights quickly and effectively
1442s leads to this loadout being a top pick
1444s among the more aggressive players
1448s after hearing the different loadouts and
1450s roles which ones are you choosing in
1452s your next game until next time we'll see
1455s you on the battle bus beep
1472s is
1487s we ready
1506s [Music]
1514s thousands of duos started out to claim
1516s the acts of champions
1519s only 50 now remain
1523s malibuka and murstash punched their
1525s tickets early finishing top of the
1527s leaderboard in qualifier 1 in dominant
1529s fashion
1530s last season they struggled coming out of
1532s camp cuddle will the loot and positional
1535s advantage of command cavern give them
1537s enough of an edge
1539s we'll also be joined by the dominant duo
1542s andy lex and x-wings with more finals
1544s appearances than any other eu duo their
1547s experience is unmatched will they tear
1550s through the lobby like in qualifier 2
1554s let's not forget the defending champions
1556s hen and queasy off to a slow start this
1559s season they pulled out a victory royale
1561s on the first day of semis they've earned
1563s their spot in the finals but do they
1565s have what it takes to be crown champions
1567s once again
1570s find out now on fncs europe
1577s what is going on fortnite fam over the
1579s next two days we'll watch 50 of the very
1581s best duos go head-to-head looking to be
1583s crowned champion this is finals this
1587s is the fncs
1590s [Music]
1604s what's going on everybody welcome to the
1606s finals of the fncs this is the european
1609s region over the last several weeks we've
1611s watched teams rise teams fall but now we
1614s sit here with the 50 very best in eu and
1618s they're all going to go head to head
1619s who'll be crowned champion of it at the
1620s end of it all man that's what we're here
1622s to find out but i need a little help i
1624s need my friends we need the analysts we
1626s got resell we got mini miners they're
1627s going to be hanging out with us as we
1628s break down all of the action oh man you
1631s got to love these two guys
1636s that wasn't planned either no we never
1637s planned those never we never plan
1639s anything
1640s um what's going on everybody are you
1643s guys excited finals we've made it here
1645s we are oh it's so exciting it feels like
1647s a holiday it feels like the absolute
1649s moment where we've all been waiting for
1650s you know we've been building up to it
1652s semi-finals qualifies all the way back a
1654s few weeks ago we've had weeks and weeks
1655s to build up for it i'm personally so
1657s excited two days of finals as well i
1659s mean it's the best time of any fortnight
1661s season right now the finals where all of
1662s the prize money comes out all the
1664s storylines we've been talking about for
1665s weeks and weeks have all built up to
1667s here and obviously today and tomorrow so
1669s this is gonna be some good games yeah we
1670s got a little bit of a sneak peek of that
1672s last week right semifinals was
1673s absolutely insane and now we're gonna
1675s watch another two days of that peak
1677s fortnite action which we'd love to see
1679s now we're gonna go ahead and start the
1680s show but first off legends landing if
1682s you guys are watching from there what's
1683s going on legends landing we'd love to
1684s hang out with y'all love to see you see
1686s you thanks for letting us hang out we
1687s really appreciate it legend go check it
1689s out in fortnite right now i'm gonna go
1690s this way let's talk about the broadcast
1691s schedule so if you like what you're
1693s seeing you're like man zeke this is
1694s really cool i wanna watch more fortnite
1696s next season of course come back this is
1697s kind of our format right here we start
1699s off with a few qualifiers we go on the
1701s semi-finals we have three days of
1702s semi-finals find the 50 best duos in a
1705s region and then we find ourselves right
1707s here finals but how did we actually get
1710s here rhys talk to me we've had
1712s qualifiers we've had semi-finals and it
1715s has all led to this
1717s the finals this is where all of the
1719s prize money is if you notice we've got
1720s two days here day one day number two if
1723s you notice we're on pure play and then
1724s match points what that actually means is
1726s that on the second day if a team it's
1729s unlikely but if a team gets to 475
1732s points with three victory rounds they'll
1734s actually end the tournament early so
1736s there's a match point in place here it's
1738s not like it's not a hat likely let's
1740s move at this point but it'll add some
1742s excitement if it does happen of course
1743s but to get to that you have to get the
1745s points now we've talked about this
1746s points for like quite a lot but of
1747s course the victory royale getting you 32
1749s points and of course those cascading
1751s placement points starting at that top 25
1753s you're getting one point for every
1754s single placement moving all the way up
1756s into third place as well and of course
1758s each elimination being worth three
1760s points so lots of points up for grabs
1761s for these teams today but you might be
1763s wondering what are all these teams
1764s playing for zeke's got the answers hey i
1766s got you guys covered let's talk about
1768s the prize pool now do keep in mind
1769s fortnite is a global competition we have
1771s seven regions going head-to-head for
1773s their cut of their respective prize pool
1775s but you're probably asking yourself zeke
1777s well what about first place what do
1778s people get for making it this far i've
1780s got you guys covered don't worry about
1781s it take a look three hundred thousand
1783s dollars for the duo that walks away in
1785s the number one spot but as i'm gonna say
1787s across the two days think about this
1788s okay if a duo your favorite duo can jump
1791s from say last place into that top ten
1793s huge amount of prize money there so make
1795s sure you guys are rooting for your
1796s favorite duel all the way to the very
1798s end
1799s and i got to tell you we've been teasing
1800s it on social media what are these guys
1802s fighting for it's the new axe of
1805s champions you guys got to check this out
1807s look at it and it's all
1808s me beauty
1810s that is beautiful it's the first time
1811s we're getting to see it now it actually
1813s is it's so clean prismatic for a
1816s chromatic we've got prismatic we've got
1818s fantastic it's cleaner than shire wages
1821s shoe collection somehow oh and
1822s sunglasses and sunglasses there's many
1824s of those yeah they're good though but
1826s sometimes we want to look at of course
1828s the qualified players if the 50 jewels
1830s that were qualified for the top 100
1831s players there's i mean eu's best names
1834s are all stacked up here can you point
1836s top left i can indeed
1838s teamwork murstache and malabuka a team
1840s that we've been talking about the
1842s community's been talking about for now
1844s seasons and seasons ahead they are
1847s i don't say unstoppable because that's i
1848s don't want to put a curse in them like
1850s that but look at this this right here is
1852s really important three victory rounds
1854s this is from their qualifier number one
1856s and guess what three games out of three
1858s they only got off spawn so they won a
1859s hundred percent of games they got spawn
1861s these guys are scary when it gets to end
1864s game these guys are not a duo mustache
1866s malibu they're not a duo that you want
1867s to be coming up against in end game the
1868s way that they use projects the way they
1870s bounce off each other they're just sort
1871s of gliding through the end game honestly
1873s one of my favorite duos to watch when we
1875s get to the end game but they might have
1877s a few troubles or spawn today right yeah
1878s they may have a few troubles of spawn
1879s like we said they're contested by pink
1880s and an ass who right now it seems like
1882s they are kind of winning up against
1884s right it seems like i saw our boy boop
1886s post a couple stats earlier it seemed
1888s like they're winning a little bit more
1890s than picking an spawn but again
1892s it's relatively even yeah another geo
1894s that i want to be talking about though
1895s is of course seti and kami now it's a
1897s duo that a lot of people would
1898s definitely put in contention for coming
1900s out on top today and then one of those
1901s sort of duos that play a little bit of a
1902s different strategy they play low ground
1904s they play a little bit slower right up
1905s until the end game and they're picking
1907s up eliminations and refresh is where it
1908s matters most this is another duo to look
1910s out for today it is and i've
1912s kind of stood behind seti playing a solo
1914s cash cup right and you think that's
1915s relatively insignificant to this but to
1917s watch him physically from behind his
1920s screen is it's something else you
1922s understand that this guy is different
1924s he's a special he is a talent and cami
1927s is exactly the same these guys are so
1929s balanced in everything they deal pretty
1931s much the exact same damage they take
1933s pretty much the exact same damage and if
1934s one of the things you notice is they're
1935s positioning right they're so close to
1937s each other at all times in endgame and
1939s that's just one of the reasons why
1940s they're such a good jewel yeah we saw
1942s some insane silly clutches from k from
1943s seti in particular and of course last
1945s season they didn't have to go great over
1946s time but they've come together this
1947s season that the l boy is popping off and
1949s hopefully they can do it today
1950s absolutely we're going to go to our next
1952s 50 teams we've got here one of the ones
1953s i want to point out is tayson and
1954s chappix now tayson and chappix two of
1958s eu's biggest names if you think tayson
1960s and is not going to perform in an f and
1962s cs finals you're missing out here
1964s let me just list some of the placements
1965s he has four times f and cs champion on
1968s eu the most of any region two thirds two
1972s fifths and eight like this guy has been
1974s in the top ten of an fncs finals nine
1977s times
1978s that is honestly earth-shattering and of
1981s course i don't know chavez so two-timing
1982s champion as well he's pretty good too
1983s yeah of course but yeah he's decent but
1985s no like he's talking about this duo i
1986s think this is the most experienced joke
1988s this is the most experienced year in the
1989s lobby i think they have the most fncs
1990s wins out of every other team and they
1992s have that experience they have that sort
1994s of the ability to pop off when it
1996s matters most you know they turn up on
1997s the big days and their fighting ability
1999s is second to none they know exactly what
2001s they're doing in the mid game the early
2002s game segment as well and of course
2004s they're landing at the collider so they
2005s might have some easy osborne surge which
2007s we'll talk about a little bit later on
2008s another duo that i do want to talk about
2010s is of course reason and deceptis now we
2012s saw them popping off in qualifier number
2014s three they only had qualifier sorry
2016s semi-final number three uh they only had
2017s semi-final number three two make it to
2019s today the finals and oh boy did they do
2022s it yeah they obviously managed to
2023s qualify through fantastic i think they
2025s were one of the best raw skill teams in
2027s that kind of lobby at the time and these
2029s guys i'm very excited about because
2030s they're gonna be just getting better as
2031s the season's gone on and they've shown a
2033s ton of potential two second places in
2035s the dual cash cops obviously they did
2036s well in that semi-finals as well but one
2038s of the most important things is reason
2040s himself has said i'm not usually on the
2042s same page as deciptos and the stats
2044s backed up does hit does places twice the
2046s amount of builds in the end game and
2047s there's 40 more damage so i'm not i'm
2049s not trying to say this is carrying here
2051s but i hope these guys are on the same
2052s wavelength now yeah the zip dose is an
2054s absolutely incredible town they both are
2055s very very talented individually i mean
2056s the zip dots just recently won the most
2058s recent solo cash cup so there's
2059s definitely talent there and if they can
2060s bring it together today that is where it
2062s matters most but i'm going to throw you
2064s guys back over to zeke who has another
2065s content piece for us
2066s thank you guys so much it's fantastic as
2068s always as these guys just mentioned
2070s tayson one of the most winning and
2072s winningest players of all four night
2074s history
2075s widely regarded as the goat well guess
2077s what 112k got to sit down and pick his
2079s brain on all things fortnite so check
2081s this out this is in the lobby with jason
2088s what's up everyone my name is levin2k
2089s and i am joined in the lobby by the one
2092s and only tayson tayson the greatest
2094s fortnight player of all time when you
2096s hear all the people in the scene sort of
2098s call you either go how does that make
2099s you feel bro it just feels me special i
2101s never thought i would be in this
2103s position or it's just amazing
2105s it felt like you came out of nowhere
2107s right and you were just sort of this
2108s absolutely top level player is there
2111s like a tournament you remember or just
2113s any sort of moment where you realize
2114s like
2115s i'm the best player the saw fncs when i
2118s got like a 12 kill win i think that that
2122s game was just amazing i just felt like i
2125s was better than everyone
2126s understandable like is there maybe like
2129s a secret you have you know something
2130s that you know you can maybe give some
2131s people some advice like how you do it at
2133s the start i just
2135s did a lot of practice and i got a game
2137s plan that basically works in solos and i
2139s just play by that plan and
2141s it usually goes well
2143s do you find it hard to stay at the top
2145s every season is basically getting harder
2147s now like the skill gap is increasing
2149s it's getting harder and harder every
2150s season basically do you really look
2152s forward to lands coming back because
2154s that's the biggest question mark around
2155s you people say look tayson's done it all
2157s online but when the lands come will he
2159s still be the best player as long as i'm
2162s like comfortable with my setup i think i
2165s can play well yeah it's not about the
2167s audience or anything i think it's just
2169s about the setup basically yeah just how
2171s i sit just you being comfortable this
2174s season i'll be predicting you to take it
2176s all home as i almost always do can i
2179s count on you to to win it all this
2180s season i think there's like a lot of
2183s players that have a
2184s chance of winning if i put my time in it
2187s can happen again yeah it's the fncs
2189s final the final game what do you want in
2192s your inventory gold striker mythic burst
2195s six mini shields six splashes three bigs
2198s and
2199s a lot of launch pads
2201s definitely a lot of loads it's
2202s interesting you didn't say an smg that
2204s i'm surprised right because they're so
2205s strong this season the mythic verse just
2207s makes up for it i think look tayson it's
2209s been a pleasure having you getting to
2210s talk to you literally the greatest stuff
2212s i'm shaking right now you know the
2213s greatest player of all time uh thank you
2215s very much for joining me where can the
2216s players find you so you can find me on
2219s twitter taste nfn on and basically this
2221s knife and all the socials it's been
2223s tayson 112k in the lobby see you guys
2226s all soon
2231s we'll be watching tyson compete today
2233s and of course over tomorrow as well so a
2236s lot to look forward to but why don't we
2238s turn our attention back to some of the
2239s you guys got to talk about the duels
2240s let's talk about the actual pois and our
2243s expectations for them we've changed this
2245s segment up just a little bit let's start
2246s off with command cavern what do we got
2248s to know i mean command cavern the best
2250s poi on the map hands down right now but
2253s not only that look at the teams it's
2254s attracting right we've got malibu
2255s mustache aquavino on this kind of west
2257s side pinker and ass on top tripper and
2259s thomas cc and raising as well those two
2261s teams up top pinker and nass are going
2262s to be going against aqua i was going to
2264s say i couldn't feed them alabama you
2265s know we've seen this going back and
2267s forth right yeah we have this sort of
2268s this sort of fight has been sort of
2270s developed throughout the whole season
2271s we've seen teams taking fights right
2272s down on that south side by the slump
2274s truck called the slump truck not being
2275s there anymore but we've seen the fights
2276s develop and we've seen sort of moments
2278s where teams don't fight initially
2280s straight away so it'll be interesting to
2282s see how that develops throughout the
2283s rest of this finals as well you know we
2285s have 12 games of action i'm sure teams
2287s will vary that based on how well they're
2289s doing yeah and we're i'm we're almost
2290s definitely going to see that fight up
2291s and top majority of the games but down
2293s below is what's interesting gonna have
2294s three different teams are they gonna
2295s fight are they not are they gonna
2297s actually end up engaging it's it's kind
2298s of difficult to say at this point
2300s because we've seen so many different
2301s things throughout the season's gone by
2302s but this is the drop map right here i
2304s want to actually take a time to look at
2306s greasy grove we're going to come back to
2307s command cavern trust me in a second here
2309s right greasy grove the team that's
2310s landing there right now scram and
2312s hellfire who put on a show in qualifier
2314s number three but one of the things they
2316s do really well in particular is when we
2317s see a north zone coming up right so a
2320s lot of teams right now are struggling
2321s when they have this max distance rotate
2323s to make but them being in greasy grove
2326s they know something that the other teams
2327s don't and that is the next zone because
2330s they in there can for 135
2332s gold reveal the next zone so at this
2335s moment here if you're in the joneses if
2337s you're in condo all you can see is the
2338s first zone however if you're the greasy
2340s grove team you get to see that second so
2341s what they end up doing with that is
2343s using a whiplash the car that's in
2345s greasy grove one of three cars on the
2347s map so very small amount to get there
2349s very very early they're going to go to
2350s the very centre of that zone because
2352s that's going to give them the most
2353s opportunity to get those next zones as
2355s well right so if you see scram and
2357s hellfire in a good position early you
2359s can probably guess where that next zone
2360s is going to be because they already know
2362s it we might not but they already will at
2364s this point but on top of that there's a
2366s very similar strat the coming out of
2367s command cavern out of aqua and vino that
2369s we've mentioned so far too so they
2371s rotate from command cavern down to
2374s greasy grove at the same time however
2376s they do this one zone layer so this is
2378s the second zone that's revealed and what
2379s they will do is because they're doing
2380s this later tank a little bit of zone
2382s damage and reveal the third zone instead
2385s and they'll do the exact same thing
2386s they'll try to get like a center
2388s position on this you can see the place
2389s that they'll end up eventually rotating
2391s to will be really close to give you
2393s visibility right so they ended up
2394s sitting on the side of this hill and
2396s they've got great visibility of all
2397s these teams down on the south side near
2398s the water because i mean if you've ever
2400s tried to swim through the water and like
2401s a late rotating you know it's really
2403s really tough to do at that point however
2405s one of the biggest issues with this
2406s we're talking about cars aquin vino's
2408s managed to do this with a car previously
2410s the i o cars that were in the qualifiers
2412s but that's no longer here they don't
2413s have the vehicles anymore they don't
2415s have the cars to make that rotate so
2416s much easier they're going to have to use
2417s their legs such an old-fashioned way of
2420s rotating
2421s it's going to be so bad for them but
2422s another team that has sort of struggled
2423s and maybe developed their strategies
2425s through the removal of cars is of course
2427s han and queasy now of course the
2428s reigning fncs champions race i'm excited
2431s to see how well they do today but i'm
2433s sure it won't come with any you know
2434s they will come with some problems but
2435s i'm sure you'll be able to overcome them
2436s yeah i mean we saw these guys be really
2438s good in majority of tournaments you know
2440s doesn't matter if they had cars or not
2441s they were close to the top ten if not
2442s winning at the same time however
2444s realistically this week we saw him kind
2446s of fumble a little bit in the cash cup i
2448s do see queasy say he wasn't feeling too
2449s good he's feeling a little bit ill at
2450s that time so i hope he's feeling better
2452s today fingers crossed maybe he's just
2453s making excuses you know never you never
2455s know but i think we're going to see a
2456s good performance of them regardless yeah
2458s what i find interesting about this duo
2459s is of course they're landing at the
2460s north side of sleepy sound now when you
2461s talk about duos that are reigning fncs
2463s champions top top teams you wouldn't
2466s associate them with a drop spot like
2467s this i mean the loot is not incredible
2469s you have eight buildings there maybe one
2470s to two chests per building is it really
2473s going to be winning loot for them and
2474s particularly when you combine them with
2475s sort of the south stones is it going to
2477s be enough i mean it's enough because
2478s they get it to themselves right you know
2480s if someone else was fighting for this no
2482s no no no no no chance
2484s definitely not but something i really
2485s want to highlight about head and queasy
2486s is of course the south zone rotate now
2488s of course we know they're landing right
2490s at the top of the map right there we can
2491s see it right up at the top it is the
2493s north sleepy sound we talked about it so
2494s much they've landed here for so long and
2496s they know how to loot it very well but a
2498s problem that they've been having this
2499s season so far is this this
2502s if i was queasy right now i would be
2503s terrified of this so because
2505s i'm shaking almost just looking at it
2506s it's a terrifying zone for the teams at
2508s north sleeping now i want to talk about
2510s how their sort of rotation has developed
2512s through the change in the vehicles of
2514s course we had the vehicles and then we
2515s did it but pre-vehicle nerf we're seeing
2518s a lot of free vehicle removal we're
2520s seeing them use the vehicles really
2521s really effectively they're rotating all
2522s the way up to the north side of the map
2524s taking a fight and then rotating all the
2527s way down back into zone and they can do
2529s that a lot later than they can do now so
2531s we can see the rotate they take they get
2533s one of the whiplash vehicles they're
2534s going up to the top they take the fight
2536s for storm surge and then they make their
2538s way into the zone a lot later on than
2540s they can do now and that is the
2542s difference in today's and their current
2544s play style because they're not able to
2546s do that they don't have the vehicles
2547s anymore to be able to have that
2548s flexibility they almost had free reign
2550s over the north side of the map this time
2552s though what they're trying to do they're
2553s trying to rotate on foot they're going
2555s one minute earlier and they're rotating
2557s towards the east side of the map where
2558s they're taking fights potentially we
2560s could see it against wrest garden clown
2562s or potentially kovacs as rocks at the
2563s north side of the map maybe if that
2565s doesn't work out they go to the daily
2566s bugle or another option rotating to
2568s coney crossroads getting ahead of all
2570s these teams and then looking back for
2571s the surge and this is the path that
2573s they're going to be taking for that
2574s they're going to be rotating all the way
2575s around looking into the daily bugle
2577s because we know the daily bugle fights
2579s they can take a little bit longer they
2580s look for that surge they get it
2582s hopefully for them and then they rotate
2584s right into the centre of zone where they
2585s can have that more you know maybe less
2587s congested side of zone and that is the
2589s position they want to be in and i think
2591s that's really an interesting thing to
2592s look at because they've developed their
2594s strategy to develop their rotation and
2595s this is sort of the the difference that
2597s we can see but with all that being said
2599s we're gonna toss it back to zeke who has
2600s another content piece for us
2602s thank you guys you're so incredible love
2604s you guys so much all right have you ever
2605s wondered how pros prepare themselves on
2608s the day going into finals how they get
2610s their minds in the right headspace well
2612s check this out this is game day rituals
2618s [Music]
2622s best way to start a tournament sleep
2624s late wake up shower steak and chips and
2626s drink it ready to go so before
2628s tournament i don't want to get burned
2630s out so most times i'm just like going
2632s like 30 minutes before maybe i'm free
2634s building
2634s doing some edit maps and aim apps and
2637s that's it for the first game i normally
2638s get on like early warm up i play like
2641s 200 pumps i think the best thing to do
2643s is just like keep your daily routines
2645s instead of putting a lot of pressure on
2646s yourself on the day of thinking you have
2648s to like overperform or overdo anything
2650s before i start playing obviously i put
2651s on my sleeve it helps me
2653s with the emotions on the mousepad i feel
2656s better when i have it done but i will
2658s still destroy you without it
2661s [Music]
2663s i make sure especially when i'm playing
2665s a big tournament like fncs then i need
2667s to get nine to ten hours sleeping people
2670s under look sleep because like we're
2672s thinking with our brain all game doing
2674s all of that we need that sleep if it's
2676s before a big tournament i'll definitely
2677s get as much sleep as i need to i won't
2679s set an alarm i play much better if i
2681s know if i've slept well
2686s it helps me psychologically because i
2688s know that i'm doing everything that i
2690s can to be the best i also go for walks
2692s and runs sometimes since i started
2694s working out i've been feeling much
2696s better and more prepared for tournaments
2698s [Music]
2701s going out is very important for
2703s vitamin d and also having fresh air if
2706s you're just triggered or you're just
2707s angry or you're just tired i just have a
2710s cold shower i stay off twitter for the
2712s 30 minutes coming up to the tournament
2714s and i also do push-ups before every
2715s tournament just because it gets the
2717s blood flowing
2721s you just gotta try and relax a bit just
2723s think it doesn't matter don't think
2724s about it too much i think pressure goes
2727s in hand with how much you number one
2730s player number two how much you prep but
2731s if you're prepped you've done everything
2733s you need to you know you've tried the
2735s best pre-hunt so all you can do is play
2736s for handling pressure i think it comes
2738s with experience but also not having high
2741s expectations at all goes the best like
2743s my main goal that i have is to qualify
2746s for grants and not care how i doing
2747s grounds and whenever that happened i did
2749s good in it so i don't feel pressure
2751s especially when
2752s i've put in so much hours into the game
2754s i know that i'm doing all i can to be
2756s the best once you get used to it you
2758s practice a lot you pay a lot of
2759s tournaments a lot of finals the pressure
2761s won't hit you as hard just go over ice
2763s in your veins
2768s there you go game day rituals once again
2770s thanks to all the players who came out
2771s for media day we truly appreciate that
2773s but we only have a few more minutes here
2774s so let's go ahead bring our casters in
2776s because we got to talk predictions
2777s shiloh wager 11 2k oh my gosh some of my
2781s favorite human beings
2784s you know
2785s um okay guys we have about three minutes
2787s here let's talk through our predictions
2789s which duels we think could walk away
2791s champions at the end of it all let's go
2793s ahead and see this graphic together so
2796s i'm gonna be good guys zeke here for a
2797s minute okay just for one moment okay
2799s queasy all right reigning fncs champions
2801s they did give us a little bit of a scare
2802s right they did qualify out of
2803s semi-finals which is
2805s i don't want to say uncharacteristic but
2806s maybe a little bit and i think it's kind
2808s of put them in a place where they're
2809s saying look this we need to take this
2810s little more seriously now we're going
2811s into finals we need to take it up a
2812s notch
2814s what do you got i mean it is
2815s uncharacteristic last time they
2817s qualified qualifier number one winning
2819s it and then they won the fncs as well so
2821s i don't know if that says anything about
2822s their gameplay right now but i'm kind of
2825s trained i follow the trains myself
2827s not entirely they're a team that's had
2829s to deal with so many adjustments the
2830s struggles that they had were
2831s understandable i don't think people
2833s should use that as a reason to maybe go
2834s this isn't a team capable of winning
2836s fncs they are still a top quality doer
2838s that's right that's right minnie who do
2840s you have i have satan and trafficks now
2842s me and reece have disagreed on a few of
2844s our
2845s data i've made the right decision and uh
2847s we've we've gone for the same prediction
2849s and i think we're just talking about two
2851s experienced players they've done it
2852s they've both done it together of course
2853s as well in grand royale they've won this
2856s sort of event before they've done it
2858s they've been in the position and i think
2860s on the west side of collider there's
2862s absolutely no reason for them not to win
2863s today yeah also at the same time you've
2865s got to think like when it comes to
2866s finals it doesn't matter how bad tasting
2868s or champions seasons have been i've said
2871s last season for champions for that one
2872s but in particular
2874s and doesn't matter how bad the season's
2875s been they perform when it matters in
2877s finals they do okay but when it matters
2879s right when it really matters when it's
2882s you know deep into end games things are
2884s really intense you you know you need to
2885s find eliminations you need to have a pop
2887s off who better than malibu mustache like
2890s i i can't think of if somebody here can
2892s name a team that has better pop-up
2893s potential i will give you a million v
2895s bucks right now no no no hey you're
2897s right you're right
2898s there's not a great there's
2901s i've been saving this for a little bit
2902s i'm the prop man sometimes right
2904s let's go to shia land i'm gonna put on
2905s my rose tinted glasses here okay real
2908s quick i'm gonna show you guys if i get
2909s these undone okay what i'm looking at
2911s rose colored fields consistency over 12
2914s games studying cami my heroes my duo
2918s they're split undefeated kind of chopped
2920s in half right now but i'm not too
2921s worried about it i'm seeing pink and i'm
2923s liking it you know what can you see a
2925s brilliant duo when they don't have to
2927s get eliminations so
2929s outside of that and i'll spawn they're
2931s going to have some problems today
2932s potentially you know you might be taking
2933s those glasses off a lot quicker than you
2935s might i'm hoisting them up
2937s yeah they're not going to be voiced
2939s they'll be falling off
2940s we see any questionable calls from jaio
2942s it's just because he can't see
2944s is it a green bumper a red one i'm not
2947s even no no no no
2948s no there you go guys it is almost that
2950s time we're getting ready to jump off the
2952s battle bus and kick off the competition
2954s here from eu this is the final six games
2957s today another tomorrow and then we're
2959s crowning champions it's that time this
2962s is game one of the fncs
2970s it's here it's time three qualifiers
2973s three days of semis and now two days of
2975s finals what better reason to start off
2977s with than eleven eu honestly it's the
2979s moment we've all been waiting for the
2980s favorite time for everybody that watches
2982s four night in a season the moment for
2984s the top players in the land to finally
2986s battle it out against each other yeah
2988s let's talk about some of those top
2989s players from the stories we have rolling
2990s in today you mentioned mustache malabuca
2992s why are they so good why should we focus
2994s on that i think the big thing for me is
2996s just their fighting potential right we
2997s talk about a lobby where there's a lot
2999s of new players a lot of players who
3000s maybe aren't as experienced when it
3001s comes to getting storm surge these guys
3003s when it comes to dealing damage that's
3004s their comfortability that's where they
3006s feel as confident and of course an
3007s elimination heavy format favors players
3010s that are really good at getting
3011s eliminations and that's exactly what
3012s they are yeah they're the muscle they're
3013s kind of like just the blood flow of the
3015s lobby i'm looking at the consistency the
3016s heart the heart beat even steady and
3018s cami i think they should be around every
3020s single game might have some fluctuation
3022s some palpitations so to speak but
3024s hopefully things are fine past that
3026s command cavern you mentioned mustache
3027s malabuka i think every top team from eu
3030s from the past is here honestly right
3032s when we talk about what we've seen
3033s throughout the course of the season
3035s non-stop fights at command cavern and
3037s i'm sure as we head into this first game
3038s we're going to be heading right into
3040s that once again there's been so much
3041s action all over the map but especially
3044s there that's where the big dogs are
3045s really hounding it out yeah greasy
3047s tilted the collider new editions old
3049s duos it's all clashing here for this
3051s season's fncs chapter three season two
3054s it's starting game one of twelve
3056s we're heading right into things
3059s players gliding
3061s you gotta make sure you hit the the
3062s first drop sweet nice no hiccups to
3065s begin with
3066s but this is where things get intense
3070s you can see here over towards this
3071s tiller towers area we've got some top
3073s teams some teams i'm sure we'll be
3074s following plenty today
3077s and here at command cabin yeah the same
3079s look all those names shadow age up
3082s i wouldn't be surprised if an fncs
3083s winning duo came exactly from this spot
3086s and pink can announce a team that
3087s definitely will feel they deserve a
3089s mention in that landing over towards the
3091s top side manabuki mustache at the blimp
3094s this entire landing for every team
3095s that's true i think it's about five or
3096s six that are landing so far they have to
3098s land like a perfect puzzle level one
3100s moment of kind of difference one shot
3102s where you know one piece lays on top of
3104s the other everything crumbles there's a
3105s huge fight that starts yeah it's
3107s honestly you know a chess game between
3109s about six different teams right you
3111s can't overstep your boundary you can't
3113s afford to step on someone's toes right
3115s that's where you can cause issues this
3117s is something i'm happy to see right off
3119s the start game one a launch pad on the
3122s floor spawn is a brilliant brilliant
3124s thing the malibu mustache will have to
3125s stay alive you can see maybe some cheeky
3127s shots there
3128s trying to get that storm surge damaged
3130s out a bit early
3131s but i love tap here and there won't be
3133s scary for anybody what is scary though
3135s is save it down over here towards the
3137s jones's jackpot having to fend for
3139s himself yeah this is where we're
3140s watching new experience build itself
3143s for ya go not really made an fcs finals
3145s so far this is the first time kind of in
3147s this type of seat whether it's driver or
3149s passenger we have 12 games to tell
3151s over here at the joneses though this
3152s fight should go on for a multitude of
3154s games for a lot of time between just
3156s these two duos until maybe even some
3158s more coming through the frame yeah i
3160s think the big thing with this fight
3161s right is that there's some games we'll
3162s watch it literally just will finish
3164s instantly there's some games we'll drag
3165s out this is a game where maybe they can
3167s afford for it to drag out the zone is
3168s close by and so there's not as much
3170s pressure there but yakko in this
3172s situation is very very tough i'm sure
3174s there's been a lot of people who are
3176s fans of savored especially one of the
3178s bigger names in the scene so they'll be
3180s hoping that jackpot can do a spectacular
3182s here and win things out every time i
3184s watch the joneses fight and one
3185s teammates down it's kind of like looking
3186s at a bucket of water for the hole at the
3188s bottom you are leaking your reverse
3190s drowning kind of i don't know what the
3192s official term is what i'm saying is you
3194s need to throw all the liquid you have at
3195s the duo you're fighting immediately if
3197s you wait too long you just get dragged
3199s out by constant pressure from a distance
3201s no one needs to just rush at you
3203s immediately
3204s robin's dying just making sure they're
3205s taking their time nice tosses up top of
3208s the minis
3209s mechanic we usually don't get to see the
3211s first person pov ever used in the slow
3214s form type of battle but over at the
3215s jones as levin mentioned it sometimes
3217s you're super fast
3219s if you try things you get denied really
3221s good defense from yapko overall but yeah
3223s when you slow things down that's where
3225s that bucket just loses all its liquid
3227s yeah that's really interesting right
3228s because to start off with we didn't
3230s actually expect to see rabbit and
3232s fenayan landing over here tools of
3233s jones's contestant right many people
3235s thought it would be blue back in theory
3237s um it's not obviously been them in this
3238s case this time is for nine winning out
3240s there they come in clutch in that moment
3242s but we're right into some more action
3244s over towards log jam and another case of
3246s a fight maybe we didn't expect to see
3247s but i fight that flowers will be happy
3249s to be winning here doing the crucial
3251s shots in the end matthew comes clean as
3253s well noah really and the deal this is so
3256s interesting shia we expected to see an
3258s aurelian video over towards command
3260s cabin but no they're here at logjam and
3262s they're going down early i was looking
3264s at the cavern for a sec trying to get
3266s the full mosaic together some pieces
3268s were missing some tiles the color was
3270s looking kind of weird with how many
3271s people flying in i did not expect this
3273s type of drop to change the the story for
3276s no right nintendo has been so all over
3277s the place right they were landing over
3279s towards the fortress it had a bit of a
3281s nerf with the collider coming in they
3282s decided to leave i think that was a
3284s mistake many people would argue that was
3285s a mistake they've decided to go to
3287s command cabin things were looking all
3289s right there but still a bit scuffed now
3290s game one of the offensive finals decided
3292s no scrap both of those we're gonna head
3294s towards log jam and contest mappy and
3296s flowers that is just all over the place
3298s and to go down in game one especially
3300s it's now going to be huge for their
3302s emotions yeah think about floss and
3303s mappy as well specifically they were not
3305s expecting that they were looking at not
3307s saying you know lumber yard is a sleeper
3308s py they were in rest mode still in bed
3310s getting ready to start their day
3312s immediately now have surge have
3314s everything ready to go i'm very
3316s concerned to see exactly how no riley
3317s and deal's day goes if that is look if
3319s there's one team especially or two teams
3321s especially that won't be happy to see
3323s how that fight played out it would be
3324s pink and that's malibu mustache if now
3326s no riley and they'll decide they want to
3327s go back to come on that could be tragic
3329s for those two
3331s i will watch the perspective of veterans
3332s versus rookies look at you free though
3334s doesn't matter if he's new on the block
3336s he's doing so much damage with every
3338s shot 1v2 with the auto shoddy in hand
3341s and election xps are down
3343s what a shot from u3 all season long
3346s we've talked about how this guy has the
3348s potential to hit max damage shots when
3350s necessary calling maxi sometimes and to
3353s take down some french titans in and
3356s election that sweets two players who
3357s very much are considered favorites by
3359s some people to go all the way he was
3362s back against the wall as well the this
3364s man was in an endless sweet pinch i've
3366s never seen someone survive that type of
3368s hole it's like a python getting hold of
3370s your entire body somehow you wriggle out
3372s and you slay the beast as well
3375s i'm really excited now
3377s some of these early engagements are
3378s seeing
3379s things are looking a lot more fun than
3381s maybe we expected
3382s jason and traffic's oh no not a team
3384s that i want to see getting an engagement
3386s right very much a big favorite the
3388s analyst
3390s reese and minnie both have these guys as
3392s their potential winners for the whole
3394s thing
3395s and understandably two of the greatest
3397s fortnite players you've ever seen two
3399s players who are hungry to do better than
3400s how they did last season
3402s and two players i appear why that very
3404s much has the potential to produce an
3406s fncs winner
3409s there's one of the reasons for that we
3411s saw the effect of a slurp truck all the
3412s way over akamen cavern for the first
3414s half of the fncs season how much can
3416s save you a lot of the shields that you
3418s need just prep you up for the end game
3419s as well they'll have access to that
3421s access to the rotations but need to make
3423s sure they're dealing that damage for hen
3425s and queasy i mean i'm looking at the
3426s zone right now levin minnie literally
3428s explained this bar for bar queasy's down
3431s first of all past that as well this is a
3434s south zone worst possible circumstance
3436s for this duel to start the day yeah this
3439s is very much uncharted territory for
3441s them early game at sleepy sound queasy
3444s isn't down right usually queasy the
3447s insurance almost right he's the guy that
3448s you can trust to maybe stay composed
3450s stay calm hence a phenomenal player can
3452s lose his head at times but for queasy to
3454s be down in this situation that is rough
3458s must be some type of breakdown from that
3460s southern teen landing all the way over
3462s at sleepy
3463s i wonder if it wasn't jica right those
3465s obviously the guys that land south
3466s sleepy if there was a fight that broke
3468s out here
3469s i'm sure we'll get an update on that at
3471s some point but
3472s very very tough start for the reigning
3474s fncs champions
3477s see exactly what reese has for some of
3479s these off spawn engagements they've been
3480s insane we need some help with this one
3484s hello hello thank you very much boys
3486s we're looking at cami and say right now
3487s in a classic position but one of the
3489s most important things about them is they
3491s have never gone down before the fourth
3493s zone not one game this season in a set
3496s lobby have they gone down and that's due
3498s to things like this great positioning
3499s they understand that right now they're
3501s sitting next to tilted they can get easy
3503s tags on the players next to them so
3505s they're looking set up and if they go
3507s down before fourth zone it's a new
3509s record back to you boys
3512s rhys making a great point right this is
3514s their bread and butter sitting up here
3516s perched into it i think the big
3518s difference for them in this lobby is
3520s that usually they'll be accustomed to
3521s seeing more more teams fighting out
3523s until it's right they'll be easiest
3525s opportunities to do damage there but
3527s this time they might have to be a bit
3528s more patient and a bit more clinical
3530s when those opportunities arise
3532s this is a fight though we were expecting
3534s to see
3535s flixy kiddu up against the andy and joe
3538s and the fact that many people shia
3539s expect to go heavily in the favor of
3541s z'andy and josiandy one of the better
3543s off spawn fighters in the land somebody
3546s is so confident so ruthless in these
3548s situations and you can see just
3550s pressuring from above really just
3552s forcing kuduro and flexi down to
3554s desperation shots desperation
3555s opportunities
3558s things and he might just be one of the
3559s best periods statistically in the entire
3561s server often spawn kidwell being one of
3564s the worst but we've seen just in terms
3566s of stakes a lot of reversals a lot of
3568s upsets already inside this early game
3570s sign up station in terms of zandy and
3571s joe i feel like they've stamped this as
3573s home for them especially qualifier one
3575s yeah they've dominated in qualifier one
3577s right off spawn it wasn't up against
3579s switzerland kaduro but again just
3580s following along that trend of them being
3582s very prominent osborne players sign up
3584s station maybe isn't one of the flashiest
3586s pois on the map but they very much have
3588s access to some riffs right full rotation
3590s when needed to get further down into the
3592s middle of the map and of course in this
3594s game where the zone is pulling towards
3595s the side they do have time to be a bit
3598s more patient with this fight
3600s patience name of the game for some of
3602s the command cavern teams malibu mustache
3606s playing with the zone as much as
3608s possible making sure the loadouts
3610s are spectacular for surge as well i mean
3612s what's one of the reasons a lot of
3614s people like to stay in the cavern uh for
3616s so long well the big thing with staying
3617s in the cabin so long is that you can
3619s actually do it right in terms of there
3620s are so many heels here i don't think
3622s there's ever been a poi right that's
3624s allowed you to stay in there for so long
3626s in fortnite you can literally stay here
3628s for more than a couple minutes right and
3630s that's why we you know you shouldn't
3631s panic if you see these teams still here
3633s the big thing is though as well is that
3635s if you're deep late in storm and you
3637s have a way of getting in relatively
3638s quickly you can pick your spot right you
3640s can choose to go and play the side of
3642s the zone that's what a lot of these
3643s teams like to do pinker and us
3644s especially like to do that right they
3645s like to stay wait make sure they have
3647s their surge and loot or patterned
3649s correctly and then they like to choose a
3650s less congested side of the zone and you
3652s can see here now with both teams doing
3654s that they realize there's still
3655s opportunities to do damage big shots
3657s being done by an ass here
3660s optional rotate now we'll do a scan as
3662s well to hopefully get some more free
3664s picks but nothing has happened yet
3666s queasy back up hen now down this
3668s reversal that we see way deep into some
3670s tournaments some set lobbies like the
3672s game fives and sixes that's where this
3674s specific duo starts to struggle and swap
3676s lives back and forth it's happening now
3678s this looks like a repeat of qualifier
3679s free and for the people who maybe
3681s weren't here watching that stage it was
3683s when the vehicles had just been removed
3685s south zones were their biggest enemy
3688s they've struggled so much against them
3690s and coming into the finals before they
3692s really had finally adapted and adjusted
3695s game wonder up against colonel rescard
3697s in the zone we saw hen as a solo now
3699s it's time for queasy but as much as a
3701s great player he is this is such a
3703s difficult task ref scored
3705s so relentless doing the finishing blow
3708s as well him and clown now
3710s will have their path to zone cleared but
3712s they take out the reigning champions a
3715s very very rocky start for queasy hen
3717s champions with no voice in game number
3719s one and surprisingly i wouldn't even
3721s expect to be refs guarding clowns
3723s specifically to get that a win off spawn
3725s especially with just two eliminations i
3727s thought they would have a gruesome
3728s battle with rox and kovacs overall i
3731s thought i'd go all the way down to the
3732s final moment someone getting eliminated
3734s but they even disengaged now aqua and
3736s vino forced to get a little bit of their
3737s surge up or you know just a little bit
3740s more damage here and there what an angle
3741s from vino he he just moves faster his
3743s shots come out quicker as well and he's
3746s forcing people on the wood builds for
3747s the moment making them look like
3749s absolute drones for the moment here too
3751s this is just nuts from vino the shotgun
3753s shot not as clean as some of the ar tags
3756s but he's putting on the pressure vino
3758s has been in scintillating form this
3761s season
3762s genuinely right now might be the best
3764s player in the game
3766s real talk and look we've hyped up many
3769s teams so far at the top of the show but
3770s these guys will feel like you know they
3773s they've been done dirty by us as
3774s analysts and casters because genuinely
3776s you could argue these guys are the
3777s biggest favorites coming in to the fncs
3780s finals their form leading up to shia has
3782s just been out of this world they've
3784s they're winning cash cuts they are
3785s dominating events they're winning at
3787s command cabin they've shown they can do
3789s it when they get zones when they do
3790s don't get zones when they do get zones
3792s they obviously have access to the vault
3794s in some games as well depending on where
3795s gunner spawns at command kevin and so
3797s very much one of the biggest favorites
3799s to do it all and my team that i have a
3802s favorite struggling right now mustache
3804s down malibu having to play as a solo in
3806s game one
3808s this is the effects of clashing with the
3809s team all the way from shifty shafts
3811s getting really late into moving into the
3812s zone both of them colliding
3815s on their pads to get towards safety it's
3816s nebs and kinzell i believe that mustache
3818s and malabuca just clashed with and
3820s trying to get towards just the safe
3822s spots
3823s it's very interesting with this team
3824s right because when analyzing their games
3826s leading up to this they don't
3827s necessarily have surge problems usually
3829s right they usually do a great ton of
3831s damage right but obviously some of these
3833s southern zones can be a bit difficult
3834s for them in terms of positioning we're
3836s seeing that here with vettel and lotics
3838s another north team who is struggling
3840s with a very southern zone there's many
3842s games and so hopefully with variance and
3844s luck you don't have to get as many south
3846s zones if you are one of the northern
3847s teams but we're seeing all these teams
3849s who have to play north really just
3851s struggling here in game one and it's not
3853s because of a lack of preparation but
3854s this lobby is the biggest the hardest
3856s most difficult lobby in all of fortnite
3858s the hardest one you will play in and so
3860s as much as you prepare leading up to
3862s shia when you're in the moment it is
3864s just such a meal and uh some players
3867s there's no way no shield for kami and
3870s seti down to search come on down to
3873s search we talked about how they have a
3874s nice setup not even many people in
3876s tilted might not be their usual storms
3878s strategy but there should be so many
3879s people having moving around them they
3880s have to land at least one shot come on
3883s psyogen for anybody watching right now
3885s who doesn't understand the the the scope
3888s of what we're seeing right now we're
3889s seeing experienced veterans people who
3892s have storm surge unlock in their back
3894s pocket struggling to get searched saying
3896s kami in game one struggling with surge
3899s not something you'd be accustomed to
3901s seeing in the fncs
3903s but again just showing you the magnitude
3905s of the lobby
3906s a lot of these teams really struggling
3908s one big thing too usually you'd see one
3910s team kind of
3911s get ahead of the pack in terms of points
3913s eliminations the only thing we've seen
3915s so far is
3916s just two eliminations max for a team
3919s right now mustache malabuca running in
3921s as well this is going to be so
3922s bittersweet for my stash overall i don't
3924s think there's time for this bandage my
3925s friend yup you are knocked maluka has
3927s detect the floppers the mist as well and
3929s the pad has a power loadout but from
3931s this spot with just being barely above
3934s surge i don't think that is enough at
3936s all yeah this is just so difficult you
3938s can see all these teams looking at him
3939s he uses the tree to line up sight his
3941s way in and that's nice
3943s but without a teammate this early on in
3945s the game not many materials as well
3947s working with 300 wood barely any hard
3949s materials it is just uh a a mountain for
3954s a mall like
3956s whoa
3956s look he'll hit big shots like that
3958s that's why people are so confident in
3959s his ability but again
3962s no shields even as well at this stage
3964s like
3965s this is a near impossible situation for
3967s male 1
3969s still getting rattled no one's convinced
3970s that his defense can actually hold
3973s zone now locking in he has about half a
3975s box to use to go from albuquerque right
3978s now is just anything any points one
3980s elimination
3981s to survive a little bit of these
3982s placements he needs to wait for 10
3984s different duels to go down and he's been
3986s hit for a white tag
3987s that'll make people way too salviated
3989s for the moment to get this elimination
3990s right now
3991s it's a quick tell too there's not going
3993s to be that much speed in terms of
3994s expansion in this base not too much on
3997s the defensive side in terms of a voice
3998s for malabuca it's known now that he's a
4001s solo with bill's coming out as well no
4003s one else in the lobby
4005s going down whatsoever no fights breaking
4007s across the map he is the spotlight he is
4009s the man of focus he runs away though and
4011s it's gonna be
4013s kind of okay for now he's gonna be
4014s taking zone for this low eleven this is
4016s disastrous yeah i think his hope is that
4018s people just forget about him at a
4019s certain point right maybe he can just
4020s sneak his way in but the moment he
4022s places a bill down
4023s instantly the shots come through right
4025s again
4026s when malibu is playing he'll game in the
4028s fourth zone and is down on surge you
4029s know this fncs is built different yeah
4032s this is just
4034s a game of adaptation we're going to have
4036s to see change i've seen even thinking
4037s and that's now struggling and he wants
4039s to get right in box he doesn't even have
4041s shield but he's desperate he knows this
4043s is only hope armored wall giving you
4045s some armored walls to slow him down and
4047s he literally just has 12 bills left but
4049s you see what it takes right now e4 look
4052s it's a duo but i have no other option i
4053s just have to get in
4055s and now he's got to just get out
4056s completely has the pad we'll drop it
4058s down to jump onto that one though
4060s all the way back for vino it will take a
4062s little bit of a big jump or for pink
4064s excuse me a big jump to jump on that
4066s it's one layer up it's just made up of
4067s wood and all of them are down bad 35
4070s below now for malibu many different
4071s people falling within the feed it's
4073s marco getting picked for now up top
4075s through lex and cheat show i think they
4077s took out a reason to sip those to get
4078s that spot you talk about people coming
4081s in from the zone this was the end zone
4082s type of fight whoever wins that claims
4084s the land the title of pharaoh of this
4086s desert yeah we're seeing in this game
4087s already a lot of the teams that land at
4089s these southern pois sitting in good
4091s power position scram and a hellfire a
4093s greasy growth team sitting nice perched
4095s up they have such a great angle onto
4097s these fights and a lot of these shambles
4098s teams are trying to hit damage 144 above
4101s is alright compared to some of the other
4102s teams you've watched in this game but
4103s there's plenty opportunity for more
4106s talk about all the veterans in the lobby
4107s there are a lot of different duos as
4108s well who this is their first step in cs
4110s and you mentioned this on the way over
4112s to the studio 11. they will not know how
4114s to deal with the surge they will be
4115s locked in condensed into the zone line
4117s you can look at the mini map right now
4118s you can see just that no one in the
4120s center at all people like this just
4122s barely surviving towards the back it's
4124s stuffy who's moving in usually good off
4127s spawn in terms of he's either not making
4128s it towards the game or him and you are
4131s bigged up on a loadout and have no
4132s issues with surge rocking through but
4134s clearly he's having some problems thomas
4136s and tripper and who i feel like we
4138s should talk about but haven't even
4139s mentioned just yet they're looking
4141s completely fine right now yeah this is
4143s another command cavern team and not just
4145s any sort of command current team command
4146s cavern titans of course they had a
4148s difficult journey to make it to the fncs
4150s final but never a team you can count out
4153s we talked about how you know elimination
4155s heavy format
4157s thomas is right updating the players who
4159s just non-stop get eliminations he's the
4161s kind of guy you can just never come out
4162s and as much as we all give thomas's
4164s flowers i want a big up tripper not just
4166s because he's my former teammate but
4167s because he has been so impressive this
4169s season he has really at times put the
4172s team on his shoulders and came through
4173s clutch hitting big shots and we'll see
4175s if they can do that again using a pad to
4177s get into fifth zone
4180s and you can see already the position
4181s they're taking
4182s making use of some of the builds of art
4184s school and tea chips
4186s and they're set up nicely meteors flying
4189s in definitely having him packed here
4190s thomas and tripper now with this pov
4192s going to be a lot more active than art
4194s skill
4195s and t-chips right down below
4197s this is just an insane kind of
4199s is it a duplex is it a two-story thing i
4201s don't know what the specific residential
4203s tag is for it but having these two teams
4205s free to shoot right now is gonna cause
4207s so much damage ripley also
4209s just going completely down in the feed
4210s benji up and alive as well flo dax is
4213s gonna be rifty's teammate who doesn't
4214s make this portion of the game up towards
4216s the north side no one can really make it
4218s in just yet that's where the majority of
4220s trouble is true
4221s should have the best chance to
4223s understand all the information that's
4224s going down here's the zoom in into all
4226s that action vortex janus they kind of
4228s started the game around here a little
4230s bit now put down armored walls on one
4232s side gonna be so difficult for them to
4233s move and they've almost trapped
4235s themselves in there's no basement
4237s there's no roof this has come for them
4239s janus is melting it's just vortex he's
4242s forced to play as a solo from here
4245s what a situation to be in they pull zone
4247s two so he's gonna be able to make it out
4248s from here but he loses his teammate in
4250s the process he had to sacrifice
4252s dinosaurs literally only space for one
4254s of them in this tight little corner
4256s there they couldn't both squeeze it but
4259s janice going down is rough janice is
4260s typically the one that leads vortex to
4263s clear our oceans puts him in positions
4265s to get good eliminations and refreshes
4268s but now vortex is going to have to do it
4269s as a solo already moving zones as well
4271s and i see benji and savage pulling the
4273s best possible zone on low ground from
4275s that pov tasting and chat picks kind of
4277s in there
4278s i don't know just situation in their
4280s element as well on the back side i'd
4281s love to see the double taps of the pads
4282s just the late ones to make sure they got
4284s to scope the land first see exactly
4286s where height is on the right gonna fly
4287s maybe even right past it no they're
4289s walking straight up it's a red carpet
4290s for them almost but do they win the
4292s award not just yet it's vanya who's up
4294s here who they're gonna be trying to
4295s fight
4296s chap picks and tasting looking for an
4297s option still they need to force a fight
4299s here at some point 200 below surge this
4301s is trouble for them but they can't find
4302s a single duo they're looking for another
4304s pad right you see dropping down they
4305s actually look like they're about to take
4307s out vortex he barely gets away by the
4309s skin of his teeth kami and vanyak though
4311s held on to height against traffic
4312s temptation see how many times you get to
4314s say that throughout the day but maybe i
4315s spoke to you soon because in the back
4317s side of his own kami left vanyak to find
4319s for himself and he wasn't able to hack
4321s it jason picks him up traffic did go
4323s down in the meantime but tayson is no
4325s stranger to a solo clutch deep in the
4327s zone they're using the trunk slashes for
4329s some extra time and needs to hit a big
4330s shot and he will
4332s the game's gone though the zone is so
4334s far away they've been playing their own
4335s little mini game here the entire time
4337s bathroom gonna come close towards tayson
4338s but he's taken so much in terms of
4340s resources to have this position he's a
4342s solo now yeah and nasa was on his wall
4344s there for a moment got the edit through
4346s just in time to delay but this is a very
4348s very difficult situation thomas and
4351s tripping though up on height vino in the
4353s bottom right of your screen as a solo he
4355s doesn't have that queen out but he does
4356s still have a launch pad and the med miss
4358s will give him some time in the zone the
4359s low pad towards the front side of the
4360s zone is crucial for keeping him in this
4362s game double tarp from tripper and thomas
4364s on height on the left side of your
4366s screen and they have solos to deal with
4368s down below vehicle on the backside going
4369s for a few shots up against hookah he's
4371s going to go down vino now as well just
4373s in this driver's seat over clutch
4374s potential chi-cho also forced to do that
4376s but look at high ground maximum control
4378s just dominance and effortless vibes from
4381s tripper and thomas but a team that we're
4382s associated with getting eliminations
4384s just two at the moment but plenty of
4386s opportunity for more you can see thomas
4388s now with the spray coming through she
4390s chose a solo so many solos left in this
4392s one hello fire being in a very similar
4394s predicament but less builds and not much
4396s to work with you can see he's trying to
4397s find something some sort of an opening
4399s but he needs to do it quickly there's so
4400s many players in and around his builds
4402s almost open the cone there to try to get
4404s the shot off but you can hear he has the
4406s sound cues he just needs to connect the
4407s shot has to play with just the time
4409s eight teams left now all the way up to
4411s close to zone nine hellfire four
4413s eliminations for the full team five here
4415s for mappy and followers off of spawn in
4417s regulation now they're looking for a
4418s little bit more consistency chicho runs
4420s into a wood wall and he just goes down
4423s art skill is active inside this end game
4424s hellfire now looking to just get heated
4427s up but no he gets cooled down by a few
4429s beams from the back it's going to be
4430s windy here inside the mid ground will he
4432s just fall over
4433s like a lone leaf melted stripper and
4435s thomas just cutting down the forest from
4436s up top taking apart every single solo
4438s down below in the sands they melt into
4441s the ground thomas hd is looking high and
4443s mighty but they still have no elims they
4445s have to go straight for the wind if they
4446s want to just rain in the point so
4447s whether a report from up above is clear
4449s skies no difficulty for them from above
4453s they're not getting the elimination but
4454s they'll just secure the win instead kefi
4456s in the back of the zone has no chance
4458s flixie and kiruwodo they were able to
4460s stay alive from sign up station and now
4462s in a crucial 2v2 against two of the best
4464s players in the land here we go thomas hd
4467s tripper law materials overall triprin
4469s will drop down the wrists to go into the
4471s storm to pick up final match to be able
4473s to hold that high ground reconnected
4475s armored walls these guys are ready for
4477s the final fight nothing for kidwo in the
4479s tank they have to rely on those shots
4480s final pyramids drop down it's all up to
4482s the fight in the sand stripper and beam
4484s down thomas in trouble they're holding
4486s on for as long as possible one striker
4488s pump is going to start things off thomas
4489s takes down trixie triffen drops will
4491s fall too fast thomas with the insurance
4493s and thomas with the win there's a reason
4496s why he's respected the way he is thomas
4498s hd coming out in the first game of the
4501s fncs and securing the victory royale
4504s tripping wanted all the glory and maybe
4506s fell a bit just too soon but thomas even
4509s with no builds was able to drop down and
4511s hit some crucial shots and closed it out
4514s against kidduo a brilliant game one win
4517s and another instance of a command cavern
4519s team showing us why that poi is so
4522s strong and thomas and tripper usually
4524s it's struggle it's a fight to get a win
4526s a fight to be on the board in like game
4528s three and four this time a playground
4529s monkey bars to climb to the top of the
4531s server and then just have fun right a
4533s nice day out in the sun it was clear
4535s skies for them up on a high it was a
4536s very you know tumultuous weather down
4539s below for some of the other teams but
4540s these guys are on a roll that momentum
4542s is the kind of thing the danes really
4544s need if they want to propel themselves
4546s further into that first place so we're
4547s going to kick it to the end of the store
4548s to break down all that action from that
4550s crazy game one
4553s thank you guys so much game one in the
4555s books thomas hd and triprin
4558s game one winners okay i mean it's
4560s looking good right they came second in
4562s the duo cash cup this week from the same
4564s kind of off spawn situation that we've
4566s seen today with two of six wins with two
4569s of six wins and so far they're looking
4571s to replicate that obviously they'll be
4572s hoping for first though of course
4573s they'll definitely be hoping for first
4575s and of course in that game they came
4576s first they were able to watch it out up
4578s on the high ground i think what i really
4579s like about the way they played this was
4581s they almost went for high ground very
4582s really early on you can see it's only
4583s the half and half it's the fifth stone
4584s right now they went for that commanding
4586s high ground but i don't think they got
4587s the zone so they thought you know what
4588s we'll just play our match we'll play a
4589s little bit more carefully and then they
4590s let all the teams fight it out up on
4592s high ground and in fact it was actually
4593s tayson and chappix thomas hd's old
4596s teammate who actually helped them out
4597s because i saw a traffic's going down and
4599s then tayson was left with a solo and the
4601s door was wide open for tayson and for
4603s sorry thomas and trippin to take down
4605s the high ground and chico and truly try
4607s to get it but the commanding position of
4609s thomas and trippin it was too much for
4610s them exactly and one of the things
4611s that's very uncharacteristic about this
4613s is the two eliminations right we usually
4615s see when these guys win a game it's
4616s closer to 10 and a lot of that is due to
4618s the inventory you can see that thomas hd
4619s does have the combat smg right now
4621s however tripper and doesn't right so
4623s when there's only one in their inventory
4625s it makes it a lot more difficult for
4626s height teams to spray down now you can
4627s see the point right one smg ammo towards
4630s that end but so the clutch potential and
4632s that high fragging ability is kind of
4633s lost a little bit at that moment yeah it
4635s was we saw thomas hd taking out bad
4636s sniper early on in that game at tilted
4638s towers just to get that storm set down
4639s we saw them doing really really good on
4641s storm surge and it was at this moment
4642s here and i thought oh no tripping goes
4644s down but we know about this duo there
4645s are two solos combining together in
4648s incredible fashion in a duo format and
4650s they are two very talented solos and i
4653s think we can trust any of them to clutch
4654s up there i mean we're used to seeing
4655s like we've mentioned multiple times over
4656s the weeks a lot of solo plays from them
4658s over and over i think them playing hype
4660s might be a good idea because it's a
4661s little bit easier to work as a team when
4662s you do that yeah it is you just sort of
4664s next to your mate there you know you can
4665s spray on down but if you don't have the
4666s ammo of course that could become a
4667s problem but i think what i want to see
4668s from this team going forward is maybe a
4670s little bit more aggressiveness on those
4672s refreshes we talked about the the lack
4673s of ammo but of course the lack of
4674s materials there i think it was thomas hd
4676s who picked up a fantastic refresh right
4678s there at the end i think without that
4680s they might not have been able to clutch
4681s up the victory because i think they only
4682s had one elimination going into the end
4684s game yeah i did see them also pick up
4685s max smgmo just for that last bit i was
4688s like oh i spoke too soon but no they
4689s managed to get more but again here we go
4691s now the leader boards have come out even
4693s though they got that victory over hell
4694s tripper and thomas hd are actually only
4696s in third at this point which is kind of
4698s surprising but when you look at the
4699s amount of eliminations they got like we
4701s kind of mentioned obviously those points
4702s add up big time flicks and kiddo who
4704s ended up being second there popping off
4705s with eight elims i was actually quite
4707s surprised because coming into this they
4709s have an off spawn battle against ziandi
4710s and joe and it was not looking favorable
4713s in their front let's say but clearly
4714s they managed to win that off game one
4715s but i'm not sure if the consistency for
4717s them is actually replicatable throughout
4718s the next 11 games yeah another sort of
4720s interesting obstacle battle that we saw
4721s was of course pink and anna's now we saw
4723s some interesting uh battles going on
4725s there against of course at veena there's
4727s another team that we can talk about and
4728s we saw akram vino having a little bit of
4730s an interesting storm strategy this game
4732s yeah of course i mean they were
4733s basically just tagging a bunch right
4734s vino right now is actually the player
4736s who has the highest amount of damage per
4738s game on average so he's the one who's
4740s putting in a ton of the work when it
4741s comes to basically any stage of the game
4743s and right there that was when aqua ended
4745s up going down where so he's managed to
4746s solo clutch this for a large part sorry
4748s i misspoke a little bit too early at
4750s that moment that's when it comes down
4751s very free edit play to hellfire and
4753s scram so vino not only is the player who
4755s does the most damage on average he's the
4757s player with a ton of clutch potential
4758s like this yeah he really is he's one of
4760s those sort of players that you
4760s definitely could rely on in those final
4762s moments of course i think it was eight
4763s fair as well for them so i think without
4764s that solo clutch they would not even be
4766s close to this top ten it would not be
4768s happening for them but to the the talent
4770s of vino being able to uh you know get
4772s into that sort of position on the
4774s leaderboard they're looking good uh of
4775s course pink and they're in tenth place
4776s as well and flexi uh and uh kiddio i
4778s mean those guys popping off on the low
4780s ground as well yeah i mean that that's
4781s massive for them to be honest one of the
4782s more i was gonna say
4784s things that are surprising me right now
4785s is kefi and lodi being in second place
4787s right because we were looking at the top
4789s of the show we were thinking how are
4790s they going to be cutting off cameo in
4791s seti's loot path what is their early
4792s game strategy whatever it is right now
4794s clearly it's working out we're gonna
4795s have to pay attention to that in the
4796s next game yeah we really will i mean
4798s we're talking about that geo in fact in
4800s the way that like they're sort of
4801s halting kami and seti in a way rather
4803s than talking about them having the
4804s potential to pop off themselves as well
4806s it's not about can't be in 30 for them
4807s it's about them being able to pop off
4809s and of course for kevin say like i said
4810s earlier in this match this game is the
4813s first time this season in a set lobby
4815s that they've gone down before fourth
4816s zone so clearly the interruption of kefi
4819s and melody is working in their favor and
4821s not in kamen city so far
4824s and it's crazy too a lot of these
4825s titans we would assume right
4827s it seems like they were going down much
4829s earlier on in the game what do you guys
4831s think happened like what is i'm
4833s unused to seeing these names go down in
4835s like you know 15th yeah i mean it's
4837s surprising because realistically you
4839s suspect these guys understand their
4841s early mid game strategies they know the
4842s storm surge they get themselves set up
4844s for moving zones really really well but
4846s again when you come to a final situation
4848s everyone there's been practicing putting
4849s in the work and they've also studied
4851s your game plan so they know what you're
4853s doing they can get in front of you they
4855s can get in your way they can halt what
4856s you're trying to do and i think that's
4858s exactly kind of what we've seen so far
4860s crazy crazy you do love to see it that
4863s was just game number one and i think we
4864s have five more games of this my goodness
4867s eu is ready to go and so are we we hope
4870s you guys are enjoying all the action so
4872s it's time to go back in this is game two
4874s of the fncs
4881s thank you so much zeke mini rhys he
4884s mentions this five more today 11. six
4886s more tomorrow 11 more games of this
4888s caliber that that's just too much to
4890s handle honestly it's one of the most fun
4892s parts about the finals
4894s regardless of there being so many more
4895s games and so many more opportunities for
4897s these teams to set their stakes and to
4899s to really determine their futures
4901s game on overreactions let's go
4903s what's your biggest game one over
4904s reaction expect the unexpected no
4907s o'reilly the deal why the lumber yard
4909s you know seti cami not having surge what
4911s is going on honestly for me my
4914s overreaction fixing kiddo greatest
4916s players of all time okay great
4918s the best players
4920s the goats right now i'm just thankful
4923s look there's so many more games like we
4924s said so many more opportunities for
4926s these teams to actually come back what
4928s some of the big surprises we saw i can't
4930s expect to see a repeat of some of the
4931s things we saw in game one as much as
4933s maybe some of them would love that to
4935s stay the way it is i think we are going
4937s to see huge changes as we continue
4938s throughout the day absolutely lots of
4940s titans right lots of statues to be built
4942s not that much real estate so let's see
4943s in game two who gets awarded the lots
4946s right now we've got so much in the bag
4948s to just open up and see surprises for
4950s both you and me levin what happens in
4952s this one look i love me a good goodie
4955s bag
4956s something full of surprises but at the
4957s same time
4959s i have a couple staples things i like to
4961s see things i want to see in every goodie
4963s bag i open and one of them is my
4965s favorite teams winning off sport so if
4967s you head into somebody else's form
4969s battles a lot of them in in the first
4971s game didn't go how we expected right you
4973s look at maybe the joneses a lot of
4974s people thought saving in jackpot would
4976s be able to win that one off spawn you
4977s look at sign up station a team who's
4979s literally sitting in first place right
4980s now sixteen kilo a lot of people
4982s including us literally in that game said
4984s the andy joe it's a watch they're going
4985s to win that every single time and it
4987s didn't go that way right so we're
4988s already seeing huge things go against
4991s the curve against the grain
4993s but again at command cavern
4996s some of the biggest names will continue
4998s to land here pink and that's sitting in
5000s ninth place at the moment
5003s we'll be very much looking to bear that
5005s minion drop but i see three different
5006s players kind of rolling in right here so
5008s i'm not sure exactly what's breaking
5010s down right off spot if there's immediate
5012s changes immediately
5014s we're already seeing sign up station 50
5016s 50 this time and flexing can you oh my
5019s goodness no white gas comes through but
5020s now
5021s the andy wins it
5023s so already the game one win as we talked
5025s about whether or not they'd be able to
5026s repeat their success of spawn this time
5029s a much quicker fight and one that they
5030s were not able to prevail in this happens
5032s in some types of like finals or high
5035s stakes set lobbies it's all about some
5037s of these teams that kind of roll in have
5039s this first game big impact but they
5041s never stay
5043s and again another fight we expected to
5045s see and one we're finally seeing now
5046s bubak and fury
5048s a team who we wondered whether they
5050s would be at the joneses winning or spawn
5052s this time around they are and they take
5054s down save it in yakuza again
5057s two games in a row for saving the yak
5058s pro going down early that's very very
5060s hard on the mental so these are like
5062s what coin flip finals i mean they need
5063s to get zeke out here to start casting
5066s right
5067s it's straight up just back and forth
5069s when it comes to you know who's gonna
5070s win off of spawn sometimes it says on
5072s one side other side thomas has to
5074s his tail and run look if there's anyone
5076s i want to flip a queen for me i want it
5078s to be big so
5079s okay get him out here
5081s oh man right now tripping fully taken
5083s out definitive changes over at command
5085s cavern i think that first game it was
5087s over was allowed to display mustache
5089s malabuca an awesome pink taken out
5091s immediately they do not want any of that
5093s smoke in this game right now thomas hd
5095s up against a team that has a knock as
5097s well what's going on here with them is
5099s baloci and hydro who are taking down off
5101s spawn by schizo i believe but somehow
5103s they're surviving timber says thomas but
5105s doesn't find the knock with the wood
5107s there's so much going on all around the
5109s map of course we have thomas here in a
5110s dire situation without tripping but we
5112s of course another fight tools come on
5114s malibu mustache taking out pink and
5116s enough in the feed i believe i saw
5117s o'reilly and the deal winning against
5119s flores and matthew as well so many
5121s things happening all around them we're
5122s seeing a lot of the reverse of some of
5124s the things we saw in game one so
5126s instantly game two a much different
5129s complexion to what we will see in game
5130s one
5131s and for a team that literally won it
5133s they have a massive massive you know
5137s covert hand cabin type mount intercom
5140s i'm scared for the wrestle lobby in any
5142s game right now a lot of that action that
5143s we saw was low ground teams just trying
5145s to survive you put mustache and malabuca
5147s angry off of game one winning off spawn
5149s in game two straight into the mix that
5151s looks really really different yeah and
5153s we have a north zone this game as well
5155s right we talked and we saw all the
5157s impact right of a south zone last game a
5160s lot of those teams were able to find
5161s better positions for surge
5163s and it helped them a long way without
5166s having to worry about all that stuff
5167s talk about win conditions talk about
5168s legendary duo's gotta bring up hen and
5170s queasy difficulties in game one this
5172s time a home zone levin this is the best
5174s zone i feel like sleepy can ever get are
5176s they awake though in these towns they're
5178s gonna have to be they're gonna have to
5180s be if not i can tell you last game was a
5183s massive shock for them
5185s going down the way they did going down
5186s like that for mappy will be huge ah so
5188s these are all the updates we're getting
5190s them as you go around the map here over
5192s towards tilted towers a big big surprise
5195s here between the tilted teams fighting
5198s oscar and t-shirts dks and bad sniper
5200s many expected them to stay harmonious
5202s right two french teams you know we'll
5204s leave you guys alone if you leave us
5205s alone
5206s but no
5207s battling it out and vino needs to be
5209s careful you can't afford to get caught
5211s out here in a command fight
5213s has to stop use some shields
5216s but action is never ending
5218s there's two different timers now on
5219s cavern usually an unlimited one for
5221s these teams to be able to just loot up
5222s off spawn and leave whenever they want
5224s to we mentioned and talked about it a
5225s bit last game so many heals here right
5228s the second timer now though with command
5230s cavern kind of being in zone there will
5232s be many teams rolling in trying to maybe
5234s get a little bit more free loot maybe
5236s get some surge knowing that teams are
5238s staying inside everyone here has to be
5240s focused on how long they want to stay in
5242s here and the risk factor for extra teams
5244s past just the 10 that land here invading
5247s their personal privacy yeah i think the
5248s big thing with the team on our screen
5249s now malibu mustache they have a bit more
5251s freedom they obviously have done a great
5253s deal of damage already after taking out
5255s thinking the nast they have this top
5256s side they have plenty of blue they have
5258s now the time to farm the scans going to
5260s come through here from malabuca so they
5261s get some vision of the players in and
5263s around this area
5265s and a really really nice start
5266s absolutely don't tag up a few
5269s individuals get their story on the board
5270s let's see what mini has for us now
5274s yeah we saw mustache malibu falling in
5276s the mid game last game but this time
5278s they're getting the damage done off
5279s spawn nice and early on we're talking
5281s about malibu fighting it down on the low
5283s ground of the area the command cavern
5284s and he's using the zip line in order to
5286s break the bills and get into these guys
5288s box get the elimination
5292s that's really nice the chaos that can be
5294s caused by a zipline sometimes you see in
5297s end games right players are absolutely
5298s destroying layers in moving zones of
5301s them but manabuka getting creative there
5304s in a big big fight that is because both
5307s are teams that have the ability to win
5309s the whole event and both are teams who
5311s as far as i know don't really want to be
5313s fighting every game right but there will
5315s be games like that where they are forced
5317s to have a bit of fisticuffs
5320s but this time malibu mustache wants to
5322s win it out we'll see if that continues
5323s across the next 10 games henning queasy
5326s though over at sleepy home zone shia
5329s like you said
5330s and a big chance for redemption
5333s a lot of these things moving around
5334s right now you might be asking at home
5336s what's the game plan
5337s and we saw it crumble for a few of them
5340s in the first game storm surge that's
5342s what this is all about it's about doing
5344s as much damage as possible if you're
5346s under the the average amount of teams
5348s that you want to be alive in the lobby
5350s lightning starts to strike you if you're
5351s not doing your job and getting active
5353s the server gets angry and you start to
5355s take a lot of damage 25 every five
5358s seconds tayson and chatpix looking for a
5360s few tags here and there you want to deal
5361s damage or you take damage that's
5363s basically the mid game of fortnite
5365s this is very interesting on our screens
5367s right now tasting and traffic obviously
5369s this is a team that lands at the
5370s collider right but the biggest thing
5373s when you talk about chasing traffic
5374s historically the analyst talks about how
5376s these guys have all the experience in
5377s the world they're two top players this
5378s is a team that is very much accustomed
5380s to playing edge map they want to play
5382s the dead side of the zone and this time
5384s this season round landing at a central
5386s poi i'm happy to see that they've
5388s actually decided look let's get up the
5389s collider as soon as possible let's move
5391s up north towards this logjam area
5392s towards the shifty area and we can start
5394s to play the way we are accustomed to
5396s playing not being in the center zone on
5398s congested side of order struggling teams
5401s looking for surge
5402s but instead trying to choose their own
5403s fates now very interesting adjustment
5405s from them it's kind of like the
5407s difference of playing a side scroller
5408s and like a 3d game completely you know
5410s the amount of things you might not be
5412s used to not saying that one is even
5413s better than the other right it's just
5414s what you are personally accustomed to
5416s that can change the entire surge plan
5418s for them as well
5419s schmecky and gamerx are landing all the
5420s way towards the top right side of the
5422s map and for them off of like an island
5425s that's basically
5426s you know no one will ever visit
5428s sometimes i feel like it might be great
5429s out for some people who are playing in
5430s the fncs they have many different stakes
5433s rolling in today yeah the italian
5434s stallions repping for that side of
5436s europe
5438s very much you'll have a lot of people
5439s supporting them in their corner but
5441s again like you said it's going to be
5442s very difficult
5444s i haven't heard an engine rep too much
5446s so far we mentioned vehicles being
5448s disabled how does scram and hellfire
5449s have a vehicle right now how do they
5450s have a whiplash well they have a
5452s whiplash because there's one that spawns
5454s in greasy grove that it looks like it's
5456s broken down right you'd look at a person
5458s and be like oh we can't use that right
5459s you know it's just it's just some scrap
5461s parts but if you find yourself some
5463s chunkers tires and you chuck them on it
5466s actually does allow you to use the
5468s vehicle as a you know a regular vehicle
5471s you would use the big thing though is
5472s that it is low on hp to start off with
5475s right it's not like a max hp whiplash it
5477s is a bit lower of course you don't have
5479s the the torches to be able to get hp
5480s back up right like we did before so uh
5483s a bit of a different thing there for
5485s them but yeah a big advantage in these
5487s games it's only available in greasy that
5489s might be a disadvantage for them soon
5490s right if some players are starting to
5492s get finicky off of their drop wondering
5494s where to go where is the only car
5496s available on the map it might be a big
5497s target on scrambling hellfire i think
5499s the big thing though that will stop that
5501s from happening is that 50 50 fights
5504s happen all the time at greasy grove it's
5506s probably the most 50 50 poi we have in
5508s the game at times and when it comes to
5510s 50 50s hellfire is that guy
5513s he is that guy right have the drop maps
5515s they've been landing here for ages he's
5517s going to land he's going to pick up the
5518s weapon before you and he's going to take
5520s you out so it will prevent teams from
5522s thinking who maybe we can contest greasy
5524s grove because if you do you will fight
5527s that team and then definitely not a team
5529s you want to be trying to take a fight
5530s against
5532s the symptoms might have not been a 50 50
5534s right off of spawn basically a 2v2
5537s between two teams it was a fight between
5539s two duos towards the mid game and they
5541s lost in the last one against trulex and
5543s chicho absolutely taken over their
5545s entire space just looking at a board
5547s game and they lost all their pieces it
5549s was given completely to someone else i
5550s never seen them lose control completely
5553s for thomas and tripper and i haven't
5554s seen them enter an end game without each
5556s other too i think what thomas is trying
5557s to do right now is maybe get trippin's
5559s card he had to run so far away but this
5561s time he has it looking for that reboot
5564s well yeah i do wonder if he does have it
5565s because he's right next to a ruby van
5567s like he could reboot you know we talk
5569s about how you can stay
5571s in the zone for long the big problem is
5572s he's aware of this you know the team
5574s sort of nearby so once he starts i think
5576s yeah you can see he's worried that it
5577s will start to push him once he starts to
5579s reboot
5581s but they do look like they are sort of
5583s moving away in the bottom right if you
5584s if you're looking right you can see the
5586s arrows sort of every time they turn
5587s around maybe there's that bit of worry
5589s but they are moving away so you should
5591s be able to get a reboot off now
5593s and this is a chance for them to get
5595s back in the game that was hydro belusi
5597s who was potentially
5598s getting on his back i wish it was any
5601s other duo at command cavern or in the
5603s area hydro belusi they never forget
5605s relentless no matter who affects the
5607s mouth of spawn even if you show their
5609s bills when they're trying to just go for
5610s that revive they get angry they never
5613s ever lose track of where you are yeah
5615s and you can see right they obviously are
5616s cuddle team so wrapping all the way
5618s around the command side shows their
5620s intention when it comes to rotation i'm
5621s sure they'll be looking for surge as
5622s well this fight here is one that we
5624s literally just talked about when it
5626s comes to hellfire and scram
5628s positioned
5630s towards the center of the zone below on
5631s search and now having to try fight off
5633s against astro and michael the brits as
5636s they try and find any sort of damage
5639s that they can do towards them they can't
5641s afford to be too passive here otherwise
5643s the lobby will not be as kind to them as
5645s maybe astro and michael are
5648s they drove all the way here in a
5649s whiplash this is not something that
5650s astro michael the bugle teams the north
5653s teams gonna be used to this is an
5654s invasive species in the form of hellfire
5657s and scram they're gonna be forcing these
5658s fights as well crucial shot for astro to
5660s hit he's gonna come across as a miss
5662s michael will probably take swing number
5663s two let's see if he can go for green not
5665s gonna be there possible just yet
5667s hellfire is insane for dropping down
5668s like that on a wall he doesn't control
5670s but he's faster than michael for now
5672s open walls on all sides this duo does
5674s not care he was much faster than michael
5676s and you can see there they isolated the
5678s 2v1
5680s astro just caught on an island all on
5682s his own and that damage is huge for
5684s their chances
5685s it seems like they're gonna actually
5686s allow
5687s michael to get the resume but he doesn't
5689s want to he wants to just get right back
5691s in there and start dealing blows himself
5694s but michael is a bit too slow there to
5696s support his teammate you can see the
5697s effects of it now astro went down
5699s they will have a second chance at this
5702s but after already being taken out the
5704s confidence can't be too high i'm
5706s wondering why they gave him the full 10
5708s as well scram now taken down from the
5710s third party hellfire
5712s on just wobbly feet for the moment needs
5714s to have a huge moment to swing in terms
5716s of a shot somewhere maybe just something
5717s of a labyrinth where people run through
5718s scram now in a panic just find the
5721s finish is going to get just attacked by
5723s surge hellfire now going down it's a
5725s panic on all sides no shields to even be
5727s able to drink so far men missed picked
5729s up he has the heels but what a disaster
5731s of a fight greasy grove we talked about
5733s the importance the vehicle as well take
5735s all of that into a bundle and that's
5737s still not enough for this team to do
5738s well in game two the big attraction
5740s around greasy grove is the fact that
5742s they have that whiplash to go out and
5744s find better positions to deal with their
5746s surge right the whole point is that you
5748s can use that vehicle to get into
5750s positions quicker than anybody else and
5752s deal damage they've not been able to do
5754s that they've not been successful and
5755s that might be a trend we see around them
5757s as well a team that hasn't quite had
5759s search figured out so far this season
5762s and already in game two showing us why
5763s that is the case michael and astro way
5766s above on surge but
5768s what's that going to account for with
5769s michael all alone with the team on his
5771s wall chasing him down
5773s he'd much rather have astro up by his
5775s side i'm sure
5777s but they did well to fend themselves off
5779s against those hungry players
5782s it's always a danes right
5784s it was thomas and tripping scram and
5786s hellfire or whoever else in this lobby
5789s is always an angry danishman knocking at
5791s your wall
5793s but i survived barely
5795s adrenaline has to be pumping for him
5797s right now quad digits
5799s on surge above 1 000 for hem vito and
5802s aqua a little bit closer to that average
5804s three to four hundred and they've taken
5806s out a team and found another launch pad
5808s to roll in with yeah and towards here no
5810s sleepy very very close to a cuisine hen
5813s territory i'm sure we'll see them there
5814s they are right there right exactly just
5816s below them where's queasy though i only
5818s see hen we gotta start being careful
5821s second game we're so used to both of
5823s them right and we're so used to hand
5825s going down first as you mentioned if
5827s anything goes wrong queasy not making it
5828s again
5830s this is really tough man
5832s again these are the reigning fncs
5835s champions they won the duo fncs last
5837s season it's been a much rockier road for
5840s them this time round
5842s but again two games in a row now where
5845s they are just splintered not together as
5847s a duo not together as a unit
5850s very worrying times if you're a cuisine
5852s hen fan fun
5855s i feel like i might just be dreaming for
5857s the moment tell me something loving so i
5858s know i'm in reality
5860s only 11 2k has told child wager
5864s i can't i don't know this is reality
5868s you know what i mean like this is just
5869s so weird it's like i've side graded what
5871s dimension i'm in and watching some of
5873s these teams struggle the way they are i
5874s think malibu also went down in the storm
5876s about a zone and a half ago so with all
5879s the power they had off of spawn with all
5880s the control they even haven't made it
5883s towards this end game
5884s yeah there's a lot of teams who are just
5887s clearly struggling with some of these
5888s zones and the way the lobbies are
5890s playing out
5892s reasoning to sit us
5893s one that
5894s many people expect to have struggles
5896s when it comes to surgeon getting into
5898s zones you can see the materials aren't
5900s looking too hot for a reason they do
5902s have a launch pad
5903s and they might have to be put to use
5904s here because you can see so many teams
5906s in this area for them to run in now
5908s would be
5910s such a difficult rotation to make
5913s so maybe they'll wait to see if somebody
5914s else uses a pad that they can recycle to
5916s get into that zone but if not they'll
5919s have to burn their own
5921s and i can promise you it's much earlier
5922s than they would have wanted to but that
5924s is the nature of this game the nature of
5926s this lobby all these teams struggling
5927s for surge a lot of them end up going
5929s towards that congested side where there
5930s are more players to deal some damage and
5932s then you get zones like this where you
5934s just have all these players on this zone
5936s line
5937s all watching each other looking left and
5938s right who's gonna drop it first who's
5940s placing that pad
5942s we got 25 seconds to see
5945s about fury once again different flavor
5947s up inside this end game
5949s won't really fully active
5951s in the first chasing chatfix this is
5953s about setting themselves apart from the
5955s rest of the lobby a little bit of a
5956s catch-up to play it's about 50 to 40
5958s points they're 20 behind that top five
5962s our tour falling in the feed and now
5964s we'll see who they get to bar back and
5965s coming into the zone
5967s yeah kept your melody
5968s now
5969s very awkward spot there for kevin maybe
5972s not realizing he couldn't play the war
5973s there taking some extra damage
5975s when not needed
5978s we saw how well they did in the previous
5980s game but this time around things are
5982s looking a lot more difficult for them up
5983s north
5984s towards sleepy sound they'll be able to
5986s get their way into the safe zone
5988s but i don't think they're very safe
5991s you're talking about northern sleepy
5992s sound is there a north that even exists
5994s i don't see anyone on that side of the
5996s map at all
5997s everyone's sort of down there's only a
5999s couple teams up towards that lighthouse
6000s side of things
6003s it's like three teams in a solo you know
6006s and if you don't have search at this one
6007s look at hand 213
6009s you're trapped in a place where there's
6010s only one team you can really fight you
6011s have no options and if it's a mule you
6014s don't like you're going to be forced to
6015s eat it if you're allergic which i think
6017s he is a 1v2 against blue sea and hydro
6019s it just might not be possible look i've
6021s said to
6023s everybody watching the broadcast i've
6024s said to you shia many times i've seen
6026s hen do things i didn't think were
6028s possible in fortnight he's that crazy of
6030s a player
6031s but again when you're in these kind of
6033s situations we saw with madabooka last
6035s game as a solo with so much search to be
6037s done is it feasible is it possible what
6040s dealing damage here in this box the smg
6042s coming to good use but eventually taken
6045s out there by belusi
6048s it's a struggle all around hand missing
6051s a few shots as a solo 101v1 bluesy did
6053s not have hydro in that instance at the
6055s same time up top jennison vortex we see
6057s them play so passive every time they're
6059s near this fourth fifth zone they're
6060s taken out in their base look at that
6062s right side pov steady kami they're back
6064s to doing their own business we'll go
6065s back to them in just a second 91 above
6067s usually they're super fine looking
6069s really good but the rain's lethal up
6071s here somehow genesis has gone down
6072s the silver lining for them is that where
6074s the position in the zone shouldn't be
6076s too difficult to get to the next one but
6078s when you've got schizo knocking on your
6079s wall like this
6081s it's never too easy they do brilliantly
6082s though
6083s using his own aggression against him
6085s catching him out of rhythm and so now
6087s grows as a solo
6089s he's coming back to the fmcs
6091s to do even more damage looking to shake
6094s up more waves last season did incredibly
6096s well this time with a different teammate
6099s but in this game in particular playing
6100s as a solo oh no clear is top that's a
6103s silly mistake that you can't afford to
6104s be making now didn't clear his top gets
6106s taken out as well vortex and janice will
6109s jump on that and punish him for it they
6111s have to move so far though and that
6113s launch pad is completely blocked by
6115s their own builds just recently got
6117s knocked there was no one near the
6118s lighthouse at all and everyone now has
6120s to climb back use so many builds so much
6123s rotation even use a teammate if you're
6125s tasting traffics is gone
6127s tayson is a solo another game now how
6129s goes into the endgame as a solo all of
6131s these mighty duos being tainted right
6135s now
6136s forced apart but tayson with plenty of
6139s materials sitting in an elevated
6141s position the clutch is on for him
6144s but he'd much rather have traffic with
6146s him
6146s i think everyone in this entire lobby
6148s will much have different circumstances
6150s vino and aqua i think the only ones
6151s comfortable with full shield everyone's
6153s slightly affected on all sides vanya
6155s hiding down in the low ground i thought
6156s keppy get a few eliminations that first
6158s place team so active inside this game
6161s looking ready to go kiro going down
6162s somehow jason vortex survived that
6165s monstrous rotation truly cheecho also
6167s looking for their chance to do whatever
6169s it's a game of solos near second and
6171s first height but they only have control
6173s for moments until we move
6175s you can see it now all these players
6177s looking towards the bottom left of the
6179s screen to try and
6181s force these players out of rhythm before
6183s they look to make their rotations
6184s chaser now looking around maybe to see
6186s if there is a pad he can use to find an
6189s easy part of his own dealing some really
6190s nice damage he needs to do it with the
6192s amount of damage he is below and finally
6194s that pad will come out and he's trying
6196s to take names while he takes the pad as
6198s well needs to be careful down to suction
6199s hp if anybody spots him if anybody takes
6202s a shot that will be the end finally able
6203s to land down and he's going to use those
6205s hard maps to add a level of protection
6207s that is dearly needed as he heals up he
6209s needs one more shot to land though 49
6211s damage under surge x and kovacs on the
6214s left side doesn't have a tough wall to
6216s crack if he wants to attack that dual
6217s velocity somehow still holding high
6219s ground up top one of the duos who we
6220s thought was gonna look so good in this
6222s game good on surge good on everything
6223s now just 31 above chicho left as a solo
6226s moving through every single bill gonna
6228s be tough to break past this brick he has
6229s to be forced to use that harpoon up
6231s inside a different box a ramp in the way
6233s just the burst they are to cleave a
6234s patch but he doesn't connect with
6236s anything 12 hp down to slivers down to
6238s nothing he is gone at queen vinod this
6241s is where they want to be up above on
6243s high ground aqua playing ulti height
6246s short padding towards the front side of
6247s the zone as well
6249s but you can see the players coming up
6250s for it they need to make sure that they
6252s secure their high ground it was kiko and
6254s andre that were looking towards it but
6255s they need to hit the big shots and
6257s they're forcing people away the deal
6259s gets taken out by vortex in the feed
6260s tasting still here as a solo he's trying
6262s to do this spectacular eyes up in the
6264s sky a lot of duels have put wings past
6266s that tasting
6268s looking close to the ground making sure
6269s to utilize that shell of defense that he
6271s still has left 210 mats in his inventory
6273s on the bottom right two genes and vortex
6275s what a struggle to stay alive up inside
6277s this game they've stretched themselves
6278s absolutely thin laffy taffy for them
6280s right now they're looking like a candy
6282s joke but want to just get that
6283s re-nutrition uh step back towards the
6285s game takeout fury get that cipher not
6287s gonna be possible to law on matt's four
6288s elims total overall and now they're
6290s gonna get splintered apart janus has to
6292s jump has to do something to survive dive
6294s in a box find anything my friend diving
6296s deep in his own that's that big nice
6299s striker lands with it but it's not
6300s enough he gets taken out someone came
6303s knocking on his door he didn't have the
6304s answers but in that bottom right you see
6306s malibu mustache this is vintage for them
6308s up in the low ground picking up
6310s eliminations rocks will be the one taken
6312s out tayson finally forced back to the
6314s lobby but aqua vino's still up here on
6316s high you are witnessing the upper
6318s echelon these guys are singing a
6319s different tune playing a completely
6321s different game everyone down on low
6323s ground a mishmash desperation kovacs
6325s doesn't know what's beside these walls
6327s said he cammy they hear that madness
6329s they have that headset glued straight
6331s into their ears but vettel comes down
6333s and takes them both out room for kovacs
6335s to move forward one shot i think took
6337s them both and he finds mustache as well
6339s the beams don't stop low ticks takes out
6342s the rest of low ground clown is there
6343s too my goodness this duo is just
6346s splintering apart the lobby vanya now up
6348s inside first place looking to just
6350s further that lead finds vico stop aim
6352s finds slow deck he's still shooting this
6355s man has the equivalent of a rail gun he
6356s does not stop and gets the siphon 2
6359s looking too magnetic for the moment the
6360s laser beam he couldn't miss and now
6362s heading to the front of the zone he did
6364s everything he needed to do in that
6365s instance but now continuing to look he
6367s sees malibu deep in the zone but he
6369s needs to focus on his own position
6371s there's still clown here that could
6372s cause him some issues and of course that
6373s provino but anchor might be going down
6375s here can't doing big shots franyang
6377s takes him out though aqua in the back of
6379s his own such low hp and ryan just needs
6381s to connect with anything and he does
6382s malibu can now below him he sees him and
6384s in this instance of 1v1 vanyak versus
6386s malibu he's done so well up to this
6388s point 11 eliminations can he take out
6390s the final player though has to keep the
6392s chain going has got every single almost
6394s elimination and what looks to be a solo
6396s fncs look at malabuca both now up
6399s towards max hp no bills for vania though
6401s has to find just the shot it's malibu
6403s who has the next piece of control the
6405s next voice up top but fagna has the
6407s prediction knows what side is the best
6410s in finds malabuca with two shots and a
6412s spray that is just insane from vania
6415s i've never seen a player roll through an
6417s end game with such confidence with such
6420s goal to walk through everybody in the
6422s lobby and say i am that guy
6425s vanyak came in
6427s 12 eliminations just to his name tommy's
6429s sitting in the back
6431s absolutely astounded by what his
6433s teammate has just been able to do taking
6435s out titan after titan like it was
6437s nothing like an arena game sayo
6440s it was just i don't even know how to
6441s react to that one eighty percent of that
6443s top ten was just siphoned in the vanya
6446s that is
6447s one of the best performances we will see
6450s across the next day or so what a
6452s performance from vanyak to hit so many
6454s eliminations push his team way up into
6456s first place there that's without a doubt
6459s right after doing all that can they
6461s continue to now go and do it again i
6462s mean that's just game number two for
6464s them overall so many more to go with
6466s that was also just the end game so many
6467s things happened in that one i need zeke
6469s money and reese to tell me exactly what
6470s went down
6472s child wager 15 eliminations on the
6475s duovanya just saying all right hop on my
6477s back here i'm gonna carry you to the
6479s victorial my goodness
6481s this is looking like a qualifier to me
6482s this is the finals lobby 50 of the best
6485s doers in the world and vania just
6486s rolling through like hey 12 eliminations
6488s i'll casually do that no problem you
6489s know what's really interesting is that
6490s this team is a team we've not seen that
6492s much of so far they're actually the team
6494s who does the least average damage of all
6497s set lobbies so far not anymore not
6499s anymore no this this is like outstanding
6501s this is outstanding in comparison to
6503s what we've seen them do this season yeah
6505s 15 eliminations in a lobby that is this
6507s stack with this amount of talent it is
6510s unheard of and vanyak just proving why
6512s he is just so good and let me sleep with
6514s you oh maybe we could be talking about
6515s and the damage he's able to put down as
6517s a solo calm he was just sat enjoying the
6520s spectacle of the clutch the eliminations
6522s the shots the damage all coming through
6525s from vaniak and it was a game of solos
6527s at the end it was every single person i
6528s think it was four solos right there at
6530s the end all battling out and ultimately
6532s it was vanity at the came out yeah well
6533s of course we saw like what malibu was
6535s there we saw aqua there but one of the
6536s things we want to actually look back on
6537s is that team in particular earlier in
6539s that match vino and aqua from their mid
6542s game had a really really interesting
6544s strategy actually we obviously know
6545s they're a command cavern team right
6547s we've seen them in command caverns so
6548s often and this is the rotate they
6549s actually ended up doing remember this is
6550s a north east zone and they've gone to
6552s the full north west side so just gone
6554s straight up and hit the rifts right so
6556s this means they can just fly on the
6557s complete north side away from everyone
6559s and this is where they've landed but
6560s notice one thing really massively here
6563s look at who they're about to take out in
6565s this position our current fncs champions
6569s hen you can see the storm surge coming
6571s down the beautiful shots from vino
6573s remember i said earlier that vino is the
6575s player who does the most damage we've
6577s just seen the least damaging team win
6579s vino is the team who does the most
6580s damage and it's reasons like this that
6582s put them set up into end game yeah it
6584s was a really uncharacteristic road it
6585s was really different sort of rotate that
6586s we've seen you know using that rift to
6588s get to the less congested side of zone
6590s and then taking out the reigning fncs
6591s champion was queasy who he took out in
6593s the back there and it was it was
6594s actually kind of crazy because i wasn't
6596s expecting it and i think for an fcs
6597s champion he didn't block off his back
6599s there was no builds to his back and then
6601s vino definitely took advantage of that
6603s and showed us a great example of how you
6605s can still pick up damage even when
6606s you're on the less congested side of
6608s thing
6608s super rough but we have to turn our
6610s attention to the standings how things
6612s are going after that last game we're
6614s looking at this duo in first place who
6616s surprised us all now my question for
6618s this duo especially if we haven't seen
6619s you much the question becomes can they
6621s continue this momentum is this something
6623s was this a one-off situation could we
6624s see more of this i mean in game number
6626s one we only saw them with a single
6627s elimination right so that is absolutely
6630s a standout game 15 elims and a victory
6633s royale that's that's 45 look 50 points
6636s in 10th the elims they got a loan was 45
6638s points right so like if they didn't even
6640s get any placement from that they would
6642s almost be in 10th place from here which
6644s is incredible right and i again want to
6646s go back to vino and aqua in that second
6647s place there we saw them not only from
6649s that setup that we got earlier back on
6651s the side of zones but they also managed
6653s to basically claim height throughout the
6654s majority of the end game because of it
6656s yeah they already did because of that
6657s elimination that vino managed to capture
6658s on to uh onto queasy they're able to get
6660s into that early position for the high
6662s ground they almost took vino uh or
6663s cuisine hen's base they were like we'll
6665s have this now this is our position and
6666s they were able to take high at the
6668s perfect time we talked about it so often
6669s they were able to stand up on that high
6671s ground and take it at the absolute vital
6673s moment and this is where we saw them
6674s take it it was janice and vortex who
6676s were below but they were able to be
6677s commanding and really reinforced their
6679s way onto high ground a very very early
6681s stage of the game and i think what
6682s helped them into doing this was there
6683s were a lot of solos down there or a lot
6685s of players but you know maybe we weren't
6686s going to look up to high ground because
6687s a lot of our height teams were just down
6689s to one but you can see vino going down
6690s there a little bit earlier on i think it
6692s was aqua that just did just fall at the
6694s end and it was he was one of those solos
6696s right there there at the end and he
6697s couldn't quite make it happen it was
6698s just an absolute mess at the end yeah
6699s 100 and he ended up going down to
6701s malabuca right who is intense there a
6703s great solo performance i was i was
6705s watching it we didn't really see too
6706s much of them in the early and mid game
6707s right we were kind of keeping i wasn't
6708s even sure if they were actually still in
6709s it at that point but come to the end
6712s game no surprise they start absolutely
6714s fragging out this moment now there was a
6716s bit of a choke in my opinion from
6718s mustache they do end up going down a
6720s little bit earlier meaning that malibu
6722s has to clash and right when these play
6724s guys play well they are the team to
6726s watch out for we know that so this is
6727s kind of an uncharacteristic mistake for
6729s them in my opinion yeah it really is but
6730s ultimately they made it to the end game
6732s which is something we didn't really see
6733s in game number one they kind of went
6734s down in the mid game another one of the
6735s teams that didn't quite have the best
6737s mid game but i think this is really what
6738s set them up for success they're able to
6739s pick up eliminations and they picked up
6741s those crucial eliminations onto pink and
6743s anna's off spawn as well they almost did
6744s it in a really different way they went
6746s down into command cabin to pick up those
6748s and of course that sorted them out on
6749s storm surge they were able to you know
6751s progress their way through the game and
6752s play how they wanted it wasn't quite an
6754s ideal endgame as you mentioned malibu
6756s having to solo clutch but we know how
6758s good malibu is as a solo he couldn't
6760s quite make it happen but a solid second
6762s place i mean if you want anyone to
6763s clutch up for you yeah in a solo game
6766s it's going to be malibu you know
6768s add me come on really i i wouldn't i'm
6770s going to go with malibu we can run the
6771s next season you know well i don't know
6772s about that i think we'll just stick with
6774s malibu he's probably the best option
6775s there you go that's what we like to see
6777s my goodness that was just the first two
6779s games of the competition out you're
6781s thinking zeke is it over absolutely not
6782s remember we have 12 total games we have
6785s another four today and we're coming back
6786s tomorrow for the last six
6788s my goodness we're going into game number
6790s three of the fncs this is the european
6792s region and this is game number three
6797s [Music]
6800s oh thank you so much zeke you look so
6802s good in these studio lights but i might
6804s need different types loving infrared
6806s ultraviolet for invisible light you need
6808s milk or something we're watching like
6810s invisible duos like vino and malibu or
6812s these end games i don't know how they're
6813s doing it i count them out they're here
6815s with five plus elements look when you
6816s talk about teams being counted out right
6818s the likes of vanyak coming through reese
6820s hit us with the knowledge right this is
6822s a player who typically isn't doing
6824s damage in these kind of lobbies to go
6825s out there and absolutely wipe everyone
6828s seemingly in that endgame we're seeing
6830s very uncharacteristic things we need to
6832s have a bigger
6834s lens to see everything that's going on
6836s right now there is just so much chaos
6839s surprises disappointments for some teams
6841s happening around the map right now i
6843s need a three-day break to just watch
6844s those two games back literally that's
6846s how much is happening in these ones and
6848s it's solo clutches as well the fact that
6850s in this lobby duels are not surviving
6852s benji and savage aren't there at low
6853s ground hydro and blue sea as well make
6855s these end games together they're
6856s splintered apart so fast jan is having
6858s trouble in half and half it doesn't
6860s happen in the fncs i think the big thing
6862s is right as we head into game three a
6864s lot of these teams are starting to maybe
6865s get comfortable like we started to see a
6867s bit of the vintage malibu mustache end
6869s game plays aquavina on the high ground
6871s as well can we start to see some of
6872s these teams get into their zone it's all
6875s about these new and up-and-comers
6876s holding onto the board now the space
6878s they've solidified almost at triple
6880s digits versus the veterans getting used
6882s to the lobby flows and mapping trying to
6884s push back against the deal and no
6886s o'reilly it'll happen again at the
6887s lumber yard i see two different colored
6889s arrows here but it's not going to be as
6891s fast as before
6893s the score right now at long jam lumber
6895s yard between these two teams is one one
6897s game one floyd's a mappy one
6899s game two it was no riley and the deal to
6902s steal it away
6904s this time round a bit less 50 50 both
6907s teams gonna get a chance to get some
6909s loadouts and a shotgun there from
6911s o'reilly is huge
6913s in terms of how this fight will play out
6917s which way do you have it go in though
6918s shia it's the big question
6920s i feel like when it's not fast willis
6921s and mappy have the breakdown when it's
6923s sneaky though right because it's kind of
6924s a mix of both if noah riley gets that
6926s first shot it could be bad for the duo
6928s that's hometown is logjam yeah i think
6930s florissa mappy will definitely want this
6932s to be a bit more even slowing the pace
6934s down like it has been so far but if
6936s you're allowing o'reilly and video to
6938s set that tempo that's where you can
6940s really start to get yourself in trouble
6942s now i need to be careful though right he
6944s maybe he's a bit eager trying to claim a
6946s bit more land than he can handle
6948s we're just farming things up now another
6950s fight we've seen play out many times
6952s game three though
6953s saving in yakpo
6955s not actually down instantly which is a
6957s good start right that's uh one foot in
6960s the doorway but if you want to barge
6961s their way through
6963s bubak and fury will be the one standing
6965s in that hallway
6967s ready to stop them
6973s this is the perspective of
6975s the crazy solo fights what's happening
6977s here no way carmy gets that much damage
6979s before knock goes down vanya can't miss
6981s he actually i think he tried to miss
6983s there he just can't miss
6985s this guy actually has a laser beam with
6987s a combat smg
6988s and we know it's strong but he's making
6990s it look insane no he goes down another
6994s game at another game
6997s our game winners go down off spawn
7000s i i
7001s is all the energy the juice the
7003s electricity just used in that previous
7005s end game is overconfidence i think those
7007s 15 eliminations might have just been all
7010s their eliminations for the rest of their
7011s tournament there's just no way with
7013s vania playing like that
7016s that'd be sad to even see look at this
7018s sight though mustache and malabuca
7020s versus pink and an ass a big finish on
7024s to pink desperation from anas to get
7026s inside the box and mata running low for
7028s mustache and malabuca
7030s gonna be tough here back and forth but
7031s all they need to do is hold on shield up
7033s and then go for the shots it's a full hp
7035s and us behind these doors a beast
7037s bearing its fangs wanting to get in and
7039s land every shot this is such an all out
7042s war between these oh my goodness
7044s did big damage but it just wasn't enough
7047s up against malibu and mustache another
7049s game going in the favor of these boys
7052s and thinking an ass
7054s a team who i have such high expectations
7056s of
7057s really struggling so far and once again
7059s mustache malabuca you mentioned it
7061s behind the scenes eleven not allowed to
7063s breathe in the last end game not allowed
7065s to breathe after this fight either a new
7067s team lands right on top of them they're
7069s so aware go for those tags and beams and
7071s barely even have time to heal
7073s this is the uh everlasting story of
7076s command cavern
7078s seeing these teams fighting out against
7079s each other you see vino is the one up
7081s above he knows they just fought he wants
7082s the third party that's how ruthless he
7085s is realizing the potential for damage he
7087s knows they're down there below
7089s and vino and that could typically see
7090s them up top
7092s i mean down below so you're not up top
7094s they're never up top is the point i
7095s wanted to make they're never up top
7096s really
7098s but realizing that there's a chance
7101s to take out
7102s two titans
7103s they were instantly up here ready to
7106s third party by the book of massachusetts
7108s doing well to not give them that space
7111s but xiao is so mad to me right because
7113s mustache yesterday i kid you not this is
7116s literally just yesterday a couple hours
7117s ago i was playing some practice scrims
7119s with pink
7121s huh yeah they needed a feel and they
7124s decided to play with each other to go
7126s from yesterday playing on the same team
7128s vibing chilling having some fun in
7130s practice to coming out today on the
7132s grandest stage of the mall
7135s and battling it out the way they are
7136s that is just
7138s such a contrast
7140s they're forcing the fight on their side
7142s picking and us are just receiving a
7144s message every single game and it's not a
7146s message they want to be hearing
7149s you've got some angry players some
7151s ruthless players knocking on your
7155s door well this strap from pinata and
7157s rabbit as well they were ruthless in
7159s that first game and getting on top of
7161s the board
7162s you look back at how it even started
7164s they were immediately contesting the
7165s joneses now they're kind of gone all the
7167s way back towards their poi you mentioned
7169s you know seven yapko they get to be
7171s alive this game why is that it's because
7173s maybe it's one of these strats where you
7175s go for aggression right off the rip and
7177s after that you go with your game plan so
7178s one of the biggest updates when you talk
7180s about players adjusting their pois and
7181s where they're on the map
7183s benjen savage actually haven't been
7185s going to the collider they've been here
7187s at tilted towers
7189s and of course
7190s a very familiar sight for dks and bad
7192s sniper we got hold up a big fight taking
7194s place though so pause on that
7196s conversation for a moment cuisine hen
7199s another
7200s very very difficult situation for them
7202s off spawn here at sleepy sound up
7205s against vettel and low ticks we've seen
7207s how much they've struggled
7209s in these previous couple of games but
7211s can this be
7213s a redeeming moment for them the point
7214s that
7216s everything started to change in their
7217s fncs story
7219s but will they just be forced to sit here
7221s and posture towards each other for an
7223s endless amount of time like some of
7224s these fights often are well vino did the
7227s queasy in this last game was just unfair
7229s 300 meters away
7231s landing five or four first ar shots in a
7234s row but like the burst as well not just
7236s the first
7237s rattata of the two shots to come out it
7239s was boom boom boom boom boom and this
7241s man was almost basically taken out
7244s it's it's just too much the big thing
7246s about queasy and hence specifically as
7248s well right is that its structure and
7249s power that are there uh idealized in two
7252s players right crazy being the structure
7254s and being the power the structure has
7255s gone down first almost every game so
7258s early i think that's one of the reasons
7259s they're also struggling yeah you know
7261s anybody that understands the dynamics of
7263s this team
7265s as much as hen is a great player he very
7267s much needs queasy to give him that
7269s direction and if queasy's off their
7271s whole game plan the whole strategy is
7273s off right
7275s early in the week playing in the cash
7277s cup they had a
7278s torrid time didn't play well whatsoever
7280s and queasy put it down to not feeling
7282s too good having an off day
7284s but a couple days later maybe that off
7286s day is not a week
7292s oh man it's going to be tough for them
7293s to kind of bring it back you look at
7295s vettel and low-tech specifically too i
7296s think this is one of the teams that
7297s might have been scared to maybe have a
7299s say a flavor a tune of their own inside
7302s the fncs i feel like they've been
7303s followers so far in this last game 11.
7305s they were taken down you were talking
7307s about titans they they were taking out
7308s half of them they're the reason it
7309s almost went down to solo steady and
7311s cammy i think collat shot it at the same
7313s time writing down more eliminations over
7315s and over all the way towards the ninth
7316s zone they look so powerful maybe that is
7319s feeding their ego these end game elims
7321s towards contesting heading queasy more
7324s off spot yeah i think you know that is
7326s one of the biggest
7327s sort of quantities that even us as
7329s classes and analysts can't quantify
7332s right when you start hitting big shots
7334s in in-game once you start feeling
7335s yourself maybe you start getting devious
7338s ideas about how you go about the next
7340s couple games and for veto and lotics for
7343s sure that would be the case vettel
7345s someone who has played in previous fncs
7346s finals always playing with players who
7348s seemingly are on the come up in the
7351s norwegian scene not maybe playing with
7353s the norwegian veterans but seemingly
7355s finding a way to do well with some of
7356s them low ticks now the newest in that
7358s bunch in that party
7360s we'll see where they can cook up in the
7361s rest of these games slowest and mapping
7363s though
7364s over at the log jam and mappy taking big
7367s damage
7369s that
7370s you know i don't think the 200 striker
7372s pumps exist but that felt like one
7373s straight on the dome goomba stop there's
7376s this man inside the box slowest now has
7379s to be able to keep up with no o'reilly
7380s going to be a tall ask especially inside
7382s a fight that should be their home game
7384s their arena the long drawn out one
7386s inside the storm i feel like though when
7388s you add that storm when you add too much
7390s length that's where the power there's
7392s the big just momentous swings in the
7394s fight from no riley and the deal started
7396s on too much to handle when we talk about
7397s fights in the storm right we talk about
7399s there's literally a timer on your fight
7401s you know you have to close the fight
7403s within a certain amount of time and that
7405s added level of pressure clearly
7407s something that they've not been able to
7408s handle wow say that
7410s but in the final moment they're flowing
7412s with a big pump i know like we said they
7414s ate 200 anymore with a striker but i bet
7417s you he would have come 200 right there a
7420s huge shot to take no riley out and a
7423s saving grace for their game
7425s but log jam slow on pushing out the
7428s lumber pushing out the players towards
7429s the zone i wonder if map is going to be
7431s able to just bring it back that specific
7433s duo needs so much going for them in
7435s organized structure scrambling hellfire
7438s as well right now sanctuary they've
7439s driven this far reece what do you have
7440s to say about this
7442s we've seen a bunch of fights going on so
7445s far down in the cavern and one of the
7448s things that's always been in contestion
7449s is who is going to be grabbing the vault
7451s well it's not aqua and vino of this game
7453s tripper and thomas hd are actually set
7454s up with the two launch pads from here
7456s but this team ends up rotating in to get
7458s the extra loot that's left over here so
7460s both teams right now are looking
7462s absolutely set up
7466s that's always one of the biggest things
7467s we talk about right of course
7469s the vault is so powerful and you want to
7471s get there first so you can get the
7472s supply drops and get the launch pads but
7474s if you can roll through afterwards
7476s things aren't looking too bad in terms
7477s of like reese's saying who's going to
7479s get it game to game well people don't
7481s actually realize shout out to kitsch
7482s analytics on this one
7484s in terms of the spawns it's basically 50
7486s 50 how which side of command cavern
7489s uganda the mpc lands at right so game to
7492s game it could go to the hands of either
7494s team one game we know that cool land on
7497s their side and they'll be the ones that
7498s get it another game like this one
7500s tripping and thomas will be the ones
7501s with that fortune of course 12 games we
7504s have in total we'll see whether it
7505s actually does come out 50 50 i doubt it
7507s right there is so much variance
7509s whoever gets that gonna spawn
7511s the most is gonna be the team that walks
7513s away from the final most likely the
7514s happiest ebb and flow of the cavern and
7517s all the other team can do is follow up
7519s in the heels i'm looking at something
7521s very specific this is a this is a shia
7523s deep dive analytic right it has nothing
7525s to do with stats okay nothing to do with
7527s the players my favorite type of one my
7529s vibes yeah i just looked at mr savage's
7531s name hold up let's just watch mappy and
7534s blows
7535s take man's out still in the zone by the
7536s way shaizo going down
7539s we'll go back to the fields in a second
7540s him and hen specifically right have this
7543s affair in their gamer attacks blowish
7545s hold up going down and six hp for mappy
7549s he's taking out goals
7551s it's just
7552s his feet made of rocks and stone they
7554s can't be moved we talked about how well
7556s he did last season plane of clown
7560s and he seems to be the same animal but a
7562s very much different beast in this game a
7564s 2v1
7566s against two top players
7568s oh they just
7569s sleeping
7571s look at the loadout he doesn't even have
7572s much he has nothing look what he has
7576s shotgun and a grey pistol and he drops
7579s down and makes it work that is absolute
7581s desperation manifested
7583s and just
7585s idealized it's just working for the man
7587s i love that energy that is that is fncs
7591s winner type energy
7594s i mean to win an app in cs duos you need
7596s a teammate though and his was down so
7598s halfway there halfway there very much
7600s not just halfway a very long way
7602s so many games we are just in game three
7605s of 12
7607s but a team that has very much impressed
7609s so far aqua and vino
7611s again i had them up earlier because in
7614s many people's eyes they are the de facto
7616s favorite
7617s team to win up the whole of the fncs
7621s but things are never as easy as they
7623s seem and we're seeing already here the
7624s trunk splashes will keep vino in the
7626s game
7627s but dks and bad sniper
7630s hitting some big big shots another team
7632s that hasn't had the hottest of starts
7634s over at tilted towers but is considered
7636s a huge favorite by many as well i mean
7638s they're cold inside the zone and this
7640s one too like nothing in terms of utility
7642s on either player bat sniper hasn't
7644s popped a single heel and it's still
7645s running right now so i assume dks is
7647s about to pick him up
7649s and take him in
7651s med miss and it just looks like shambles
7653s on this side for vino and aqua they're
7655s about to run into
7656s what might be another player as well nah
7659s just an
7660s ai possibility to get some loot from no
7662s it is the centos it's hiding one point
7664s they have so much control of this bottom
7666s side
7667s on both these games that just started up
7668s and the third one reasoned down to zip
7670s those out of luck
7672s they had just tips of some reason a team
7674s that has all the firepower and name
7677s we just haven't been able to
7680s exert that force on lobbies this season
7682s we know showing now why he maybe has
7684s been able to do so
7687s as he hunts down the siptos
7690s the frenchman has no way to hide no
7692s place to run
7693s and the time not ticking in his favor
7696s had to hit a bigger shot than that
7698s and even if you'd hit that shot to get
7700s the finishing time for the siphon was
7702s probably impossible
7703s and so vino and aqua inevitably win the
7706s fight
7708s but queasy just went down in the feed
7710s again i just smoked quickly yeah i
7712s almost missed it
7713s i almost missed it i just caught it
7715s there queasy going down in the feed
7717s in a zone like this
7719s i think you're gonna need people like
7721s queasy to to figure out how to actually
7724s traverse things let's squeeze an endless
7726s with the earliest pad i've seen
7728s for a third zone it's just it's actually
7730s a chain pad zone's been moving for a
7731s little bit
7732s of time to get straight on to towards
7734s these islands straight all the way
7735s towards what is called launch pad inside
7738s the map mustache malabuca struggling so
7740s many teams i feel like have been in the
7742s zone for longer than they have been
7744s inside safety so far in this game yeah
7746s but for some of these teams the zone is
7747s their safety you can see malibu mustache
7750s of all those white hills the floppers
7752s free chug splashes as well taking some
7754s zone damage will not scare them one
7757s bit
7758s they're going straight tropical paradise
7760s doesn't look like a vacation though you
7761s talk about irregular zones mountains you
7763s know sometimes rocky having nothing but
7766s flat land i feel like this is one of the
7767s most difficult ones and for a team like
7770s malibu mustache a team that likes
7771s staying on low grounds looking for a lot
7774s of things to come to them the pre-edit
7775s gods you can't do that in the water yeah
7778s that's one of the biggest risks we could
7780s see of this zone i think the big thing
7782s for them is that they're going to have
7783s to choose to play
7785s on higher elevations of midground use
7787s people's builds in their favor
7789s but you always got to be careful right
7791s when you're on people's builds make sure
7792s you're cone in your floors
7794s chop down that's always a big risk
7796s clown and rest god it's drowning
7799s yeah we're already seeing the battle in
7801s the water it's so difficult so awkward
7803s so uncomfortable
7805s look how much space they have to work
7806s with serotonin question they ain't got
7808s much
7808s rust guard please hit the edits my
7810s friend needs to go up as soon as he
7812s comes up for the better there though so
7814s much pressure from all sides clown is
7815s down rest guard will soon follow and
7818s they're not even close to the next zone
7820s taken out by janice and vortex another
7822s instance where we see janice and vortex
7825s lurking preying on these teams are just
7827s in these awkward positions they always
7829s seem to be postured right
7831s right there
7832s they're not the team that shambles
7833s they're not the team in the super
7835s awkward position but they're always just
7837s right there to capitalize when they need
7839s to
7841s do
7841s the pinch of cinnamon in the mix right
7843s it doesn't really belong as the extra
7845s spice somehow just finds himself in
7847s every single recipe and look at this one
7849s water down 11. everyone has to just move
7853s across one big island before that thomas
7855s hd and trippery gotta take a big dive
7857s yeah i'll be interested to see how they
7859s actually go about this again another
7860s situation where you start looking left
7862s and right
7863s trying to game your opponents see if
7865s they maybe have a launch pad if not you
7867s might have to use your own and we know
7869s that their team that will have them
7871s in abundance potentially vino picking up
7873s some eliminations in the feed from some
7875s different teams kiko going down
7877s due as well being taken out
7880s and the bouquet message looking in a
7882s much more comfortable position than what
7883s we saw before but still
7885s having a distance to go to get to the
7887s zone very important game for them
7888s remember they're fighting off spawn
7890s every time whenever you stop with the
7891s qualifiers the games they live they have
7893s to get big points from
7895s so far
7896s already some big points right they
7899s started this game in 10th place already
7900s inferred due to some eliminations look
7902s at this and waiting
7904s perfectly for the used pad they're able
7906s to make their way in
7908s danger
7909s their way around and again right landing
7911s on an elevated position
7913s and making sure to break some bills it's
7915s actually aqua and vina below them and oh
7918s my five mustache a monster you need to
7921s be careful of vino's right behind you
7922s what do you see
7923s on one hp he's gonna have to
7926s chomp on them floppers as quickly as
7928s possible he almost got ahead of himself
7931s there he hit the 185 onto akron he
7933s thought i want to get in
7936s from him but vino was thankfully waiting
7938s there saving aqua's life in that
7940s situation
7941s but if they're hitting shots like that
7943s shyou this is going to be a scary end
7944s game for anybody who wants to be on the
7946s same layer as them a different tune of
7948s horror for the end game as well imagine
7950s if it was aqua controlling the skies
7952s with that shot they're going to be nice
7953s down for a little bit ready to go maybe
7955s in the seventh or eighth zone
7958s and you can see rabbit for night doing
7959s what many people will look to do looking
7962s up above
7963s lacking on the bills
7965s but very much sharing the wealth is
7967s fanaying as he drops some over
7970s ned pathway to having a good game
7973s looks tough looks stunted and we're
7975s seeing a drop down play here no way art
7977s skill taking out t chips now as a solo
7981s we talked about how ruthless vino can be
7983s in a perfect display of that here the
7986s reason this is even possible a lot of
7987s these teams congested into coming into
7989s this zone so many launch pads use level
7991s we're not going to see that much flying
7993s happening inside this end game so many
7994s mats already built apart the zone comes
7996s in in the land where everyone's already
7998s congested the box fighters the vinos
8001s that's where they thrive aqua makes the
8002s call to drop down he gets to pick so
8005s important too because he took that 185.
8006s yeah the refresh at this stage in the
8008s game will be pivotal for their high
8010s ground takes right we saw in previous
8012s games how so many of the teams will take
8014s invest so much into it they don't have
8015s anything left once they have it those
8017s guys though hopefully will be very very
8019s resourceful malabook and masato aren't
8021s necessarily a team that's going to be
8022s looking towards that but still a team
8024s that has so much elimination potential
8026s they're watching just the pressure the
8027s chaos of the lobby just come to them
8029s like a tsunami off the shores many teams
8031s just moving side by side nev's taken
8033s down and the title forces he's not going
8034s to make it a launch pad forced up by
8036s chasing the traffic they start to move
8038s finds one siren now down janice and
8040s vortex starting to move in as well surge
8042s is not really something that they
8043s concern themselves with it's just the
8044s position and zone is now clapping back
8046s to the third party of just maximum
8049s damage walls of proportions they are
8051s down could not make it in look at the
8054s status of this and that's exactly what
8055s happens right a max distance zone where
8058s you don't have a launch pad all those
8059s teams on that side having to tarp their
8061s way in they were at the very back and
8063s they weren't prepared and so they go
8064s down
8066s these
8067s are the moments that are just so so
8069s pivotal in games can you make something
8071s happen can these guys make something
8072s happen they pull zone and they posture
8074s towards height chase you're looking up
8076s on the other side at fury
8078s nah uh-uh you guys better not come
8080s anywhere near it i mean they padded for
8082s this position specifically they wanted
8084s to get here super fast so i'm assuming
8086s they're not giving this up they're
8087s holding fifth to the end that's
8089s impossible it's very difficult isn't it
8091s you need a lot of materials and a lot of
8093s willpower to do so mustache they're
8095s still going elimination it's michael and
8098s he's flapped in the face oh my god he's
8101s done
8104s malabuca down to the slivers of hp
8106s before the zone starts to move what a
8107s best and good place to take this fight
8110s it's where zone's actually pulling
8111s michael the maximum defensive man he
8113s took down what two three duos pushing
8116s him got astro back in the game mustache
8118s malibu take him down these guys are not
8120s the kind of team you want to run into
8122s look at this any put in the game zara
8125s going down
8126s will follow it might just be the
8128s case cheat show as a solo now he has
8131s everything to do we saw truly in this
8133s position we need to see chicho put on a
8136s big performance now zara and are
8138s the pirate kings of these islands they
8140s land here they live here they're taken
8142s apart look at high ground now aquavino
8143s they're back 185 watts right malibu who
8146s they don't care all the way up on height
8148s launch paddling again they've taken it
8150s over from jason and chad picks they have
8151s an air drop possibly as well coming down
8153s but look at the bottom side of the zone
8154s look what's happening in the purple
8156s waves it's thomas hd 20 hp gonna be
8159s tough for him to really get things out
8161s of proportion from here but he has even
8163s more truck splashes to use lots of time
8164s to buy for the moment trooper and down
8166s it's a solo clutch with multiple bodies
8168s of loot he gets to use one of our solo
8170s cuts that we've seen him performing
8171s before so many players going down and
8173s that alone is beneficial for thomas as
8175s he stays in the game so much placement
8176s being found but on the mid-ground
8178s mustachio malabuca another elimination
8180s mustache now has eight we all give
8182s malibu's flowers but in these moments
8184s mustache really shines he knows this
8186s players there he wants to hit the shot
8188s so he's feeling confident malabuka may
8190s be tempering him to focus on the zone as
8192s he protects his back but this is already
8194s a brilliant game 10 eliminations and not
8197s many more can be done for the rest of
8199s the players on their layers they've
8200s sliced through so many different duos
8202s but now they have the kings of the dojo
8203s chasing enchantments up inside their
8205s lair thomas they see though the lone
8207s ronin he gets chopped down he's taken
8209s out
8209s and you can see aqua and vino doing this
8211s again on height would they be able to
8213s hold on to it this time that was the
8214s biggest issue they had last time around
8216s the sacha malabu need to stay healthy if
8218s they want to continue to do well in this
8220s game but that's exactly what they will
8222s do a refresh probably going to be needed
8223s soon as many books down to just the wood
8225s but you know mustache will be right on
8227s it kami and cetido thriving on the low
8229s ground all these teams on their
8230s established layers on a crash course to
8233s collide in at some point oh my goodness
8235s we're stache and malabuca this time it's
8238s maladuka trying to catch up you know
8240s we've given mustaches flowers this game
8242s he's like wait a minute eleven i'm still
8243s on the conversation and they're going
8245s right first place team now they've taken
8248s that title from akron vino those guys
8250s above though they need to start doing
8251s damage they need to start picking up
8253s eliminations if they want to hold on to
8254s that crown but the win is so much more
8256s important for them you can see the zone
8258s going above the water we talked about
8259s how tough this will be for everybody in
8261s the lobby and some alabaca wow to go
8263s back up he just dropped down back up in
8265s the blink of a moment in instance if you
8266s missed it it's done if you missed eddie
8268s as well i mean he's kind of still alive
8270s but it's all up to cammy to take the
8271s game all the way home you can see cami
8273s in the backside of the zone it's so
8275s awkward for him he's trying to find any
8276s sort of ground to stand on but once he
8277s does find that ground he might end up
8279s running in some alabama mustache so many
8280s match for this duel they just need to
8282s stay well tempered i understand you're
8283s popping off you have so many
8284s illuminations 13 in the feeder smash
8286s can't be stopped under thomas just
8290s of yours one feet two tasting the topics
8292s down
8293s we've not seen something like this for
8295s mustache in a while but when it comes
8297s through it's so delightful it is
8299s brilliant we saw a big game last time
8301s around he's trying to top it this time
8303s they're both up now looking to try to
8305s win it all out in a 2v2 against aqua and
8307s vino two of the biggest names in this
8309s competition two favorites going at it
8311s they've already crushed in this game but
8313s will they be able to repeat mustache
8315s being slowed down 65 hp my lebrous
8317s lebrook now after her big shot mustache
8319s goes down my labuka in another cup
8320s situation but no materials and so a
8322s repeat of the last game at quinn for you
8325s know the high ground team will prevail
8327s command cabin producing so many
8329s monstrous teams in these games shia what
8332s a game we've just seen there half of the
8334s elims go to the command the rest of the
8336s winds go towards the cavern this is just
8339s too much to handle inside the end game
8341s vino started us off with some cool plays
8344s mustache malabuca though 16 on the board
8347s who were the true winners of game number
8349s three who were the true winners that is
8351s the biggest question of course that
8352s couldn't you know secure the victory out
8354s and that's such a glorious feeling but
8357s for malibu mr stumbler we literally just
8360s watched vanyak and kami have a game
8361s where we thought okay that's going to be
8363s the best game
8364s we have 12 games but that's probably
8366s going to be the best performance we see
8367s no matter who cameron we talked about
8369s the pop-up potential from those guys on
8371s mid mustache oh man that was nasty from
8375s him i'll be real they don't get a
8376s victory of course but again who are the
8378s true winners in that situation i mean
8379s who is this duel as well they kind of
8381s morph i think in that end game to be one
8383s person one cohesive unit in that final
8385s moment drowning almost mustache or
8387s malibu i just forget finds three
8390s shouldn't be possible it is actually
8392s unreal the kind of things these guys can
8394s do we're gonna kick it to the desk i'm
8396s sure they have all their thoughts about
8397s how that's all unfolded guys break it
8399s all down
8400s you know i just what more is there to
8402s say we we get this last game game number
8404s two 15 eliminations just like love and
8406s said we're thinking oh my oh it's not
8407s going to get crazier and then mustache
8409s my book are like oh uh did you say 15
8411s i'll tell you we're gonna one-up you
8412s right here now yes they did not get the
8415s victory out big draws are great right
8417s but that doesn't always mean you walk
8419s away the winner the true winner of the
8421s game i will say though aqua vino that it
8423s kind of takes me back to like the world
8425s cup qualifiers days will come oh you
8427s look up who's on high ground aqua come
8429s down staff i know it's crazy right we're
8432s used to seeing this so so frequently
8433s right now him always up on height and
8435s right now like they are popping off
8437s themselves let's be real yeah obviously
8439s we've seen them on high ground so often
8441s and this time they're picking up more
8442s eliminations though they're doing it in
8443s a bit of a better fashion they're able
8444s to pick up the refreshes and of course
8446s able to lit you know sort of have their
8448s have their say in the final stage of the
8449s end game as well of course taking out
8450s mustache and malibu right there they
8452s were commanding on the high ground they
8453s took it at a very good moment we saw
8455s tayson and chaffetz up on high ground
8456s for a moment i thought okay take some
8458s traffic they're going to run the show
8459s here they're going to close out the game
8460s with a nice high ground victory but no
8462s akron vino had other ideas let's be real
8464s there's one team we want to talk about
8465s one team we want to focus on only right
8467s now that's malibu immersed
8468s everyone gives the props to malabuca
8470s they do everyone always says malibu is
8472s the best player right now nobody and i
8474s mean nobody puts respect on my man
8476s mustache like this mustache however is
8480s the player with the highest average
8482s eliminations per game 2.43 is what he
8484s normally does this play here was very
8486s interesting however notice they needed a
8488s refresh so these guys nearly always go
8490s for a refresh around the fifth zone
8491s they're 53 maps right now they nearly
8493s always go for something at this point
8495s and you can see almost overextended but
8497s i love that they kind of came back
8498s re-attempted it found another target and
8500s then this obviously started the the
8503s craziness that we saw in end game with
8505s the materials they got from this yeah
8506s this absolutely was the mustache and
8507s malibu show this game was unbelievable
8510s and going into the four zone they had
8511s four eliminations going into the moving
8513s zones they had eight eliminations and
8515s they didn't stop there they were
8517s clutching up they were getting so many
8518s eliminations right in at the end game
8520s and this is absolute textbook malabuca
8522s and mustache plays because we've seen
8524s them go for free edits we've seen them
8525s go for hopping in boxes with smgs we're
8527s seeing the harpoon being used as well
8529s and of course this clutch from mustache
8530s was unbelievable and honestly one of the
8532s things i find the most interesting is
8534s like these guys are aggressive in a way
8536s that not a lot of other teams are right
8538s when you think about teams who are
8540s aggressive in endgame you know a lot of
8541s people think of kind of some of the
8542s french box fighting players but these
8544s guys will just jump in your box like you
8546s know they're not going to create a
8548s steady low tarp on the bottom as soon as
8550s they have like a little bit low
8551s materials they find a weakness in
8552s someone they're preheating you they're
8554s jumping straight in their box they do
8555s not care at all
8557s so sick now you probably think yourself
8558s zeke what what's going on why is the
8560s stage purple well check this out we're
8562s gonna check in with these duos we're
8564s gonna see how storm surge is playing a
8565s factor because for a lot of these duos
8567s in case you're new to funny like what's
8568s like storm surge these guys got you
8570s covered yeah of course storm surge if
8572s you don't deal enough damage the lobby's
8574s gonna deal damage back to you that
8575s that's like the most simple way to
8577s explain it to you it happens three
8578s different times third zone fifth zone
8580s and then seven silver of course yeah so
8581s all it is just getting as much damage as
8583s you can and if you're above the
8584s threshold of the damage to the rest of
8585s the lobby then you will be able to get
8587s that and of course teams do it in
8588s different ways you know you can see
8589s teams that go for the more box fight the
8591s more fighting style we saw mustache and
8592s malibu doing that and of course we see
8594s teams that are going for more tags
8595s throughout every single stage of the
8597s game just trying to keep themselves
8598s above that threshold which of course
8600s does change game in game out depending
8601s on how the rest of the lobby you're
8602s doing we're seeing rabbit and funyan
8604s right there picking up eliminations just
8606s where it matters most and just getting
8607s them above the sword yeah they were like
8608s just on the boundary right they were
8609s just above it you have to make a play
8611s that moment because there are so many
8612s players still left alive over that if
8613s you don't make the aggressive play like
8615s you're just going to be tagged by the
8616s whole lobby at this point but we have
8618s some leaderboards up ahead and we have
8620s some new leaders up in there too
8622s mustache and malibu with a massive 16
8624s elimination second have flown up nine
8627s places you can see the change in
8628s placement up there that is incredible i
8630s think it's terrifying at this stage of
8632s the competition when you start to see
8633s that the duos break into that triple
8635s digits right 126 points 123 that was
8639s just three games minnie we've had three
8641s games of action so far and oh boy has it
8642s not disappointed now it seemed that we
8644s might have expected to do a little bit
8645s better in the first two games as of
8646s course tayson and traffic this game we
8648s saw them do it a little bit better we
8649s saw tayson and chaffix up on high ground
8651s of course last time we saw tayson on a
8653s high on his own but you know trying to
8655s clutch up as much as he can getting
8656s eliminations after eliminations and this
8658s is sort of the moment where we're seeing
8659s them picking up eliminations and then
8660s going up for that high ground we can see
8662s them trying to take it off pino and aqua
8664s but oh no they were solidified up there
8666s tayson and traffic's were not having it
8668s but they played the midgard layers
8669s really really well i think i saw was it
8670s 14 places they gained in this game so
8673s they're really getting into their own
8674s and really picking up eliminations and
8676s that's what we know this team for yeah
8677s one of the things i really like about
8678s them is like they don't over commit to
8680s height last season when it was tasted in
8681s thomas hd we saw them play for height
8683s way too much it's like any opportunity
8685s possible i was like hey i'm gonna go up
8686s and try to win the game now what we're
8688s seeing for them is okay if it doesn't
8690s work we're gonna drop down we're gonna
8691s play that mid-ground we're gonna do
8692s super super okay we're gonna try to do
8694s whatever we can down there rather than
8695s just trying to like pg fight for high
8697s yeah exactly i think that's the
8698s experience of that duo of course we know
8699s how experienced they are they've been in
8700s these situations before they know how
8702s the risks of high ground is you know you
8704s know how when you go up for high ground
8705s you're not guaranteed the victory
8707s because there are plenty of other high
8708s ground teams down below trying to do the
8710s same i love it guys the breakdown
8712s absolutely next level it's very
8713s reminiscent of the caliber of games we
8715s have right here top tier which is things
8717s that i love to see that was just three
8719s games we have another three to go that's
8720s right finder seats on the battle bus
8722s this is the next game
8731s to the thousands of people watching all
8733s around the world wherever you are i just
8735s want to let you know you ate c9 you
8738s ain't see nine three games we've had
8740s have been spectacular but not only do we
8742s have three more we also have the six
8744s tomorrow as well it's it's insane to me
8746s because these three games are like three
8747s separate fncs's in total the amount of
8750s things that are happening between teams
8751s the unexpectedness the twists the turns
8753s the stories the plot lines loving it's
8755s too much and we have to do it all again
8757s today yeah it's literally why we say
8759s this is the best time of the season to
8762s be a fortnight fan and not only that we
8764s have all these players right who have
8766s such high expectations on themselves so
8768s many people they want to impress some
8770s people they don't want to let down and
8771s that can cause for some heartbreak but
8774s it can also cause for some beautiful
8775s moments and we're already seeing some of
8777s those in the games we've already seen
8778s today yeah fire ignited for some of
8780s these teammates who lose their dual
8782s mates going for you know forward towards
8783s the very end of the game the game starts
8785s now though right we have to focus on
8787s some of those off spawn engagements some
8789s of the stories that leave tears for us
8791s before they even start
8793s and as we head into the game two
8796s will be the teams
8797s to redeem themselves or maybe to
8799s continue
8800s along their line of dominance
8803s in the top five of your screen you can
8805s see o'reilly making his way into log jam
8808s lumber yard
8810s last time round
8811s things didn't quite go the way they
8812s would have wanted to they're sitting in
8813s 25th right now
8815s and they want to push up much higher
8817s again
8818s to remind you this is a team who we were
8820s all expecting to be landing at command
8822s cabin but once game one started they
8824s decided nope we don't want any of that
8826s smoke with any of those guys
8828s we're gonna try it with flowy flowes and
8830s mappy but flores and mappy
8832s have decided to leave
8835s and they've come back to a place that
8836s they're very familiar with
8838s coney crossroads and we were expecting
8840s this to happen maybe on day two from a
8843s different team i think it was just
8844s snazzy and potasii that might get
8846s invaded on not someone escaping
8848s somewhere else and just trying to save
8850s their game on a py they're familiar with
8852s yeah that's a big point actually you
8854s make sire right these kind of
8856s adjustments are things you see in day
8858s two right once everything's done and
8860s dusted on the first day
8862s you go out and you decide okay maybe we
8864s have to move but for these guys to do
8866s that in game one i mean game three sorry
8869s that shows them sort of mindset right
8872s they don't want to leave things a chance
8874s whatsoever
8876s we're seeing refs god going down in that
8878s replay at the hands of siren and azv
8881s big fights happening all over the map
8882s benji fishing in the feed coming down to
8884s bed i'm sure there's a lot of people
8885s what season is it again
8887s [Music]
8888s there's a lot of seasons where you could
8890s tell me this is happening of course last
8891s season that was one of the biggest
8893s battles
8894s we had all around the map this time
8896s around though
8898s it still seems like bad stuff in dks
8901s are getting the best of those guys
8904s to some degree flixy and kuduo a team
8907s who
8908s sat in first place after game one
8912s trying to regain that spot but
8915s it's not going to be an easy part to
8916s doing so flixy goes down kiddu
8919s what can he do
8921s the boy in aos up against the andy and
8923s joe
8924s has to hit a big shot
8926s the drum
8927s shotgun
8928s isn't going to be enough
8930s even if it will take joe out
8932s once again i feel like the andy coming
8934s in as the insurance in that fight all
8936s about a slight distraction that's all
8938s they need meanwhile over here looks like
8940s it's lady photo or snazzy potassium
8942s excuse me a little bit of a rude
8944s awakening for them overall mappy and
8945s flowers
8946s way back at home and looks like they had
8949s the deep to the house just looking
8951s that much more natural up here in the
8953s crossroads looks like snazzy already
8955s down
8956s all the podicide to maybe
8958s get this 2v1 going for what we've seen
8960s in previous weeks though very difficult
8962s to be able to play
8963s in this poi without a dual partner
8966s without the possibilities of a pinch or
8968s an essence of control notice i will be
8971s able to change a few layers go left and
8972s right but mapping flows
8974s they've had this fight what a thousand
8976s times that's tough though man if you're
8978s snazzy and podocite
8980s you've just had your your game hampered
8983s not directly because of flourishing
8985s matty right
8986s indirectly no o'reilly and video are the
8989s cause of this
8991s like if those guys should stay at
8993s command chloe and nappy never have any
8995s issues like logjam and because they
8997s never have any issues at long jump they
8998s never decide to contest at crony and
9001s take out podesia and snazy so the knock
9003s on effect of just one team's decision
9006s can go
9008s a long long way sometimes in these games
9012s choose a waterfall choose a butterfly
9014s whatever
9016s animal or thing you want to attack to
9017s the beginning you can for scram and
9019s hellfire i i don't know what animal you
9022s can attribute to that type of drop down
9023s reason and deception we we were thinking
9025s they were
9026s the
9027s the incarnate of fear in the lobby
9029s they've been taken out almost every
9030s single early game yeah it's not been a
9034s great start to them right they've
9036s obviously
9037s had their struggles but like you said
9038s one of their biggest selling points as a
9040s team is that you know they aren't people
9042s you want to knock on their deal right
9044s you don't want to mess with those guys
9045s more often than not but they haven't
9047s been able to possess that level of power
9050s maybe they need to start getting some
9051s tips from these guys that can be no
9054s a very very powerful duo in these games
9058s farming up making sure to get them
9059s floors one of the best sources of metal
9061s at the command cabin
9063s think about it this way in terms of just
9064s like fuel eyes you know
9066s making winners game winners or lobby
9068s leaders you would never expect like you
9070s know retail row or when it was a mall
9073s completely to have three different teams
9075s be able to be inside the top three to
9076s make close towards the end game you
9078s never expect
9080s you know craggy cliffs to be able to
9081s have and sustain two different duos or
9084s trios or teams rock in and have them
9086s fight all the way towards the end this
9088s is so unique to this fncs and it's crazy
9090s that these teams are laying next to each
9091s other taking shots and then fighting as
9093s the final two duels left in the game but
9095s again it just goes back to what the
9097s analysts were saying and what everyone
9098s basically has been saying this season
9100s command cavan is such a shanky away one
9103s of the strongest if not the strongest
9105s we've ever had in the game his rivals it
9108s rivals the likes of the stark industries
9110s poi and all the other ones we've seen at
9113s times right
9114s you know go back to season x right
9116s season nine that version of neo tilted
9118s right it it beats them all right it
9120s beats them all
9124s and we're seeing the effects of that on
9125s the leaderboard we've got a little
9126s update though for mini miner on some of
9128s these
9131s thank 11 we're going to be highlighting
9133s tayson and chappix here now they're
9134s picking up their storm surge early on we
9136s just talked about storm surge and
9137s another element that they can add to
9139s that arsenal is the use of the scanner
9141s the recon scanners that are dotted in
9142s and around the collider poi now right
9145s now they're in the center of zone and
9146s that recon scanner allows them to scan
9148s all different players around them and
9150s then pick up easy storm surge tags which
9152s they can use later on to not have to
9154s worry about it so they're picking up the
9155s storm such tags they're using the
9157s scanner to get them and highlight all
9158s the players that are nearby
9162s giving taste and basically
9164s you know
9165s the equivalent of just an unfair
9166s advantage you know convert to everyone
9168s else add that to just his prowess i mean
9171s it's not fair yeah giving tates in a
9174s an opportunity to see things that a
9177s regular eye can't see is uh
9179s never going to be ideal for the
9181s opponents of course there does need to
9182s be people there right yeah in terms of
9185s what he can and can't see
9187s and we'll see if they are able to do
9189s their damage i've done a brilliant job
9190s of that so far obviously came into this
9192s game before
9193s they've been very consistent stompy and
9195s jew
9196s not being consistent whatsoever
9199s tipsy turb seat up and down
9202s and stumpy just deciding i'm gonna get
9204s out of there
9205s i'm sorry
9206s i'm sorry bro but you're gonna have to
9207s do it at yourself big man i'm ah
9210s i mean i like the vibes of them entering
9212s that fight looked like a fortnight
9213s trailer for like the start of the
9214s chapter sliding down the hill yeah
9216s shooting up bills you know rpgs going
9218s across
9220s the screen as well yeah and then
9222s suddenly uh the fight just stops and
9224s that's a very important one for these
9225s two specific teams you're gonna be
9227s landing basically next to each other a
9229s lot and they were 15th and 18th
9231s respectively they're having a very
9232s similar day so far every time like
9234s spinning tops in a bowl they clash
9237s whichever one slows down a little bit
9238s more might just topple out completely
9240s and have the other one soaring towards
9242s the top ten
9243s who would you put
9245s you know
9246s my darshan yeah who would you put your
9248s dosh on uh personally like on paper it
9250s looks like you know stompy and jew
9252s should just rock things out but
9254s after seeing multiple trailers one of
9256s them being the one that stompy and you
9258s were just a part of that fight kind of
9260s iffy and then eclipse and noxies as well
9262s on uh
9263s on twitter it it might be the worst then
9266s i think the big thing with the crips and
9267s looks here is that they are new players
9269s and so the expectations for them are
9271s quite low for a lot of people mm-hmm
9273s but sometimes that could be a good thing
9275s you know if they all come into this
9278s without the nerves and the pressure then
9280s yeah why not 100 i just saw something
9282s hilarious i'm not sure we can get that
9284s back on screen the the cam from astro
9286s the perspective yeah he's permanently
9288s third-party
9289s his room is so bright yeah i was i
9293s didn't even see him on screen i thought
9294s that was just like a zone notification
9295s or like a stat flying coming in this man
9297s is surrounded by by holy lights bro who
9300s said we ain't got good weather in
9301s manchester
9303s clearly the sun is beaming out there
9305s shout out to my guy astro hopefully we
9307s get to see some happy reactions from
9309s them
9310s from today's games
9312s but yeah like you said man he's just you
9314s know permanently flashbanged if he if he
9316s misses shots we know what it's not his
9318s fault if we just astro mission shots you
9321s know exactly why he can't see
9324s that is the reason
9327s oh look at this that has to be
9328s scrambling hellfire
9331s interrupted by i was about to say janus
9333s and vortex
9335s just janus again
9338s why not how why now because this is game
9340s 411 this is a team that learns learns at
9343s least this specific portion maybe not
9345s surge in the half and half issues but
9347s why this early audio team that learns so
9349s look at the struggles they've had this
9350s season shia start off at greasy grove
9352s can't hack it there move
9355s go to the collider can't hack it there
9356s move
9357s constantly going all around the map
9359s trying to find somewhere they can call
9360s home they even spent some time at kony
9362s crossroads right so they're a team
9364s that's been in disarray all season long
9368s that seems like it's going to continue
9371s for the rest of today
9372s in the meantime but
9375s look thomas and tripping so i'm going to
9377s guess based off of thomas's inventory
9379s and the lack of a pad
9381s that gunner didn't spawn on their side
9383s unless tripping is just hogging all the
9385s launchpads
9387s doubt
9388s doubt
9391s doubts but yeah i mean depending on how
9393s the game goes
9394s who's the other team is aqua vino who
9395s gets yeah even more why we don't need we
9398s we don't we don't need that
9400s we watched game three we don't need that
9403s it's come on kevin bro it's just
9405s vena not spoiler that before you're
9407s gonna see them on height this game oh
9409s for real it's interesting though right
9410s because like
9411s we're seeing with some of the other
9412s command teams they stick around in
9414s command for quite a while
9416s thomas and trippin's approach in these
9417s games so far as to scale as quick as you
9419s can
9420s they just want to get out as quick as
9421s they can i think that's the right
9422s decision for them when you look at some
9424s of the struggles they've had so far this
9425s season
9428s i think for the deal and noah riley was
9429s kind of similar in previous seasons it's
9431s a land and attack aside poi or something
9433s that's close to you yeah what we're
9435s seeing right now logged in lumber yard
9436s and how they've been just waiting up top
9438s in the north going for these storm
9439s fights it is not move it's defense it's
9441s wait for people to come in or attack
9443s people that land where you want
9446s the big problem for them right is that
9450s they're already a team
9451s that isn't known to have an established
9453s strategy when it comes to dealing with
9455s surge and getting damaged other than
9457s just fight fight fight no no it's
9459s pronounced anger
9460s [Laughter]
9462s anger i i think in the dialect yeah of
9466s of my area it's actually uh oh okay okay
9469s yeah yeah oh my goodness yeah definitely
9472s some boogeyman situations here for a
9474s second
9475s continue
9476s scary stuff yeah
9478s not for vettel and lotics so what why
9480s does video actually just look like a
9482s like like a horror movie villain
9485s oh my goodness that's so cool sleeping
9489s cut scene
9490s next you know a little thing that the
9492s checkered board yeah yeah and it snaps
9495s we move on to the end of the movie
9497s where there's a huge hunt the chase
9498s between
9500s our villains the monsters the dildo no
9502s o'reilly
9503s and the main characters now the pokemon
9504s staff is going on here i'm actually not
9506s worried i'm actually not worried at all
9507s yeah i should be
9509s but
9510s this this looks a lot easier than the
9511s end game they just played they might be
9512s the only team where you can see them
9514s both on like five hp and not have to be
9516s worried sometimes that's why that pinky
9517s goes up when you take a sip of tea right
9519s that's how they do it
9520s that's how they do it in my ends yeah
9522s that is how you do it you stick your
9524s pinky out and you're taking a sip
9529s wow that's how lethal malabuka is dude
9532s he stared at him did it shoot
9534s and the man went down only malavuka
9537s thinks
9541s i've never seen that
9542s he's scary
9544s that is
9545s absolutely hilarious
9548s so for the people who maybe don't get
9549s this joke he didn't actually just
9551s eliminate him by licking him somebody
9553s else from afar did the finishing blow
9555s but it did look as if he just looked at
9557s him and eliminated him he's a level 100
9559s mob boss
9562s with level 10 thugs around him he's
9564s upgraded man he's upgraded oh my no
9567s this fight is still going on you know
9569s when you leave the blender on too long
9570s yeah it's just going going going yeah
9572s you get used to the sounds i actually
9574s don't know that i don't know where i'm
9575s going with this but
9576s i was gonna say say narelli and video
9578s they look like level 15
9581s you know sicarios
9583s right they're level 15 they need to work
9585s their way up in the organization yeah
9589s in the meantime two chips
9592s another game where they're just
9593s fragmented as a duo we saw vino and that
9595s crew were the ones to take them out
9598s last game
9600s but this time scram and hellfire will be
9602s the ones to do that damage and finally a
9604s game where they're looking comfortable
9605s in surge as well
9607s and a difference
9608s a bit of an adaptation in the previous
9611s games we saw they were using that
9612s vehicle to play center zone and try to
9614s take positions there this time doing
9616s what we see some of the better teams
9617s doing using the vehicle to get out to
9619s less congested size of the zone edge map
9622s take isolated fights similar to what we
9624s used to see cuisine hen do and they were
9626s those guys in the region
9630s and maybe that will pay off for them
9631s possibly i think for this game
9633s specifically they've barely even used
9635s the vehicle like it was pushed forward
9637s from uh from greasy all the way to the
9639s bottom of cavern yeah and then shot out
9640s by one of the teams up top yeah they're
9642s doing better without the car why even
9644s use it because as you said maybe they're
9646s not familiar with playing that center
9648s zone they've just been using cannons so
9650s far past that and staying on foot and
9652s it's going much better for them yeah you
9654s can see now right they're trying to head
9656s and they do get into zones successfully
9658s unscathed yeah nice typically right
9661s that's always a risk in these sort of
9662s games whether that be a rift play or a
9665s canon play any sort of play that leaves
9667s you isolated in the sky without the
9669s ability to protect yourself can always
9671s be dicey
9675s everybody in these lobbies
9678s pinpoint precise
9680s shots
9681s being hit
9683s on aqua i'm seeing different trade jobs
9686s here right now on the server they're
9687s obviously lumberjacks from venus pov
9689s yeah there are multiple people the train
9691s industry 11 right or the bridge uh the
9694s bridge ticket office industry it's large
9696s right now yeah there's big congestion
9698s for for jobs i think thomas and tripper
9700s uh are ahead of the class in it but
9702s there's one bridge with four teams stuck
9705s only one team kind of get the job well
9707s look sometimes you get the the plain
9709s sight officers that catch you out by
9711s surprise
9712s they're lurking events within the the
9715s midst of everybody you think they want
9717s to you turn around and all of a sudden
9719s they're the ones on your back and that
9721s seems to be the case for seti and kami
9724s because they just
9726s are putting in so much damage in
9728s on this side of the zone a quick start
9730s up top as well you can see how even if
9732s things are bad for them before
9734s when things finally matter when the days
9736s start to close in it goes closer towards
9738s the finals they perform i'm personally
9740s not scared first two games always
9743s different always haha crazy they're not
9745s involved in the circus show that's fine
9747s i'll watch them in those booths in the
9749s audience giving reviews having a good
9751s night still day two they should pop off
9753s it's interesting though because if we
9754s are going you know down a trip down
9757s memory lane the common trope with kami
9760s and set in the past obviously when they
9761s were playing with teak intruders
9763s was that their day one team right their
9765s team at day one they're gonna be most
9767s secure they're gonna be most solid
9769s i don't think that's gonna be the case
9770s in this tournament
9772s and so we'll see whether or not that is
9774s something that plays into it but
9777s maybe a new version of them as we've
9778s headed into chapter three
9781s one that uh isn't gonna be that kind of
9783s team acquaintance
9785s whoa whoa whoa
9787s got to build up my friend this is just
9789s tough uh top tier base with lots of
9791s shots vino taking a bit too many to the
9794s head
9795s and now they're splintered and trying to
9796s move out vino ahead of aqua looking back
9800s aston and come through and you look at
9803s the bridge the the big closure i was
9804s talking about that's what vino and aqua
9806s are relying on lots of attention drawn
9808s towards the five six teams that need to
9811s move below them check out that mini map
9813s in just a second you can see them right
9814s now hen queasy we got floss mappy there
9817s as well andretta i think thomas and
9818s trippen are somewhere close by all of
9820s these teams kind of need to move
9822s and as soon as the lobby gets distracted
9824s looking at them
9826s there's gonna be a chance for
9827s vino and aqua to get in yeah i think the
9829s good thing for vino and aqua is that
9830s that there was that opportunity of the
9832s timing right where everybody was going
9834s so they've been able to make their way
9835s in now
9836s two points for henry queasy in game
9839s number four
9841s listen eleven there is no vr qualifies
9843s you for first place you go onto the next
9845s stage consistency matters
9848s the big thing is that there are still
9850s plenty of games in theory right yeah i
9853s think typically
9855s you can't afford to have like
9857s five bad games right four
9860s is usually the cap right yeah three you
9863s can usually maybe you can have maybe you
9865s know three rough runs one that's not too
9867s great but maybe you picked up one or two
9868s points essentially the point i'm getting
9870s at is these guys have to switch on that
9872s flip
9873s now
9875s i think the big thing too with that is
9876s that that switch can then never be
9878s flipped off right like they have to be
9880s online for the rest of the day look at
9882s an awesome pink allowed into one of
9884s these end games one of these later
9886s zones they do big damage take a man down
9889s that's noah o'reilly and the deal taken
9891s out by picking a knot yeah they made
9893s them look like quick easy work and like
9895s you said their first
9897s fight at the airport
9899s at the opportunity to
9901s push themselves into this game up the
9904s standings as well they want to play high
9905s ground there's a lot of teams
9908s who they're going to have to try and be
9909s out for that of course we've seen vino
9911s and aqua and so many of these games look
9913s to take height and these guys are going
9915s to want to push their way into that
9917s fight
9918s so see whether or not those two heads
9920s will clash
9923s it'll be really interesting with the
9925s gust of the collider nearby as well
9927s if it isn't able towards one of these
9930s and games lots of people having to move
9931s all the way over now towards the bottom
9933s side of this half and half
9935s that sniper probably just gonna be able
9936s to
9937s go on foot or look for the big grab
9939s there it is all the way up inside the
9941s sky free rotation for so many people now
9944s this is the opposite of that water zone
9945s we saw so many people used to or just
9947s forced to use launch pads half their
9949s builds this time so many built available
9952s pad saves what does that mean for
9954s heights i think the big thing for height
9956s is that whoever is holding it in first
9957s move and it has to stay alert there's
9959s going to be so many people in the air
9961s you have to hit some spots you have to
9963s scare off the ones that are looking for
9964s it
9965s typically the late headers right the
9966s ones that are highest in the sky
9968s that will be your biggest threat
9971s meanwhile some of these people flying
9972s high getting swatted down immediately
9974s traffic's on air duty and aqua as well
9976s we thought they were in trouble he takes
9978s out one big fire trying to walk in bad
9980s sniper going down venus vino sorry
9983s of november
9984s picked up an elimination earlier as well
9986s so they're definitely going to be
9987s looking
9988s much better and much healthier
9990s malabuca mustache though they're looking
9993s healthy a launchpad is something we've
9994s not seen them
9996s have
9996s in many of these games and so we'll see
9998s how they put that to use but lucy though
10000s it's not a great situation to be in when
10002s you're such low hp with a team like this
10005s pressuring your wall pressuring your box
10008s they're not able to get the elimination
10010s it'll actually be
10012s some other players below that take it
10013s out but cuisine hen now another team who
10016s finally gets an opportunity as a duo
10019s to play in this game can they hold on to
10021s heights so many top height teams in this
10023s game
10024s the one time they make it every top team
10026s from cavern every top team in eu that
10028s loves to overtake height is there and it
10030s already starts you have to give it up
10032s there's no way you just try to hold on
10034s to high ground to your head queasy save
10035s your materials look for the next portion
10037s of your game they're staying up top
10039s inside this fifth zone the sixth one
10041s actually now moving overall they have
10043s that pad over at the top and lands it
10045s quizzy follows they're looking good for
10046s now yeah the double dip will be huge you
10048s can see vino was in the sky as well all
10051s of these guys now looking for that
10052s moment to take it kami and city may be
10054s the ones out of place they're not a hype
10056s team but in and around them so many of
10058s the top height titans now cuisine hen
10060s will look towards the front side of the
10062s zone aqua doing the same thing they want
10064s to try and build up and claim it and
10066s they might have the opportunity if they
10067s can catch on
10069s a big shot a max
10071s striker pump shot to take hen out but he
10075s needs to be careful because queasy wants
10076s revenge he builds up though and these
10079s are the kind of moments he's got the
10080s kind of plays that can define a
10082s tournament
10083s a big shot when needed to claim height
10084s for themselves to claim the lead as well
10086s the cleanliness from aqua the pure focus
10089s the dialed in type of form he's on right
10091s now perfect shot max damage perfect
10093s built to take heights and so now queasy
10095s as a solo last difference here we saw
10097s him with some spectacular solo plays but
10100s now it's time for queasy to put on
10102s the mantle and it's not going to be easy
10105s in the backside of the zone on high
10106s elevation so you can stay alive wait for
10108s people to go down
10109s but you still so many top names in the
10111s sky lobby he's pushing down to get a few
10113s elims what he doesn't know is his zone
10114s is pulling straight up a mountain a
10116s bridge that he might not be able to
10117s climb four mats he has to stay elevated
10119s it's so dangerous doing it as a solo 150
10122s damage not enough for queasy vino and
10124s aqua a chance to pinch the entire lobby
10126s down look at jacksonville down below
10128s they have no chance to move up queasy's
10130s made it onto the bridge but it's costing
10131s him almost all of his materials has to
10133s utilize the mantling maybe even get a
10135s matter or two off of that bridge the
10137s metal cami now going down save the gaps
10138s for taking out traffic's vino are just
10140s the only ones claiming lives inside the
10142s speed queezy somehow maximizing the
10144s placement about to touch some grass as
10146s well a big 150 on the janus him and
10148s vortex this might be the fruit that he
10150s needs but he can't pick it off the tree
10151s joe now up inside the zone but this is
10154s falling over to the feet it's not going
10155s to queez you know it is he has the
10157s siphon he has the power he can move
10159s forward this is huge that was an
10161s absolutely vital elimination it was
10163s necessary
10164s but crazy needs to stay up now vino and
10166s aqua getting challenged for height by
10168s thinking and that's they're working
10169s their way up hellfire now in zone
10172s hitting big shots onto marine he doesn't
10174s care who it is he just wants to hit the
10176s shots
10177s he's going to be able to stay up now but
10178s it's going to be so difficult thomas and
10180s tripping on low ground no matter and
10182s they clear it out with no materials
10185s shots behind them they need to stay up
10186s they need to stay aware malabu now
10188s playing as a solo can he hit anything
10190s huge can he stay in the game is it going
10192s to be another second place performance
10194s for him hiding in a bush but eventually
10196s gets snuffed out gets taken seti all
10199s alone as well cami is not here can he
10202s hit a big shot he's running low on
10203s materials he can't afford to hold on now
10205s down to zero knows he needs to look to a
10207s lot below him his kinsel and neb's not
10208s an easy fight whatsoever
10210s chatpix vino aqua tasting those are the
10214s names that are just lighting up the feet
10215s in this end game but it's just one of
10216s the duals that's alive on height it's
10217s aqua and vino in that first place
10219s looking for the next shot a knot with
10221s the mantle the fake out but he gets seen
10222s by the sky sunlight in his eyes blind
10225s now on all sides on us taken down in the
10228s back side of the feed afterwards we tune
10229s in with nebs kenzel armored walls beside
10231s them this is them just putting
10232s everything down in terms of control they
10234s dropped thomas in both layers and life
10237s afterwards picked apart triphen in an
10239s instant and after that kenzel goes down
10241s to the storm it's been on aquanal
10243s another game do they just have eu in
10245s their grasp were their palms that big
10247s and heavy to claim the lives of many top
10250s players absolutely another win for this
10252s dynamic duo a back-to-back victory
10255s royale
10256s from a former world cup winner and a
10258s young rising star in vino
10261s a dynamic duo who has just been so
10263s impressive this season and are showing
10265s us now on the biggest stage when it
10267s matters the most why they are deemed one
10269s of the best duos in all of the world
10272s two victory hours in a row now for them
10275s two teams tied to a rocket in that game
10277s vino mustache my labuka tied in the
10279s seventh zone only one rises to the moon
10282s to the stratosphere 11 and it's the ones
10284s with the back to back the age-old
10285s question right mid low height it's
10288s height right now that's really showing
10290s what can be done they're not even
10292s getting too aggressive right they're not
10294s overextending for eliminations they're
10295s letting them come to it naturally and
10297s we're seeing them reap the benefits of
10299s that the fruits of their labor will show
10301s understandings i can promise you that
10303s yeah you talked about the fruits that
10304s was a squeeze from aqua and vino the
10305s juice that falls from that i mean zeke
10307s reese and minnie they've got kind of the
10309s sauce of what's going down
10311s we're just trying to keep up with you
10312s shy wages that's all it is brother just
10314s trying to keep up with you my goodness
10316s aqua and vino if you're just tuning in
10319s we just watched this duo win the last
10321s game game number three now they come
10322s back to win it again reese what is
10324s happening what about watching man it is
10326s a bad day to be a height team in eu
10329s because aqua and vino are dominant they
10332s have always and in particular aqualist
10334s brewer has been known as the height guy
10336s the last couple of seasons
10339s it's not look great he's been shaky he
10340s had a wrist injury but now like he seems
10343s to be the best we have ever seen him and
10345s of course vino the new upper and comer
10347s over the last kind of year we would say
10349s this could be the chance for these guys
10351s to get an fcs title yeah it really could
10353s i mean this is almost at the moment a
10354s match made in heaven for them you know
10356s we know how good aqua is on that high
10358s ground getting the perfect timing on
10360s that retake of course we talk about vino
10362s his mechanical ability the ability to
10364s pick up eliminations where it matters
10366s most and here is another example of that
10368s hen completely shut down with that
10370s purple striker pump and those are
10372s exactly the eliminations that gets them
10374s set up for these end games this is what
10376s puts them into the position in order for
10377s them to take hike you know what's funny
10379s is they always take height at the same
10379s time as well it is like end of first
10381s moving they just land on you doesn't
10383s matter but but it's so odd because it's
10385s kind of like a 50 50 play right for
10387s anyone else but for these guys it's just
10388s it's a 100 win it seems like at this
10390s moment and no other team is able to do
10392s that if you watch back through the semis
10394s the teams who took height at this time
10396s of the game always lost right because
10398s everyone was looking up but when you're
10399s in a caliber like a lobby with a caliber
10401s of players like this like people are a
10402s little bit more timid they're not going
10403s to be as aggressive on the high ground
10405s just for the victory royale so guys like
10407s aquavino could take advantage of that
10408s take height keep it and absolutely
10410s dominate that's absolutely right a lot
10411s of the teams will have one eye on the
10413s consistency you know they're thinking
10414s okay we're a height team and
10416s queasy is another example of that
10417s they're thinking if we play in the low
10418s ground if we play mid-ground even a
10420s little bit more consistently that might
10422s result in some better results in the end
10423s of things but if you are if you're aqua
10426s and vino right now if you're just
10428s winning every single game you kind of
10429s give other people a job no dude they're
10431s shaking these lobbies right now and you
10433s know too everyone else is thinking this
10435s is now two we cannot give them any more
10437s of this okay they're two free we gotta
10439s shut them down they now overtake that
10442s number one spot right now we see
10444s mercedes-benz we can't forget about this
10445s duel as well they did drop that 16
10447s elimination game right before this these
10450s this feels like a finals right these
10452s duals are saying we have to bring
10453s everything we have to set ourselves up
10455s for this first six games going into
10457s tomorrow one of the things i felt really
10458s interesting after the first two matches
10460s when we were looking at the leaderboards
10461s here it was a lot more new teams you
10462s know there's a lot of teams it was like
10464s carmen vanyak were up there after
10465s popping up obviously they still are
10466s right now a bunch of more unknown teams
10468s when you look at the top five right now
10471s that is the best of the best in eu
10474s because you know what a couple games
10475s sure those pop-offs are going to happen
10477s but the best teams are going to be
10478s consistent through as many matches as
10480s possible and this is the result of it in
10481s game after game four yeah you mentioned
10483s the top top teams but there's one
10484s missing you might be noticing uh who's
10485s not there it is hen and queasy now we
10488s haven't really seen the best from them
10489s today so far and that was almost
10491s personified in this last game it wasn't
10493s quite there for them we saw them take
10495s hype really early on i think this is a
10496s sort of solid position for them because
10498s they were able to take high right as
10500s that first moving pop they were able to
10502s use the collider rotations as well which
10503s we'll talk about but they were able to
10505s sort of solidify themselves in the high
10506s ground but oh no it was not going to be
10509s enough because when you're in a lobby
10510s with this many high ground teams that
10512s are this confident you almost have to
10514s expect to get landed on that well that's
10515s the thing you do have to expect in
10517s landon in particular like i know the
10519s strategies of vino and aqua i guarantee
10521s you that queasy and hen know the
10523s strategies you saw right there that hen
10525s was kind of building lackadaisically he
10527s was kind of just chilled about it he was
10528s just slowly ramping up a little bit and
10531s you just saw right there aqua land right
10532s on him hit the maximum damage and that
10534s essentially was the catalyst for them to
10535s win the game there and it's a bit of a
10537s shame to see him almost just throw the
10539s game away because their mask they had
10540s like a hundred builds each tons of ammo
10542s everything to win that game set up but
10544s with the best of the best in the lobby
10546s can't always uh rely on that that's true
10548s but i think akram vino would almost land
10550s on height nevertheless you know even
10551s pick up that elimination they're still
10553s going to go for it they're still going
10554s to be like a dog outside of the door you
10555s know you just want to get them out you
10557s know it's like and queasy they just want
10558s to get them gone they're just too loud
10559s you know uh just sort of barking at the
10560s door but we're gonna talk about the
10562s rotations of that end game we saw an
10564s interesting end game of an interesting
10565s final few zones where it was around the
10567s collider and this is where vino and aqua
10568s were able to use rotations just like
10570s this one right here it's sort of like a
10572s little bit of a launchpad type device
10574s yeah it's a bit of a geyser underneath
10575s the map that they'll be moving around
10576s similarly if you're in the collider now
10578s obviously there's a huge slipstream that
10579s you can fly up with so teams like malibu
10581s or mustache set themselves up next to it
10583s they waited they understood that if they
10585s don't pull that fifth zone right it's
10587s gonna be a far rotate for them so
10589s knowing the natural mobility of the map
10591s is so useful because you can just then
10593s box up next to it ensure that you can go
10594s and again in the collider like
10596s everywhere there is natural mobilities
10598s there's cannons there's launch pads
10599s there's of course that big slipstream in
10600s the middle to keep yourself moving as
10601s well so great awareness from a lot of
10603s our top teams yeah what it allows them
10605s to do of course it saves them that
10606s launch pad as well we saw it from
10607s mercenary they have the launch pad in
10609s their inventory and because when you
10610s have those abilities to rotate without
10612s using the launch pad they just think you
10613s know what we'll save this for later on
10615s we'll just keep it snatched away and
10616s we'll use that for maybe a first second
10618s or third moving because those are the
10619s times when those launch pads they really
10621s elevate your team above all the other
10623s teams that don't have one you gotta
10624s think also they use that launch pad to
10626s kite first move and win the game maybe
10627s there you go just by using a simple
10629s little geyser that potentially could
10630s have won the match the little things man
10632s it's those little micro advantages that
10634s are gonna help you and your duo pull
10635s ahead right especially we're talking
10637s about 300 000 for coming in first place
10639s you're looking for all these advantages
10641s it is time though this is game number
10642s five of the eu fncs let's get it
10648s [Music]
10651s hey little things big players big egos
10654s at clash right now levin and it's just
10656s the first day i'm so excited right by
10658s what i've just seen in the previous five
10660s games we're seeing the elite of the
10662s elite team showing us why they're
10663s considered the elite right elite in all
10666s face of the game early game lockdown mid
10669s game secure intelligent poised end game
10673s ruthless yeah aggressive yeah yeah liner
10676s cool okay right yeah and we're going to
10677s continue to see that it's why they've
10680s been so dominant a lot of these teams
10681s throughout the season right the likes of
10683s the acqua adword avenues tasting and
10684s chapters we've talked about never being
10685s able to count those guys out malabu
10687s mustache as well even city and cami
10689s looking stronger as well after game one
10691s we talked about so many teams needed
10693s time to get into their rhythm and now
10695s that they've hit their stride it's a
10696s long day for anybody else in abundance
10699s the top five looks like every twitter
10700s predictions list i've seen this morning
10702s like it's all top names and half of them
10704s are kind of overlapping or not
10705s overlapping every game right it's a
10706s winner and then high elims right now
10708s aquavino they're making that basically
10711s the same thing they're the kings of eu
10712s before the day even ends and and the big
10714s thing about it as we head into this
10716s fifth game is who can stop them who
10718s really is gonna get in their way what is
10720s the in their armor there doesn't
10723s seem to be any at all usually it's
10725s multiple height teams you saw it on the
10726s qual for aqua and vino in specific they
10729s would try to take fights for height when
10730s there's three different teams trying to
10732s do it as well some majorly inexperienced
10734s giving them a long long time on that
10736s fight everyone right now hyper focused
10739s does that focus stay for the lobby on
10740s day number two 100 hmm right no
10743s desperation for heights i think the big
10745s thing right is that if accurate hitting
10747s shots like he was last game
10749s you ain't even getting it even if you
10750s want to right and
10752s a team who clearly hasn't been able to
10754s get anything since that first game key
10756s duo and flexi the osborne battle at sign
10759s up station going very much how it was
10762s predicted to go
10763s so far
10765s joe and ziandi dominating and that
10767s domination is leading them into a spot
10769s in that top 10.
10774s here is the main story mustache malabuca
10776s i think one of the only people that can
10778s stop
10779s vino and aqua for the moment
10783s the big thing is that they're one of the
10785s few teams that
10786s could still have the potential to go
10788s down or spawn right we've seen them have
10790s some of these fights against pink and
10791s ass in previous games let's say if that
10794s fight happens again this game they go
10795s down vino and aqua they're just gonna
10797s have another big game
10799s increase the gap even more and then
10801s we're really starting to talk about are
10803s they gonna hit the the threshold right
10804s oh yeah stop the eu before it even ends
10807s before it even ends right yeah if you
10809s guys are not familiar with that there is
10810s a rule in the book i think it's about
10811s what we'll double check it's closer to
10813s the 400 point threshold overall maybe
10815s 500. 475. yeah
10818s if a team hits that the competition ends
10820s yeah uh
10822s and of course in terms of victory
10823s alcohol right yeah reach that right in
10825s terms of maybe they what they need one
10826s more or something which they're bound to
10828s get this game gunner spawned on their
10830s side of command cavern
10832s which means that they will have access
10833s to the vault so
10835s really just
10837s i don't want to be that guy
10838s i really don't want to be that guy but
10840s like i don't see a world where they just
10842s don't have another game where they
10844s either look like they're going to win or
10845s just have a really really high
10847s elimination game
10852s a few more things rolling across the map
10854s slowing down for
10855s some of these teams clown and refs guard
10859s be high and mighty here dropping away
10861s from i believe they were
10863s closer to one of these stations although
10865s they are still fighting
10867s that arcadia type duo and
10869s not seeing much here for now uh drawn
10872s out fight they want to make the most out
10873s of their last two games
10877s of course as we and siren aren't the
10879s most experienced players when it comes
10881s to fncs i believe this is their first
10882s fncs final
10886s and so very much an unknown quantity
10888s when it comes to uh a lot of the teams
10891s in this lobby rasguard a very
10892s experienced player though alongside
10895s clown who was very impressive last
10896s season
10897s maybe they can
10898s show us why
10901s absolutely they need to at this moment
10904s really take control we're talking about
10906s you know what what does the team have to
10908s do at the end of day one get as many
10910s points on them on the board to start day
10912s two strong and have as many options as
10914s possible 58 not enough for us
10917s and clown they want to get closer to
10918s that triple digit mark hopefully if
10920s everything goes completely right for
10921s them towards the end of the day
10923s got to see if that is a possibility
10926s we are
10928s a couple of minutes into this game
10930s only two teams have gone down
10932s everyone keeping their cards very close
10936s there's nothing no one's going down
10938s right now 48 teams still left in this
10941s one the only teams i've gone down are we
10943s saw right slicing quinoa
10945s and blue back and fury over at the
10947s joneses so
10949s we'll see maybe
10950s as the and siren will be the ones next
10952s to join that list of players but
10955s very much a fight breaking out here
10957s clown needing the help of rest but he's
10958s taking his sweet damn time to get to him
10960s finally does
10962s close that gap and deal some damage to
10964s push these two back
10967s it's not going to find much after that
10968s they kind of run away and completely go
10970s into defensive armadillo mode
10973s not showing the underbelly protruding
10975s the shell
10978s can we just take a moment to appreciate
10980s a shy wager man i can't believe i've
10982s just heard them that this guy really is
10984s the goat of right now
10987s no man i learned from you guys you know
10988s it's how it goes take a piece from
10990s everyone armadillo though it might be an
10991s og yeah armadillo is crazy really a
10994s brilliant analogy in the circumstance
10996s right really just going back to their
10998s show that we've been one box of each
11000s other hiding away
11002s but eventually you do have to leave that
11004s show at some point
11007s are still trying
11009s the best in this fight this is very
11010s important for them just in terms of
11011s trying to come back once again in day
11013s number two a lot of the times if there's
11015s not 12 games it's a 6 game format
11017s irrelevant fight to watch so we watched
11019s them come back right here or possibly
11021s even go down third party maybe even
11023s coming in no it's just a pinch from the
11025s side of refs guard they're going to look
11026s for a little bit meanwhile malabuca also
11028s fighting
11029s talk about a few teams all surviving you
11031s mentioned a little bit backstage
11033s we were all just chilling in the green
11035s green room talking what if every team
11036s played search perfectly you know what i
11038s mean how would the game look it'd be so
11040s difficult i feel like teams had an
11042s essence of that there's no way we can
11044s all just get tags we have to maybe even
11046s fight so verstappen luca they strike at
11048s that pick up a team before you know the
11050s crazy tags start to start yeah this is a
11053s team that usually is never really
11054s dealing with surge problems just because
11056s of how much damage they do
11057s how prominent they are in fights
11060s but we got retail with an update on a
11062s team that's very very prominent in
11064s fights so what do you got for us receipt
11067s hello thanks gents in third place total
11070s team did not really talk that much about
11071s the last few games tayson and trafix
11074s notice the east to west bus path getting
11076s some tags out of the sky right now so
11078s that's going to set them up really
11079s really well for the later game and
11081s you'll also notice a little launch pad
11083s there on the floor too so if these guys
11085s are below surge they've messed up
11089s okay
11091s i associate
11093s intelligence in fortnight to a couple
11095s players when i think of the smartest
11097s players the players who understand
11098s fortnite the best they're a couple names
11100s that come to mind first name
11102s squeezy okay
11104s second name yeah taste it
11109s why in that specific order why queasy
11111s first
11113s well one because i don't like jason
11116s he's not my friend anymore oh we used to
11119s be best buds but we got a little beef
11120s going on oh okay okay okay but
11123s also because i really like the way crazy
11125s things about the game so
11128s but even then it's not even like a one
11129s and two it's like a one a one beta one a
11131s one b
11133s on the note for those two specific
11134s players you give intelligence
11136s tools so early in the game meters filled
11139s up they're usually checked in like the
11140s third or fourth zone
11141s just completely one in the first
11143s that is that is a dangerous combination
11145s for the game reese is setting them up to
11147s you better make a big one out of this
11149s one or you know there's a problem and
11151s the thing is right like like we said
11153s it's they've not been they've they've
11155s almost just sort of lurked their way
11156s into the situation we've not seen much
11158s of them but they've been very prominent
11159s in these games
11160s and and that's the reason why they're
11162s able to secure their damage really well
11164s they're finding really good positions
11166s again we talked about how it has been an
11168s adjustment for them landing mid map
11170s right they're more comfortable playing
11172s edge playing dead side of the zone when
11174s they can as well
11176s do my eyes deceive me or do i see three
11178s launch pads and taste this inventory
11181s that says three launch pads three launch
11183s pads
11184s yep three launch pads third place
11187s uh two duos game three plus two is game
11190s five
11191s eleven wow it's it's it's happening you
11193s did the mathematics on that one i'm not
11195s even good at math and i could make that
11196s one happen
11197s so what are you saying spoiler that
11199s chasing chapters win the thing is right
11201s i just checked my newspaper of uh the
11203s future of game five okay aqua vino's
11205s still alive right now yeah and uh that's
11207s the thing and they had uh they're the
11209s gutter card so
11211s hmm yeah
11212s five launch pads versus three
11217s the language of the pads
11219s what does the linguistic 11 have to say
11221s the ll about the launch pads this game
11223s the triple l l cubed
11225s to win fncs
11228s you must speak the language of the bat
11230s okay
11231s you must have pad yeah pad is win yeah
11236s win is pad and they have three of them
11239s this game our hog and pads from who must
11242s be the rest of the lobby completely soon
11244s leon bottom left side
11246s landers towards the turbines
11248s we'll fly in the zones padless
11251s that's the hookah we were predicting to
11252s give andalex a bad time
11254s but haven't seen too many eliminations
11256s past
11257s what's happening in the fifth and sixth
11258s zones nothing too early from them so far
11261s yeah that's them zoned in
11263s look this is a team who we know to be
11265s very aggressive right in terms of who
11267s contestant they haven't quite been able
11269s to show us that sort of prowess so far
11272s in these games
11274s but in any case
11276s we do still have many opportunities for
11277s them to show that off
11279s same can be said about jonesy andy
11281s they've done a better job of that right
11282s sitting in eighth place winning their
11283s osborne battles
11285s but can we see a pop off from them right
11287s maybe can we see these guys be the ones
11289s to for a wrench just for a spanner in
11291s the works when it comes to the battle
11293s for high ground
11296s wouldn't be surprised if that was the
11297s case of course the andy is chappix's
11299s former teammate right so maybe he
11302s has some words for his former teammate
11304s who is in third place maybe he can put a
11307s stop to them definitely the type of team
11309s that could do that
11311s for zara and are
11315s these chug splashes are a savior i was
11316s about to say where are they getting hp
11318s from
11319s the chug specials come through
11322s and so that will be a saving grace but
11325s they are close to zone so
11326s i'm sure they'll be all right noxian
11328s eclipse though
11329s always somewhere about this area looking
11331s to cause some problems for anybody who
11334s wants some smoke
11336s bizarre and will take the fight
11338s to them
11340s and making it look easy looks he was a
11342s solo eclipse wasn't there to be found
11345s so one elimination now for
11348s and zara
11350s if you've been watching the previous
11351s fncs weeks and you're wondering who zara
11353s is his name was mr satan before so
11355s if you're wondering there's a little
11357s update for you but they're looking good
11358s max materials close to the zone
11361s they've dealt some damage might need a
11363s bit more as we move forward into the
11364s game but not a bad platform to build off
11366s of
11369s looking at the god team themselves the
11371s kings were working on a name it'll come
11373s naturally towards this end game where
11374s they win another game right yeah see the
11377s stat on screen two games and six
11378s different fscs finals
11380s i think i was there for the first one
11382s that
11383s this man started off on
11385s what was it it was aqua
11388s stompy chicken
11389s that's what i just told this i know you
11390s want to talk about this no i want to
11392s tell them the story we tell them the
11393s story predictions are a hot thing right
11394s now they're on our hearts on our heads
11396s right between all of us yeah i used to
11398s feel the pain of them firsthand
11399s predicted these guys
11401s way back in season x when they were a
11402s team first three games
11404s poo poo right
11406s after that something happened i don't
11408s know between these three players maybe
11409s aqua stepped up and it was just banger
11412s after banger after banger
11414s final game win and taking the title two
11417s you just have to you have to love it
11418s yeah so since then you've always been a
11422s a big aqua believer
11424s and rightfully so coming back into the
11426s freight
11427s we obviously got to see a lot of these
11428s players that media day reese and i and
11431s actor was uh accord was one of the ones
11433s i was really impressed with really he
11435s just seemed to have a new sort of hunger
11437s a new sort of fire and
11439s desire and of course
11442s i'm not trying to make her make
11444s everything seem rosy
11446s for that duo right anybody that's been
11448s following the story of aqua and vino
11449s this season knows
11451s it's a miracle there's still a view of
11453s i've never seen a team argue so much mid
11456s competition i've never seen two players
11459s openly admit
11460s they their distaste towards each other
11463s in big moments but yet they've managed
11465s to stick together and they might even
11466s win in fncs because of it the trick to
11469s winning fncs mute your duo partner in
11471s quals yeah and uh
11473s dot dot dot profit
11476s literally those are the steps and guys
11478s shia is not exaggerating either there
11479s have been games where these guys have
11480s actually just muted each other mid-game
11482s and one like literally got a vr
11486s think about that real quick imagine
11488s watching any other sport right and
11490s teammates don't talk to each other
11491s there's never a pass there's never
11493s anything and and they're winning games
11495s yeah that's crazy
11497s that's crazy crazy stuff
11500s on board right now we see a bunch of
11502s teams that have had a few more
11504s rockier starts to the competition
11505s another game where kami and seti are
11507s down on surge just barely
11510s kami's are does not work the same as
11511s venos he takes one shot and only gets
11513s one tag like the rest of us
11516s he is human
11519s he's trying to find a few more right now
11521s this is
11522s prime time position for them a few
11525s more zones than usual they get to stay
11527s in this spot should be very familiar
11528s with the timings and the movements
11530s around tilted this is where they just
11531s get all their surge all the time and
11533s then usually move out they're still in
11534s the same base
11535s versamark look at just the difference in
11538s where they're coming from 648 damage
11541s above these guys don't have surge issues
11543s man
11544s they don't have surge issues
11546s i just
11548s i'm hoping
11549s that everyone else starts to have issues
11551s because i want these guys to win
11553s because they are my prediction
11555s and i'm a biased car so yep call me out
11557s in the chat
11561s he is he's actually not even like lying
11562s about it this man is freaking out
11564s backstage
11566s crazy
11567s look man i need to re look cuisine and
11570s hen are trying to
11572s keep a hold of their effincess tower i'm
11574s trying to keep a hold of my efforts just
11575s prediction title ah yes that's what it's
11578s really uh that's what's in it for me
11580s many story lines steady shots 39 is not
11584s enough had potential for so much more
11585s malabu picking up another elimination
11587s clem very on the right it was a solo
11589s he's surrounded by so many teams that
11590s are like 30th 40th place desperate and
11593s probably need to edit on them verstash
11595s malibuka playing defense playing the
11597s eighth zone basically practice before it
11600s starts
11601s we'll see if they can get their way into
11602s zona because they do have a bit of a
11604s distance compared to seemingly everyone
11605s else in the lobby tayson traffics
11609s three packs
11610s i still we mentioned it before but like
11612s just looking at it again in the third
11614s zone
11615s when everything starts to get a little
11616s bit more condensed you get to see the
11617s advantage they have but think about it
11619s who else has this advantage people are
11621s gonna be following exactly where tayson
11623s and traffics are going to go we have
11624s adil and noel o'reilly who basically got
11626s free rotates as well and the thing is
11627s they will still look to recycle pads
11629s when needed right that's disgusting they
11631s will
11633s still look to recycle pads when needed
11636s and they'll probably look to play for
11637s height this game using those pads so
11639s they'll try to save them for you know
11641s second third moving if possible
11643s oh no malibu down in a very crucial game
11646s 30 points 35 points behind vino and aqua
11649s this is the only team that can give them
11651s trouble that kind of can test them on
11653s the leaderboards and they cannot afford
11655s to be a game behind even they're already
11657s a full game's worth of points away from
11660s holding that first place title mustache
11662s now way deep in the zone this is the
11664s later one so he's sticking for five
11666s every single second
11668s he will pop that bed miss but that will
11669s just even out his hp
11671s maybe give him a little bit more as he
11673s starts to move he's gonna be running
11674s into three different teams on many
11676s different layers he's next to those
11678s three pads though so this might be the
11680s best position for him to be in he
11681s basically has a dual partner beside him
11683s he just needs to face up and then pray
11685s that taste in the trapex use those
11687s launch pads
11688s and i wish i just got used right and if
11690s so he heard that
11692s then maybe there's a chance for him this
11694s is how malibu went down look you can see
11696s they were trying to get in
11698s and then she said it's going to be
11698s difficult opens the edit as he opens it
11702s players start taking shots at him really
11703s difficult stuff there but they were one
11705s of the few teams that had a bit of a
11707s journey to get into zone they waited too
11708s late after picking up the elimination on
11710s klingberry and it might have just cost
11712s them their chance really
11714s of course we are still just at game five
11716s there's a whole nother day but if vino
11717s and that could continue on this pace
11719s they're going to be so hard to catch
11723s uncharacteristic from vino right there
11724s only landing one shot out of the four
11727s unfortunate for seti and kami how is it
11729s that when these guys use a cannon like
11731s this in this type of zone no one shoots
11734s them
11734s 39 hp and 10 hp they're not shot a
11737s single time in the air
11738s both land and the focus stops too
11741s what
11743s i honestly i would have been eliminated
11746s where's the milk i asked for milk at the
11747s start of the show to see invisible
11749s players right that's how you reveal the
11750s invisible ink they have something they
11752s have something what is it
11754s they're uh their their outfits blend
11755s into the sky
11757s so nobody can see them no maybe maybe
11759s that's what's going on there look very
11760s fortunate to still be in this game of
11762s course on such hp they are shambles
11764s they're next to a team they're in
11765s accordance who are looking very very
11767s strong khan and rashford
11769s we saw some of their struggles and
11771s trials and tribulations earlier on they
11772s were able to pick up some eliminations
11774s onto asby and siren
11776s and now picking up some
11777s free loot here as well
11779s they didn't put in the hard yards for
11780s this but they'll happily profit from it
11788s hear me now
11789s crucial siphon
11791s onto the chips remember they have no
11792s shield
11793s and their damage is so low on surge as
11795s well so looks like teddy's game is going
11797s well so far
11799s talk about our spawn and look good for
11800s clown and wrestler just for this game
11802s specifically
11803s rest of the day shambles this zone also
11805s shambles our squad has to be perfect but
11807s doesn't have the the life force to be
11809s able to stay in the game he's out of
11810s materials oh it's out of the magic clown
11812s though has a little bit of it
11814s still pushing forward but can't do much
11817s right now he just hit a 175 shot and
11819s he's 175 above literally he was on that
11821s i'm not prepared
11823s and so that shot will keep him in the
11825s game
11826s but you can see what he's working with
11827s it's not much when it comes to materials
11830s if only maybe
11833s there was still 200 pump potential in
11835s this game he would have had an
11836s elimination for himself or at least not
11840s okay look at this
11841s this is all purely done what looks like
11843s from
11844s maybe some loot that these guys might
11846s have got off of t chips they've moved
11849s their base maybe slightly had the
11850s harpoon from cammy picking up a few of
11852s the massive materials vino and aqua's
11854s eyes will be on them as they move
11856s yeah but like you said right they have a
11858s distance to move
11859s and so we'll see if they can make their
11860s way and gonna use the river to go to the
11862s least congested side of the zone
11864s a smart play from them as players are
11866s guiding in michael though has gone down
11868s astro having to
11871s be the carry in this team now the fun's
11872s going down in manchester a bit so maybe
11874s some extra vision will be useful here
11876s for astro
11879s trying to find anything right now
11881s madness the desperation here
11883s he has to focus on just topping off with
11885s them shields will be shields back again
11888s people might be able to hear it nope
11889s storm surge luckily at the last second
11891s turns off for under 50 players
11893s we'll still see it again in that seventh
11894s zone
11895s has to go down all the way to 30 15 more
11897s half the fall is 10 and queasy all the
11899s way on high grounds
11901s you saw them try for it last game
11903s but it was aqua who hit a massive shot
11906s onto queasy
11908s big thing with them too last game so
11910s many people got to save their max use
11912s the collider and be beneath them this
11914s game aqua vino have the the the entire
11918s key card the safe the vault and tayson
11920s and tapix have three pads it's deja vu
11923s for cuisine hen now game they have a
11924s chance for height but they have trouble
11926s lurking down below look at the comeback
11927s from studying kami absolute shambles a
11930s collective 40 hp for now big mats and
11932s big items
11934s i'm just looking forward towards this
11935s fight for height right we know who the
11937s main players are going to be in that
11939s regard
11940s the traffic's and tayson have a geyser
11942s to be able to recycle with as well they
11943s have effectively five launch pads in
11945s this game
11946s we'll see you now quiz in hand aware of
11948s the
11949s pads being used looking to try and catch
11951s some people out mustache will be the one
11952s to be caught out nothing he can do is he
11954s tries to recycle a pad
11956s cuisine hen will take him out you can
11958s see the pre-top as well and you should
11960s start getting ready hen running into
11962s trouble no way no he tried to recycle a
11964s pad and it was the sip toss who was in
11967s his way hen gets taken out queasy again
11970s now in a cup situation
11973s this was supposed to be the game for
11975s hannah and queasy to come back to be
11977s able to just stay alive a little bit
11978s still it's gonna be that eight zone
11980s where the problems start to begin one
11982s thousand damage above surge almost it
11984s was perfect for their run all the way
11986s until this point in the game but the
11988s comeback story almost put on health
11990s desperation for queasy to keep his head
11992s above high water but it's getting just
11994s shoved right back down height chop as
11996s well tasting and tactics are here all
11999s launch pads out of the inventory and
12000s their feet on the high ground we knew
12002s they would go for it and this is exactly
12004s where they've wanted to be they've done
12006s so well without even being able to play
12007s height will they be able to take
12009s advantage in this game aqua vino's still
12011s kicking it though and so that's going to
12013s be a threat to their height
12017s vino takes a big shot towards the
12019s mid-ground silence for the rest of the
12021s lobby let's just try to dictate where to
12023s go next goku climbing up against jackson
12024s down on the low ground meanwhile the
12025s bottom right steady cami the comeback of
12028s of just nations great nations this is
12030s just nuts from them the times i've seen
12032s them just down so bad in the mid game
12034s and then coming back triple digits close
12036s towards now fourth even third place they
12038s might be able to take over mustache
12040s malabuca if they get close to 150. yeah
12042s they're cerebral down on low they're
12044s looking to get to the front side claim
12045s it as much as possible create space to
12047s get some elimination vino picking up
12049s eliminations aqua isn't in the game
12051s flokie was the one he took out and so
12053s now he needs to stay up he needs to make
12055s sure that he claims as many points as
12057s possible if he wants to maintain their
12058s lead vino now scurrying his way through
12060s the back side of the zone he does have
12062s some materials to keep himself in it
12064s needs to protect himself the wood coming
12065s out will be an incentive for true let's
12067s and cheecho to keep on applying pressure
12069s can he stay up though treecho actually
12070s goes down to reason he got caught
12072s sleeping and so that space will allow
12074s vino some time to stay up in the game
12076s i mean while all of logan getting
12077s pinched to go up the hill but it bounces
12078s back true lex time to breathe
12081s reason down for now looking to see
12083s exactly what he can do next kami in the
12085s business looking for the next shot they
12087s have so much control of his logo on half
12089s these builds are almost all theirs eight
12090s teams and they're one of them that are
12092s so comfortable all these teams
12095s everything going down below but you have
12096s to remember what's happening on height
12098s jason and chadwicks are just licking
12100s their lips waiting for that opportunity
12102s for the final fight to seize the
12104s opportunity but you know still though as
12107s a solo making it so much more difficult
12110s for them to actually close the distance
12112s as he just continues to ramp up in the
12114s placement points they do have their eyes
12116s set on him though and so we'll see if
12117s traffic is going to hit the shots needed
12119s but tayson just using the burst assault
12121s rifle for the pressure applying it as
12123s much as possible vino's done so
12125s brilliantly to stay up though but free
12127s builds left
12128s eventually his time is gonna have to
12129s come but will it come before all these
12131s other teams fight he's hitting shots
12133s when needed staying hidden
12136s close
12138s ninth zone with seven teams the bounce
12141s backs back and forth are keeping these
12142s solos who have no builds absolutely
12145s alive reason now down the low hp the zip
12147s those desperate goes down kiko inside
12149s the storm is just a force to be reckoned
12151s with he's taking so much hp away from
12153s these players reason forced to use a
12155s little bit of that madness he was saving
12156s for the heel off meanwhile andretta not
12158s going to be able to survive the zone
12159s lots of mats and more miss to pick up
12161s for a reason at the back vino somehow
12163s still alive in the top five looking for
12165s the next shot his final bill dropped
12167s down he knows below there's just one
12169s player to deal with there's only one
12171s duel alive right now that's high ground
12173s looking to see what they can do down
12174s below slapped in the face vino will not
12176s be here for the rest of the game it's
12178s traffic's in the face of jew he blocks
12180s off one of the shots takes the trade
12181s down to just a little bit of big hp and
12183s shields still left due at 17 builds on
12186s the low ground reason he's displaying
12187s his own game there's so many missed
12189s available he's going all the way around
12190s it might surprise them towards the end
12192s this should be tasting and chapman's
12193s game to hold but reason might have a
12195s surprise in just a second jew looking
12197s for the next shot he's bolstered down
12199s reason at the back he gets found out
12201s gonna be there with the harpoon gonna be
12203s there all the way towards the end is due
12204s in second place but it's gonna be a
12206s titans he has to take down on heights
12207s tasting traffic this is their moment a
12210s redemption arc for them
12212s can they close it out though juke
12214s needs to try and for the party and maybe
12217s he's doing just that but no they will
12219s close it out chapex and tayson
12222s presenting themselves to the world now
12224s is the victory way out
12226s of the fifth game chappix from out the
12228s mud out the gutter after last season's
12231s performance tasting as well looking for
12233s redemption looking to reclaim his goat
12235s status
12237s and this is exactly how you do it a
12239s victory out in the penultimate game
12242s in a smooth sailing victory and it's
12244s action in the shadows for all these
12246s teams there's only one team in that
12248s limelight one team that the winners of
12250s game five chatrix and jason are trying
12252s to catch up to that's aqua and vino who
12254s with vino in that clutch towards the end
12256s are still so mighty high in points look
12258s vino in that moment wasn't flashy right
12261s didn't pick up back-to-back eliminations
12263s hitting pump shot off the pump shot but
12264s staying alive in that game made it so
12266s much more difficult for these guys to
12268s close that gap what he was was spiritual
12270s this man had no match solo 11th type of
12273s team slash place and gets what three
12275s bounce backs yeah who did he pray to who
12277s is he talking to him behind the scenes
12282s but look we still have to put our focus
12284s on that team they've been so consistent
12285s today not been able to really play
12287s height the way they wanted to but when
12288s the opportunity came for them they took
12290s it and they took it so well we're going
12291s to kick it to the analyst right because
12293s rhys foresaw all of this happening
12295s earlier in the game
12298s first off before we can get to you reese
12299s uh you need to fix your problems with
12301s tayson okay i know you guys are beefing
12302s right now fix it all right just put
12304s respect on taste's name rhys thoughts on
12306s this game i mean amazing let's be real
12308s when it comes to a finals performance
12311s you can never ever count out tayson you
12313s can never ever count out chappix these
12315s two will always do it i did see it early
12318s on right when i jumped in to interrupt
12321s our beautiful handsome casters there we
12322s obviously saw the fact that he got
12324s padded he got tags early but actually
12326s this is the winning moment right here
12327s notice this lands with a pad at the
12329s front moving side and starts cranking up
12331s and look who's at the back side of the
12332s zone right there that's chapping that's
12334s a perfect way that you can end up taking
12335s height one on the front one at the back
12337s pinch up onto high ground absolutely
12339s perfectly xu we talked about so many
12341s different ways of taking height of
12342s course bino and aqua they have a little
12343s bit of a different strategy they just
12344s pad on whoever's on high ground but take
12346s them in traffic's that experience really
12348s showing through right there they're able
12349s to take high ground from the front side
12351s and the backside of zone really claiming
12353s all of that real estate that we can see
12355s in the end game they're able to drop
12356s down pick up eliminations as well and i
12358s believe it was only a four elimination
12359s victory for them in the end yeah not a
12361s massive victory but a much needed
12363s victory for them i think absolutely i
12364s mean they were in third going into this
12366s right but it's like this is a long
12368s pickle yeah you've got one more day of
12369s games you've still got another game
12370s today as well it's about how many of
12372s these you can do super super well and
12373s repeatedly and a team that we saw kind
12375s of we've seen little bits of so far as
12377s camin inside right we've seen them do
12379s well in the leaderboards but i feel like
12380s i haven't seen them do well full stop
12382s yeah we haven't really seen too much of
12384s an absolutely outstanding performance
12385s from them but i think what they've been
12386s able to do is they're able to pick up
12388s consistent placements consistent
12389s refreshes when it matters most and that
12391s is absolute textbook stuff from them we
12393s often see them popping off in day one
12394s which is not something that we haven't
12395s we haven't seen that so far but of
12397s course there is still one more game to
12398s go they're picking up eliminations
12400s there's definitely another game for them
12401s to pop off and i think this zone was
12403s definitely a little bit more favorable
12404s for them because it was right on their
12405s back backyard yeah absolutely in all
12407s honesty i think they clutches up so much
12409s remember we saw them padding or using
12411s the cannon that was that in the mid game
12412s there yeah flying up with almost no hp
12414s shia was absolutely blown away about the
12417s fact that they didn't get shot out of
12418s the sky but then they managed to get
12419s refreshed in fifth zone and that's so
12421s critical you're gonna see so many of the
12422s top teams if they're down by like 50
12424s materials 50 builds each or something
12426s they're gonna go for that refresh at the
12427s fifth zone just before moving and that
12428s sets them up perfectly
12430s now we've gotta turn our attention
12432s to the standings here we go remember
12434s we're playing six games today we have
12435s the next six tomorrow for a total of 12.
12438s but we're going into this last game on
12440s just day number one if you're veto in
12442s aqua you're feeling really good right i
12444s don't want to say they can throw a slice
12445s game because that's not what i want but
12447s at least they're they're feeling really
12449s good if this is where they ended on day
12450s one yeah i mean this is on par and on
12452s pace right now to actually break the
12454s match point they've got two victoria
12455s house next uh basically by game 11
12458s tomorrow if they have over 475 points
12460s and three victoria's the tournament's
12462s gonna end early so they are on pace to
12464s do something absolutely monumental right
12467s now but one of the things i'm finding
12468s interesting right tasting and champix
12469s like we mentioned not actually moved up
12471s the leaderboard with that victorial
12472s that's how big of a gap mustache
12473s malabuka had on them yeah absolutely
12476s we're seeing different sort of rotations
12477s early game mid game and of course that's
12478s something we wanted to highlight because
12480s of course there are plenty of players
12480s that are rotating at different times
12482s coming out of their drop spot now one of
12484s which that you picked up one really well
12485s breeze was of course tayson rotating out
12487s really really early on from their drops
12489s they picked up the storm surge tanks
12490s early as you mentioned in the mid game
12491s package and this just gave them the
12493s flexibility to use that collider massive
12496s flying device in the middle of the map
12498s to rotate on out a lot earlier than
12500s other teams might have yeah this you can
12501s actually see the timer on the bottom
12502s right there but that was in basically
12504s two minutes before the fir or sorry
12506s three minutes before that first zone had
12507s fully closed so they're set up in a
12508s position with plenty of time to take
12510s advantage of the teams moving vino and
12512s aqua that we see right here completely
12513s different story they're in the second
12515s zone right now this is almost four
12516s minutes later they decide to leave their
12518s drop spot but it all depends on what
12520s you've got around you right they have
12521s some riffs that they can use they had
12522s tags earlier than that all different
12524s types of different strategies
12526s crazy stuff that's why the stage is blue
12527s by the way we're just giving you guys
12528s all the inside all right that's what
12530s we're here for it's our job my goodness
12532s this is the last game on the day here in
12534s eu this is the finals i'm telling you
12537s this is it we have one more game to set
12539s ourselves up going into tomorrow's games
12541s and when we come back for another six
12543s where we also crown new champions
12545s returning champions we'll have to wait
12547s and see right now though you guys gotta
12549s find your season on the battle bus grab
12550s the popcorn this is game six of the eu
12552s fncs finals day number one game six time
12559s [Music]
12564s well zeke at the pace we're on now we'll
12566s be crowning you champions it looks like
12568s we've seen domination from the likes of
12570s aqua v you know tayson chappix malibu
12573s mustache have impressed as well
12576s and if these guys can close out the day
12577s with other strong games
12579s there's no doubt on my mind that they're
12581s going to come back tomorrow looking to
12582s do more of the same yeah they're on an
12584s island of their own right now when it
12585s comes to points when it comes to the top
12586s three if you want a ticket to that
12588s island high cost level got to win a game
12590s got to be double digit elims and one of
12592s these teams also has to go down yeah and
12595s uh we've seen from these games that's a
12597s very rare quantity you can't rely on
12599s that happening
12600s ability to catch up is just so difficult
12602s right even in that game right where
12604s tayson and traffic's win how do you
12605s catch up with the guys trying to catch
12607s you still just in the game staying alive
12608s even as a solo and it's vino today this
12611s guy specifically has not missed a single
12613s shot aqua has been more aggressive than
12614s we've ever seen before he's feeling it
12617s he's back in that world cup form i mean
12619s there was a time when he was revered as
12621s like the best player in the game and
12624s look trying to get back into that shape
12625s yeah for the other people on the board
12627s the 20th to 40th places for the rest of
12629s the lobby a chance to change their
12631s destinies in this game six to have one
12633s of the best comebacks possible for day
12635s two and the six more games tomorrow of
12637s course right we're all excited about
12638s some of the teams higher up in the
12639s leaderboard
12641s but the potential for some of these
12642s teams lower down to surprise us in day
12645s two
12646s and show us that intention in this final
12648s game
12648s is very very high
12650s a lot of teams that have pop-up
12652s potential of their own
12654s but
12655s is not good at all and that's
12659s taking out malibu
12661s early doors
12663s looks like it's even before the landing
12665s happens before the defeat even touched
12667s the ground
12668s all up to bristace now and he has been
12671s the start player as of recent for this
12672s duel when it comes to the aggression and
12674s the elims within this tournament within
12676s the latter game specifically i think
12678s four or three the 16 rocking in he had
12680s about 12 of them
12681s let's see what he can do with this type
12683s of loadout every option available for
12684s him to push forward with
12687s risky to go down let's see if malibu got
12689s to even
12690s touch where he wanted to go has a sniper
12692s to rock in with
12694s after that burst they are seen from the
12696s back side pink on his walls where does
12698s anas kind of chomp from the other way
12700s striker straight to the face you know
12703s that's interesting right because you saw
12704s where malibu went to land
12706s right he doesn't need to land on that
12708s side of top
12710s he can just go to blimp they can play it
12711s safer right they're grieving for what an
12714s extra two henchmen chests
12716s look tension chests are great i don't
12718s mind a couple here and there but
12720s with the loot they have on blimp the
12722s loot that's below the blimp as well if
12724s they just land play it safe we're
12726s talking about another game where they're
12729s upsetting the apple car pushing their
12730s way into contention of aquavino now
12734s that journey just looks so much more
12736s difficult and now we're even thinking
12737s about tasting and chappix really
12739s starting to separate from those guys as
12740s well
12744s the game six though that's where some of
12745s the changes happened in that two-day
12747s format
12748s and we've also seen you know
12750s issues off spawn for both anas
12753s pink and mustache malabuca specifically
12756s maybe one person gets taken out they
12758s still all make the end game i think one
12760s out of five games before that's been a
12761s thing right now refs guard very
12763s frustrated with how his off spawn
12765s story has been going actually diving
12767s grabbing in and proactively taking shots
12770s usually it's a waiting game you can see
12772s the distress on asby's face
12774s unfortunately
12775s both him and siren go down restart and
12777s clown do not want to fool around anymore
12780s yeah i'm closing the fight out much
12782s quicker than the previous games we saw
12785s last game this fight lasted a century i
12788s actually grew up graduated uni
12790s had children got married
12793s my children graduated uni as well in the
12795s time it took for the fight to close out
12796s this time though making it quick
12799s nice and easy
12802s how are the grandkids well uh
12805s on the way on the way
12808s i was about to say you could have
12809s claimed like one player saying like oh
12811s he's playing right now
12814s who's my son in this lobby i think my
12816s son would be pink
12817s really yeah that's my son that's your
12819s son yeah would it be cool with you
12820s saying that too like you guys have that
12821s type of nice close relationship he's
12823s human if i said
12826s respectfully you know what you know who
12828s else is my son who and
12830s and that's my son as well yeah they're
12833s all my sons tayson's my son as well
12834s actually they're all my sons man
12837s all of them they're my sons
12839s family reunion must be a lot of fun you
12841s know
12843s not really
12847s i mean the interviews look good
12849s oh thank you
12850s i can't wait to hop back in the lobby
12851s with all those guys you wore the same
12853s shirt for the whole week yeah for a
12854s whole month oh wow
12856s just that
12857s look at this bonus eyes snazzy
12860s i mean they did not expect this once
12861s again on day one we talked about it a
12863s few games ago they were expecting some
12865s sort of turbulence on the flight of
12867s finals uh for the last six games but
12870s so far the cabin's been a little bit of
12872s a rocky ship and this is the first time
12874s that an advantage it seems like off of
12875s spawn
12878s we talked about how much of a surprise
12880s it was for them many of people expected
12882s protozoan snazzy to be
12883s a huge contender to push into the top
12886s five
12887s maybe even win it all
12890s with some luck go in their way but
12892s that's not been the case and with
12893s flowers and mapping out giving them
12894s issues here it looks further and further
12897s from being a possibility
12899s mustache
12900s on the right of your screen
12903s wasn't the stash that went down in the
12905s first place or my bugging it's always uh
12907s liberty floppy i think no i think it was
12909s malibu that went down immediately
12911s mustache i was talking about all you
12912s know man has 12 v limbs 16 knee limbs
12914s now it's up to him again
12916s that's how i remember you know okay this
12918s one it's over the one-liners if not
12919s somebody in twitch shot will let you
12921s know
12922s i'll take the red of threads yeah know
12924s someone will it you know yeah yeah faces
12926s though picking up some eliminations two
12928s pads
12930s yeah look you get two pads from the card
12932s right but like there's other teams there
12933s man what are they doing they just took
12934s that they just took out the other team
12936s that is vikram jackson you know they're
12938s just
12939s but it seems so easy what is this it's
12941s easy for them look at this oh wow this
12943s man is a shooter uh
12946s mega super nice igl um fragger
12950s extraordinaire and a gymnast
12953s a gymnast apparently
12955s circus freak like what is this he made
12957s vika look like easy work well look do
12959s not be fooled vico is
12961s a top top up and coming german player a
12964s great fighter but
12966s against the mighty tason
12968s everybody looks average at times you
12969s know
12971s i mean you got to be proud
12973s look i'm proud of my son
12975s i am proud of him
12978s and zeke we did fix our beef we fixed
12980s our issues
12982s so don't even need to go on the details
12984s i've done that
12985s it was actually mama tayson she uh
12988s she sorted it all out made sure
12990s everything was good you know very nice
12993s you see over here rabbit and
12995s specifically right i think their issues
12997s have just been
12998s with with the vibe of eu overall they
13001s they picked the storyline which is very
13002s tragic the first game wonders
13006s really good i think they had 70 points
13009s 50 60 points coming in more than half
13011s and now by game six in trouble man
13015s yeah you can see they clearly want to
13016s get back involved in this fight towards
13018s the joneses we saw them here earlier in
13020s the day they sort of eased off it a bit
13022s but
13023s once it started to ease off
13026s a bit less fortunate you can see how
13028s patient they are lining up their head
13030s come on come on
13031s what i would have taken it there do it
13034s do it do it do it there's something they
13035s don't know come on do it do it do it
13037s he's waiting to just line up like a
13038s trick there's no way
13040s you want this double headshot
13042s nice nice
13044s i love it i love it the thing is
13046s blueback healed up so much i'm wondering
13048s if he just did it so much earlier you
13050s might have the advantage but finance is
13051s rolling in
13052s clearly knows way more than we do he is
13054s just making sure the pressure does not
13056s stop bubak now in trouble the avengers
13058s coming in from rabbit as well so far
13059s away make sure fury gets locked down
13062s it's all about interrupting we've seen
13063s these plays with the zip lines before
13065s he's just stretching like a tank like an
13068s armored train straight towards his enemy
13070s but fury stops him in his tracks
13073s i love the patience from them
13075s and even then after all that damage
13077s they're not just pushing into it they
13078s know david and yakko are still there
13080s they know there's two teams i can't
13082s afford to overextend
13085s i'm loving it really nice work from them
13088s that patience we would have messed that
13090s up completely yeah we would have shot
13091s instantly and just went down 100
13096s oh man
13098s the way these players and also just end
13100s up staying together too
13101s it looks so basic in terms of plays that
13105s happen in the snap of a finger
13106s when both players are also just rolling
13108s around doing perfect pinches
13110s it's very difficult to actually execute
13112s on the fly like that especially at the
13114s joneses yeah 100 you have to have really
13116s great communication
13118s something that those two clearly have
13119s had thomas and triphen almost have
13122s become like the forgotten
13124s cavern team with all the success we've
13126s seen from some of the others
13128s they've slipped under the radar
13130s but seventh place is not too shabby
13133s whatsoever especially
13136s with there being another day mustache is
13138s doing a great job of uh trying to stay
13140s in the game
13142s but there is still a team here
13145s it's pinker than us yeah they're not
13147s letting them they're not letting them
13148s breathe
13150s thinking enough do often stay late
13152s anyway yeah
13154s right
13155s so it's not surprising to see them deep
13157s here in the zone
13159s but uh of course some added incentive
13161s with a
13163s moustache lurking
13166s they just scanned him they know he's
13167s here he can't get out the armada will
13169s come it's on both sides yesterday
13172s yeah this is just the test of time and
13174s they could hear him clinging on it so
13176s two pickaxes versus one
13178s and they're already on his walls no
13180s where to go a foot from pink and he is
13182s gone
13184s that is so tough
13186s they saw
13187s or they heard
13189s the armored war
13191s and from there
13192s it was wrapped
13195s we'll see what they can pull out here
13197s some interesting stuff in terms of how
13199s will they get to zone
13201s it'll be fun to watch how they go about
13202s it
13204s oh wow that conveno was there as well
13207s following them they're just taking track
13209s of what's going on around the map they
13211s can see the elim happen to
13213s understand now the pace of the game
13214s they're just checking the timer
13216s meanwhile completely different form of
13218s what it looks like to be a cavern team
13220s thomas and tripper active looking for a
13222s quick fight you mentioned this they like
13223s to move early
13225s we've seen the benefits of that now all
13227s the way towards the south of tilted
13230s in a box fight that they are very
13231s comfortable in madison airport dks ain't
13233s been too hot
13238s this is where we saw studying cami
13240s before base up and look for a few third
13242s shots
13244s wondering where they are in this game
13245s joins the andy i think one of the most
13247s impressive performances we're seeing so
13248s far today the way they locked in their
13250s ticket to finals from the crawls on that
13252s game six the way they're in top five
13253s right now as well
13255s fighting off swan over and over
13257s nice slide back shot straight into
13259s mr bad sniper conversation he gets all
13261s that loot
13264s it means they're pinching place now
13266s slowly but surely working their way up
13269s again this is a team who very much
13273s has a a lot of the same
13276s power level you'd say maybe as
13278s aqua and vino they have the potential to
13282s to be performing how they were like in
13284s terms of like uh the way this will be
13286s playing out if you swap them on the
13288s leaderboard
13290s i'd believe it you know i'd be like yeah
13292s it makes sense you know after games they
13294s get the
13295s the the volt loot the other half the
13296s other being okay you know it's like
13300s you could see it going either way i
13301s think this is probably the one season
13302s where
13303s thomas isn't as much of a favorite as
13305s usual still is definitely considered by
13307s many a top team a team that should get
13309s top five
13310s but not an all-out favorite for the
13314s overall win as he has been in previous
13316s seasons past
13319s you can see the comeback from seti kami
13322s saying they're you know kind of what a
13324s day one team overall
13326s like in terms of previous fncs's that's
13328s where their power is
13331s well that's what was always in the in
13334s the past
13334s yeah so
13336s they're staying true to it might have
13337s missed a few games earlier on but triple
13339s digits in the last two games almost
13341s right like that is that is huge in terms
13342s of the comeback yeah they've caught up
13344s they've caught up and um
13345s they haven't really missed a beat since
13347s doing so right
13348s like like you said earlier the the top
13350s five right now literally just looks like
13353s everybody's prediction list from twitter
13355s this morning
13357s so we'll see if it holds oh aqua down to
13361s noah riley something we were expecting
13363s at the start of this day just the
13365s beginning of these games it's finally
13367s coming to fruition
13370s vino
13371s as a solo now
13373s very very early on huh
13375s janice howe
13378s hello
13379s vino hello i said so he missed the
13381s bullets they wrapped around the entire
13383s earth and hit janus in his box somewhere
13386s i can't i don't get this guys
13388s [Laughter]
13389s like
13390s how is he like how
13394s he's not going to get the elimination
13395s right because walters can just revive
13397s and he already has but
13401s damage is good for surge and he is
13403s playing as a solo now so he'll need to
13405s do a lot more damage twice as much
13408s assuming everybody shares the surge load
13410s evenly which isn't the case we know but
13413s for the sake of the story
13416s we'll call it that way janice and vortex
13418s making their way into zone now
13422s looking good while doing it they've
13424s attracted the attention of other teams
13425s that's actually inside zone that'll be
13427s benji and savage they're kind of
13428s rattling towards and being one of the
13430s noisiest teams many different sight
13432s lines and povs will be looking to damage
13434s them as they move in they're looking
13435s aggressive for this fight though so
13437s might be something they're lacking it
13439s might be damage overall it might just be
13441s some type of loop but benji and savage
13443s have already moved so far away
13444s underneath
13446s tasting and chatpix yeah andretta as
13448s well in terms of a base is one of the
13450s high ones
13452s it'll be interesting to see right
13453s because you saw they were a dead
13454s position near the collider
13456s i know rhys had a conversation with
13458s janice about what their strategies for
13460s moving around their map would be in
13461s terms of surge and janice didn't say
13463s they'd often look to try and make use of
13465s that collider
13466s to see if they could get around the map
13468s and so if they position near it that
13470s would be nice oh my goodness wow
13475s see as good as that is though if veto's
13476s in that position he has an elimination
13478s would have got a knock there for sure
13480s but he's getting the revive look yeah
13482s he's rev so aqua's back but every team
13485s will hear that and i think they know
13486s exactly where vino is for the moment i
13488s know janice and vortex know specifically
13491s and some other teams are already behind
13493s them in terms of positioning they should
13494s hear that reboot van go off it'll be
13496s very difficult for aqua to find his way
13498s back into this game if they somehow make
13500s top five in this game 11 i will be madly
13503s impressed
13504s i wouldn't even be surprised
13506s i personally wouldn't be surprised
13509s that is the caliber of team they are
13510s that's how they've been playing today
13513s it would not surprise me one bit if they
13514s were able to crawl their way back in
13516s this game
13517s come here and set it up
13519s wow
13521s what a wave what
13522s this is the angle to be able to take out
13524s those many builds have that much more of
13526s an open sight line they have the
13527s knowledge to do that just amazing from
13528s seti and cammy
13530s very experienced players
13532s know what they're doing in these
13533s situations cheat showing true lex
13536s another teamed up
13538s knowing what they've been doing we've
13539s seen them deep in many of these games
13541s playing mid-ground last game really was
13543s their time to shine on midground without
13545s malibu mustache there and this game
13547s will very much be a similar sort of beat
13550s but they will have free reign over what
13552s happens on those layers
13554s don't have to worry about the
13555s pre-editing plays of malibu mustache
13559s who maybe jump on that wave themselves
13563s mistakes for this game currently as we
13565s find our way going closer towards the
13567s later portions
13569s uh it is the final game of day number
13571s one overall
13572s the team in the lead vino aqua on your
13575s screen ahead by what seems to be almost
13577s 50 60 points overall they're doing so
13580s good on the day so far a lot of teams
13583s want them to go down before the top 25
13585s so they can catch up their mission is to
13587s get close to that top 15 the top 10 but
13590s currently with met kids small fries
13592s they're wondering who should have more
13593s hp going in towards the end game they're
13596s the final boss the lobby can't really
13598s seem to take down
13600s this is the maximum limit of our top 10
13603s scram and hellfire
13605s looking at their imperial v everyone in
13607s the top 10 just wants to win more
13609s currently be consistent if you're top 10
13611s right now you want to be top 10 in this
13613s game and maintain where you're on the
13615s leaderboard for everyone else you want
13617s that big catch up you want the victory
13619s royale if you're in the bottom 40 you
13621s want the best possible thing
13623s in terms of just
13624s points at this moment you want to take
13626s the biggest risks meanwhile the best
13628s teams in the lobby want to play reserves
13630s so we should see some very opposite yin
13632s yang action all the way towards the end
13634s desperation versus just patience
13638s we're seeing a lot of that a lot of
13639s those teams have been able to stay in
13640s this one joe and d'andy here positions
13643s well looking for the spray
13646s and maybe we'll be able to connect joe
13647s sneaking some shots in there and he's
13649s not done just yet
13651s looking for more
13653s i'm running on the ammo though right
13655s it doesn't have much in the reserve
13660s not much for damage either 152 below is
13662s what
13663s love that is for the moment but every
13664s time i jump the gun on it i was not
13666s gonna run home
13667s i was just making the call there i was
13669s like i know things now apparently i'm
13671s still as dumb as i have before
13674s i'm mad jaded when it comes to that
13676s stuff
13677s i've done it many a time 174 it's good
13680s jackson it seems like he's had such a
13682s terrible day so far in terms of just
13684s being able to survive and thrive but i
13686s think the reason i remember his name is
13687s because we see him in almost every
13688s single eighth zone level he's living
13690s until the end of the game jackson's done
13691s brilliantly here right we saw earlier in
13693s the game tayson taking out vico in a
13696s very flashy way to say it at least
13699s but jackson did well to stay alive as a
13700s solo it's not often that
13703s you can get away in those situations
13704s most impressive thing as a solo staying
13706s ahead of search as a solo having this
13708s much of a base and a lot of match still
13710s left in the reservoir
13712s we'll see how far he can go of course
13716s it's never going to be easy
13719s see clement now and flow keep making
13721s their way in
13723s we've seen them struggle in some of
13724s these games but coming up against
13727s seti and kami doing big damage
13731s getting so close as well to actually
13733s taking them out this race comes through
13735s they're dropping them down they want to
13737s close it out and they have they've
13738s picked city up
13740s cammy
13741s has to be a solo now
13743s and a key crucial couple of shots there
13747s from floating clementine frenchies
13749s and chemi barely escaping as well
13751s that is just literally the perspective
13754s of desperation versus patience cami said
13757s he just want to move on get along get to
13759s the next position they're not really
13761s looking at who's really around them
13762s they're thinking about how to win and
13764s just be able to stay inside that top
13766s five top ten be consistent in the game
13768s meanwhile floki clements 72 points so
13770s far behind looking to get the frags
13772s first looking to get as many points on
13774s the board from the position that they
13776s can take it step by step
13780s we're going to see a lot of these teams
13781s now
13782s starting to
13783s have their struggles
13787s zara won't be able to heal
13789s storm surge for much longer
13792s jason's taking out aqua inside the feed
13794s so he's really trying to eat that as
13795s well towards the top so they're frozen i
13797s said they need to go down before top 25
13799s they're going down in 27th overall it
13801s looks like so a chance for these top
13803s three on their own islands to catch up i
13805s think the goal is about 215 points that
13808s that team needs to hit
13810s this is an opportunity expectation and
13812s chappix
13814s to really put themselves in a good
13815s position going into tomorrow can they
13817s close that distance thinking an
13819s also all the way towards the top right
13820s above them in heights 110 points for
13823s help fire and scram they're not going to
13824s be that upper echelon we're looking at
13826s if we can get an update to see these top
13828s teams
13828s how close are they for the moment these
13830s guys are actually really close hellfire
13832s thomas hd so there's a fight right now
13833s between the top three
13835s trying to claim who can be the king of
13837s eu before day two and then after that a
13839s fight in that bottom five to all the way
13842s to tenth it's a ten point almost
13844s differential as to who can be inside the
13847s highest money so far going into day two
13849s yeah you can see already the classic
13852s costume towards height that we'll see in
13854s these games
13855s pink and an ass
13857s we'll
13858s just peek there for the moment
13862s it's right to take out my fashion
13863s alabama spawn it uh
13865s it leaves you possibly sometimes just as
13867s a solo here's tayson and chad makes this
13870s pov 171 points they're about 40 behind
13872s so far
13874s they can very much recycle that pad you
13875s can see running in they have all the
13877s trunk splashes in the world as well
13880s so they can just use this and start to
13882s have
13883s some height dreams
13885s will anybody turn them into nightmares
13887s you can see
13888s there is somebody vying for it
13891s chasing though choosing now it's not the
13893s time but who is it no riley the deal is
13895s just going to be their typical one game
13897s wondrous win will this be the time they
13900s have height and i don't think there's
13901s many other teams in this one that can
13903s really pose a threat to them who will
13904s really look to try to take it from now
13906s so if they can hold on but you have so
13908s many materials it looks very very
13910s possible shia so high in the sky and
13912s that low ground can only really get
13914s higher so their perspective right now is
13916s just very very powerful meanwhile though
13918s down at low ground same story different
13920s day thomas hd in the clutch seat
13923s thomas
13925s in the zone in the back of the zone not
13927s able to hit the shots thomas he goes
13929s down cami
13931s also just lurking picks up
13933s scheizer as he runs his way into the
13935s zone
13936s he went down
13937s but he's able to stay in the game and
13939s he's looking rather strong even for a
13941s solo
13943s there's still move chaperone on second
13944s height chad fix gets dropped taste and
13946s follows they're actually just switching
13947s layers going straight to low ground what
13949s a call to make up in second place
13951s they're just trying to do something very
13952s creative here and dodge all the pressure
13954s and you can see they've claimed the
13955s front side of the low ground this is
13957s gonna be such a great position for them
13959s to claim as many eliminations as humanly
13961s possible as we see another fight for
13963s higher ground we wondered whether the
13964s deal and no rider would hold on to it
13966s stompy and dew looked to try and test
13968s them
13969s but a test that they passed they hold on
13971s so high to grab and it doesn't cost the
13973s deal anything barely even used any maps
13975s that's the key so far andretta as a solo
13977s down below top 12 right now what does he
13979s want to do in terms of the end of day
13981s one get more points is it possible with
13983s no materials with no chance but no
13985s perspective i want to wait but it's a
13987s duel he has to fight he goes down
13989s crushed andretta beneath the lobby
13992s cheecho and true lex i said this was
13994s their chance to try and dominate in the
13995s mid ground without malibu mustache here
13997s we're seeing tayson and traffic do a
13999s very similar thing four eliminations as
14001s far joe now the solo doesn't have to
14003s fire powers yandy with him but has his
14005s own firepower hitting a huge shot into
14007s schwecki can he hit more though he needs
14009s to find some space calm down a bit
14012s and that breathing room will be just
14013s what he needs to get his hp back up chad
14015s bricks now all the way down to maximum
14017s low it's gonna be the ultimate chance
14019s for him to gain some control but clown
14020s enough squad are there they sprinter the
14022s second team in half gonna be unfortunate
14025s for them to keep moving just taste them
14026s as a solo looks like catfish might have
14028s had a lot of the mat so he was desperate
14030s to get some more he has to now do this
14031s with just 200 wood and at the same time
14033s no riley but deal still applying all
14034s that pressure clown and rescue are
14036s looking to try to find their feet on the
14037s low ground rescue running his way on in
14039s joe he's just trying to stay
14041s inconspicuous doesn't want anybody just
14042s put him out clando has lost restaurant
14044s it's stompy in the zone they're going to
14046s crash heads he needs to hit a big shot
14048s the 70 isn't going to be enough but
14049s kephi will go down melody is going to
14051s follow soon as well low on the hp the
14054s meat coming out and he does claim the
14055s splashes he does see it but the refresh
14057s is coming in the med mist as well he has
14059s the tools to stay in the game if he
14060s needs to and that's exactly what he has
14062s to do with low materials jason also same
14064s situation less splashes more mist he
14067s starts to move way in the back side of
14069s the zone of a deal senses something
14070s wrong he's looking back there for these
14072s teams for these solos just misting away
14076s inside the storm big shot from jason
14077s nearly misses clowns head going for the
14079s haircut doesn't find anything from the
14081s scout clown now looking back for the
14083s next shot case and blocked off from all
14085s sides looks for the prediction but no
14087s clown goes down no cipher for him tayson
14089s is gone to the final 2v2 marine rifle
14092s the deal no o'reilly big shot from the
14094s deal you talk about their crazy game
14096s they're going maniacal with this one
14097s slide jump from a deal to close it out
14099s rifler goes down and they make it look
14102s spectacular at the end of game six
14104s simply breathtaking from the o'reilly
14106s and bradeel they're always good for one
14109s child at some point regardless of how
14111s the day is faring they will always get
14113s their one victory royale and do it in
14116s spectacular fashion as well a beautiful
14119s final shot here from the deal onto
14121s rifler and a nice victory royale to
14124s really set the standards going into
14126s tomorrow anger release the feels like
14128s all the qualms off spawn from the start
14130s of the day the issues with surge even
14132s sometimes they relieve it at the end of
14135s day one a team that surprised us all by
14137s their choice of where to land today but
14139s very much paying off finally by game six
14142s and we'll see whether they can hold on
14144s to that but shia the things we saw from
14147s jason and traffic's taste and staying in
14149s the game as a solo doing his best to try
14151s and catch vino and aqua it's been a
14152s crazy six games but i can't wait to
14155s close it out tomorrow absolutely so far
14157s that was a catch-up game a change-up
14159s game give it as many c names as you want
14161s i want to see exactly what the desk has
14163s for this one it's been a phenomenal day
14164s so far
14166s you're right shy wager that's six games
14168s i feel like i blinked and they're just
14170s gone but still incredible games to say
14172s the least and i gotta say that the
14174s biggest factor as they kind of mentioned
14176s was aqua falling down early right our
14178s team in first place coming in incredibly
14180s strong here
14181s but they dropped so early that everyone
14183s else has that opportunity to catch up
14184s yeah we saw them actually get rebooted
14186s at one point and then this is the second
14187s time we're gonna see them go down a
14189s rough rotate trying to get to fifth like
14190s because of the fact that they ended up
14192s rebooting that loses you a ton of your
14194s heels your time your materials all this
14195s kind of stuff because you've got to
14196s split it off to your duo and then that
14198s leaves you in kind of a position we saw
14199s they didn't have a launch pad there
14201s normally these guys would be way more
14202s stacked to be able to pad out yeah it
14204s really does it sets you back in your
14205s game you know you're not able to pick up
14206s the tanks you're not able to pick up the
14207s loot that you gained from getting those
14208s eliminations early on and they were just
14210s sort of left behind you know they were
14212s behind in the meta if you like from
14213s everyone else they were already assorted
14215s they're already ahead inside the zone
14216s and unfortunately for them it didn't
14217s quite work out but they've given
14219s themselves enough of a buffer so that
14220s tomorrow they don't have to worry too
14222s much you also gotta think another top
14223s team who's in first mustache and malibu
14225s pretty sure they're still in first they
14226s went down early there too so the clutch
14228s from tasting that we just saw is even
14230s more impressive now i love that you
14231s bring up taste because we got to talk
14232s about him right there performance in
14233s game number six again this is just to
14235s set us up for tomorrow right the last
14236s six games tomorrow will see a winner but
14239s talk to me about this right here i mean
14240s realistically we saw
14242s what i would say is a hilarious movement
14244s from traffic right we saw him drop down
14246s to low ground he was duck dip diving all
14249s the way around to try and avoid whatever
14250s shots i'm not entirely sure actually how
14252s he managed to get down there because we
14253s saw tasting on quite a good mid-ground
14255s layer at that point regardless whatever
14257s it was that allowed taste and then to
14259s set up the solo clutch right we've seen
14260s the top titans the top teams everyone
14262s who was up their leaderboard drop out
14264s and get this was it there it is he was
14266s trying to get back with the splashes
14268s into zone to get them some more
14269s placement but again that set up facing
14270s their left as the solo to clutch up into
14272s what was that third place yeah third
14274s place for tayson right there of course
14275s he had the splashes as well as did
14277s chaffix of course not quite able to use
14278s them in the right time but taysom was
14280s and he was able to use them at the
14281s perfect moment just to get those extra
14283s few placements he picked up a med mist
14284s right there at the end as well so just
14286s able to squeeze a few extra points a few
14288s extra placements out of that last game
14290s and a really solid performance from them
14291s today and definitely one that they can
14293s pick up with tomorrow and you know have
14295s a really good day absolutely look i'm
14296s looking forward to the next six games
14297s tomorrow that's gonna be really exciting
14299s do you think about a full data reset to
14300s go back and say okay what did we do
14302s differently what what can we bring
14303s coming into day number two i'm looking
14305s forward to the girls gotta talk about
14306s the game winners though no riley and the
14308s deal now uncontested finally able to say
14311s look we're going to take high ground we
14312s want to win a game i mean this is big
14314s for them right because i mean as shia
14316s beautifully and poetically mentioned
14318s they win a game every single finals
14319s right they're always there they're
14320s always up in the name i'm used to it
14322s being you know like a 10 15 elimination
14325s i think to be honest the last couple
14327s seasons we haven't really seen that for
14328s them as much i genuinely think these
14329s guys have actually struggled to frag out
14331s which is surprising if you know anything
14333s about noah and the deal these guys are
14335s two of the best fighters in the region
14336s but you think in ethan says they've not
14338s actually managed to pull it all together
14339s yet but this game is a really good first
14341s step because they were starting to trail
14342s behind right this is the team that
14344s should be in the top ten yeah it's
14345s absolutely right they've always been a
14346s little bit more timid this season and
14348s maybe previous seasons as well they
14349s haven't quite been able to pop off as we
14350s would expect them to but you know what i
14352s really like about these guys is they're
14353s able to turn it on when it matters most
14356s when they're on that high ground more
14358s often than not they are more than
14359s capable of getting the victory out and
14361s as we've seen right there a lot of the
14362s height teams a lot of the big teams were
14363s out so the door was wide open for them
14365s to pop off big old catch-up game man
14367s it's a very scary time we don't want to
14368s find ourselves in that spot but here we
14370s are let's take a look at the standings
14372s together we'll talk through it with our
14373s casters with all the friends here aqua
14376s and vino right now leading the pack okay
14379s i want to come to you first levin how
14380s are we feeling about this there is a
14382s lead there
14383s but that fall early kind of just tripped
14385s them up a little bit i do think they
14387s have clearly shown why they are
14389s considered the biggest favorites coming
14390s into the competition sure
14392s from a personal standpoint shia knows
14395s how much pain i've been feeling today
14398s i don't want to just say this to say
14399s this but right before the game started
14401s right before the show started i said to
14404s shia chachi my prediction of inaccurate
14406s he was like he was like nah stick with
14408s it stick with i was like you know what
14409s come on i'll stick with it i'll stick it
14410s i said it's either follow your tactical
14412s mind which was mustache malavuka or your
14414s heart that was yearning for vino aqua
14416s clearly man you've got some nice
14417s emotions yes it is i'm sticking my boys
14420s down i've been impressed we saw on the
14421s leaderboard a lot of it literally just
14423s looks like everyone's prediction-less
14424s we've been saying it like so many things
14426s we expected to do well have been doing
14427s well that's right coming in man it's it
14429s looks really good especially going into
14431s the number two i gotta say as well i
14433s mean minnie how are we feeling about
14434s this
14435s well
14436s surprise actually
14439s i mean i haven't really i didn't really
14441s expect them to be this high for the
14442s leaderboard they're fourth right now and
14443s it clearly shows how they're having a
14445s really really solid time of spawn so far
14447s down at the synapse station this is i
14449s think they call it zed andy station i
14451s think
14452s i think that's i think that's the name i
14453s think he calls it he calls it okay maybe
14455s we should start calling it
14457s i think it probably is yeah yeah yeah
14459s yeah for sure we'll take a look at our
14460s predictions remember these are the teams
14461s we think could walk away tomorrow as
14463s fncs champions hen and queasy they
14466s haven't been doing so well they are your
14469s reigning fncs champions but i think look
14471s tomorrow they come back maybe look
14472s better maybe
14473s there was just something off today maybe
14475s you have to go back vod review come back
14476s stronger tomorrow i mean they just have
14479s to fix their rotations you know the way
14481s they play end game their drop spot their
14484s boss here
14486s communication their ability to pop off
14489s just a few things to fix
14495s yeah so now we kind of have the the
14497s settings ready for us i just want to
14499s kind of go across the board here just
14500s super quickly tell me your expectations
14502s going into tomorrow well i'm talking
14503s about my own prediction of course taste
14505s of the traffic i'm expecting them to be
14506s to do more of the same you know picking
14508s up on games where maybe that some of the
14509s other top teams aren't quite doing as
14511s well and maybe thinking like okay we can
14512s play consistent we can also play high
14514s ground when it matters most and when we
14515s have the opportunity but they will be
14518s there hopefully they will be consistent
14519s across the six games tomorrow and that's
14521s my goal look two things are gonna happen
14523s tomorrow someone's gonna win but it's
14524s gonna be a shake-up top three teams
14526s already in there but it's gonna be a
14527s battle all the way down to that last
14529s game you hear me last game it's gonna go
14531s down to and also we've got someone in
14533s the top five right now that i think is
14534s gonna just choke on day number two it
14536s happens every single time i don't think
14538s it's gonna be any exception i mean i'll
14539s keep it short and sweet it'll be an
14541s island like we said for the top three
14543s battling it the whole day i think vino
14544s and aqua might get stopped though people
14546s gonna start bothering what they do um
14547s past that uh one of the teams from the
14549s top five will take first the most
14550s consistent one steady kami uh it's been
14552s said i've watched this fncs like last
14554s week i don't think you guys have seen
14555s the futuristic vods so yeah so what's
14557s that actually gonna happen don't listen
14558s to that waffler
14560s six games tomorrow five of them malibu
14563s mustache 20 elimination rituals
14565s i'm going home
14566s yeah chef's kissing should i get my
14568s glasses for you
14571s glasses you love to see it guys thank
14572s you so much day number one was
14574s absolutely insane but now we turn our
14576s attention to day number two don't forget
14579s come back tomorrow same time six games
14582s one fncs champion legends landing thanks
14585s for having us we preach appreciate y'all
14587s and as always we'll see y'all
14589s on the battle bush
14594s [Music]
14630s [Music]
14661s [Music]
14744s [Music]
14773s [Music]
14811s [Music]
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14917s so
14951s [Music]
14980s [Music]
15003s so
15016s [Music]
15030s so
15049s [Music]
15057s [Music]
15063s [Music]
15135s [Music]
15159s [Music]
15179s [Music]
15206s oh
15208s [Music]
15235s uh
15243s [Music]
15252s [Music]
15268s [Music]
15279s me
15284s [Music]
15301s so
15316s [Music]
15344s um
15373s uh
15392s [Music]
15403s my
15443s [Music]
15522s [Music]
15536s [Music]
15546s so
15559s [Music]
15590s [Music]
15593s even though i don't always have
15595s this great of an attitude but you know
15597s i'm working on it i feel like streaming
15599s is huge and just like people like
15601s showing your personality there's just no
15603s feeling that comes close to that the
15605s shower every day just once a day that's
15606s all it takes like anything can happen to
15608s be honest
15609s what is the optimal shower frequency for
15611s performance
15612s um it's crazy that's a question i like
15614s to go at least once a day when i'm
15616s waking up and yeah just feel good and
15619s not dirty yeah i try to shower at night
15621s because like when i wake up and i shower
15623s like it just makes my hands feel weird
15625s and i usually play bad i think it's once
15628s a day it's really good i usually shower
15630s like once a day usually right before i
15633s get on so i'm refreshed definitely once
15635s a day a minimum i know there's some
15637s gamers that do not do that i know that
15639s for a fact
15640s is there any underrated duo that you
15642s think could have a breakout performance
15644s glaze and trash here are doing really
15645s good right now and feel like they're
15646s working hard and they're placing and i
15648s think they could do good i think dubs
15650s and mega gonna have a very good season i
15651s think people aren't thinking as highly
15653s of them oh my god meet you and show the
15655s one x is going to do really good in this
15657s defense yes joji and ro kane they're not
15659s really underrated but i think for comp
15661s wise like they've been doing really good
15662s and people kind of overlook them
15664s what's the most effective way to make a
15665s name for yourself in the community to be
15667s honest just like do all your socials and
15670s just try to place as high as you can
15672s probably just placing in cash cups
15673s mostly like people really look out for
15674s like solo tournament especially for like
15676s looking for
15677s like a new duo like people want to see
15678s how you can do like by yourself just
15680s know that you're really good if your
15681s stream every event that plays well
15683s everyone roots for the underdog so if
15684s you're making a name for yourself fncs
15686s is the place to do that
15688s how did it feel getting your best
15689s placement in the fncs grand final i got
15692s my best placement in season five and
15693s trios and it felt great because i never
15695s did really good in a big team mode third
15697s place in squad meadow so that was
15699s chapter two season one and that whole up
15701s in cs was very fun i love squads i wish
15704s we have it again someday first time it
15706s was pretty good you know i got second
15707s like four times a row but it's like
15709s towards the end it was a little
15710s a little annoying it honestly felt
15712s really well but at the same time really
15714s sad because i could have like won a lot
15716s more and when you see the leaderboard
15718s and then you're i don't know first place
15719s it's always like just the best feeling
15721s ever
15722s who is your role model i really look out
15724s to forbruga one of the best players in
15727s this story is really really good like
15728s everyone hypes me up and says like what
15730s i'm capable of so it's honestly myself
15732s all like the liquid people like chap tom
15734s poach like all of them they're like
15736s super inspiring like you can do comp and
15738s keep content going as well probably a
15740s tennis player like roger federer who has
15742s like been on top for a long time and has
15745s a great attitude so back in the day i
15747s was watching apex tempur fakie and fast
15751s forward to today i'm on their org and
15753s that's the most ridiculous thing ever
15754s it's amazing
15755s [Music]
15762s what's up fortnite fam the new season
15764s means new loadouts for fncs let's break
15767s down some of the most common loadouts
15769s based on your role in your duo starting
15771s with the igo
15774s the in-game leader or igl is responsible
15776s for calling and mapping out your
15778s rotations guiding your teammate and
15780s often tarping the igl holds a vital role
15783s in guiding the team to victory a proper
15786s loadout is a huge key to that success
15788s this season we have seen them focus on
15790s having one close range weapon and one
15792s distance weapon for surge tanks then the
15794s remainder of the items will be healed
15796s the most common loadout is the drum
15798s shotgun first assault rifle and then a
15800s variation of heels to feel the remainder
15802s of the slots this combo however doesn't
15805s cover everything but that's why you have
15807s a fragger on your team as well
15810s the fragger is responsible for getting
15812s crucial tags and eliminations throughout
15813s your game
15816s now the loadout of the fragger is all
15817s about fighting and ending fights quickly
15820s this is why we often see that the first
15822s assault rifle is swapped out for the
15823s combat smg
15825s meaning that in this role you'll hold
15827s two weapons designed exclusively for
15829s close range engagements while the rest
15830s of the slots are dedicated to heal
15833s the fragart loadout often includes the
15835s striker pump shotgun the combat smg and
15838s then a variation of heals the ability to
15840s clean up fights quickly and effectively
15842s leads to this loadout being a top pick
15844s among the more aggressive players
15848s after hearing the different loadouts and
15849s roles which ones are you choosing in
15852s your next game until next time we'll see
15855s you on the battle bus beep
15887s we ready
15892s ready
15906s [Music]
15914s welcome to the fncs na east chapter 3
15917s season 2 finals
15919s thousands of duos started out to claim
15921s the acts of champions
15924s only 50 now remain
15926s this weekend they will battle it out
15928s over 12 games to find the ultimate
15930s winners
15932s buga and miro back-to-back fncs
15935s champions will be defending their title
15937s against heavy hitters canada and agers
15940s both duos are known for their strong
15941s performances in fncs finals so we'll
15944s definitely put on a good show
15948s underdogs peterbot and bayla had a very
15951s dominant showing in qualifier one which
15953s secured them instant qualification
15957s you'll usually find them in a very
15959s strong spot at collider with three to
15961s four contested areas around them making
15963s for some spicy storm surge plays
15969s fncs na east finals day one starts now
15977s all right fortnite fans this is it the
15980s big one it is time for fncs finals nae
15984s day number one it's show time
15988s [Music]
16002s hello there and welcome in folks it is
16004s officially here fncs finals my name is
16007s adam savage i am delighted to be our
16009s host what is going to be an incredible
16011s weekend of fortnight action the stars
16014s have aligned that's right we have our
16016s fabulous 50 duos competing this weekend
16018s six games today six games tomorrow by
16020s the end of which the team with the most
16022s amount of points are going to walk away
16024s with the acts of champions it is going
16026s to be incredible you are here along for
16027s the ride now as well we have the priys
16030s we're going to talk through we're going
16030s to unfold the teams we think can go all
16032s the way to the very top but some very
16034s exciting news as well now of course if
16035s you are in the toronto area listen to
16038s this tomorrow fncs nae day two is gonna
16041s be broadcast at the cineplex movie
16042s theater in toronto we're gonna be on the
16045s big screen it's amazing if you're in the
16046s toronto area make sure to find out about
16048s it it's the first time on the fn cs
16050s that's happened so exciting you can find
16052s it on the chapter three season two blog
16053s all about how you can be involved if
16055s you're in the toronto area and of course
16057s as well if you're watching legends
16058s landing hello good to see you guys as
16060s well you can find out more about that on
16061s the epic discovery row now as i said
16064s it's all going to come your way we're
16065s going to break down everything for you
16066s guys but it's not just me of course the
16068s entire squad are here let's bring out
16070s the analyst it's vivid at
16073s sbg oh my gosh they're amazing
16078s guys it is good to see you here while
16080s it's out
16081s i'll take that anyway guess what guys
16083s guys
16084s he has finals
16086s quite honestly the last the last four
16088s this is the fourth week now we've had
16089s qualifiers we've got semi-finals last
16091s weekend and now we're here for finals
16093s finally spg it's happening the top 50
16095s duo is going head-to-head for the
16097s amazing prize that is the act of
16098s champions they must be going through it
16101s all right now but how are you feeling
16102s being here on the stage being here for
16103s finals i'm super excited we have the
16105s best teams in the region about to go
16107s head-to-head 50 duos and we're going to
16109s see who's coming out on top tomorrow but
16112s we have to get there first we have some
16113s awesome gameplay ahead of us i'm super
16115s excited what about you vivid gotta be
16116s the most excited i've been for an fncs
16119s yet the in-person vibes with the crew
16121s unmatched i get to share this experience
16124s in person with everybody i cannot wait
16126s to kick off the action it's gonna be
16128s absolutely amazing and as we say you
16129s guys are always you're a front row seat
16130s to all the action as well so make sure
16132s to keep the hype alive online as well we
16134s love hearing from you guys now let's go
16136s through a few things first and foremost
16137s the broadcast schedule check this out
16139s here i've got a slightly small screen
16141s maybe you can see i don't know if you
16142s can to squint your eyes uh it's actually
16144s massive you can see you can't miss it
16145s here uh qualifiers one two and three
16147s happen right at the beginning of our
16148s competition here we had semi-finals last
16150s weekend and of course now here in the
16152s boulder end you can see may 28th and
16154s 29th that is right now that is finals as
16156s we mentioned six games today and six
16159s games tomorrow as well that's the
16161s schedule but let's talk about the format
16163s of the show as well vivid walk us
16165s through baby guys come on we've been
16167s through three weeks of this fncs so far
16169s now find ourselves in this fourth
16171s weekend we've been through three
16173s qualifying rounds and then three amazing
16175s semi-final sessions all so that we can
16177s find the best 50 duos on the region and
16180s bring them here to the finals now this
16182s is a two-day format six games each day
16185s and at the end of this weekend the
16186s cumulative leaderboard will be set forth
16189s showed to you guys and at the end of
16190s that we will finally have our fncs
16193s champions but like i mentioned the
16194s points are what are important how are
16196s they going to be getting those points so
16197s let's talk about it we have placement
16199s and elim points placement
16201s are all what you see right here and we
16202s get elim points it's three points per
16204s elim we've seen some teams rack up some
16206s massive games even just in eu that was
16209s wild but it's not just elims it's
16211s placement as well you're getting those
16212s starting at 35th you accumulate them all
16215s the way up to that victory royale that
16217s everyone's trying to get at 32 points
16219s now it's a little different here vivid
16221s we're playing 12 games over the next two
16223s days if tomorrow someone reaches 475
16226s points and has three victory royales
16228s that's it they are our fncs champions
16231s but what are they playing for adam well
16233s that's right let's talk about the monday
16236s that's right here it is right here uh
16238s this is exactly what they're playing for
16239s in this region na east in red here 637
16242s 500 that is a lot of cheddar that's a
16245s lot of money you can see here the
16246s breakdown as well here even if you place
16248s 46 through 50th at the back of the pack
16249s here's still a thousand dollars you walk
16251s your way through here in 10th position
16252s you can see 10 000 then it really starts
16254s to ramp up in fifth 40 to 56 70 90 and
16257s then first place 130
16260s 000 that is gonna change lives an
16263s incredible amount of money but to go
16265s with that as well the bragging rights
16266s what does it come with the axe of
16268s champions as well look at this thing on
16271s screen it is it is so clean this isn't
16273s loving this thing as well our champions
16275s will don the axe as well it is so great
16278s fellas what do you think of this thing
16279s as well i'm absolutely loving it i think
16280s it's great absolutely beautiful yeah i'd
16283s hold that right now i mean start
16285s swinging that thing that that looks so
16287s nice a dream for sure and that's what
16289s these players are fighting for but we
16291s have those players for you as i
16292s mentioned 50 duos competing but listen
16296s there is one sticking out to me
16298s booga and mira our current reigning fncs
16302s champs but not only that they're
16303s currently on a hot streak back to back
16307s to back fncs championships in a row
16309s right now it's gonna be awesome watching
16311s them go for that 4p and as you can see
16314s here they are going to be landing down
16315s at choncker's speedway a little bit
16317s different this season spg because the
16318s vehicles are no longer down there they
16319s can no longer rely on them but i don't
16321s think that's going to impact them at all
16322s we saw them come out hot qualifier one
16324s they got fifth qualified immediately for
16326s these finals wasted no time and i would
16329s expect them to waste no time getting
16331s into this tournament and we do have
16332s those air vents the geysers that they're
16334s gonna be able to rotate from i don't
16336s think the lack of vehicles is gonna hurt
16338s them too much but we got to talk about
16340s another team we have scented and cold
16343s another duo that has been looking hot as
16345s of recently we were watching the cash
16347s cup those two were just absolutely
16349s dominating on that low ground scented
16351s was taken over cold was fragging out
16353s these two are so clean at the moment and
16357s peaking right when it is most important
16359s they were able to get fifth last fncs
16361s after a really strong day too
16364s high expectations though vivid we've
16366s seen these two
16367s be at the top of the leaderboard so many
16369s times coming into today expectations
16371s have to be high once again top of the
16373s leaderboard and on the low ground in the
16375s lobby they love to play down there they
16376s are so good at it arguably the best in
16379s my opinion and coming off like you
16380s mentioned we were watching that cash cup
16382s they won that most recent casket
16384s bringing their total to the season to
16386s three three cash cup wins i mean like
16388s come on listen
16390s we got a lot more competitors to talk
16391s through as well one of them sticking out
16393s to me
16394s it's got to be kanada and agers listen
16396s kanata's got to be the most he's got
16398s he's got the most accolades out of any
16400s player playing today that's because he
16402s has the most or no not the most he has
16405s made it to every single fncs finals but
16407s on top of that the past seven fncs's
16410s he's gotten top ten at least in every
16412s single one of them so expect to see him
16414s at the top of the leaderboard today for
16415s sure he is gonna be landon over at
16417s greasy grove uncontested presumably as
16419s well and the most important thing about
16421s this poi it's gotta be that whiplash
16423s that's hiding out in that garage right
16424s you can throw a vehicle model on it make
16426s it functional and use it for those
16427s rotates yeah i'm interested to see how
16429s they're going to try and play today we
16430s were watching them in the cash cup the
16432s mid game is so clean they're not having
16434s issues but it's the end game are they
16436s going to try and play mid ground are
16437s they going to go for low or are we going
16438s to see them up on height looking to take
16440s wins all right
16442s give give them all all the grounds they
16444s want them all but no these two are
16446s incredible and kanata and igl a rising
16449s igl we've been talking about this he has
16452s been more of a fragger support player in
16454s the past but now doing it all leading a
16456s duo and he's been doing it so well now
16459s we got another duo to talk about we got
16460s pledge and teo these two are coming in
16463s from camp cuddle they are a duo that was
16465s contested last fncs but now appear to
16468s have it all by themselves this could be
16470s dangerous for this duo because
16472s the fragging ability of pledge he's
16474s going insane and end games he loves to
16477s pop off for big elims we start saw
16479s malibu and mustache in eu well i get
16482s reminded of pledge watching those two
16484s because he has some crazy plays and
16486s another igl that i want to talk about is
16488s teo much like kannada he has been
16490s excelling and thriving as we go up and
16493s up and up these two watch out for them
16496s today yeah ever rising so slightly since
16499s taiyo chimp and tamney first made their
16501s appearance but to learn a little bit
16503s more about the players adam what do you
16505s got for us as always so much vivid but
16508s one cool thing we like to do here is
16510s catch up with the players find out
16511s exactly what a bit more about them at
16512s least anyway this is what happened we
16514s caught up with threats
16521s what's up everyone sun down here and we
16522s are in the lobby and today we have man
16525s city threats with us threats how you
16526s doing today good how are you what was
16528s the first turn you ever won money in and
16530s what was that like the first tournament
16531s i made money in was i think world cup
16533s week one
16534s and
16535s i feel pretty good because i i got 36 so
16538s i was feeling pretty good was there a
16539s key moment for you when you look back
16541s and you're just like oh yeah that like
16543s that's really the turning point where i
16544s know that like i can hang with the best
16546s of the best like i'm seeing my name up
16547s there all the time like what was that
16549s moment it was in a elite x prac um like
16553s scrim ladder and i had like 80 kills in
16556s like 20 games so i was like first and
16558s kills by like 30 and that's when i
16561s realized like i was like almost there is
16563s like the best
16565s looking forward to this season how do
16567s you feel like your duo kind of stacks up
16569s are you excited going into the season
16571s yeah i'm pretty excited i'm playing with
16572s the rise i think we can do really good
16574s because he's one of the top igls in our
16575s region i think we can probably win so
16578s the question is do you ever feel like
16579s you need to break off another show there
16581s are times where it's like no like here's
16582s the play we need to be making you kind
16584s of like take matters in new york yeah a
16585s lot of times i'll be like no follow me
16587s because like i just see an opportunity
16589s and just go for it and it usually works
16591s but sometimes it doesn't with the more
16593s options that have been added to movement
16595s between sprinting mantling and sliding
16597s do you feel like you've been able to
16598s incorporate that into your game to
16601s create some more of those opportunities
16602s so there's some fights where you look at
16604s like before i'm not sure if i could have
16605s win this but now i can get a clear-cut
16607s advantage yeah especially especially
16609s with the mantling because like it's just
16610s so much you can do like you can just
16612s mantel up like above the kid and you
16614s just can't hear because there's no audio
16616s queue on it it's easier when you have
16617s like no mats because you can just get
16619s above them or just run away really
16620s easily what do your friends and family
16622s think about this my mom was really happy
16624s and like my brothers and everything and
16626s once i got announced like all my friends
16628s were like texting me like congrats and
16630s it was it felt really good where can
16632s people check you out what are your
16633s social media tags where do you stream
16635s where can they find you uh threats i've
16636s found on all social medias basically
16639s that's where you can find me look at
16640s that consistent branding awesome thank
16642s you so much stats and thank you guys
16647s it's great to hear them in threats as
16648s well i'll talk about his friends and
16649s family imagine all the players tonight
16650s their friends and family just so excited
16652s for them to compete in this competition
16653s as well uh right let's jump into uh pois
16656s obviously we talk about these a lot here
16657s but tonight we're gonna we're gonna kind
16659s of you know evolve the conversation
16660s somewhat talk about rotations as well
16662s now let me know predictions obviously
16664s get you later on but a little tip my uh
16666s my team may be dropping in this area but
16668s command cavern is one of those areas
16670s which is exciting because it seems
16673s there's so much you can do here
16674s sometimes you can rotate out of it vivid
16676s why is it such an exciting place for a
16678s lot of our duos and what we're going to
16679s see happen here tonight i mean first of
16681s all it's simple adam one stat to break
16683s it down command cavern has put out the
16685s most victory royale's this fncs and
16687s listen i'd love to go ahead and mention
16689s that because we just watched you right
16691s aqua and vino lane in here malibu and
16693s mercedes lane here these are the first
16695s two teams on the leaderboard over in eu
16697s right and listen they both crossed 200
16700s points in that region so this poi is
16703s very very good but listen there's a lot
16704s of quarters as you're seeing here and
16706s obviously the vault as well there's just
16708s so much loot here you have the i o
16709s chests you have the regular chest and
16711s you also have some fishing spots that
16713s you can find as well there's just so
16715s much loot but that's not all there's a
16718s lot of rotational items as well you have
16719s the siege cannons the air vents and then
16721s you also have some of the launch pads
16722s you can find around the map now i want
16724s to quickly talk about the siege cannons
16726s because they can shoot they can get you
16727s at a very
16728s far distance so worst case scenario
16730s let's say we make it down to a southeast
16732s zone right it's pretty much worse
16734s because it's like the furthest away it's
16735s white you can use those you can use
16737s those siege cannons to kind of make a
16738s rotation now i'm going to show you
16739s pretty much a general area of where you
16742s can make it to if you decide to use
16743s those siege cannons you can see you can
16745s make it a pretty far distance right you
16747s can either decide to go towards the
16749s towers or a little bit more south now
16751s if you're like me right and you get some
16752s early storm chargers maybe around those
16754s other teams that are at command cavern
16756s you might want to take a route that has
16757s a lot less people you can go directly to
16759s the south as you can see there's only
16761s camp cuddle greasy grove and there's
16763s like two split shops so really only two
16765s or four teams that are going to be south
16766s of coming heaven you can make this
16767s rotate and there's not going to be a lot
16769s of dues here but then again storm surge
16771s is a factor can you survive
16774s by making a rotate where there's not a
16775s lot of teams if you feel like you need
16776s to make a little bit more of a direct
16778s rotate you can go directly towards tilt
16780s the towers using any of those rotational
16781s items that i talked about but again this
16783s is gonna be a lot more dangerous there's
16785s gonna be a lot more doze in your way if
16786s you decide to rotate this right yeah oh
16789s that is a great poi and you you
16790s highlighted why it is we're probably
16792s going to see that once again here today
16794s we will oh command cavern beautiful
16796s absolutely amazing but another one as
16797s well in the kind of in the vicinity of
16799s the giant circle you see that butter
16800s barn as well this is when we know a lot
16802s of our teams may be focusing on you know
16804s trying to find a way they can get there
16805s because it's it's a great spot as well
16807s an advantage point here as well spg tell
16809s us exactly why so we have d-roller and
16811s n-pen they're gonna land here and butter
16813s barn is a non-name poi it is a landmark
16816s and it is a nice little spot as you can
16818s see right here beautiful to post up and
16821s hang out at but really the key is going
16823s to be the mpc man cake he sells launch
16826s pads for 100 gold now landing butter
16829s barn you can get about a hundred gold
16830s maybe buy one of those launch pads but
16833s there's a lot of people landing nearby
16834s so it'll be really interesting to see
16836s the teams that land here and pen and
16838s d-roller they've been landing here for a
16840s long time they're super experienced they
16842s know how to play this poi and there's
16844s not really anyone landing nearby them it
16846s is an open space and they are going to
16848s be
16849s nice and clean off spawn we've seen them
16851s in that top ten pretty consistently in
16853s cash cups in qualifiers they're a team
16855s to watch out for that many people may
16857s not be talking about now one thing i do
16859s want to talk about is
16861s much like you had let's talk about the
16863s worst case scenario
16866s this is great for this zone but look
16867s where butterbart is that is where we are
16870s on the map and let's say zone goes all
16872s the way up north right now you have to
16874s make a really long rotate well how are
16876s you going to do that if you're the team
16878s d-roller and m-pen at butterbarn you're
16880s going to scoot straight up to tilted
16882s towers try and grab priority on one of
16884s these mountains the mountains are going
16886s to be key because a lot of teams are
16887s going to be trying to grab these
16889s positions for storm surge and farm
16891s everyone on the southern side of the map
16893s making that rotate up now it's not only
16895s those positions we also have teams like
16897s buga and miro rotating out of jonker's
16900s speedway they're going to try and rotate
16901s in possibly buy a pad or two because you
16904s can get a lot of gold at chunkers we
16906s also have a contested poi at synapse and
16909s if they rotate in they could either take
16911s the rift they could left foot right foot
16913s it and buy another pad as well d-roller
16915s and pen they don't know if they're going
16916s to be taking out the mpc so no one else
16919s can get it but if they don't that means
16922s more pads on the map more rotation it'll
16924s be interesting to see how it plays out
16925s because this is a nice little tactical
16927s piece between all those teams in that
16929s southern area yeah very good point there
16931s you could decide to kind of take that
16933s npc out be like hey listen you
16934s surrounding teams you are not buying a
16938s pad we're just gonna keep that to
16939s ourselves but listen let's keep this
16942s show rolling adam what do you got for us
16945s something very exciting actually the do
16946s a revive lobby nae it's a fun one check
16949s this out this is what happened we caught
16950s up with some of our players
16957s what's up everyone sundown here and
16959s right now we're going to play duo
16961s revive
16963s and love our players are going to pick
16965s from these three iconic naes players and
16968s they're going to choose who they would
16969s duo with who they would revive or who
16971s they would send back to the lobby let's
16973s hop into the picks
16976s duo so i'm going to choose mero that's
16978s my duo he's the best fit for me as a man
16981s i'm an iel with my current duo vert he's
16984s a handsome man so for duo inside and
16986s outside of the game one of the best
16987s players right now he owns low ground
16990s very handsome very handsome gotta do it
16992s with scented i'm choosing to do it with
16994s buga because he's one of the best ideals
16996s on the region i think i'm have to go
16998s with scented because
16999s one of the most dominant players there
17000s is right now so
17002s i think that's only correct answer
17004s the handsomest man in the world mira
17005s because he's very very consistent uh he
17008s has that aim assist so you can always
17010s count on him
17012s we're gonna have to revive miro
17013s because mero is part of the controller
17015s community so we gotta help further out
17017s with the controller my friend booga
17019s can't leave him out mario just because
17021s he's the best bragger on any east
17024s i feel like maro's like the best solo
17026s clutcher in the game right now probably
17028s revive scented if he ever goes down i'd
17030s want to get him right back up you know
17032s true from cst carry just kept solo
17033s clutching solo clutching getting kills
17035s on low ground what not so revive camaro
17040s sent to the lobby sent it unfortunately
17042s but
17043s that's it my man kyle's gearsdorf you
17046s know world cup game one shockwaved on me
17048s took my first place i could have been a
17049s world cup champion if it wasn't for this
17051s guy so
17052s lobby send it because i don't think it's
17054s as good as the other two options for
17056s lobby we gotta go to buga
17058s i would definitely send booga back to
17060s the lobby
17062s we was not really much of an amuses fan
17064s so
17064s we got to go
17066s somewhere lobby to the lobby you go
17068s booga
17076s love love love hearing from the players
17077s there you know during the vt is all we
17079s can see the timer ticking down we're
17080s thinking we're four minutes away from
17082s the first game this is amazing we love
17084s this i mean as fans as well as we talk
17086s about the game all the time we're
17086s actually just just embracing every
17088s single game here too let's talk about
17090s the teams for a second before we bring
17091s out our casters here um we were talking
17093s last night about who we think is going
17094s to go all the way right and you were
17096s leaning on one team here thinking both
17097s of you were actually and then suddenly
17099s you saw that i was gonna change up
17100s because the poi was suddenly gonna be
17101s contested and you swap things around how
17103s pivotal in this situation we've got the
17105s finals here your drop spot you know how
17108s integral is that to the way you played
17110s with it well listen the team that we're
17111s talking about here scented and cold they
17113s were laying on fortunes they were meant
17114s to be uncontested then yesterday comes
17116s out of tweet quantities like listen
17118s that's what we're going to so now we're
17119s going to have a little bit of spice over
17121s at the fortress now how does that kind
17123s of change up the dynamic well sentence
17125s code have are used to being uncontested
17127s right they have strategies based around
17128s b and contested they might not be too
17130s good when they're contested sbg what are
17132s your thoughts it's not the biggest poi
17134s and if it was me personally i wouldn't
17136s want to fight over this so we may see
17138s this change after the first game or two
17140s it could also be mind games who knows if
17142s one of these players is actually going
17144s to land here you never know how this all
17146s turns out so game one will get to see
17149s how it starts but how it finishes is
17151s going to be the most important indeed
17152s yeah you gotta respect the mind games
17153s gotta respect them
17154s uh right we need to we need to make our
17156s our squad complete here we're missing
17157s two people um the cast is bringing you
17160s guys at home all the energy all the hype
17162s for every game it's sundown a monster
17164s dude
17166s [Applause]
17173s uh fellas waiting in the wings there i
17175s mean you can feel that we are we're so
17176s excited for this i mean sundown here we
17178s are on stage fncs finals we're back here
17180s i mean this is this is such a this is a
17182s great place to be what a time to be
17183s alive i mean i wouldn't want to be
17185s anywhere else it's been so amazing and
17187s you'll be back on set with all of you
17189s guys and sitting there watching the eu
17191s action i was just like is it my turn yet
17193s can i get up there like i just want to
17194s go that's exciting i mean and we have a
17196s lot to look forward to not only between
17197s us but of course the game play that's to
17199s come indeed it is right around the
17201s corner as well we better go with our
17202s predictions obviously we like to look at
17203s who we think is going to go all the way
17205s here i'll jump straight in dj and the
17207s omso qualified week one here this is a
17209s juror that oohs confidence played with a
17210s lot of other players the experience is
17213s there i mentioned command kevin the
17214s airship they've got height they've got
17216s you got you can the sense of where other
17217s players are as well it's gonna be
17219s interesting i think they cook all the
17220s way here um svg though talk me through
17222s your pick who do you think is gonna be
17224s fncs champion so like we just mentioned
17226s i had to switch last minute but i still
17228s am confident in my opinion we're going
17230s acorn and edgy they've been playing very
17232s well this entire season and they're a
17234s multitude of layers team acorn is
17237s playing out of his mind understanding
17238s layering positioning in end game edgy as
17241s we know tried igling last season now has
17244s all that same ideas in his head but
17245s doesn't have to be in that same position
17247s to call the shots that's why i'm going
17249s with those two yeah very good point
17251s there but i myself i like bougain mirror
17252s the reigning fm champs i mean come on
17254s how can you not pick them the solo
17256s clutches expect to see a lot of them
17259s because they are so good when they are
17261s left as a soul it's like it's like man
17263s like why even plays a duo sometimes like
17264s just go up by your own you know
17266s uh sundown uh are you on the same
17268s wavelength as vivid there or someone
17270s else you think the other way uh not on
17271s the same wavelength maybe just slightly
17274s off you know a different frequency
17275s because i'm going with the dignitas
17276s teammate on that side i mean jamper and
17279s duke have looked fantastic we saw them
17281s play we saw high ground dominant
17282s uncontested log jam lumber yard to the
17284s fact where nobody wants to go near them
17286s they've been given that space and i
17288s think they're gonna pull it out easy
17289s it's a team that earned it as well
17290s another team that's earned their drop is
17292s my pick kannada and agers trustworthy we
17295s talked about that makeshift drop spot
17297s creating the vehicle which is so
17298s important to their success looking at eu
17301s though scram and company had a bit of a
17303s tough time finding surge but for
17304s canadian agers i mean they're marksman
17306s in their own rights i'm trusting in them
17308s to do the draw spot good and i think
17311s they got this today and let's see it
17312s though it's two days of competition he's
17314s feeling confident now obviously we
17315s always ask you guys at home as well let
17316s us know who you think is gonna be fncs
17319s champions you guys have been amazing
17320s this whole season in the chat let us
17322s know it could be one of our picks it
17323s could come from somebody completely
17324s different we'd love to hear from you
17325s guys uh the question is down the line
17328s real quickly svg booger mirror can they
17330s do it again yes or no i mean i didn't
17332s predict them so no okay
17335s they can they can they can i mean
17337s absolutely they can all the teams here
17339s are fantastic but i mean trying to go
17341s for the four-peat world cup champion i
17343s mean miro arguably the best player in
17345s nast right now
17347s and let's be honest we're giving them 12
17349s games right there's more time now finals
17352s is of course where every player shows up
17353s and it's the hardest time to do it but
17355s the consistent teams always pull through
17357s yep consistency is of course key and it
17359s is that time we've all been waiting for
17361s this finally it is here fncs finals nae
17364s game one is about to begin let's head
17367s over to sundown to mdf and let's
17369s kickstart this adventure let's do it
17378s thank you so much gentlemen setting the
17380s stage 50 duos 12 games a hundred and
17384s thirty thousand dollars for first place
17387s acts of champions 2.0 on the line but
17389s you know all they want monster they want
17392s the clout they want the bragging rights
17393s that come with that it's not going to be
17395s easy not at all two days of competition
17397s in front of us more prizing on the line
17399s than ever as well so there's a lot to
17401s look up for and most importantly there
17403s have been you know little spanners
17405s thrown in the works here you heard vivid
17407s when he said he had to change his pick
17408s quite literally because new teams are
17410s being contested now and you talked about
17412s scented and cold putting in that word
17414s going into arena cueing in trying to
17416s overcome what will be today's hurdle a
17418s drop spot that they were not looking to
17420s have contested this time and i mean
17421s there's just so many options there but
17423s like we said stage is set six games
17426s today and match one starts right now
17429s this is it we are jumping straight into
17432s things there is no time to waste we have
17434s a lot of fortnite action in front of us
17436s if you are just tuning in thank you for
17438s being here the premiere na east region
17441s kicks off right here right now we talked
17444s about the money we talked about the
17445s bragging rights but now it's time to sit
17448s down and put up the numbers here put in
17450s the work the fortress of course being
17452s one of those contested drops looks like
17454s it's clear yep north to south on the
17456s split for the bus a little bit of room
17457s for people will keep an eye on the top
17458s left-hand corner as slacks takes down
17461s diego almost immediately users also
17463s getting knocked in the feed confirmation
17464s comes through for slacks and stinetto
17466s getting on the board here in his first
17468s ever fncs finals we're swinging over to
17471s what we thought would be the contest in
17473s the forest and then we'll take a look
17474s and this was actually going to be my
17476s pick yesterday because clarity g played
17479s fantastic through over the course of
17481s this entire season but with diego and
17484s bissell moving over a little bit a
17486s little bit more questionable tough team
17487s to fight diego bizzle consistent bizu
17490s has found a lot of success in finals
17492s lobbies this is really where we expect
17494s him to do well today kicking things off
17496s not so hot slacks and clarity best them
17499s here and you know sleepy sound enough
17501s room for two for three teams though it's
17503s gonna be questionable either way across
17505s the board yeah there's not necessarily
17507s that much room here and it was something
17508s bizzle actually ended up taking to
17510s social media and saying where it's like
17512s hey i believe i have the veteran
17513s experiments i can sit here and just
17516s grind this out for a week and learn the
17518s spot better than these guys but the guys
17520s they're going up against are no slouches
17522s clarity and snacks clarity has made the
17523s final of every single cash cup and i'm
17525s not just talking duos he did it in solos
17528s as well yeah we like to hype up teams
17530s and players that do well in finals but
17532s hey that's a huge the truth sentiment
17534s yes that is a huge one let's put a pause
17535s in that death takes out commandment
17537s there and that means stretch is by
17539s himself somewhere in the mix of this
17541s kony crossover so not only that there's
17542s a team right outside starting to look on
17545s in tabney and def sleeper team if i do
17548s say so myself going against the big dogs
17550s here and already it's looking great for
17552s them i mean they look fantastic during
17554s qualifiers though you say sleeper and
17555s that's probably just because we have so
17557s many big name doers who have made it
17559s through basically everyone is here in
17561s the finals trying to bring it back but
17563s these guys have looked fantastic and not
17565s a bad loadout on the side of death
17566s either that definitely will enable you
17568s to fight early on what's really cool is
17570s like tabney is sort of a part of this
17571s new era of chimp tab-nay taiyo right
17574s these up-and-coming players the last
17576s year or so has been exceptional for them
17579s and like we mentioned they are putting
17581s up the results that's what's most
17582s important when you talk about off
17583s becoming players have to give a shout
17585s out over to middle east which was the
17586s first region to wrap up their fncs today
17589s there's a player who coming into the
17590s season had zero earnings whatsoever took
17593s first place going through so congrats to
17595s the kings dude taking that but it just
17597s goes to show open ecosystem coming
17599s through anybody can put the time in put
17601s the effort and come out and walk away
17603s with that absolutely gorgeous new active
17606s chair that's what makes fncs so exciting
17608s the new teams the new names the new
17609s faces i mean the european region had 19
17612s brand new finalists stepping in for the
17613s first time getting their chance at
17615s competition of course here on na east we
17617s have our own fair share of folks making
17618s their first touching uh down right
17620s inside this kind of high stakes play
17622s environment in the feed though skittles
17624s is gonna find one skittles and users
17626s great team coming in a collider team
17629s there's a lot to look forward to with
17630s these collider teams because of how
17632s explosive that drop spot can be same as
17634s for anyone landing just outside of this
17636s command cavern but let's take the
17638s conversation too cold and of course
17641s scented here it does not seem like they
17644s got into a fight early on yeah no it
17646s looks like they're just trying to grab
17647s the loot and dip which is something
17648s we've seen a number of times when it
17650s comes to fortress it's not necessarily
17651s the best spot where you want to hang
17653s around unless that first zone drops on
17655s top of your head you'll often see teams
17657s rotate back over the bridge because you
17658s can farm such efficient metal and what
17660s we are noticing just looking at sentence
17661s loadout there it was about half worn
17663s there only one big pot half ammunition
17666s that we'd expect and you know again the
17667s loadout not completely full so it's
17669s definitely a wear and tear sign that
17671s they are splitting the drop booga and
17673s miro though exciting team
17676s one of the best drop spots hands down
17678s even with the removal of the vehicles
17680s chonker's speedway and look at this it's
17682s playing so well into their loadout
17684s obviously this is vivid's pick for good
17685s reason he was kind of leaned into this
17687s pick and you know judging by the way the
17690s zones play out i think it's truly going
17691s to determine their success here today
17693s yeah and we'll swap from one pick on
17695s over to another from vivid to mind with
17697s luminosity gaming jimper dignitas duke
17699s and i mean dignitas it feels like
17701s whoever was doing the signing for them
17703s went and did their homework picking up
17704s miro p god like and just a fantastic
17708s outlook i also have to give a shout out
17709s to 50 torrents
17710s keeping those guys going i was going to
17712s say we know exactly who
17714s the man puts in the work and we love to
17716s see it uh he definitely has an eye to
17718s the scene and you know again if you are
17721s doing your homework you'll see these
17722s teams continue to pop up but for g2
17724s smackdown cobalt now fight going down
17726s here great tags this might be a free
17727s pick out the air one reload no that
17730s burst rifle only has 20 in the magazine
17733s the one downside to the rifle but hey
17736s these kind of things happen and they're
17737s gonna at least be happy to get all these
17739s tags here i mean cobalt i think cobalt
17740s actually got the knock smack didn't see
17742s it in the top left-hand corner in the
17743s feed it went down and elbows pushing up
17744s yeah they did get the knock so the
17746s question is now whether they decide to
17747s chase out here because they are
17749s relatively close to the edge of zone
17751s who fishing cavs are windmill landing
17753s team colbot and smack rotating in late
17755s no sign of canada and agers means
17757s they're long gone so this is a fight
17759s that even canadian agers are gonna have
17761s to be wary of cobalt and smacks late
17763s rotates we're already seeing what could
17765s be the potential story that will unfold
17768s also notice a very rare zone to pull
17770s hard west not even north but southern so
17772s this is a unique endgame possibly all
17775s ready to kick things off for game number
17776s one and we're already starting to see
17778s keep an eye on the top left hand corner
17779s we've seen two full duos be eliminated
17781s and then two solos are out running
17782s around but right now what's going on
17784s these teams are trying to post up get
17786s some storm surge so while we got a
17787s little bit of a break we're going to
17788s kick it on over svg what you got for us
17792s hey guys i know you were wondering where
17794s cold and scented landed they decided not
17796s to go to the fortress and land at this
17798s bridge and the outskirts of the area
17800s they don't want to be contested but it
17802s actually works out fairly well for them
17803s as cold is able to get some tags on the
17805s collider and then look towards the
17807s fortress so look for them to play this
17809s position in the upcoming games
17812s you said some tags that was a lot more
17814s than some i think he got like 150 damage
17817s out there that was fantastic vivid's
17819s turning in his bed right now
17821s so mad clench fists cue the memes all of
17824s that cold incented getting away with a
17827s great game one kickoff already thank you
17828s for that breakdown there spg truly
17831s phenomenal and honestly kind of sets the
17832s stage for us seeing the success of teams
17835s that put in the work and we're already
17836s seeing a trend from a lot of these duos
17838s where it's get relatively near landing
17840s spot get as many of the shields around
17842s you as you can and then get moving we
17844s already see bucky and camp they are way
17846s away from the bugle where they haven't
17848s left all season that is true the bugle
17851s fun drop spot exciting drop spot but it
17853s comes with its own pain points if you're
17855s being contested there obviously we saw
17857s what unfolded between macwood and dani i
17859s think today they still have those same
17861s issues but more on the line now than
17862s ever right no more chances you just get
17864s 12 games here essentially day in clicks
17866s here's a team that easily could have
17868s been one of our picks but the problem is
17870s what day will we get today what clicks
17873s will we get right now are they on it are
17875s they feeling it because this is a team
17876s that rise the momentum of the man the
17878s mental right the energy everything has
17881s to work well for them and one of the
17882s things we saw over in eu and
17884s particularly with this format we saw it
17886s during the qualifiers and in the round
17887s four eliminations map
17890s straight up like yes the place of points
17892s 32 for victory is fantastic eliminations
17894s being plus three means if you're
17895s aggressive and you are successful as we
17898s saw over in eu a couple of
17899s record-breaking performances coming
17901s through they will be able to add up if
17903s there's anybody out this lobby who's not
17904s afraid to start flying at people it's
17906s that energy duo and honestly peterbot
17909s and bylaw can say the same about them
17911s exciting team mythical bursts in the
17913s loadout here legendary striker as well
17916s this is a loadout fit for a team looking
17919s to pick up the victor royale now keep in
17921s mind they are at the collider this is
17923s the most explosive drop spot that we've
17925s seen introduced this season launch pads
17928s are guaranteed here obviously the
17930s mythical upgrades are something that no
17931s one's going to want to turn down in this
17933s general area and then of course the
17935s heels that come out here the natural
17936s rotate straight off of the collider as a
17938s mean drop spot point makes this the
17940s place of choice to hang out but finding
17943s surger can be a bit difficult as all
17944s teams are so based up yeah and now we
17946s will see where that next zone will be
17949s revealed as it goes through on the left
17950s side of your screen and we're pulling
17952s relatively center one thing to know as
17954s you see kind of the gray spaces on the
17955s map those denote the mountains coming
17957s through and you already see those blue
17958s triangles heading straight to the top of
17960s it they want the vantage point on
17961s everybody rotating in as bilo
17963s unfortunately not able to sneak through
17965s some shots on a very cheeky angle man
17968s you're just bringing attention to the
17969s players and where they're positioned
17971s guys pay attention to how many players
17972s are alive right now we have something
17974s called storm surge and this is always
17976s going to turn on in the finals lobby in
17978s about a minute or so damage will be
17981s dealt to players who have not done
17983s enough damage to other players in the
17985s lobby yeah and so just fun facts about
17987s storm surge one is actually on in every
17989s single game of fortnite battle royale
17990s that you end up playing however it will
17993s only trigger when you're above 70 50 and
17996s 30 players at zones three five and seven
17999s that's why we always say hey storm surge
18001s you just gotta keep three five and seven
18002s in mind you reverse it from the number
18004s of players in the lobby and you keep it
18006s in that order for when it goes off what
18008s is storm surge 25 damage every five
18010s seconds to the duos who haven't hit
18012s enough shots so when we say hit your
18014s shaft kid we mean it because if you're
18016s not cranking that number up as we saw 95
18019s players up only one solo rider out there
18021s you're going to be put under pressure
18023s that's why almost everyone we're tuning
18024s into right now is even investing some of
18026s their stone building up high and looking
18029s for sight
18030s this is why every engagement is so
18032s important this is why we really stress
18034s those early game clashes and this is why
18036s we call them wins even when you just
18038s again head bump with the team you don't
18040s need to get the elims you just need to
18042s do the damage that is what's most
18044s important because it will start to add
18045s up for agers and kanata though this is
18047s my picket is not looking good big wall
18049s comes down the armored wall to protect
18051s them and agers has to dig into the quick
18053s heels here will he be able to play for
18055s the pickup here this is not looking good
18056s at all right now as tayo is on the other
18058s side of the wall here comes the counter
18059s edit he's got to put some punishment
18061s down before he's going to start running
18062s out here pledge and taylor are not
18063s giving this up
18064s damn punching taylor duo who is more
18066s than happy to fight and i mean they're
18068s even saying look chip away at this
18070s armored wall bring it on down but
18073s aegis trying to create enough space what
18075s they'll likely look to do is wait until
18077s he commits for a revive and then finds
18079s an angle to ensure he's not able to
18080s stick it and that's immediately what
18082s comes out and they are 280 damage above
18084s here so this is really for the points
18086s here for the setup for the future ager
18088s still has not managed to fully heal up
18090s he has however dropped another chug
18092s splash down goes kanada it is not
18094s looking good pledge got what he wanted
18096s the loot the material the everything
18098s else that falls from the drop body there
18100s and notice they expended so much metal
18102s so pledge tayo seem to be happy for now
18105s to claim some spoils but is it enough to
18107s give agers a free pass now and they
18109s should get the points for that again the
18111s points end up going over to whoever got
18113s the knock not who gets the confirmation
18115s on the knock so three points going over
18117s because pledge was the one who picked it
18118s up you can see that on the right hand
18119s side and they are 216 above so even with
18122s that elimination though as we see 24
18125s players 12 duos are gonna be under
18126s pressure and they might be able to snipe
18128s the whip this is the most important
18129s thing cannot and agers actually land at
18131s greasy grove to get this vehicle now the
18133s vehicle comes a little more damage than
18135s the others because you do have to build
18136s it back to the middle
18138s but again it is so important and look at
18140s this we have clicks and day now below
18142s the storm surge here
18144s 173 make that 188 it's continuing to
18147s rack up here this is a team that will
18149s absolutely have to fight and what they
18151s do when they're under search they won't
18153s look to rifle yes occasionally they do
18156s they want to get wall-to-wall they want
18157s to get box-to-box you can see them
18159s eyeing the team right away the key here
18161s is though they have had a tough time
18162s when pushing in this situation not
18164s taking taking chip damage from other
18167s angles and you can see that already
18168s coming out as bright bryce able to get a
18170s shot onto him they're immediately going
18172s to shield all the way up and they're
18173s going to take this fight small mistake
18174s they were made from clicks he didn't
18175s realize bryce actually had that side
18177s angle and let's see if that information
18178s was relayed to someone like day cause
18180s day's pushing straight in face checking
18181s nasa in here so they are in between
18183s these two solos and there it is more of
18185s those side shots starting to come in
18186s here day is running out of material he's
18189s running out of gas here as well surge
18191s will be active the damage is going to
18192s start ringing in they are running out of
18194s time effectively here the longer this
18196s goes on the less likely it will be that
18198s day and click survive and if you're
18200s bryce in austin you've already tagged
18201s them during this period where they're
18203s trying to push up yeah they can just
18204s fight defensively and wait and we've
18206s talked about how in nae some of these
18208s guys are just fantastic defensive
18210s fighters
18211s this is right here comes clay oh my gosh
18214s please jump to the box he finds a nice
18216s little tag number no the whiff not a
18218s full connection and the surge comes in
18220s finishes them off he gets knocked day
18221s goes down and just like that the two get
18223s wrapped up from behind it's trashy and
18226s glace looking on in to try to get their
18227s two cents in the mix here and it does
18229s seem like they've also been damaged not
18230s only by the storm but potentially the
18232s surge as well so this is going to start
18234s to rack up other teams though
18235s potentially under pressure right now
18237s looks like quad is one of them
18239s tabs g already down 93 below in the
18241s right hand side stretch also going to
18243s fall most likely to surge in that regard
18245s it's something we've seen in a lot
18246s whether it's the semi-finals round force
18248s and he likes to kind of let the lobby
18250s come to them in the first couple of
18252s games that'll pick up the pace as people
18254s realize hey it doesn't matter how many
18256s tags we get there's still 96 plus
18258s players up at first surge as rokin and
18260s joji get on the board agers actually
18262s finds the roller on the other side of
18263s that so trying to get them back in
18265s action that's crazy agers was solo with
18267s kanata no longer in the game maybe
18269s search maybe under search pressure just
18271s throwing some rifle tags over that would
18272s be my guess and agers needed it
18274s seven above when the search went active
18276s so it was definitely something that he
18278s was gonna need 384 but for acorn and
18280s edgy looking very solid right now
18283s loadout in full i like it in the feed
18285s though larson quantity and bank go down
18287s cold starting to get on fire chamfer
18289s finds elite x as well so big e limbs
18292s coming through i mean that's monstrous
18294s for cold trying to get it going we've
18296s talked about how good him incentive have
18298s been colt is still little what kind of
18300s one of those newcomers on the scene yes
18301s he's been around but doesn't necessarily
18303s have the same level of experience but
18304s hello acorn walks right up on top of a
18306s duo trying to find it and fable taco
18308s luckily able to throw up the walls but
18310s him and golden might potentially be cut
18312s out here if edgy can get a little bit
18313s more aggressive trashy gets the knock
18315s onto shoney him and polo had a fantastic
18318s i mean a fantastic showing for a
18320s first-time finalist when they're coming
18322s through in the semifinals we got
18323s ourselves a very cluttered rotate though
18325s oh yeah down to that bottom right-hand
18327s side if you take a look at that map look
18328s at how many teams are desperate to get
18331s into the collider here they want to get
18332s a free rotate and position themselves up
18334s right now out comes the rest if anyone
18337s is positioned off in the distance they
18338s will start looking for free tags there
18340s you see threats and rise being one of
18341s the few positioned in the great spot
18343s ager still this game is a solo how is he
18346s holding on doing it mr solo dolo right
18348s now but storm surge has turned off after
18350s taking its toll we see rocaine and trash
18352s to get the confirmation on their side
18354s rokin and jojo lighting up the feed a
18356s little bit i mean rocaine in particular
18358s we talked about him in qualifier number
18359s three having potentially one of the best
18362s individual efforts honestly that i've
18364s ever seen and they're one of my bigger
18365s favorites coming into the season due to
18367s their initial kashgar performance we
18369s gotta fight one team needs to fall play
18371s some points give it out it does just
18372s happen right there it's gonna be tk who
18374s gets taken out for cold incentive this
18376s is a big fight right now they have the
18378s zone landing right on top of them the
18380s most important zone zone number four you
18383s don't have to move in zone four that is
18385s so great because now you get to wait for
18387s half and half out yeah and the part of
18389s the reason why zone four is so important
18392s as you mentioned the half in half out
18393s that's zone number five is the first of
18395s the zones that is no longer a concentric
18397s safe circle that means that the safe
18399s zone is completely within the previous
18402s bounds of the other storm that's kind of
18404s the transition point from the early game
18406s into the mid game and then we get the
18408s full moving zones in zones six through
18410s nine we're gonna hop back on border
18412s defending fncs champs currently sitting
18413s on one elimination and some pretty prime
18416s real estate here definitely a good spot
18418s to be in a little a little bit further
18420s from the big pack on the right as well
18422s so definitely a better spot than some
18424s might think for avery and muzz though
18426s they're also team that's positioned
18428s pretty decently here gotta see that
18429s mountain range they do have to get a
18431s little bit of that elevation other teams
18432s just kind of scramble across here once
18434s again these are very important
18435s engagements important tags two launch
18437s pads in the hands of avery and buzz so
18439s it looks like command camera gave them
18441s something really great might have even
18443s got in that vault to themselves and this
18445s was a duo who a lot of people were
18447s talking about and it just doesn't feel
18449s like they were quite clicking they're
18450s amazing when it comes to individual
18452s skills as you see joji picking up yet
18454s another pair rokin and joji they got the
18457s bus moving monster right now but miro
18459s and booga are the ones who get all the
18461s loot off of av and eden right there so
18463s yes the elims go one way the points go
18465s one way but the loot goes and booga very
18468s important as we're starting to edge our
18470s way to this end game and we can already
18472s see a little bit of that shift in the
18473s pace we talked about where before we
18475s were 24 players up above surge and
18477s generally after that nobody would fight
18479s we've chipped it down because players
18480s are fighting for the real estate there's
18482s only really two natural high grounds in
18483s here but right now judging by kane
18485s they've been active but they're stuck
18487s between cobalt and smack and then they
18488s have bulga and miro on the other side
18490s with almost no utilities so they're able
18492s to get the three eliminations but at
18494s what cost if they don't get the actual
18496s refresh from it one might say the
18497s armored ball's impenetrable so are booga
18500s and mirror when they're positioned this
18501s well on the edge of the storm here
18503s six hp not looking too good right now
18505s joji trying to lead the rotate here he's
18507s in the front he has to be the meat
18508s shield for the duo right now the shots
18510s are coming in though it's coming from
18511s multiple angles but they hold on just
18513s long enough to buy themselves the time
18515s in the feed agents get taken out by
18517s here just outside the top 25 mega
18519s unfortunate for him that's placement
18521s points lost
18522s yeah into the top 25 means we're into
18524s the cascading placement point storm
18525s surge also never even went off the pace
18527s picked up ridiculously but look at the
18529s bottom right hand corner we have three
18531s duos inside the half in half out
18533s everyone else is all the way across the
18536s zone we're gonna have to start figuring
18537s out a rotation plan here and sometime
18540s soon iomzo djen being one of the few to
18542s go ahead and take that first stab at the
18544s new zone they're built up strong and
18546s high
18546s buga and miro once again find two more
18549s in the feed it's starting to add up here
18551s these elimination points we cannot
18553s stress how important they are three
18555s points for elim is effectively worth
18557s three placement spots in the end game so
18560s when you find two that's a six point
18562s jump yeah we mentioned being in the
18563s cascading placement points once you're
18565s into the top 25 it's plus one point each
18568s duo that then goes down since you're in
18570s the back half of the game is an
18572s additional point being given so if
18574s you're able to just stay on your feet a
18575s little bit longer you're generally a
18577s good circumstance what we're gonna see
18578s right now is everybody sprint to the
18581s pads that they hear going down because
18583s all of these southeastern teams were
18585s able to rotate with the collider and the
18587s pad that was over there there should be
18588s plenty for people to find as duke gets
18590s to knock on the igna
18592s is gonna go in and fall there just a
18594s knock though so he can potentially be
18595s safe here that's his player swatted out
18597s the sky ro cain being left as a solo
18599s right now 13 points earned not bad at
18602s all for a first game but can he do big
18604s solo efforts here clutch up a little bit
18606s more that's what is most important
18609s take a look at this zone half of it is
18610s in the water the other half barely
18612s holding on to the piece of land it's
18613s book and miro who are way out on the
18615s side there talk about a bold choice from
18617s them to stay that far from the pack and
18619s not be lobby focused that's a rarity but
18622s the difference is if you check the
18623s bottom right hand corner if the zone
18625s pulls anywhere on like the western or
18627s north part they basically win everyone
18630s now has to rotate past our defending
18632s fncs champions as muzz will end up
18635s shutting down broken and joji so while
18636s they got it going early on the three
18638s elims plus about four or five placement
18640s points coming through
18642s aren't necessarily going to be the best
18643s of stars as booker and miro they're on
18645s three elins and they got plenty of room
18648s the cool part about this they can
18649s basically edge their way out just a
18651s little bit go for that late pad and
18653s actually play for a high ground we don't
18654s see it very often but it is a
18655s possibility slacks and clarity however
18657s do have that high ground currently they
18659s are the eyes in the skies what is going
18662s to be their play will they play for the
18663s recycling of a launch pad will they just
18665s wait this one out let's find out they go
18667s for their own look at a double dip here
18669s potentially but no instead they want to
18671s touch down first he's going to double
18672s back slacks is trying to get as much
18674s information as possible this is the
18675s smartest way to do it another launch pad
18677s right here they're gonna go for mega's
18679s hurt chimp is hurt two and you can see
18681s players are going for that shotgun drop
18683s down spade is going to be one of the few
18685s that actually picks up an elimination in
18687s the process peter bila still alive gold
18689s and aviv still alive they are the front
18691s clarity and slacks are hurt but they're
18693s up and running and this is an exciting
18695s team right here cold and scented are
18696s still in the game clarity drops demonics
18698s on the other side of that you talked
18699s about them being hurt well maybe a
18700s little bit too much
18702s but pam still in fact the french
18704s canadians say that one's for us they rip
18706s away high ground on the rotation chimp
18708s picks up dj and nick ends up getting the
18710s confirmation on the clarity i mean the
18712s french canadians have been showing up
18713s here on nae they haven't stopped going
18715s for high ground since the semi-finals
18717s when they decided they were gonna go
18718s high ground game after game and now we
18721s get to see them play this height i love
18723s this play by them it's bold it's a
18725s statement maker it's the way you want to
18727s kick off your game number one and
18728s already they're finding the tags here
18730s this is looking like a win set up for us
18733s written in stone but again they have to
18735s perform here tayo is down pledge has to
18737s play for the heels dude he's got so much
18739s to work with though yeah i mean he's
18741s just popping sushi over here chilling no
18743s problem eating the raw fish out in the
18744s zone but we talked about it hey during
18746s the semifinals fashion pam stuff had a
18748s game very much so like this where they
18750s looked like they were a law they're on
18753s the left-hand side of the screen the
18754s bottom right hand corner miro going to
18755s work on the backside of the zone finds a
18756s huge shot needs to dig in and pick up
18758s the splashes and continue moving towards
18760s the zone he wants to pick up the siphon
18762s here but he doesn't have time and he
18763s gets it just as it takes over he still
18765s needs to catch up to the zone and austin
18768s what was that shuts down burt with a big
18770s tag right there all he needed was one
18772s and that's a blessing in the skies the
18774s siphon keeps them alive here a fighting
18776s chance and this is what miro is known
18778s for this is what the duo does best trust
18781s in one another to pop off and pick up
18783s big points speed and chimp a team that
18786s got second last if it's here and now
18788s looking to continue to pop off miro is
18790s still alive he gets another one though
18792s send down he is starting to really cook
18794s up here i mean he was talking about just
18795s the six heliums on the other side there
18797s miro's got six by himself 40 more builds
18799s and again zone is pulling back around
18801s another fantastic individual movement
18803s and he is hounding these over he's
18805s cutting them off right there i love that
18806s play of eve be careful miro's waiting so
18809s is muzz there waiting on the side he
18811s sees the fight breaking out he knows
18812s this is his wall he's got the angle
18814s there but no backs off here with every
18815s team that falls more play some points
18816s being given out pam and fatch have the
18818s high ground for free everyone else is
18820s battling down come the high ground kings
18823s to start battling those in the low miro
18825s though it's still popping off and
18826s another one down goes eve that's gonna
18829s bring them all up to nine another player
18830s in the box he finally gets crushed and
18832s there it is byla and pierbot now eight
18835s elins and a 2v2
18837s but down on resources as pam so in batch
18840s they've been chilling yes they only have
18841s four elam sitting on the half but they
18842s want the victory real to come through
18844s it's not going to matter though because
18846s at the end of the day peterbot and byla
18848s are going to be first place on our
18849s leaderboard to the back of the
18851s eliminations but hold the phone it's not
18852s over yet we talked about this there it
18854s is nevermind there's a little bit of
18855s panic not gonna throw that one away as
18858s pam stout and batch the french canadians
18860s take game number one hey pam's been
18862s there before he might have thrown a game
18864s or two once in the past but not today
18866s not when it matters mouse the win comes
18868s through for pam and fast there a huge
18870s showing as well peterbot and byla
18873s impressive for them to come on up into
18875s the conversation here we'll take a look
18876s at that it all starts to add up six
18878s elans not too bad i mean we were talking
18881s about it right before i'm like man i
18882s feel like we kind of forgot about
18884s peterbot and byla a little bit and
18885s they're saying you can't forget about us
18888s we'll put a stamp on it however i do
18890s have to say monster this is a very
18892s typical nae start slow storm surge off
18895s of the bat it kind of ends up rolling
18897s everyone out and then high ground
18898s dominates but the individual effort i
18900s was gonna say but also let's talk about
18901s that second surge that was a super one
18904s second it was gone yeah i think it's
18906s really racked up things picked up it was
18907s an exciting game one and just like that
18909s the games are off and the pace is going
18911s crazy yeah we're getting absolutely
18914s crazy absolutely insane i think that's
18916s the thing with hamstown thatch as well
18917s continuing exactly where they left off
18919s in semifinals high ground victory royale
18922s insane start vivid insane beautiful
18924s beautiful insane start so listen we
18926s talked about it
18928s booga and miro
18931s it is inevitable miro in the end game
18933s seven eliminations on his own two on
18935s booga as well svg come on we were hyping
18938s them up dude that was incredible we're
18940s sitting here like jumping around going
18942s crazy like yeah that was incredible i
18945s ate my words i've never eaten my words
18947s so quickly after saying no they can't do
18949s this again but that was phenomenal and
18952s exactly what we expect out of them and
18954s that's you shouldn't expect that but
18956s expect greatness out of the champs
18958s indeed we saw them singled out as well
18959s they're on the edge of that lake you can
18961s see they're completely separate from the
18962s rest of the pack everybody see this
18963s crazy mountain being built and they're
18965s just waiting waiting for the moment to
18967s pounce amiro again the clutch meister
18969s extraordinaire vivid just
18971s the way he plays is so it's just
18974s something else it's kind of it's almost
18975s kind of extraterrestrial it's insane it
18977s was so close at one point someday i
18978s mentioned it listen he literally got an
18980s elim right as he was about to go down to
18982s the storm found it got bumped up to 50
18984s hp ended up living and putting on quite
18987s a performance but listen that's not the
18989s only great performance result panasonic
18991s hats off these ways you mentioned it at
18993s the top there adam they've developed
18996s they actually grew from semifinals
18998s playing in semifinals helped out pam
19000s selling patch so much we saw them
19001s session two they played for the high
19003s ground we were joking we were like man
19004s they played high ground so well they
19005s should become a high ground team session
19006s three semifinals they do the same thing
19008s and they go for a height again and again
19010s and we're like okay maybe they're a high
19012s ground team
19013s game one finals they're on the high
19015s ground i never expected that and they
19017s play it so well they learn from whatever
19019s happened in semifinals they're like okay
19021s whatever confidence they got deciding
19024s not to play that mid to low ground
19025s anymore and now go for these wins this
19027s is gonna pay massive dividends this is a
19029s whole new team we have to watch out for
19031s on the high ground indeed we saw sun
19033s done last season chapter three season
19034s one continuously saying power stone
19036s flash power seven facts and look where
19038s they are right now you can see they
19039s definitely developed the way they play
19040s the game it's absolutely incredible
19041s stuff um who knows if they can continue
19043s this it's a great start to proceedings
19045s but again i know another team must
19046s highlight as well we talked about booger
19048s mirror while their ex team at nx fncs
19050s champion maz with avery as well you know
19052s another pick obviously in our semi-final
19054s you you said the right game the right
19055s side of the way through i mean right now
19057s i've ever stopped in the world here
19059s i'm kind of enjoying this but also kind
19060s of paying at the same time but they're
19062s doing also brilliant things and you know
19064s where they left off against semi-finals
19066s with it they're continuing their journey
19067s very well absolutely incredible you know
19069s a lot of people question like listen man
19071s are they gonna do well they're not
19072s listen command cavern has proved to be a
19074s very good poi this is where they land in
19076s and right now they do like to land in
19078s that south entrance where the slurp
19079s truck used to be right and they they
19082s have it uncontested in these finals
19083s right now it's working out well so far
19085s it has worked out well and
19087s i've waited to see this team do exactly
19090s this they've kind of been middle of the
19091s pack i want to see them excel continue
19093s this you talked about early game drop
19095s spots but i highlighted earlier people
19098s buying the pads oh man wow oh look at
19101s that
19103s on the leaderboard um it is incredible
19106s nine eliminations but also peterborough
19107s and violet they're eight eliminations a
19109s vivid i mean this is incredibly tight we
19111s saw there that we had the dominant
19112s performance from booger and mirror as
19113s well as pamphlet in fact we see so many
19115s teams scoring big points early on oh man
19118s this
19119s if we have
19120s 12 games like this right where we're
19122s very very close oh we are in for quite a
19124s show but listen we saw we talked about
19126s it mira with the solo quest right buga
19128s and mir buku go down early and then miro
19130s basically puts up all of these points
19131s that they have right now right like
19132s seven eliminations again all the way
19134s into that top five basically by himself
19136s like it is incredible what they do as a
19137s soul and then also great to see peterbot
19139s and violet they are elena at the
19140s collider that new poi very good as well
19143s svg yeah definitely very well
19146s booga and mira almost put their names
19147s together it was they were able to save
19149s so many mats because they had three pads
19151s they were able to purchase two from man
19153s cake i actually you know kind of
19155s expected them to rotate through but we
19157s see it right here booga rotating into
19159s man cake purchasing multiple pads and
19161s now these guys are gonna consistently
19163s use this as they go into the mid game
19166s they're using all the movement they're
19167s saving those materials i mean we see
19169s right now buca does not have that many
19171s mats and to be able to get that top five
19173s granted awesome solo play by miro but it
19176s was incredible and it's all the
19178s knowledge of the game yeah this is
19179s exactly what you said early game lads as
19181s well it was going to happen this way
19182s that is exactly why you pay the big
19184s bucks you guys are hollywood uh you can
19186s see here as well the standings again on
19187s the ball one more time guys obviously
19188s this is only game number one now but
19191s it's it's a it's a thing of bugamiro
19193s reigning champions starting proceedings
19195s incredibly well vivid i mean obviously
19198s for qualifier one these guys went
19199s through but a lot of teams as well have
19200s not completed any of the championship up
19202s until this point again it seems they
19203s have start they've hit the ground
19204s running and they are ready to roll yeah
19206s very very fast as you mentioned running
19209s immediately straight out of the gate you
19211s know a lot of nerves may be coming in
19212s for some of these players but booga and
19214s mirror they've been here time and time
19215s again we mentioned that public show
19217s booga has three fncs wins miro has six
19219s they are used to these type of lobbies
19222s as this goes on and on and on
19224s it's gonna just shape up to be amazing
19226s yeah they're clearly locked in and we've
19228s seen a lot of teams have been locked in
19230s throughout these games it's only in one
19232s game
19232s north zone we'll have to see where they
19234s continue to go pam and fatch having a
19236s great match now we'll see what comes up
19238s next yeah we saw some teams as well like
19240s storm surge like clicks and day we saw
19241s there were a factor as well so that's
19242s something definitely to watch out for as
19244s well what do our teams do in game two
19245s here is it say yo back to the same thing
19247s vivid how do we how do we go into this
19248s next one what's gonna unfold listen
19250s these teams have strategies right if it
19252s doesn't work out game one it doesn't
19253s necessarily mean the end of the world
19254s you know sometimes you do get unlucky in
19256s front it does happen so stick to your
19257s strategy it's just game two and see how
19259s it happens here okay that's it you've
19261s heard it from the the guys here it's all
19263s about to happen in game two here will
19265s our teams like pamela stone fetch booger
19267s mirror continue ascending to the
19269s leaderboard will it change we'll have to
19270s wait and see here anything can happen on
19272s na it's time for finals game two here on
19275s day one it's over the sun down to mdf
19277s back into the action
19285s thank you so much gentlemen and i mean
19288s what more could we ask for in game one
19289s moz that's fantastic it was definitely
19291s exciting the leaderboard telling us the
19293s story already naece is heavily leaning
19295s into the eliminations up at the top it's
19297s a clear breakaway for our top three
19299s teams but at the bottom dj nyamzo
19300s picking up 21 placement points there
19302s already finding consistency out of one
19304s of the more difficult drop spots command
19306s cavern it's something we talked about
19308s and we saw over in eu where i promise
19311s you at the top of the very table right
19313s there on the leaderboard yeah there
19314s might be a couple who are playing all
19315s placement points if you're not getting
19316s elims and you're not getting the plus
19318s three points there's no shot you pick up
19320s that exeter yeah and that mid game is
19322s going to be very very interesting big
19324s teams falling i mean i'm so curious what
19326s went wrong for kanada there he got in
19328s that head-to-head clash things crumbled
19330s so quickly that foundation has to be
19332s strong and a team that has greasy growth
19334s to themselves is a strong foundation so
19337s we are expecting great things but again
19339s it's already starting to unfold here
19341s game two is underway let's just go ahead
19343s and jump on that battle bus as the
19345s stories will begin to write themselves
19347s here there is so much to play for now
19349s sundown again we are only setting the
19352s stage up for these players but they have
19354s to do the rest and what a stage it is as
19357s we see here just a slightly underneath
19360s the middle bus path going from southeast
19362s to right around the midpoint on the
19364s western side
19365s tough glide for some of the northern
19367s teams the southern team should be happy
19368s here as we see where everything's going
19370s to net out man what an exciting game
19372s that was pampered on facts playing for
19374s high ground picking up that pace that
19377s they left off out of the semi-finals
19379s gate there and semi-finals was a story
19381s in its own the caliber of those lobbies
19383s were no pushovers but for the most part
19386s all of our premier teams pushed through
19388s in the feed though to kick things off
19389s tabs g having a rough start this time
19391s around yeah knocked almost immediately
19393s users getting on the other side of the
19394s feed here so we're going to hop on down
19396s to the synapse station except in boiled
19398s don't forget there are three naturally
19400s spawning rifts down here as well as a
19402s close proximity to the man cake who will
19405s sell you no not some fantastic flapjacks
19407s instead it's going to be the launch pads
19409s which honestly people might enjoy better
19411s as we also see bizzle going down near
19414s instantly and diego has no hp that was
19417s hide and seek getting a piece of that so
19418s we can assume that that was likely rifle
19420s shots coming over from the side not sure
19423s how or where pam sell and thatch are
19425s that or clarity and slacks are that we
19426s saw this unfold the same exact way last
19428s time except the shoe was on the other
19430s foot diego got dropped near instant
19432s before bizzle gets picked off on the
19434s rotate on out this time around though
19435s there's going to be a re pick up here so
19438s we'll be able to get saved he'll be able
19439s to continue his uh tournament play on
19441s the other side though here's a fight we
19443s did not get to tune in early with rise
19445s and threats in a 1v1 head-to-head clash
19447s here looks like blake and lawrence on
19449s the other side of the wall blake who is
19450s a high ground type player you unleash
19453s this guy in his duo into end game it's
19455s gonna spell disaster for everyone in the
19457s lobby so this is a very important fight
19458s for the general hall of the tournament
19461s and another slight change in what's
19462s going on early on we got cold dropping
19465s quantity immediately and i mean
19468s immediately they're going right down to
19469s that but threats now getting pushed back
19471s a little bit here by blake and i think
19474s he's probably going to reset with only
19475s one build and not necessarily the best
19477s weaponry to dive in doesn't have a swap
19479s weapon but that early auto shotgun is
19481s good and
19482s they might be able to take something
19484s here but instead just gonna back off and
19486s try and get a couple more builds there
19487s is actually throwing that one of his two
19489s wooden builds right there might put him
19490s in a tough spot yeah ryze is nowhere
19492s near him so threats has to be very very
19494s careful with how long he lingers about
19496s there it is recognizing that it is time
19497s to go ahead and back on off djinn is
19499s going to find walkers in the fees so the
19502s high ground of command cavern already
19504s playing into effect here walkers
19506s actually lands on the eastern portion
19508s that's the right side of the mountain of
19509s command cavern that general outside
19511s facility so must have been he was
19513s rotating up and one thing we've talked
19515s about how the pace in the game will
19516s probably slightly shift now there are
19517s still reboots around all the time but we
19520s are already at if skittles gets
19521s confirmed here by peterbot we are
19523s already at the number we saw when third
19525s zone closed and peterbot looks like he's
19527s hunting for this this is a collider
19528s fight guys a team of skittles and users
19531s a team that is so exceptionally powerful
19534s once they get rolling here going up
19535s against peterbot and byla whom already
19537s have proven they are off to quite the
19539s start now find themselves a two great
19542s eliminations there as we're gonna get a
19544s replay of how they went down and one
19546s thing in particular when it comes to
19547s peterborough everyone knows him as one
19549s of the strongest individual solo players
19551s and having fantastic aim as we've seen
19554s there but when it comes to playing in
19555s team modes he has struggled to find a
19557s duo who really complements him and i'll
19559s get back to that point in a second here
19560s as commandments stretch they're under
19562s pressure for the second game in a row
19564s death and tabnate are taking it right to
19566s them and defend tabner inside the top
19568s ten so they made real good use of their
19570s time alive after the kony crossroads now
19573s keep in mind though stretch did survive
19575s the last early game they didn't make any
19577s points out of it though so they were
19578s forced out of a drop and had to play for
19580s a pickup but they couldn't make do with
19582s their time alive in the lobby that's
19584s important because now they're losing
19586s this fight again so if they get fully
19588s eliminated i mean it's gonna be a major
19590s setback here and this is a team who
19591s likes to play for consistency they're
19592s not necessarily hey we're gonna go find
19594s a bunch of elimination as commandment
19596s drops down they're finding a nice little
19598s drop shot and going up but you notice
19600s how he invested five of his eight builds
19603s to get that one shot now down to two
19605s he's going to be forces against he can't
19606s take a fight anymore he's going to go
19608s double up with stretch but now one more
19610s build left he has to create distance or
19611s he's gone he got caught off guard there
19613s by tabniz just leaving the wall open and
19615s no no build and see the benefit of
19618s having those materials you need them
19620s here eve especially in the early game
19622s commandment is down to one shot stretch
19623s has to put up some counter defense here
19625s on to death it's enough to buy them some
19627s time but for how long only three more
19628s builds here on to death and he's
19630s immediately gonna go over and say nope
19632s i'm gonna chop down this tree not gonna
19633s end up in the same situation as my
19635s opponents and they're trying to isolate
19637s commandment you can see stretch
19638s desperately trying to work his way
19640s around and help him out
19641s he's gonna get outside another fight on
19643s the edge of the screen here between edgy
19644s and acorn right now a team that of
19646s course did not expect to be contested in
19648s this general open area until the tower
19650s were starting to push in byland peterbot
19652s or the team that land at the collider
19654s here other teams starting to look south
19655s now and it's a fight that is going to
19657s continue to clash out fable taco and
19658s golden are the team that kind of takes
19660s that general area so there's not enough
19662s loot there for two back on over though
19665s death and tabnay they push out
19666s successfully push out stretching
19668s commandment generally they say you can
19670s always expect death and taxes but right
19672s now you can expect death and tabnate to
19674s be pushing these guys away from coney
19676s crossroads they're saying we're the
19678s consistent factor coming through and as
19680s i immediately say that death loses the
19681s entirety of his extra shield so need to
19683s be careful there and this is something i
19685s like to see out of clicks in day they're
19687s not waiting they're trying to get on
19688s this hunting effort and de quentin is
19689s completely alone dave doesn't miss these
19691s shots one two three lines up the
19693s headshot coming through not gonna
19694s connect but klix gets a fantastic spray
19697s in there's no escape here what do you do
19698s you drop down you take the zip line no
19700s dave's gonna sit on top of that try and
19702s use the belts but again taking chip
19703s damage from the side armored wall gonna
19705s buy him a little bit of time but how
19706s long great use of the armored wall there
19708s to buy himself some time but day looking
19710s for that low ground angle here trying to
19711s find anything to expose this player it's
19713s only a matter of time unless the duo
19714s gets here asap but clicks and day do not
19717s capitalize on the moment his fuel has
19719s arrived now and things start to slow
19721s down de quentin manages to crank his way
19723s out of one of the most just disgusting
19726s ambushes right there and you see how he
19728s immediately invested what i'm assuming
19730s is almost all of his hard masks yeah
19732s there's not a ton of farm over here and
19733s he's going straight up and again still
19735s taking chip damage from the side if they
19737s can clean up that ability this would
19739s make these fights so much easier for
19741s them but honestly in a lot of
19742s circumstances they don't care because
19744s they're willing to push these guys win
19746s the fight and then take the extra loot
19748s refreshing themselves as we actually see
19750s our game one winners getting knocked in
19751s the top left-hand corner of the feed by
19754s our second place fncs finishers last
19756s season
19758s finn spade team that you cannot let your
19760s guard down on but back into the action
19761s here day and clicks have they done
19764s enough here to finish this fight it does
19765s seem like the team has fully reset and
19768s this could be risking it all now and
19770s that's the decision they have to weigh
19772s they have to weigh their position here
19774s in the tournament is this truly worth it
19776s right now they didn't earn any points
19778s coming out of game one this is game two
19780s their fresh stab at what could be as you
19782s can see their sphinx is in second with
19784s total elon's at five so they have been
19786s playing pretty well today yeah we know
19788s who's in first above him that was miro
19790s with his absurd performance in the last
19792s game but i don't hate this because they
19794s know they got tags and if they're able
19796s to rotate around these hoodoos and keep
19798s the positional advantage getting more
19800s central from this other team based on
19802s where the zone is it's going to keep
19803s likely pulling center with some
19805s potential to end up going over the east
19807s right now on the very edge of the zone
19808s you can see in condo canyon still this
19810s fight going on with threats and rise but
19812s notice how separate threats is and blake
19814s and lawrence could take advantage of
19815s this he's definitely risking it for the
19818s biscuit right now being that far from
19820s his teammate but blake and lawrence
19821s they're okay with going ahead and paul's
19823s down as you can see blake does not have
19825s any real material here to stretch this
19826s battle out this is what you have to
19828s assume is that re-engagement a
19830s re-initiation between the two take a
19832s look at pam still though playing the
19833s mountain fronts here inside the bus just
19835s trying to wait this one out looking for
19837s these daily bugle teams who do tend to
19839s come on out build these big bases and
19841s try to play for exchanges that are long
19843s range pam does not have thatch alive
19845s right now so already losing his best
19848s mate in the lobby
19849s and those spades who ended up getting
19851s the early knock on that side don't
19852s forget they were able to win the first
19855s game but as we talked about going into
19856s that first game they're in third place
19859s and that's because just the raw amount
19861s of eliminations that we saw in the other
19863s two teams with peterbot and bayla and
19865s then booga and miro going through so
19867s we're to swing on over to pledge who's
19870s posted up just above golden fable taco
19872s they're looking to replace all these and
19873s get an edit down monster yeah definitely
19875s you can see they're already starting to
19877s grab these balls it's going to spell
19879s trouble for the teams up top but notice
19880s they're all so cautious right backing up
19882s here making sure okay let's not let's
19884s let them edit on down we'll be waiting
19885s for that one and down they come okay so
19887s they reinforce this goal
19889s recognize what's going on here a little
19891s too much action happening down low fable
19893s taco and golden are looking for the
19895s fight right now they want to take this
19897s fight they're trying to get an
19898s engagement on here we can anticipate a
19900s slightly faster pace than we saw pretty
19902s much each game going until game five oh
19904s but not covering the backs is something
19905s we've talked about over and over again
19907s teams are posted up super early looking
19910s for those opportunities and whoever got
19912s those tags they're set on surge now over
19914s to the command cavern neaten bank here
19916s in a big class but a huge shot from
19918s elite there he shuts down scare bear
19920s from team matrix and just like that that
19922s duo is down in out that's gonna be one
19925s but there's a fresh two pack sitting
19926s right around this general area the wise
19928s shot will give us the big look but for
19930s booga and miro nah that we saw that team
19932s just right at the immediate instant they
19933s ended up getting elon the other team
19935s piece they're like hey we got some room
19936s we don't want to get bogged down oh yeah
19938s they were out and as you see like you
19940s said miro in first with seven
19941s eliminations we saw in the last game
19943s reigning fncs champ i would say
19946s 100 the best controller player in the
19948s world i would also argue that dignitas
19951s miro right now is straight up the best
19954s competitive player in the world when it
19955s comes to playing in these tight lobbies
19958s and in these tough circumstances and
19959s hamster right now is just looking for a
19962s lifeline he's found something here to
19964s work with some minis to go ahead and get
19966s him some shielding back up and then of
19968s course he wants to keep that harpoon
19969s though because he's going to play deep
19970s into the zone this will give him the
19972s opportunity to play for the save here on
19973s that little meg hit little campfire as
19976s well so
19977s a lot right a lot going in his favor he
19979s has time i'm this so right now if i'm
19981s pam so and i know i'm hanging out here
19983s and i know there's a medkit there i
19985s would have waited the extra 10 seconds
19986s to pop this he just ended up losing like
19988s five or six seconds in the zone as we
19990s actually see spade going down there
19992s big e limbs right here jamfer and duke
19994s are that team just inside the safety of
19996s the zone pam stills the one player to
19998s the south and there it is they ambush
20000s onto the solo there and they actually
20002s pick it up that's a knock why is he so
20005s far from his teammate is the real
20006s question but looks like chip now off to
20009s the side he's just hiding out trying to
20010s keep a low profile for jamper and duke
20012s they edged their way inch their way to
20014s that top 10 after that elimination and
20016s they're so comfortable about the surge
20018s right now so they're a-okay to play for
20020s positioning here yeah and this is a team
20023s who prioritizes positioning so much
20025s they're looking for high ground nearly
20027s every single game and they want to
20029s control it's what made them so strong
20030s during the qualifiers right now 1v1
20033s chimp versus pamso on the opposite side
20034s of it chimp definitely has the hp
20036s advantage but in the top left-hand
20037s corner hey clicks and dare getting up on
20039s their horse as well and chip finds a
20040s huge shot on the back of pam south will
20042s get the wall replace to the back side
20044s he's immediately going to change the
20045s angle he is hounding him yeah definitely
20048s on the push right now pam just inching
20049s his way out that zone shots start to
20051s come in though from the daily bugle and
20052s camsell gets hit once again there's no
20054s breaks here no wrestling on this side of
20057s the wall huge counter stop the tip he
20058s has to fight this one out he knows the
20060s surge will be active here shortly 70
20062s damage
20063s great tags keep chip and spade in the
20063s it below
20066s game fourth takes out third but also
20068s noting because pam saw was only a solo
20071s and so
20072s low on hp and shields see what i did
20074s there
20075s chimp is still below storm surge
20078s definitely below here
20079s 53 make that 68 and no that means the
20082s rest of the lobby is starting to find
20084s their tags they're getting a bit active
20086s it's not looking too hot here he has a
20088s lot of heels but does he have time to
20090s actually pop them as the true question
20091s clarity and slacks being one of the few
20093s on the side due to the enzo being others
20095s in the mix might have been one of the
20096s circumstances where you want to use the
20098s natural slope of the bugle just to slide
20101s back a little bit break the line of
20102s sight and get those heels off because i
20104s mean he's got four seconds till 25
20106s damage every five seconds is coming
20107s through us we're gonna swing on over
20109s ages and kanada they're gonna be
20111s underneath that threat right now we
20112s talked about a storm surge hey we got 10
20114s less players in the lobby than last time
20116s so it's a little faster but still so
20118s many players seven duos gonna be under
20121s threat with aegis and kanata being one
20122s of them this is the biggest issue that
20123s we saw from scram and hellfire in eu it
20126s was storm surge and now we're seeing it
20128s here problems unfolding for kanada and
20130s agers we did not expect this to happen
20133s at all they are 130 below having to use
20135s all of these additional heels right now
20137s kanata what do you do all those teams
20140s are so far from you they have to launch
20143s pad in sundown they have decided we need
20146s to get in there they answer the question
20148s they need to get box the box here i mean
20151s that's where kanata will perform best
20152s but home replacement oh my big shots
20154s come in they get a knock there that is
20156s exactly what was needed no suspense is
20158s still up on his feet i think yeah he's
20159s got like three hp on the opposite side
20162s of it so not quite enough to get the
20164s knock but it gets them above just barely
20166s as we see the feed lighting up
20168s picking up one cobalt pick him up and
20169s another return fire on the opposite side
20171s to me this says that and suscript
20173s they're not safe either yeah definitely
20175s all these teams starting to step in to
20177s take these fights jojo and ro came being
20179s one of the ones they weren't here as
20180s well they want a piece of the cake can
20183s they get a big enough slice to fulfill
20185s them here in this game is the real
20187s question but 81 above now things are
20189s gonna go ahead and slow down for a
20190s second but they know they're not safe
20192s they're not safe right now they're not
20193s necessarily safe for later in the game
20195s right there's so much more riding on the
20196s line than just this but they're gonna go
20198s ahead and take this as a small win and
20200s back on out definitely a less severe
20201s surge here but we talked about sphinx
20203s being second in eliminations coming into
20205s this game he just ended up getting a
20207s huge one on the opposite side as we see
20209s malito and death also getting up on the
20210s board with edan and ab both falling we
20213s will need just one more due to go down
20215s storm surge turns off first round of
20216s placement points given out so if you're
20219s still up on your feet when 35 are there
20221s hey congratulations you made it through
20223s the early game here's a point
20225s cam putting some shots down onto
20227s canada and agers there who play for dead
20229s center and what seems to be an air drop
20231s there commandment stretched out once
20233s again
20234s shut down
20236s this time to the hands of moz who comes
20238s out of command cavern
20241s the team that punched their way out of
20242s the semi stages out under
20245s pressure here fighting back with no help
20247s though
20248s i
20249s i i do not have anywhere near the amount
20252s of fortitude to open up a window where
20255s i've just been beamed with 15 hp and
20258s bucky doesn't like he's nothing he's
20259s like oh you're running i know you're not
20261s shooting at me but looking over our
20262s current leaders we see peterbot all by
20265s his lonesome and i have no idea where
20268s bile is i don't see him on the map it
20269s looks like oh he's just inside that
20271s structure refinement okay so slightly
20273s safe right now but that still gives me a
20275s little bit of a little bit of
20276s nervousness as you see peterbot making
20278s sure like hey i'm going to tunnel back
20279s over to you and then reform all yeah
20281s both sides really risking it they're
20282s stepping out for again what is a play to
20285s get material in a little extra loop so
20287s the green's going to pay off here for
20289s peter bottas he buys himself a little
20290s more time
20291s definitely some more material to go
20293s ahead and bounce up but muzz we saw him
20294s fighting we saw him take out commandment
20296s and stretch there and already you're
20298s seeing the wear and tear of sitting in
20300s that storm for so long that's so
20303s good by muzz recognizing the fact that
20305s he had just enough grid space to where
20307s he could sit right on the edge teammate
20309s crawls through because he's able to
20310s break the metal and he picks them up
20312s making sure he doesn't take any
20313s additional of that five ticks i don't
20315s think they have any splashes to delay
20316s the pickup this is cobalt and smacked
20318s underneath them trying to push through
20319s they were able to get the edit down and
20322s that unfortunately is going to offset
20324s the amazing heads up play musk just did
20327s and now the ocd transplant is all by his
20329s lonesome now smackdown kobo pick up the
20331s loot the material and everything in
20333s between they also recognize moz will be
20335s a solo there on the side and just like
20338s that
20339s buzz has to play this one out by himself
20341s still holding on to that top five though
20343s placement points have already been given
20344s out to the lobby you can see n pen and d
20346s roller picking up their first one now
20347s this time around so this game setting
20349s them up in the right direction here take
20351s a look at the zone sundown it's going
20353s north now a lot of teams still got to
20355s get a move on yeah very interesting zone
20357s as we do have a ton of potential water
20358s in play when we get into the moving
20360s zones because those islands can end up
20362s pulling it over but right now we're
20363s mainly over a landmass one thing to talk
20366s about though as we're keeping an eye on
20368s which duos are still on their feet which
20369s ones are going through first and second
20371s are up third and fourth down immediately
20374s eighth place also down so there's some
20376s room if you didn't necessarily have the
20378s best first game you can get yourself up
20380s onto that first page with just a decent
20382s performance here as we see some shots
20384s coming in from the one island over in
20386s play here but booga and miro are trying
20388s to head for right in the middle you
20390s don't necessarily want to be crowded
20391s around the outside and fourth zone
20393s unless you're overly stacked on builds
20395s because players are just going to be
20396s filtering in over and over as right now
20399s we've got again somebody hanging out in
20401s the zone it's except with his very own
20403s supply of floppers plenty of chug
20405s splashes unfortunately he'll actually
20407s boil behind yeah definitely we'll have
20409s to leave him behind there but he's got a
20411s lot of time to work with here on the
20412s backside of zone i was going to say a
20414s little lady luck for miro and booga
20415s there who didn't get attacked a single
20416s time on that full rotate so many shots
20419s coming in sometimes that is all you need
20421s to go ahead and get comfortable
20423s on the side though edgy and acorn poison
20425s up for a high ground play
20426s except here though in the ultimate low
20428s just struggling to hold on and maintain
20430s here the next position that except wants
20432s to get to here for him and his team is
20434s top 25
20436s we will have fifth zone reveal half and
20438s half out occurring right now and like i
20440s said plenty of water and play we're
20442s going over to the one island so
20444s everybody get your water wings on or get
20447s your actual wings on and take to the sky
20449s as yet again storm surge is causing
20452s problems for the energy duo despite
20454s picking up the pair early on we see dae
20457s go down to it and clicks one more tick
20459s will end up going through he has just
20460s enough time to end up full confirming
20461s nope didn't take the shield immediately
20463s it takes five seconds to take it so if
20465s you don't pop it before that first one
20467s comes through unfortunately sayonara
20469s that's gonna be it we'll see you in the
20471s next game as rocaine and threats also
20474s end up going down here storm surge will
20476s turn off with the confirmation on the
20478s threats what's exciting though i saw
20479s bilat and peterbot still alive they're
20481s looking very very strong although they
20483s are not in the safety of the new zone
20485s just yet they are part of this western
20486s pack that has to get a move on to the
20489s other side of the zone out comes the
20490s launch pad agers and kanada somehow
20492s maintaining and holding onto this game
20494s but they have been wrecked by storm
20496s surge it's pretty clear oh the shots
20498s come in from down low the edits were
20499s quick from blake and lawrence but it was
20501s not enough canada and agers have quite
20504s the fight to bounce back from this is a
20506s huge opportunity they already have two
20508s they fight a little more and talk about
20510s a team that needed that so bad but can
20512s they claim the loot no no bryce sniped
20515s that all up that was such a heads up
20518s play from canada to end up making sure
20520s he owned that then edited out there was
20522s absolutely nothing kim can do
20525s you can see real estate hey beachfront
20526s real estate is real expensive right now
20529s everyone trying to pile in if you're
20530s late rotating i'm actually pretty
20532s impressed jackson and mason made a nice
20533s little slide around that back side the
20535s best real estate is going to go to
20536s peterbot and biodel both ground front
20538s side because you
20540s to add to the entire mix here the bot is
20543s looking real good miro though gets
20545s picked up by smack we've seen miro
20547s clutch up time and time again what will
20549s booga be able to do now that he's
20551s potentially lost his teammate here but
20553s peterbot and byla are still on the hunt
20555s right now they're definitely looking all
20556s around booga playing for the safety
20557s pickup right now but edgy and acorn are
20559s cracking open those builds and yes he
20561s does get the save it's all due to those
20564s armored walls so important to have those
20566s in end game yeah being able to just slam
20569s those down and say hey you got 2k worth
20571s of damage you can pump in real quick and
20573s honestly at this case with how high
20575s storm surge has been the answer is more
20577s often than not no and another big thing
20579s when it comes to the loadouts is if
20581s you're carrying that scope first rifle
20583s you can't break one of the armored walls
20585s you literally don't have enough bullets
20586s it takes way too much time because
20588s they're gonna end up rotating in and
20589s getting prime real estate here this is
20590s going right back over the land it's
20592s gonna be a welcome sight for some on the
20593s boat no booga fights one finds
20596s add them up that's a six point swing for
20598s a team that's already in the lead and
20600s it's really starting to add up now these
20601s are the placing points and the elims
20603s that they desperately needed to hold and
20605s maintain that number one spot but who
20607s will claim height it's a little bit of a
20608s toss up right now cannot and agers one
20610s of our few teams will definitely play
20612s for height six elins now sundown and
20615s they've managed to find some refreshers
20616s how in the world have they clawed their
20618s way back so hard into this game here it
20621s was looking impossible for a second
20623s there but there's a new team on height
20625s it's hide and seek and nets they're cold
20627s and scented however are fighting their
20629s way into this top ten clarity ended up
20631s picking up
20632s as well cold ends up getting mirror
20634s which means boga is solo again but we've
20636s seen what the world cup champ can do
20638s this is a huge elimination right here a
20640s huge change of pace for peterbot as well
20642s who's playing solo booga goes for the
20645s hit storm heal
20646s what oh no and it wasn't enough
20650s that was never going to end up going
20651s through luckily some fish going off for
20654s miro there when you're in the 10 tick
20655s zone sticking a revive is almost
20657s impossible the sphinx also almost going
20659s to go down we do have storms turning on
20661s nope just turns off duke's stuff on his
20663s feet since it's still off on his feet
20664s the enzo running on the back of the zone
20666s jumping hopping trying to find a little
20668s bit of space to get back to his duo as
20670s we're gonna swing on over to our current
20672s leaders how in the world does booga
20674s manage to survive that one all those
20676s flashes came into big use here and he is
20678s still up he's pumping his way through
20680s seventy dollars hp to work with here
20682s only wood looking for a refresher glaze
20684s is down to the side there cold is gonna
20686s fall oh my gosh scented is down as well
20688s edgy falls inside the storm too so big
20691s names already folding it's gonna start
20693s opening up the standings here dj and
20695s yamzo though playing for high ground
20697s looking good right now the adams
20698s actually managed to retake it here just
20700s a couple builds in the works though asia
20702s finally goes down after what was a play
20704s worth house money there but peterbot is
20706s still in the game we talk about the
20708s individual efforts booga goes down but
20710s inside the top ten peterbot says joint
20712s give me that first place as he's gonna
20714s about face and this is what i talked
20716s about the individual efforts from this
20717s player is gross we're talking about
20719s individual efforts clarity g slapping
20721s down players he gets duke he gets booga
20724s he gets dj as well put in the g and
20726s claire dgs nick ends up picking up his
20728s partner it's a high ground fight though
20729s yap has to give it up he doesn't have
20730s mass clarity and slacks go on up to the
20732s top here very little to work with but
20734s high ground is just that important into
20737s the top 10 we are he also finds one down
20739s goes acorn bye bye buddy it's a two-man
20741s fiesta in front of them and they get
20743s cracked there but peterbot is still
20746s fighting in the game
20748s no more and just like that it's a full
20751s team wipe no there's no way you do this
20752s one as well peter bob we know you're
20754s great but how great are you when it
20757s comes down to the final moments on the
20759s front side donnie and mackwood all of
20761s the daily bugle are alive here jumping
20763s their way back in peter bloch has more
20766s in the tank down goes lawrence he has
20768s shut down at least three duos in this
20770s end game by himself
20772s and just doing it with the strong
20774s weaponry and right now the other dudes
20776s are fighting off he might just push
20777s himself individually into a top two
20779s peterbot forced into the zone now 2v1
20781s slacks and clarity looking to put their
20783s stamp on it here as donnie is just
20785s buying as much time he's got the points
20786s he needs but you are just sprinting
20788s uphill no actually he's going to take it
20790s away one more shot will do it but the
20792s young lad is going for it unfortunately
20794s slacks and clarity will take that one
20796s away from him a good effort but man
20799s clarity and slacks look good there and
20802s they were knocking out all the people
20804s they needed to knock out if they want to
20806s push themselves up the leaderboard and a
20808s hero's effort from donnie and mackwood
20810s out of that draw spot to stay alive here
20812s bounced back in game number two but
20814s claire dg and slacks managed to do
20816s enough there are seven elimination
20818s victory royale will punch them out of
20820s game two pick up their first win here in
20822s the finals and that's a great way to
20823s kick things off but let's talk about
20825s peterbot for a second what a game the
20828s young lad managed to pull off i mean
20830s it's nuts and it continues to be the
20832s story of naece where hey you got height
20834s you ride it out in the end game you look
20836s pretty good but the individual efforts
20838s and all the points are going over to
20840s those solos yeah definitely those were
20842s big plays even huge plays for the
20844s standings we're gonna send on over to
20845s the boys though crunch the numbers for
20847s us guys
20849s peterbot you absolute monster that was
20852s something else we saw miro's performance
20855s in game one but peterbot raises the ante
20857s we'll get to peterborough that was
20859s something else clarity and slacks though
20860s great win i mean we've highlighted them
20862s previous competition part of the
20863s competition now and we still get the
20865s victoria i think seven eliminations
20867s there as well
20868s svg fantastic from these guys getting
20870s that high ground and making sure they
20872s get their victory royale they used every
20875s little piece they had to take that high
20877s ground we even see them have to jump
20879s down take a little bit of fall damage to
20881s then hold the high ground and just
20883s enough i mean recognizing the right
20885s moment having the awareness to see
20887s what's going on around you that is
20889s exactly why this team was able to win
20891s this game and that's why they're here
20893s they're that good they understand how
20895s this lobby works they see a free height
20896s they take it use everything they have
20898s and then just grab that victory royale
20900s yeah clarity and slacks are there as you
20902s can see making a play on the duke they
20903s find the elimination on the back foot of
20905s that refresh he immediately contests
20907s yamzo indigen on the high ground who
20909s unfortunately at the time had almost to
20911s none mats remaining so it was a pretty
20913s easy take for slack and clarity at that
20915s point they ride it out but amazing to
20917s see listen donnie and mackwood second
20919s place that game as well from the low
20920s ground nonetheless i know we're so we
20922s associate macro and donnie so much with
20924s the high ground they get second position
20926s great for them points wise we'll see the
20927s leaderboard shortly we must talk about
20929s the beast that is peterborough i mean
20933s what is happening right now i mean you
20935s obviously know in finals you know when
20936s one of your teammates goes down you have
20938s to clutch up and get as far as you can
20940s standing points wise and not only that
20942s but peterborough managed to get six
20944s eliminations as well i mean svg
20946s fantastic from peterborough we're used
20948s to seeing him do well but this is just
20950s you want to see this kind of performance
20951s in finals oh every single game i mean na
20954s easter's two games in and thank you just
20956s thank you to the players for what we've
20957s seen just like two games that is
20960s absolutely absurd and doing it with the
20962s drum shotgun not typically held by a
20964s player trying to make big solo plays but
20967s he's able to sustain his hp with all
20969s these eliminations and man you gotta
20971s love this vivid oh it's so good on the
20973s back foot landing at the south southeast
20975s side of the collider right picking up dr
20977s sloan very very early on grabbing that
20979s mythic ar really setting them up for
20981s those thunderstorms then also getting
20982s those two early eliminations but here
20983s you go on the back foot of a great
20985s performance peterbot and violet find
20986s themselves first place with 102 points
20990s after two games no less spg 102 points
20993s 16 eliminations after two games you can
20995s see here as well folks you've got the
20997s standings as well as you have next to
20998s that the arrows the up and down scene
20999s where they've moved up and down the
21000s leaderboard here jamf and duke they're
21002s going eight places as well i mean spg
21004s we're seeing now we have got ourselves
21006s some big numbers those top three teams
21008s with double digit eliminations yeah
21009s that's huge and that's where all the
21011s points and i shouldn't say all a lot of
21013s these points that are separating them
21014s from everyone else it's all those
21016s eliminations i mean look at fourth place
21018s i don't know how dj and yams are up
21020s there in fourth place but only four
21022s elims but that shows the consistency
21024s that shows the placement and their play
21026s style shout out to jamper and duke
21028s another team that was able to sustain
21030s within that end game and
21032s going all the way up the leaderboard
21033s after that victor of royale slacks and
21035s clarity g now sitting pretty in second
21037s place yeah listen you mentioned it like
21038s howard dj
21039s up there right in fourth place well look
21041s at it they have 55 points but then
21043s peterbot and bila are almost 50 points
21046s ahead of them in first place right that
21047s gas
21048s is so huge there and listen peterbot and
21051s bilo were just set up so perfect for the
21052s game we saw in the other game and we
21054s talked about at the top show quantity
21055s and larson were actually meant to be
21057s contesting skittles and users at the
21058s collider but now that quantity and
21060s larson are gone skittles and users have
21061s that side uncontested but i think they
21063s got a little too comfortable right as
21065s you can see here peterbot picking up the
21066s early mythic ar and then quickly after
21069s spg he's gonna be utilizing it to pick
21072s up some eliminations but also being well
21074s aware of how his poi works using the
21076s scanner picking up some early
21077s information to help him actually pick up
21080s this early elimination and those two
21082s elims right off the start one set a
21084s precedent they're like this is our
21085s collider and then two it's huge for
21087s storm surge or confidence and we can
21089s clearly see it just continued to funnel
21091s through the rest of the game and they
21093s were rolling downhill after that yeah
21095s certainly we saw a lot of our teams
21096s actually from game one who did superbly
21098s well lose one of their teammates around
21100s very early in the last when we saw
21101s spades and ship well we lost uh i think
21102s it was spade very early on do you look
21104s like some pamphlets on facebook and
21105s early too i mean it's really starting to
21107s shake things up i think and starting to
21108s make this look like a very exciting
21110s competition i mean
21112s game three obviously things are
21113s flip-flopping a lot here
21115s vivid i'm looking at the leaderboard now
21117s and i'm seeing as well here that when we
21119s start to get to a position where it's um
21122s you know yeah we get to a position where
21123s we see our big teams
21125s knowing that everything pressurizes on
21127s here we mentioned consistency earlier on
21128s is if you do go down early on you need
21130s to get your teammate over the line and
21132s into zone as well
21133s game three i mean there's a lot on here
21135s i mean we saw
21136s mirror and booga there as well go down
21138s pretty early considering they had a
21139s great game
21140s mira went down early but again the solo
21142s clutches booga actually got into that
21144s top ten but spg something that i want to
21145s talk about you know you talked about in
21147s that mid game segment scented and cold
21149s actually picked up some early
21150s eliminations on the quantity and larson
21152s in game two there so a little bit of
21154s switch-up happening there yeah and with
21156s all of the io guards having you have to
21158s fight them they don't just disappear and
21160s when you get distracted it can be easily
21163s shot at by other players that likely was
21165s what what was going to happen and now
21167s hey the fortress ain't looking so pretty
21168s anymore it's certainly not but certainly
21170s not indeed uh we have ourselves a game
21172s three which is very very imminent indeed
21175s i think we are going to be heading over
21177s and seeing a lot of action very very
21179s quickly here the battle bus is ready to
21181s rock and roll sundown mdf bringing us
21183s all of this it's the halfway point after
21186s game three let's dive on in and see what
21188s happens next
21196s are you not entertained
21198s what more could you ask for out of the
21201s first two matches here in nace the top
21204s team showing up individual efforts
21206s monster this is a blast it was
21207s everything we were just talking about
21209s man time is flying how in the world are
21211s we already approaching game number three
21213s here the standings starting to take
21215s shape here teams that are feeling good
21216s here on day one have still a day two in
21219s front of them and of course these games
21220s to play out but the contested drops for
21223s bila and peterbot how long can they
21225s maintain the collider one of the most
21227s prominent drop spots on the map we know
21229s how much loot is there but more
21230s importantly they're facing against some
21231s decent teams so far it's been great but
21233s can they keep it up yeah every single
21235s one of these duos here is plenty capable
21237s of winning one of those early fights and
21239s all it takes is them going down once
21242s early but the thing that we've seen in
21243s almost every fncs finals is there's
21245s always a team a duo a player who puts it
21249s all together and right now if i had to
21251s guess i'm saying it's either peterbot or
21253s flip a coin between bogo and miro
21255s because they got so much swag they
21257s played well they really did
21258s understand and also just shout out to
21260s canada agers maintaining composure they
21263s were down and out no bills approaching
21265s that end game and then he managed to
21266s pull something exceptional game three is
21268s here though there's no time to waste
21270s let's jump on the battle bus let's see
21272s how fortune will favor the players this
21274s time around we saw what game two was it
21277s was a left to right battle bus split
21279s this time here it does seem like it's
21281s going the opposite way a little
21282s different flavor here kind of taking
21285s shape right now but we're also very far
21287s south again so it's going to make that
21289s run for the nor the glide for the north
21291s teams very tough and for bizzle and
21293s diego in particular trying to land that
21295s sleepy sound i want to know can they get
21297s their feet on the ground because every
21299s other time they've been rifled pretty
21301s hard heading it yeah definitely for
21302s agers and kanata though 35 points for
21306s placement jump up for them really
21308s putting themselves right back into the
21309s tournament a 36 hop up for lawrence and
21312s blakely we knew this is a team that was
21314s again getting this big contested drop
21316s spot for condo canyon but wait for them
21318s to make an end game out of that that was
21319s impressive across the board as ryze will
21321s find blake this time around he doesn't
21323s even touch down safely or rats gets
21325s cheated there too is that from the hands
21327s of mirror off in the distance what just
21328s happened i think they were able to put
21329s the shots down over there trying to
21330s close the gap here but lawrence going
21333s hip to hip here trying to utilize that
21335s ranger and just get in there but i mean
21337s honestly if you ask me to hit fire this
21339s weapon i wouldn't hit a shot lawrence on
21340s the opposite side of it though he's
21342s trying to put in the work trying to get
21343s some of that regulation be down he knows
21345s roughly where ryze is and if he can
21347s prevent ryze from getting the pickup on
21350s it he should be good but like you were
21352s talking about the harassment coming in
21353s from the side and that's what that's why
21355s the zone plays such an important uh you
21357s know kind of intershaping the story
21359s right because the way the battle bus
21360s played out it allowed miro to touch down
21362s first and then get those eliminations
21364s early which allows lawrence actually
21367s ultimately clutch up his drop spot here
21369s at the condo canyon but they're actually
21371s going to get six points from that
21372s because blake was the one who got the
21373s final knock so now there's potential
21375s that they should
21376s hello wash bye-bye scented quantities
21379s back he's here to play using the man's
21381s mechanics to hop on over and just give
21383s him a face full of ledge i mean
21386s you know me i love talking i'm barely
21389s ever speechless but that just i had to
21392s stop for a second the mantle into the
21393s immediate shot dropping him down there
21396s and then making sure he's meeting up
21397s with waterson that's what they're gonna
21399s need to get this ball rolling don't
21400s forget we got 12 games there's still a
21403s long finals going through here so now
21405s we're gonna swing on over to sleepy
21407s sound this is not a safe drop by any
21409s means can't even factor the team off in
21411s the distance while within the top 10
21413s playing very very well here so far to
21416s kick things off but slacks and claire dg
21418s second place now contested drop spot we
21420s saw what happened in game one game two
21422s they actually allowed bison diego to
21424s jump back in and play their game out it
21426s worked out pretty okay for them right
21427s they earned some points but this time
21429s here slacks and clarity if they can get
21431s six they jump on up to second and you
21433s you can see slacks checking the audio
21435s keys there he knows he's aware of it
21436s he's communicating that to clarity g
21438s right away who's trying to come around
21439s and find an angle you can see it on the
21441s map it's that little tan circle there in
21443s the house and slash notice he doesn't
21445s want to over commit because of this and
21446s diego push-up that's something when it
21448s comes to dropping at a new spot finding
21451s the angles and knowing how to actually
21452s properly take this 2v1 is really tough
21455s that's actually a huge fine though just
21457s an smg right here really optimizes his
21459s mid or his early game battle right he's
21461s just going to go and put the ar down for
21463s now that's not great for mid game or end
21465s game but hey for early game that smg is
21467s gonna be super huge so a little more
21469s confidence coming into clarity g and
21470s slacks now clarity finally slides it up
21472s also notice he has the brick reservoir
21474s right here so that's gonna allow them to
21475s cap out really quickly so already they
21477s have a very healthy amount of material
21480s it is not looking too hot for bizzle
21482s down low in diego on the outskirts pam
21484s stone thatcher looking on in here comes
21486s the fight though things are going to
21487s start breaking out bizzle back against
21489s the wall here no shield fire for him
21490s already starting to lose control of the
21492s walls too so
21494s gotta be careful here
21496s trying not to get back into a corner
21498s because that's exactly what clarity
21499s wants you and he's able to dictate the
21501s pace of the fight it's really difficult
21503s but look how much fizzle diego are
21506s investing in terms of putting the brick
21507s up in the walls they want as many cones
21509s they want as many layers between them
21511s and clarity and slacks as possible
21513s because like i said clarity this season
21516s he's just been good man now you can just
21518s tell he's playing smart he's slow steady
21520s methodical with the way he's taking
21522s these walls here even going as far as
21523s trying to beat diego out from the side
21525s box there he jumped in and said hey yeah
21527s let's see if you're gonna make that edit
21528s he's not allowing himself to get
21529s punished here very smart very high level
21532s play guys from our professional players
21533s right now sleepy sounds fight has drawn
21535s a lot of attention though those southern
21536s teams now starting to edge their way on
21538s up just looking on in trying to see
21540s what's going on on the other side and
21541s one of the things that's been beneficial
21542s for almost all the duos is we haven't
21544s had too ridiculous of first pulls on the
21546s zones everything has been relatively
21549s centered you're not going to get pulled
21550s all the way to the one side of the map
21552s so kind of lets these fights play out a
21554s little bit but as we see some of the
21555s shots coming from a distance and we're
21556s going to swing on over the cavern when
21558s we saw that avery's already been taken
21560s down but mazda is still off on his feet
21561s so he's one of the three solo riders
21564s still around it was walkers who picked
21565s up the gila monkey walkers and scare
21567s bear man managed to jump in that last
21569s game go out and put some points on the
21570s board for them again a team that has
21573s just been making their appearances
21574s continue to pop up and show up command
21577s cavern is no easy drop we have players
21579s like elite here bing muzz avery the high
21582s ground of dion uh dj and nyamzo right
21585s looking down and always tempting you to
21587s go ahead and peek so they can just burn
21589s you from the skies above so there's a
21591s lot going on here one might say
21593s of sensory overload can kick in here
21596s with how many teams are in this general
21598s area i forgot to include niko and
21600s polarize right so you can see there's a
21602s little too many hands in the in the
21604s kitchen
21605s yeah i mean you don't necessarily want
21607s to end up in that situation but as we've
21609s seen command caverns it's been pretty
21612s strong here has been a nice little quick
21613s stat in the top right peterbot already
21615s has more elims by himself 10 that all
21618s but two other teams have in total my
21621s question be who do you think those two
21622s teams are monster i know bogan miro is
21624s one of them i mean all of our teams up
21626s at the top chip and spade might be up
21627s there as well they're definitely the
21629s ones leading with elims they've been
21631s popping off they have those solo
21632s pop-offs none like peterbot though
21634s peterbot definitely put up some
21635s incredible numbers but look he didn't
21638s actually overrun the collider this time
21640s actually played a little bit safer so
21642s you know we do tend to see when teams
21644s that are in the lead change up their
21645s play style it backfires so i'm a little
21647s bit a little bit worried for them not
21649s being as aggressive as they started off
21651s yeah let's see if that ends up playing
21653s into the first surge because when we
21654s talk about pacing of the match and with
21656s this slightly more centered zone we've
21658s slowed down a little bit only one full
21660s deal has ended up being eliminated we do
21662s still have two solo riders out there
21664s with one of the reboots coming through
21666s so there's a little bit of space
21668s actually there's a second reboot coming
21669s through so only a single solo writer up
21671s there i was about to say the other one
21672s slacks and clarity g because we've been
21674s seeing clarity g just pushed the pedal
21677s to the metal but i mean slack's keeping
21679s pace with them too he's striking out
21681s great point there clicks and day though
21683s try to do that ambush play they try to
21685s slide into that fight there over in the
21687s desert does not work out they're forced
21689s back out what's important though is they
21691s get their hands dirty they get some tags
21693s they put their numbers on the board here
21695s put the score up now they make their way
21697s on over to try to get some launch pads
21699s here let's see if they have enough gold
21701s to go and make these exchanges back on
21703s over to the command cavern though the
21705s battle basically continues to rage on
21706s here from us and avery now being down
21709s muzz has to play this one out with a
21710s hero's effort on his own we know there's
21713s a couple of options when it comes to
21714s playing for the pickup here but this
21716s many teams being at the command cavern
21718s it's not looking too hot as the zone is
21720s somewhat favorite this general area here
21723s and if you are just tuning in welcome we
21725s are closing in on the halfway point here
21728s of day ones the quarter way point
21730s overall of the na east chapter three
21734s season two fncs finals whether you're
21736s watching on twitch youtube
21739s watch.fortnite.com
21741s twitter or in game in legends landing
21743s hey if you're in game hit us with your
21744s favorite emote right now if you're in
21746s chat hit us with who you're rooting for
21748s and let us know but thanks for joining
21750s us this is a fantastic day to watch some
21752s amazing fort yeah you're in the toronto
21755s area you're planning on checking
21756s tomorrow in theaters don't forget them
21758s as well we'll be seeing you on the big
21759s screen such cool things happening in the
21761s fortnite universe all the time but let's
21763s see it here acorn edgy positioning up dj
21766s nyonzo up in fourth place right now once
21768s again this high ground hold of the
21769s command cavern we've seen so many
21771s successful playthroughs of any of the
21774s teams that decide to claim the peak most
21776s area of the command cavern it just feels
21778s like a different game for them and
21780s already
21781s again they're breaking away with not
21783s only a great loadout but great storm
21786s surge tag for the most part that is one
21787s of the benefits of having the peak of
21789s command cavern yeah and we will get that
21792s second zone reveal and we're going
21793s relatively south you can see we only
21795s have six or seven duos in there a couple
21797s more who aren't too far away but
21798s everyone's on the northern side it's
21800s going to get going and polo actually
21802s getting on the board polo and shoney one
21804s of the first or one of the few first
21807s timers here in the finals and they had a
21809s really i don't want to say explosive
21811s because it was kind of a build up there
21813s where they had a couple tough qualifier
21814s rounds for them once they got into
21815s semi-finals these guys were able to go
21818s up against some of the best duos in
21820s nate's and really take the fight to him
21821s but right now somebody's got the fight
21823s being taken to him not looking good
21824s right now for clarity and slash looks
21825s like they were pushed out the zone and
21827s they were getting rolled on really
21828s quickly bizzle and diego fighting back
21830s here from the outside of the storm
21832s looking to get a little bit of revenge
21833s right now but it's smg on the other side
21835s of the fire here got to be careful these
21837s are big damage high fire rate weapons
21839s that can shred through you before you
21840s even notice you lose a wall and it's not
21842s looking good for diego invisible here as
21845s the shot starts to fire on through
21847s clarity and slacks man trying to pick up
21849s a quick six here they find diego can
21851s they get the rest of course they can and
21853s just like that they edge their way up
21854s yeah hit the dance diego you definitely
21857s deserve it i'm sorry clarity g there as
21859s they start to rack up and they're in
21861s second place now off of those elims so a
21864s huge swing already and i i talked about
21866s the top of the show honestly i'm feeling
21868s a little uh not intelligent for second
21870s guessing myself as i'll get onto that
21872s point as i want to talk about shonia and
21873s polo again they've been fighting
21875s incredibly well going to utilize the
21876s truck splash to try and just keep his
21878s teammate up here but he wants the wall
21879s to wall with nothing you can see she's
21881s trying to be cognizant of that edit
21882s coming through doesn't quite get the
21884s wall replaced and he needs to be careful
21885s here because nothing can take advantage
21886s of him he's actually able to wall him
21888s off he's going to back off slam down the
21890s armored wall and say no no no you come
21892s to me
21893s tony and polo solid solid players you
21895s can see that they've been holding their
21896s own this time around though bested by
21898s nahsan and price so there will be very
21901s good there also great players but what's
21903s cool about shoney and polo is how well
21905s we've seen them play throughout the
21906s course of the weeks obviously those semi
21908s weeks those lead ups in the qualifiers
21909s putting the spotlight on this new duo
21911s now popping off here and also
21914s they changed draw spots they were in
21915s greasy grove before they mix up they say
21917s you know what tournament means a lot to
21919s us especially the finals let's play
21921s somewhere else and they try their hand
21922s elsewhere and they've been finding
21923s success all around the map cold is gonna
21925s find avery though big big knock right
21927s there avery is inside the top ten but
21930s that was after we had already seen avery
21932s going down earlier so he was when the
21933s reboot is coming through probably likely
21935s not necessarily having as many shields
21937s or resources to be able to utilize so
21939s we're gonna take a peek our current
21940s leaders on the left-hand side well over
21941s surge but right now my prediction is
21943s sitting in sixth place jamper and duke
21945s they're 90 below and they're not the
21947s only ones we're likely going to have 10
21949s other duos
21950s or nine other duos who are also under
21952s pressure and probably one or two of the
21954s solos who are running here i'm also
21955s curious about my pick cannot and agers
21956s they were at the greasy grove one of the
21958s only teams over there and the zone was
21960s on that drop they didn't play well when
21962s the zone went their way the last time
21964s finding it hard to find their search
21965s tags for jamper and duke it seems like
21967s this zone also being unfavorable for
21969s them right now but they are still in the
21971s game here still plenty of time to start
21973s playing for tags lots of teams in the
21975s general area as we hop on over here this
21977s is a just a hot pocket of slacks and
21979s clarity g they've been having a struggle
21981s here on the edge of the zone the first
21984s time they were almost down and out but
21985s they find bizzle they find diego it
21988s manages to keep them in the tournament
21989s but now being held out by other teams in
21991s this general area in the feed though
21993s they find smacked
21995s so this is a big exchange happening here
21997s clix is still up as well this time no
21998s surge issues so i love that cones him
22001s off just blasts him with all the arsenal
22004s that he can find there and cobalt goes
22005s down see that's one of the things i
22007s think clicks does better than almost any
22010s other player when he's on your wall
22011s where if he gets a timing and he knows
22013s he can go he will capitalize on it
22015s nearly better than anybody else in the
22018s region arguably in the world it's that
22019s lack of hesitation oh yeah best of the
22022s best it's a double-edged sword right on
22024s over to aviv and gold gold is actually
22027s down right now so our seventh place team
22028s facing struggles of their own not only
22030s does he have a man down but he has
22033s surge to worry about here he's 150
22035s damage below things are really going to
22037s start getting active now so here comes
22039s the pressure clock is ticking
22042s not gonna stop ticking anytime soon here
22044s as we still have 85 players up
22048s start to go out raid exchanges they're a
22049s head shot picks that one up too so
22051s that's about 125 pickup
22053s in the feed though vert is down jackson
22055s is down
22056s if he finds another headshot talk about
22059s clutching up here
22061s but that's not going to be enough all
22063s comes the minis
22064s tries to go for that little exchange
22066s again and no this gets hit with a double
22068s burst in the exchange and eighth place
22070s is down and out it was right after he
22072s ticked over for search but because he
22073s had to peek over and over as we're gonna
22075s swing over your prediction there 130
22076s below have plenty of flops to offset
22078s this initially which is one of the best
22079s things from your underserved because
22080s they take so little time to consume but
22083s kanata he's not in that circumstances he
22085s has to go and he has to fight 29 damage
22086s below he's only 74 hp any solid shot
22089s from a shotgun will hit him i mean who
22091s fishing and kaz they will put the
22092s pressure on and you can hear it's auto
22094s shotgun on the side of that wall so it's
22095s going to do a lot of damage it's going
22097s to be intimidating as well the surge
22098s will turn off here but once again kanada
22101s and agers have managed to struggle with
22103s their storm surge who fishy and kaz the
22106s windmill team that lands so close to
22108s them has really been giving them a
22109s problem and you can see that it has not
22111s been an easy turnaround for them to get
22113s those eliminations time and time again
22115s for pledge and taiyo i think that needs
22117s to bounce back here
22118s right now but search did turn off we're
22120s at 70 players 69 now with 36 duels
22122s remaining so one more will need to go
22124s down before we have that first placement
22127s point given out and there it is
22129s i see done
22131s teo is hurt pledges hurt is a team that
22134s has obviously fought the battle against
22136s the storm surge and it did not play too
22138s well for them as they don't have any
22139s additional heals to work with here
22142s but everyone's more focused on the
22143s rotate everyone is focused on playing it
22145s slow and steady slack actually finds
22147s himself knocked i wonder what happened
22149s there this is actually donnie and
22150s mackwood there
22152s right behind them great tags from pledge
22154s if i would guess when it comes to slack
22155s uh stocks and clarity g they were way
22157s out in the zone and fighting kind of on
22159s that northern side and yeah that was
22160s going to happen back to it and now
22162s clarity g he's under pressure himself
22163s shots coming in on the back and if one
22166s of our top teams ends up going down
22167s there is room at the top of the
22169s leaderboard so far we have seen our top
22171s three they've been pretty consistent
22172s making the back-to-back top tens and
22174s adding an e-learn however the second you
22177s falter that's when you get that little
22178s shoop and there's plenty more room at
22181s the top of the leaderboard especially
22183s with nine games to go after this one yup
22186s slash is down then
22187s stretches down as well one of those
22189s players that fall inside the storm line
22191s there so you can see that struggle
22192s really starting to take its toll here
22194s claire dg though just holding on here to
22196s banda just give the man a second to pop
22198s it but no it's not gonna be enough here
22200s back into the old building
22201s three just to work with i mean
22203s it doesn't look like it's only a matter
22205s of time so fast might be finding this
22206s unless tk play if i turn this one around
22208s here and they go they're on the hunt now
22212s you don't find them though
22213s tk needs to be careful there because you
22215s can see the other team who's right next
22216s to him is looking for this pledge but
22218s all of a sudden they're under pressure
22219s and not sure who's able to slip the shot
22221s in there but second place
22223s falls
22225s blake and lawrence broken limbs right
22228s now
22228s starting to get active here way to
22230s bounce back in the tournament after a
22232s rough game one in the early take down at
22234s the coney
22236s this is looking really really good for
22238s blake and lawrence like we said before
22240s you let blake and lawrence get into
22241s endgame and it's gonna be a problem this
22243s is a team that is very bold and will
22245s play for height that is a massive
22248s investment of metal there i'm hoping
22249s they're sitting on another repository or
22251s that they're really valuing this power
22253s position because they just burned
22254s through nearly half of their metal but
22256s right now you can see then yomzo they're
22258s boxed up right next to clicks and day
22260s and i'm not necessarily sure that's a
22262s bear you want to poke this is looking
22264s great for them though 12 chug splashes
22265s for eobzo here he's got six himself so
22268s 18 collectively for the duo launch pad
22271s in play three armored walls as well
22273s where did they get all this loot the
22276s command cavern is usually pretty good
22277s but my gosh this game might just be
22280s theirs just based off of a little bit of
22282s luck that they picked up clicks and days
22284s actually managed to maintain a strong
22286s position here though for the first time
22287s today so far game three this halfway
22290s this pivotal moment in the tournament
22292s they have a great position here on the
22293s lobby but we should get a warning on
22295s surge and that's exactly what i wanted
22297s to see where are they on the threshold
22298s so we'll get the first little blip and
22300s that's actually the true no no like i
22302s said the first flip generally tells you
22303s how far the lowest team is below so the
22305s only 33 being low that tells you that
22307s these duos are right on top of each
22309s other this number is going to ping-pong
22311s back and forth if your clicks a day that
22313s 117 145 would say like above 150 is
22316s about safe i'd say they should be fine
22319s for this one but somebody who's not
22321s right hand side of the screen walkers
22322s and scare bear they're gonna get active
22323s just a single tag is what they need to
22325s go ahead and give some other team some
22326s more pressure and remember it takes 30
22328s seconds until the zone closes and then
22330s it gets active and it starts damaging
22332s the opponents that are alive in the game
22334s so we'll see who's below we'll see who
22336s doesn't find their attacks here shortly
22338s walker's a scare bear everything's on
22339s the line right now they're slowly
22341s slipping away that means the teams right
22342s above them are starting to take away
22343s with it but kanata was able to get a
22345s knock and cold immediately returned it
22347s over as quantity ended up going down
22349s chimp falls to hide and seek and there's
22351s going to be a little bit of room but
22352s five seconds until the 25 damage every
22354s five seconds goes through you can see
22356s ages desperately trying to get back to
22357s kanada but shots are reigning in from
22359s everywhere yeah the lobby's starting to
22361s focus in from the distance it's not
22362s looking good for canada agers cold and
22364s scented however have this great angle
22367s here and they're starting to pressure in
22368s onto other teams kanata gets fully
22370s finished there so cold or sensitive will
22372s get his full elimination credit now
22374s they're starting to look up they said
22374s hey wait if they got finished we need to
22376s turn this around let's go ahead and get
22378s these elins but no they don't find any
22380s but the speed still lighting up here
22381s quas down now four players one player
22383s has to go down they really need a
22385s refresh i don't know if you saw that but
22387s cold has no excess shields on him and
22390s he's almost out of light ammunition
22392s which as a low ground team you really
22394s can't afford to do you have to be
22395s constantly pressuring walls a storm
22397s surge will turn off we have two solo
22399s riders out there so we still are one
22402s away from that cascading placement
22403s points and fifth zone is revealed with
22405s hey most of the lobby already posted up
22407s and chilling yeah and this is because of
22408s all those other fights that we're
22410s dragging on here agers is still alive
22411s though you can see him barely holding on
22412s to 14th they're on the outer edge
22414s jamper and duke
22419s those are big tags he actually blocks
22420s himself off as well that is not good
22422s that's agers who's right on the heels
22424s here but duke gets in he's starting to
22426s move can he find a safe spot yes he can
22428s off to his teammate now playing hip to
22429s hip this is nice for him they're back in
22431s they will be able to save themselves
22433s this time here yams uh yam zone degen
22435s starts to touch down cynthia and kohler
22437s still up agers once again that's solo
22439s skating his way out the back side look
22441s at batch and pants though holding on to
22443s top seven little angle here very cheeky
22446s get some tags but no that was azer's
22448s that would have been a full finish that
22449s he connected and i mean they desperately
22451s need it they have to get a refresh when
22453s we talk about refresh that means finding
22455s eliminations and even if you're not the
22456s one to get them players drop all that
22458s loot and you need to pick it up as we
22460s sent it actually gets the confirmation
22462s on to agers we have our top 25 so one
22464s point going down to every team each
22466s school that drops after that will be an
22468s additional point in our game one winners
22469s pam still in batch they need to find
22471s more but luckily for them they have a
22472s pretty good priority position on this
22474s moving zone that's the second time ages
22476s has fallen and 26 just outside that
22478s extra placement point that is probably
22480s one of the most painful times to fall
22482s there when you can see the points and
22484s reaching distance here for cold
22486s incentive things are starting to click
22487s here but desperate right desperate in
22490s the hp compartment desperate in the uh
22492s the overall material compartment as well
22494s let's take a look at high ground though
22495s a team that hasn't really performed yet
22497s today play a fine tk looking to make a
22499s statement here in game three already
22502s poisoned themselves up bank and elite
22504s finally make it out of command cavern
22505s into an end game for themselves and look
22507s at what they have managed to do with it
22508s they have seven elims a launch pad
22510s plenty of loot so far above the surge as
22513s well this could be their game they're
22515s definitely heating up and peterbot finds
22517s fatch and then day ends up getting a
22519s pair himself so still pushing towards
22521s the top of the leaderboard peterborough
22523s doing an incredible job in that regard
22525s don't forget our second place deal of
22526s slacks and clarity g fell early so a
22529s little bit of daylight but booga and
22531s miro are still up going through pam
22533s style trying to do it as a solo looking
22535s for some room we'll find the recycle pad
22537s he's going to go straight to the front
22538s side of the zone as we see joji pick up
22540s macwood and oliver og pick up crumble
22542s he's only got enough for one box though
22544s so he truly needs to take the fight here
22546s on to the side he goes use that man to
22548s go and stop his mom there it is catch
22549s his wall
22551s quick drop kick and shuts him down out
22553s of the box he goes on high ground it's
22556s lawrence it's blake we said they will
22558s play for high ground if you let them get
22561s into this end game and they are here
22563s they are there on height sentence
22565s looking hurt though he is down and out
22567s of hp he's gonna have to figure
22569s something out lawrence and blake however
22571s starting to get active here for elins
22572s now and they have so much room because
22574s of where the zone is pulling nobody's
22576s been there peterborough island ripped it
22577s away this is crazy they actually come on
22580s up they want to take this fight here
22581s they have such a lead over the lobby as
22583s well they can risk it all here and it
22585s works out look at the skeleton of the
22588s bill this shows the story in its own
22590s here a fight for height blake and cruz
22593s start to launch that on off they don't
22594s want that static they don't want the
22596s action up top they have a game to play
22598s out here and out they go off to the side
22600s but peter bottom bayla really making a
22603s statement here and you can see on the
22604s low ground muds trying to continue to
22605s run through we talked about how he's had
22607s a tough time with avery staying up on
22609s his feet but he says don't worry i'll do
22611s it myself as clicks ends up going down
22613s rokin and joji find a pair oliver gets
22615s the confirmation on that side as ionzo
22617s ends up picking up day and we're closing
22619s in on our top ten but scented right now
22621s barely has any minis whereas booger and
22623s miro for what feels like the first timer
22625s hit the hip and as soon as i say that
22626s booga opens up and he takes so much
22628s damage and not really time to put it
22630s back and he's going to fall it's all
22631s going to be a mural again huge edit from
22633s mega there to take out booge and the
22635s full finish comes through miro has to
22637s clutch it by himself now for elite and
22638s bank out of command cavern they are
22640s already approaching 10 eliminations miro
22642s goes down to nets on the outside there
22644s and scented is still alive here a solo
22647s effort right now to try and clutch this
22648s one up and already at six elims almost
22650s 90 points what more can he do here he's
22653s definitely done enough as he's gotten
22654s into that top ten no builds solo on the
22656s side he doesn't catch him player
22658s underneath this wooden box will he fight
22659s for that one in the feed though mega
22661s goes down that's a full finish there and
22663s here it is
22665s downhill is next he's smart and it's
22667s clever and it's patient and that is why
22669s scented is still in this game and the
22671s squid space is so key because you get
22672s just enough space down there and if he
22674s owns that he can edit his walls and
22676s anybody who falls down will get taken
22677s out as bank ends up finding rokin and we
22679s almost have a solos competition as elite
22681s ends up finding a pair of them
22684s he got another set to cut another on the
22685s low ground but up top we talked about
22688s them needing to fall and peterbot and
22690s biola say it's our world you're just
22692s living in it he's definitely playing
22694s this one out peterbot
22709s bank have really turned this game into
22710s something special this is a huge story
22713s maker for them it's gonna put them
22715s inside that top ten now top seven i mean
22718s there's a lot of placement points and of
22719s course elon points here waiting elite
22721s with a side angle i love it but he
22724s messes up he falls there the master
22726s doesn't quite come through up and over
22727s he goes so elites on top he's going to
22729s heal himself out bank already taking the
22731s fight to the wall here it's looking
22732s great for him but he's pinched no bill
22735s he's trying to find an angle trying to
22736s get the mantle up he's going to give the
22737s siphon over and peterborough
22739s pick that one up but elite if you're
22741s going to clutch up now is the
22742s opportunity he has the position great
22744s pre-fire there he still has mass as well
22746s and this is it he's in commits great tag
22748s the zone does the rest and yes peter
22750s bott is hurt byla is also hurt they
22752s don't have maps it's the ultimate low
22754s push but no he misses down goes one and
22757s no follow-up bayla clutches out in the
22760s end but man what an explosive game there
22762s for elite and bank as they pick up 14
22765s elims in the second place as well nuts
22767s for them pushing through for that i
22768s think they might have ended up picking
22769s up the 15th they're going through which
22771s i think will be an na's record when it
22773s comes to the duo but peter bought imbila
22777s putting it all together utilizing that
22779s drum for elims the vr and in three games
22784s monster they're averaging just under 50
22787s points a game
22789s that's gross we didn't think we're gonna
22791s see it on nae's peter bottom bottle are
22793s doing something crazy they're contested
22795s at their draw spot they're putting up
22797s big numbers not only that they are
22799s playing for high ground way to clash and
22801s really fight that one out keeping it
22803s exciting for us and they're utilizing
22804s the high rate of fire the drum shotgun
22806s and just having better positioning but
22808s we're in the halfway mark of the day
22810s quarter wave point through we'll kick it
22811s on over adam vivid spg what you got
22814s thank you very much guys my favorite
22816s parts there when blake and lauren's on
22817s the high ground and suddenly sometime
22819s goes hello there
22821s is i mean that was absolutely
22823s extraordinary back to back there for
22825s peterbot as well that we've told you
22826s highlighted them the previous game and
22828s now game three happens again what a
22830s superb super performance from
22832s peterborough on baylor uh vivid i mean
22834s what can we say about this team we
22835s haven't said already fantastic fnts
22838s finals they are showing up
22840s they are they're ahead of the game right
22841s now they're ahead of this lobby we've
22843s gathered the 50 best duos and right now
22846s peterbot and bayer are saying hey listen
22847s yeah there are 49 other duos in the
22849s lobby but out of everybody we are the
22851s best the way they are playing higher
22853s ground the way they are taking it like
22854s you said blake and lawrence just baffled
22857s right they themselves were probably like
22858s where did these guys come from just like
22860s sundown was all of a sudden they're on
22861s the high ground they ride it out they
22862s play it perfectly spg i am amazed by
22866s their play so far i don't know that we
22868s should be that surprised though this is
22869s what they did in qualifiers they just
22871s ran through lobbies and absolutely
22873s dominated this is what we should expect
22876s from them but against this level of
22878s competition it is absurd they are
22880s putting on a show for us and it's
22882s similar to what we saw in eu with aqua
22885s and vino just taking off and soaring
22887s through these lobbies it's been
22888s incredible to watch
22890s through these first three games it
22891s really has you know in previous uh kind
22893s of qualifiers and semi-finals as well
22894s we've seen kind of eliminations about
22896s elevens twelves bank and elite fourteen
22900s fourteen that is a lot of digits i think
22902s we have enough fingers for that that's a
22903s lot i mean this again your elimination
22905s to account for three points a piece here
22907s and vivid you know 14 a enormous score
22909s the leaderboard is going to change
22911s massively now after three games but um i
22913s mean what can we say i mean again
22915s eliminations are so pivotal and they
22916s seem to be finding them left right and
22917s center yeah it's great and it just
22919s happened so fast if you swim right here
22920s right they have like nine right so it's
22922s like where did you pick up these last
22924s four eliminations you know we saw them
22926s all the way down to that 2v2 situation
22928s it was very very close by the way like
22930s oh yeah peter peterbot and violet they
22932s may have secured the figure out but it
22934s was close elite and bank were right
22935s there behind them yeah 14 eliminations
22938s you talked about the caliber of the
22940s lobby that we were playing in to come
22942s out and do what peter bottom violence
22944s doing is amazing but 14 eliminations
22946s against the players that we have in this
22947s lobby that's unheard of yeah able to
22950s clean that up and
22951s stealing the low ground able to take it
22953s from cold and scented who have been
22954s dominating that position able to get
22956s scented eventually and here's the
22958s leaderboard
22959s this is this should be no surprise peter
22961s bye tyler guys vivid 50 points between
22966s first and second place after three games
22969s yeah we thought eu was massive the
22971s difference in the points between i think
22972s the first second or third team but this
22975s between first and second is it's unheard
22977s of yeah this is an absurd lead and then
22979s elite and bank jumping up 37 positions
22982s incredible
22983s absolutely insane and that's what those
22986s huge matches do for you you see the
22988s variability early on within these
22990s tournaments and hey you gotta keep it
22992s rolling now another team slacks and
22994s clarity went down early but still able
22996s to hold on to that top three spot same
22998s with buga and miro a little earlier than
22999s we've seen but still in our top five
23001s yeah we can see as well here as well 37
23003s places elite and bank that one game 37
23006s places they jump up that is enormous
23008s vivid yeah absolutely incredible and
23010s listen we've talked about it a bunch
23012s okay spg honestly the most impactful
23015s thing in this lobby has to be storm
23017s surge right yeah like some of these
23019s players are doing way better at getting
23021s swimsuits and that's why they are
23022s consistently making it into these end
23024s games peterbot and bali are doing great
23026s over at the collider being contested by
23027s skittles and users we've seen them make
23029s full advantage of that situation then as
23031s you can see here another way that you
23033s can kind of play storm surge is to be
23034s aggressive in this early to mid game
23037s position yeah we must highlight is of
23039s course the stage is this electric purple
23042s to reflect the storm surge as well it's
23044s a fantastic thing for those of you who
23046s are you know brand new to storms there's
23048s a lot of new viewers as well watching
23050s fncs you want to be familiar with it
23051s this of course is a threshold where if
23053s you're one of the teams that have not
23054s inflicted the amount the damage that
23056s other teams have you start to get hit by
23058s a storm surge every five seconds 25
23060s health goes it takes taken away i want
23062s to ask you spg as well as a team you're
23065s being affected by storm surge do you
23066s ride out with meds or do you try and get
23068s those tags when you're in that situation
23070s do you play every situation by ear what
23072s would you do how do you work it once you
23074s start trying to heal off storm surge
23076s it's one that that is my personal view
23078s on storm surge you have to be proactive
23081s and once you're too late it becomes
23083s really difficult to overcome that hurdle
23085s because not only are you getting hit
23086s with storm surge damage is being dealt
23088s players are seeing you're getting damage
23090s dealt to you so then they're taking
23091s advantage of you being weak and it just
23093s becomes that much harder and just
23095s snowballs as you continue to go down
23097s yeah listen great points you mean there
23098s we are halfway through
23100s day number one right now right so this
23102s could be the turning point for a lot of
23104s these teams they've had three games to
23105s kind of learn what's going on in the
23106s lobby let's see if they can switch it up
23108s adam yes let's see indeed of course that
23110s is game number three done we move into
23112s game four the second half of day number
23115s one here at fncs finals nae but how will
23118s things unfold will our top team continue
23120s to reign supreme let's find out let's
23122s jump in with sundown and mdf
23132s thank you so much gentlemen and i mean
23137s peterbot and bylaw i said it right at
23139s the start i'm like man i feel like we
23140s almost forgot about them nobody's
23142s forgetting now that first qualifier they
23144s ran through there in first place and
23145s after three games we might have to start
23147s talking about that match point they
23149s definitely they're starting to really
23150s take away with the lead here and we'll
23152s leave it to sundown to break down what
23154s match point exactly means let's give it
23155s maybe another game or two but
23157s effectively it could be happening here
23159s they're starting to get so far ahead of
23161s the competition that it's going to be
23163s interesting with 50 points breaking away
23166s from them and the others down low i mean
23168s they have a gamer to buffer to
23170s effectively kind of take a take a
23171s relaxation yeah unless the team who is
23173s in second or third right now puts up a
23176s huge elimination game and the vr no
23178s matter what happens after this game
23180s they're still going to be in that number
23182s one spot on the leaderboard which is a
23184s bit of a ridiculous performance but as
23186s we cover it we're gonna get in match
23188s number four starts now
23191s here we have it this is it we're hopping
23193s on in the halfway mark drawing in the
23195s sand already right the line's been
23196s marked let's go ahead and jump on into
23198s the battle bus megan does made a great
23200s performance that last game we love to
23202s see them there talk about a completely
23204s different zone this is far north for the
23206s bus cut here everyone up top they're
23208s going to touch down quickly these fights
23210s are going to be explosive they're going
23211s to end very fast bison diego finally set
23214s off with a bit of an advantage here
23215s pushing back slacks and clarity so to me
23218s at least seeing just the particular
23220s sleepy sound spot it seems like fizzle
23222s and diego probably got more reps where
23224s they weren't on the absolute southern
23226s part of the map as we see diego end up
23228s picking up because those long flights
23230s are generally a lot harder if you
23232s haven't drilled them knowing the exact
23234s distance you need to land and also
23236s slacks here gets knocked by hide and
23237s seek who's the team on the other side
23239s the southern side of the sleepy sound
23241s player can't stick this is so so hurt
23243s here yeah he's barely got any kind of
23245s material here so he's gotta figure out a
23247s play but no smg fire starts to come in
23249s and they recognize he is out of builds
23251s down goes our third place team slacks
23253s and clarity g a dagger to the heart
23256s there as they just get crushed in game
23258s four so quickly as well and that is why
23261s we talk about that bus so so much at the
23264s start of the games it really determines
23266s so much for certain teams it almost
23269s plays a different dynamic right you have
23270s to have a strategy for what is close to
23272s you when it's far and one of the things
23274s that these top duelers will talk about
23276s all the time when they're landing on a
23277s spot and why it's such a big deal when
23280s somebody moves is it's called the drop
23282s map and what that kind of teaches
23284s players once you've gone through is
23285s regardless of where the bus path is you
23288s know exactly where you need to jump out
23290s how far you need to glide to land on one
23291s of those priority weapons now if you
23293s haven't necessarily drilled or had the
23295s amount of practice to get to where you
23297s need to get going somebody else who does
23299s can take advantage of that as we're
23301s seeing scented and cold begin to get
23303s their rotation going on and they got a
23305s little bit of daylight now and there's
23306s clear implications as well to third
23308s place falling right these are teams that
23310s are on the heels of our first place uh
23312s duo so for violin peterbot if second and
23315s third go down i mean they are gonna have
23317s such a just a killer lead like over
23320s everybody like they're gonna really
23321s really have a lot of room to work with
23323s and that's also scary for the rest of
23325s lobby because everyone is chasing down
23328s that fncs pickaxe of champions you want
23331s to go ahead and be one of those teams in
23333s that number one conversation for first
23335s place but when you have a team like
23336s peterbot and bylaw playing the way
23337s they're playing right now they have this
23339s exceptional draw spot and no one's
23341s really contested them yes you have
23342s skittles and used on the other side but
23344s this is a draw spot big enough for two
23346s there's no need to take early clash
23348s necessarily we'll see it happen but it
23350s isn't forced and one of the things i
23353s love about peterbot's looting path right
23355s now is this priority get a prioritizing
23357s getting that mythic scope burst and then
23360s additionally you can see him getting all
23362s of the high value materials he's on
23364s nearly max stone and 300 plus metal in a
23366s blink of an eye because he knows the
23368s high value resources to hit
23371s look at miro here talk about high valley
23373s resources the entire drop spot is one
23375s that's loaded with them metal brick wood
23378s and of course the extra coolers to get
23380s those chug splashes for elites and bank
23383s man big game to put them inside the
23386s conversation a big game to hang your hat
23388s on
23388s you pulled off something exceptional
23390s this fncs
23392s you talked about it quite literally
23393s could be a record setting game record
23396s pacing game right there a huge huge
23398s performance from them yeah supposed to
23399s say i don't think at least for this fncs
23401s we've seen a duo put up that many
23404s eliminations it might have been one or
23405s two that we're close going through but
23407s just a fantastic effort and it goes to
23409s show just how strong that can be on the
23411s leaderboard you know what's very
23412s interesting is that they've changed
23413s their play style as well after that huge
23415s pop-up they're like wait a second top
23417s ten we don't we should not stay inside
23419s the command cavern let's just get out of
23420s here and it's almost like that little
23422s showing says we can do this
23425s and sometimes that's all you need you
23426s need a little bit of daylight there and
23429s you can kind of keep it rolling which
23430s honestly i feel like is what's happening
23432s with peterbot and byla there's just no
23434s slowdown from the first qualifier where
23436s they took first place to now and they're
23438s continuing to keep it rolling we have a
23440s problem with this zone though and the
23442s problem is canada and aegis have not
23443s played well with the zone has been close
23445s to greasy grove they just haven't found
23447s their storm surge it becomes more and
23448s more difficult for any team that has a
23450s zone on top of them to find teams
23452s rotating and it seems like they do a lot
23453s better when they're forced to go
23455s somewhere else because they move around
23457s the map so well together but also
23459s another team that we need to look at
23460s here is muslim avery because we talked
23462s about facing adversity being able to
23464s overcome it i know a lot of people
23466s talked about like hey i'm not
23467s necessarily sure this duo clicks in
23469s terms of their play style but they found
23471s the way to put it all together through
23472s their individual effort and the skill
23474s and now they're set up pretty solidly
23477s for what feels like the first time we've
23479s tuned in with them yeah definitely a
23480s good spot to be in top nine we know we
23482s lost avery a little early that last game
23484s that rotate coming out the storm maybe
23486s they stood around a little too long
23487s right and they got
23488s picked off i mean it's the cavern
23490s everyone always hangs out right super
23492s unfortunate time for them to come on in
23494s avery falls to the storm right there was
23495s a lot of things that didn't go well but
23497s hey the fact that they managed to pick
23498s up enough points and even give them the
23499s opportunity to continue to hold the top
23501s ten is important and and cool in its own
23503s right we'll see how that plays out for
23504s acorn and edgy here's a team that's
23506s starting to rocket their way on up right
23508s jump their way on into this conversation
23509s this is a caster pick for us as well
23511s acorn and edgy right um who is it i
23513s think somebody's gun leaning into acorn
23515s and edgy a team that we definitely know
23517s has that champion caliber they're here
23519s and one of the things we end up going
23521s back and we're talking about predictions
23522s put a lot of time looking at the drop
23524s map and all that but we also flip flop
23527s all the time like if we were going
23528s through rehearsals yesterday and you
23529s looked at the prediction page then
23531s compared to now i'm pretty sure like
23532s three fifths of us ended up changing and
23534s going through it it just goes to show
23536s how strong the lobby is and players
23539s moving around each other it can make a
23541s big difference as right now jackson and
23543s mason who were pretty much known
23545s throughout the entirety of the
23546s qualifiers to just come barging into
23548s greasy grove have completely swapped up
23551s their place definitely kind of like
23552s shoney and polo right changing up the
23554s place out trying to find success
23555s especially when we see finals we love to
23557s see especially newer teams try out
23560s things that are gonna you know
23562s potentially and hopefully work for them
23563s when it comes down to finals no new team
23565s that we've seen show up today has taken
23568s their finals opportunity and tossed it
23569s to the win in the past maybe you see
23571s players just head bang into a draw spot
23573s but not this time around be very very
23576s quiet
23577s we hunting lawrence and blake we've seen
23580s day and clicks do this a number of times
23583s but can they finally get the three two
23586s one and convert it into something they
23588s can push on they also have not done this
23590s to blake and lawrence right they've
23592s opened on many other teams but this time
23594s here they're finding blake and lawrence
23596s completely off guard out in the open
23598s they have to be careful those visual
23599s sound effects will give your position a
23601s little bit further than others but he
23603s understands this very very well now they
23605s have the high ground they have to see
23606s him in his natural divot this is the
23607s perfect time to open up he doesn't even
23608s wait for clicks he finds a couple tags
23610s here tries to take the push this is what
23611s day does best though is to open up these
23614s fights and try to fully commit to it but
23616s blake and lawrence have been playing
23617s very well but one of the key differences
23619s normally when they take this push
23620s there's somebody lurking around them who
23622s can chip them out and we've commented on
23624s every time but for the first time
23625s there's nobody else there and also for
23627s the first time they just back off trying
23630s to play it slow instead of here playing
23631s smart they probably recognize these guys
23633s are playing very well but there's more
23635s of course unfolding we got vivid to give
23637s us the lowdown
23640s hey guys just wanted to catch up on the
23641s big question mark coming into today
23643s scented and cold we're presumably going
23645s to be contested by quantity and larson
23647s but big switch-ups happen in games one
23649s two and three scented now in game four
23652s as you can see they're taking a split
23653s drop but it's causing a little bit of
23654s awkward moments you can see him using
23656s that siege kind of rotate over the
23658s building thinking that he was gonna get
23659s some free loot but now he actually runs
23660s into larson again ends up making it to
23663s safety though let's see what they can do
23664s with the rest of this game
23666s and the name of the game in nae is stay
23670s on your feet and as i say that boga
23672s fails to do so and pen getting the knock
23674s and taking him down to see ness actually
23676s knocking diego as well over in the
23678s sleepy sound and miro says i've had
23680s enough of that he's sprinting back and
23683s potentially trying to maybe get a reboot
23685s back in the zone he can hang out here
23688s forever two floppers two med kits as
23691s long as even has the shield keg to
23692s offset some of the storm surge and has a
23695s med miss if he just wants to hang out
23697s and not worry as it's the other duo
23699s rotating away he should be able to grab
23701s this card and make it happen what's
23702s crazy about this is this entire saloon
23704s was not even looted like talk about
23706s having an incredible draw spot and then
23708s even more loot to play with uh you can
23710s see up at the top that mirror and booga
23712s have at least 16 points in each of their
23714s last 16 set lobbies games played so they
23717s have been
23718s playing okay right but you know where to
23721s pick up that's
23722s actually really if we're talking minimum
23724s number like picking up a minimum of 16
23727s points going through in that regard is
23729s really really really good 16 games yeah
23732s like that is a very impressive streak
23734s coming through it i mean i think that
23735s then has to go back to the last finals
23737s as well because they ended up going
23738s through in the 12 year and a half
23740s probably exactly yeah definitely a lot
23742s of games there guys dates way back
23745s to the other times when of course
23747s they're looking to fight punched in
23748s those f and cs champs but dj yamzo for
23750s the first time now we're seeing them get
23752s a little bit closer and closer to danger
23754s here just outside of sensing cold pay
23757s attention to that feat something might
23758s be going down for avery muzz they have
23760s managed to end up on high ground okay so
23761s we're just seeing like take the dice and
23763s roll it and i mean also just as we're
23765s looking at all these teams who are in
23766s command cavalry we had i believe it was
23768s second sixth ninth eleventh all right on
23772s top of each other these guys are the top
23774s part of the table at one of the
23775s strongest points and having an amazing
23777s bandage all we need is pi uh peterbot
23779s and uh biology to go and jump up in this
23781s conversation toss themselves into this
23783s general area and all of a sudden we got
23784s ourselves a deadly concoction but on
23787s over to edgy and acorn our 14th place
23789s team we saw that they were sitting right
23790s around these other teams and it looks
23792s like they're looking for a fight but day
23793s and clicks are also looking for a battle
23795s they got pressured into this entire mix
23798s here
23799s but yet again they taking chip damage
23802s from the side as they're trying to get
23804s this aggression if they can close that
23805s off they're fantastic when they can get
23807s wall to wall they can win these fights
23809s but they keep getting chipped down
23811s instead it looks like they're trying to
23812s potentially rotate past
23815s a little bit of a
23817s mix for wear here day and clicks are
23820s jammed in between edgy and acorn and
23821s then that team that's holding down the
23822s front side of the water there so there's
23824s no free passes here it's table taco and
23826s golden
23827s as we know fable taco and golden of
23829s course just trying to figure out their
23831s draw spot figure out this general area
23833s they have been landing and pretty much
23834s looting the shambles loots that's just
23836s outside the tilted tower in the collider
23839s this is actually the first time just
23840s taking a peek at peterbot's inventory we
23842s talked about him going for that mythic
23844s ar right off of the start and just
23846s putting shots in the first time we've
23848s seen him holding the striker pump which
23850s is something i wanted to talk about
23851s because even back when the regular pumps
23852s were still in the game and everyone was
23854s using that peterbot was a tax shotgun
23856s player he likes the high rate of fire
23858s weapons he likes kind of taking
23859s advantage pressuring your walls and as
23862s we see here like we talked about miro
23864s got booga back up on his feet and he's
23865s even splitting him resources now they're
23867s burning about that too and the worst
23869s part about this they are so below the
23871s surge actually so this is a desperate
23873s attempt for them the launch pad is
23874s absolutely a necessity here guys they
23876s have to not only get to the zone they
23878s have to get to the zone they have to
23879s fight they have to find time to heal
23881s there's a lot working against them here
23883s now the one thing they can do get in a
23885s box fight throw those two barrels down
23887s and they can actually take damage and
23889s take a fight that is probably the only
23890s play that is realistic here for them
23893s booga is split up from euro though
23894s murals decide to go straight into
23896s another team booga however says hey
23898s there's minis here i need this luke
23900s and as we see now boga trying to find
23902s some side honestly he might look to
23905s potentially fish like they're running
23907s out of options here in terms of white hb
23909s and when you're late to the edge of the
23910s zone i promise you there's going to be
23912s players there as we swing on over duke
23914s and jim they're in a similar situation
23916s but able to pick up much-needed limbs
23918s and damage definitely a huge fight here
23920s tk's down hodgy's down down goes thatch
23922s as well thatch falling is actually huge
23924s if we came for the standing as well but
23925s miro jumps in the box so this booga
23928s they're stepping in player 5 is the one
23930s player on the other side of the wall
23931s have they done enough miro has already
23933s picked up a full elimination he just
23936s face checks a two-man duo and gets away
23939s with one and now he's looking to close
23940s out here on at five that was not so i
23942s was just about to say up in the feed
23944s miro got a knock but he just full sent
23947s using that legendary combat smg and
23949s getting on top of tk and playa fly who
23951s are very good in these circumstances but
23952s as we talked about seven below 52 below
23954s storm is still going to keep picking it
23956s playa five he's below as well so if
23958s they're able to take the aggression on
23960s to him this could end up being a huge
23962s saving grace for that also look at
23964s booga's hp it's starting to run really
23966s low here merrell as well
23969s ticking there's no more time left one
23971s surge and that's it that is it so right
23973s here that's too much hp no he doesn't
23975s have time for the bandage don't troll
23977s sundown there is no time for that here
23979s it's finals maybe vero is off to the
23982s races though he has to get a little bit
23983s more tags will he survive i will still
23986s claim that zextro could have popped that
23987s bandage and sprinted into zone but with
23990s just the zone still only switching over
23992s to two tick there is potential that they
23995s might be able to keep booger from
23996s getting full confirmed we're gonna keep
23997s an eye on the top left-hand corner as i
23999s say that kanada gets a pair day gets one
24002s and it actually looks like boga ends up
24003s going down we'll see if another reboot
24005s can come through but peterborough
24006s underneath serge might have just
24008s individually put him above i think it
24009s did nero's down as well and that's it
24012s second place down third place down
24014s fourth is all that remains in the game
24016s peterbot and bylaw now have the runway
24018s completely open it's a green light how
24021s much gas do they have in a tank how far
24023s can they take this opportunity if they
24026s manage to pop off once again here it is
24029s a true runaway train the only way to
24032s dethrone them will probably be to land
24034s on them contest them make something
24036s again troublesome for them because so
24038s far they have had like cruising on easy
24041s street right now dj i'm looking for a
24044s little bit of room here you can see tim
24046s and enzo still 27 below and just as i
24049s say that a duo gets confirmed and they
24051s will fortunately not have to dig into
24052s their resources thanks to pam so
24054s catching a pair onto mega and dubs we
24056s did see fats go down though so pam could
24059s be a solo here megan dubs now fully
24061s taken out
24062s we will get the full update there
24064s shortly scented and cold however that
24066s team that we said it was fourth place
24067s still in the game it's sensitive cold
24069s here now in second place they find
24071s someone off guard here it's actually
24072s banking elite our other top ten team
24075s very very big opportunity here for
24076s sensitive cold as they have managed to
24078s find just a couple tacks going and start
24079s this one off in the feed though peter
24081s pot finds another one tabs g is going to
24084s find a knock-on to fable taco and
24086s already these exchanges are starting to
24088s add up if you didn't know you could take
24090s the port-a-potty to go ahead and hit a
24091s rotator right there a little tech for
24093s you guys i mean i like to call those the
24095s portal potties you know you end up going
24096s through it's a nice little portal on the
24097s opposite side fun fact they're also
24100s indestructible so hey you ever need to
24101s buy a couple seconds you know just catch
24103s a little break on the side might not
24105s smell too good but better than being
24106s taken down early yeah definitely on over
24109s to avery and muzz though so now we have
24111s three teams at the command cavern all
24113s within the top ten all still alive this
24114s game as well and we saw a very similar
24117s thing over rdu where command cavern hey
24119s man if you're you don't even need to
24121s alpha it up people will give you room
24122s there's plenty of resources to be
24124s scooped up but the zone is getting super
24127s interesting now as we are relatively
24129s central but with just the river running
24131s through it and not too many natural high
24132s ground spots players are going to be
24134s forced to burn a lot of their hard mass
24136s but as we're checking in with our teams
24138s in the top 10 they don't have a ton yeah
24140s also it leads down in the storm here
24142s bank is just holding on to dear life
24144s thinking about it can i get the pickup
24146s here can i save my teammate it's not
24147s looking likely yamzo dj only a single
24150s elim right now also very very hurt
24152s looking super bad right now what is
24155s their play here how do you survive this
24157s honestly if they have the awareness to
24159s know that team is there you just want to
24161s jump on bank when he comes out of the
24163s zone they should know somebody is
24164s rotating it up and here it is
24167s no doesn't find the opportunity we were
24169s holding our breath there and bank
24171s just squeaks his way through but also
24173s his muzzle avery was down low here as
24175s well
24176s bank is in a world of trouble he is
24178s pinched in between our top five number
24180s seven teams here but not only that it's
24183s muzz and avery war definitely in the
24184s league yeah it's six seven eight right
24186s on top of each other and but muzzle and
24188s avery have the party position and one
24189s thing too in avery's low down he has a
24190s sniper i'm about to say he's gonna look
24192s to catch somebody over peaking what's
24193s crazy is avery and booger are one of the
24195s two only any easter pros that would
24196s actually carry this confidently and it's
24199s also interesting to note that they
24200s played with each other in the past right
24201s so some stuff working between them
24203s that's got to knock on the cold which we
24204s talked about peterbot and byla entering
24207s tournament management mode if cold and
24209s scented go down second third and fourth
24212s are down right at the first placement
24215s threshold so risky d-gen taking the pad
24218s here it's low he's moving fast but avery
24220s all he needs to do is sneeze on dj and
24222s it's over luckily it touches down in the
24224s feed though center goes down to the
24226s explosive shony and polo we talked about
24229s them they're so good they're finding a
24231s lot of success here and already that's a
24234s full elimination that's not just a knock
24235s that is a complete elimination
24238s and djinn and the amzo are about to be
24240s called right here i mean they got about
24242s one damage worth of hp but then there's
24244s a launch pad
24246s might as well put it down right just
24248s don't want to give that one away for
24249s free pam still is just looking around
24251s now you can see the walls crumbling here
24252s that's because pam's starting to pickaxe
24254s there it is we get to jump into his
24255s perspective and he just pushes off the
24257s enzo first second bank finally gets
24259s picked off by scare bear there another
24260s team that's starting to inch their way
24261s into that top ten big knock though onto
24263s lawrence a team that was edging their
24265s way on up blake and lawrence but that's
24267s just a knock will the finish come
24268s through is the true question as that's a
24270s team that is on peterbot's heels
24272s remember peterbot and bila are
24275s effectively
24276s in a position to just break away i mean
24279s they are 70 plus points up no that is
24282s not a mistake yes we are only in game
24284s four we'll have two more after this they
24286s are 70 plus points up on the closest duo
24289s in the lobby right now that means
24291s besides peterbot and byla hey things are
24293s pretty close but this is the finals you
24295s gotta catch those boys and you gotta
24297s start getting going now yeah definitely
24299s if cold is still alive here as well i
24301s mean they're just
24303s holding on by a thread so that thread's
24305s thin let's see it though for bishop
24307s visible gets taken out larson falls
24309s there
24310s all the trees happen now here's byla
24312s here's peterborough here's their
24313s situation peterbot no hp
24316s for the shields okay he's got one
24318s flopper to work with
24319s jamper on high ground six the zone does
24322s not pull their way they're gonna need a
24324s launch pad and they're gonna need an
24325s asap here it is they're going for the
24326s ground rotate they don't even want to
24327s stick around and wait
24330s tough situation trying to slide down
24332s they need to hop right on over the river
24333s and you see them utilizing wood builds
24336s trying to be as sparing as possible and
24337s i mean
24338s over the river and through the builds
24340s but byla gets rips to shreds before he
24344s can end up getting to grandmother's
24345s house and again does not have any
24348s shields but they see the player just
24349s kind of slowly floating next to him they
24351s want to be able to pick that up ashoni
24352s finds another mus gets the confirmation
24354s on to quantity right now and we are
24356s closing in on that top 25 but there is
24360s no storm surge today and right now if
24361s i'm peterbot and bilo i want to pick up
24363s ignorant on the back side of the zone
24364s and peterborough tries to change the
24365s angle he gets taken out violet goes down
24367s as well and that's default just outside
24369s the top 25 finally now there's an
24371s opportunity for the players to go ahead
24372s and hop their way on up make this a
24374s closer competition but we set it they
24376s have effectively a 70 point stretch over
24379s everyone else that's so far about three
24382s games worth of comfort so if we're
24384s looking now in this game first out
24387s second out third out fourth out six out
24390s seventh out that means we just have
24393s blake and lawrence duke jamper muzz
24395s avery pam style fashion then joji and
24397s rokane we're just on the outside looking
24399s in of the top ten they want to make a
24401s push here to try and equalize that a
24404s little bit there's daylight to push into
24405s second if you can scoop this vr and some
24408s elimination a couple bubble teams
24409s walkers and scarab demonics down low
24411s jeff's duo i saw agers holding on there
24414s on the side so those are teams that if
24416s they perform well here and now they will
24418s jump into the top ten and put themselves
24420s in a conversation talk for day two but
24423s ro came in jojo goji's hurt he got left
24425s behind he finally catches up to rotate
24427s now and they're both looking very very
24429s weak right now as they don't have a lot
24430s of hp i think joji got picked off on the
24433s back side of the stand there what just
24434s happened
24436s duke and jim are going down as well
24437s they're going to try and take that short
24438s pad you can see just a sliver of hp in
24441s daylight on joji that's barely even one
24444s might as well be zero duke will end up
24446s getting the confirmation over nick goes
24448s down tabs goes down we're in the top 25.
24451s swimsuit will turn on here in 20 seconds
24453s if five more players don't fall but
24456s we're looking at shambles he has joji 52
24458s hp and looking for some space rokin
24460s gonna split all the mats now just eight
24463s combined hp slams down some armored
24465s walls looking for a little bit of room
24467s clicks goes down joji goes down and
24469s honestly this is gonna be a shake up
24471s here moz and avery they're in a good
24472s position if they can find some bill
24474s definitely pam so also falls there so
24476s there it is another top 10 team already
24478s getting just blown out of the lobby here
24481s well before the big placement point
24483s starts to get given out for now though
24484s high ground pledging taiyo starting to
24486s pressure down the lobby must and avery
24488s sneak their way on into fourth here
24490s oliver og finds walkers the two bubble
24492s teams clashing there on that low ground
24495s position that mid ground is getting very
24497s very interesting here pledge though
24499s starting to look for a refresher he's
24500s edging his way around here this is a
24502s wind set up condition for him if they
24504s can pull through agers and kanada are
24506s still alive and they're also inside that
24507s top 11 here take a look at blake though
24509s solo plus time and he's in to second
24512s place we talked about all those doers
24514s going down and there being daylight so
24515s far they've capitalized but with only
24517s two builds all he cares about is
24519s outlasting other duos he doesn't want to
24521s get smelled out he wants to just hang
24523s around if he can find a refresh on the
24524s box of the zone that'll be huge and klix
24526s gets taken down gives him a couple more
24528s bills but no excess shield definitely a
24530s full finish right there that's worth the
24531s point
24532s and the three points moz and avery go
24534s down inside the top five there it is
24536s blake now has a chance to run away with
24538s this but there's not many solos alive
24541s here they get found out right there he
24542s gets just a run away here he's trying to
24545s stay alive here watching this behind
24547s here just making sure there's no one
24548s creeping up the zone bounces back it's
24550s gonna work very very well for him kanata
24552s finds oliver og in the feed agers gets
24554s hurt but he's still in it agers does
24557s have to clutch up now as kanada falls
24558s down two on the right though we have
24560s nets trying to solo clutch right now
24562s he's inside the top eight and it's a
24563s pop-off performance this mid-round is so
24566s congested
24568s looking for some space we still have
24569s plenty of actually six solo riders out
24572s there right now as well as six duos who
24574s are even it out you can see the action
24575s on the back side of the zone as av
24576s trying to get a piece of it but blake is
24578s hanging out just underneath that he says
24580s hey the more people that fall better for
24581s me but we saw threats in qualifier one
24583s with an amazing 10 elim game by himself
24585s sitting on four right now and despite
24587s the builds they're looking pretty good
24589s but we're bouncing back and forth this
24591s is our third straight bounce back and if
24592s it pulls anywhere back to the north
24595s things are gonna get real weird real
24597s fast yeah nets is trying to go in and
24598s sit this one out he's going to go for
24600s the storm play the med kid play
24601s meanwhile goes blake on that low ground
24603s just inching his way around here this
24605s back and forth bounce is really played
24607s into his favor because
24609s he builds and it is going to go right
24611s down legend crew on high ground have
24613s slowly ran out of material so now they
24616s have to come on down this is not a free
24618s win for them by any means as threats and
24620s rise have been looking on up huge knock
24622s right there from threats he gets some
24623s big tags goes in for the finish but no
24625s someone sneaks up behind him it's
24626s actually bryson austin and down he goes
24629s the hands of bryce here meanwhile blake
24631s sneaking away with so many points now
24633s he's about 40 maybe 30 points stretch
24636s from first place so he is definitely in
24638s that conversation bouncing his way back
24640s into it on the side though blake still
24642s up but there's going to be a change in
24644s elevation here yes we're heading back
24645s towards some old fields but if you don't
24647s have a way up or you don't have daylight
24649s to mantle it's going to get very tough
24651s but blake has since we've watched he's
24653s picked up the one elimination and like
24655s 10 placement points he's jumping up he's
24658s just adding up here we're inside the top
24660s five yeah
24661s he has to play this low ground so well
24662s but ages is coming around the corner and
24664s he just wiped him up like a firework
24667s down he goes five eliminations now and
24669s asia snatches up a fourth place here and
24671s he is starting to crank his way out the
24673s side remember high ground does not have
24675s any builds here the low ground teams
24677s have been able to live off the siphon
24679s down finally those agers users is
24681s clutching up chris fishing here
24683s for
24684s down he goes and he has all the white
24686s heels he ends up dropping them here for
24688s skittles this is a team that's at
24689s collider remember that they absolutely
24691s need this a free elimination for narwhal
24694s and nexi as they've managed to turn
24695s around this high ground and now they're
24697s fighting their way out to this victory
24699s royale here it's a 2v1 situation and
24702s taiyo you can run but you cannot hide
24705s down he goes and narwhal spears him
24708s there with the horn on his head and i
24710s want to say we're going to get a shake
24712s up in the leaderboard but we know who's
24714s on top however blake and lawrence they
24717s made a push i mean blake was talking
24718s about maybe dipping down to florida
24720s instead he's going to be dipping all the
24722s way up the top of the leaderboard here
24724s as we can now take a look next to
24726s narwhal i mean just great positional
24728s advantage eight e limbs in the vr that's
24730s gonna put them in the conversation yeah
24731s we saw what happens when that zone can
24733s bounce back and forth right there can
24735s start to work against that high ground
24737s team pledging company we're starting to
24738s put down too many materials and then all
24740s of a sudden there were no refreshers
24742s available because they're behind all
24743s these heavy mats it was six
24746s seven eight and the nine went barely
24748s over to the side but you saw so many
24751s things happen we thought maybe this was
24752s the game where peter bought and bylaw
24754s stalled but everyone else went down as
24757s well so we know who's on the top what
24760s does the rest of the leaderboard look
24761s like gentlemen
24762s oh it's gonna be fantastic and then we
24764s saw there as well you know they didn't
24765s have the high ground but narwhal and
24766s nexi did have the storm in their favor
24769s they go through the victory royale there
24770s and getting a lot of points as well but
24772s this was a this was one of those amazing
24774s games that we have here as well as the
24775s boys mentioned we had our top seven
24777s teams only blake and lawrence in fifth
24778s position were the ones still going when
24781s there were 25 teams left in that game
24783s vivid this was this is what we kind of
24785s hoped for here in a way because it makes
24787s things so exciting for our predictions
24788s for you guys watching at home and the
24790s leaderboard is going to be all over the
24791s shop after this one the leaderboard
24793s right that that's the talking point here
24795s like what is going on there but yeah
24797s blake and lawrence i mean it's
24798s incredible to see him putting up so many
24800s points as a solo but it's incredible to
24802s see we know that he lands over at condo
24805s canyon right but threats and varieties
24806s do as well and we saw both of those
24808s teams actually in the end game so maybe
24810s a little bit of a favorable zone for
24812s condo canyon i don't know hey maybe
24813s they're figuring something out you know
24815s finding some space to make everyone work
24818s everyone happy but that was so nice by
24820s blake
24821s what we have to talk about is plegenteo
24823s on the high ground though they were able
24825s to take that high ground and hold it for
24828s a
24828s long ish but not long enough yeah and
24831s what you really need here is that one
24833s more refresh they were able to get nas
24835s in at one point but it wasn't enough
24836s material to sustain this high ground and
24839s you see the ammo count wasn't huge for
24841s them so that's why they're not able to
24843s go and make aggressive plays nice play
24845s here by teo to make sure they confirm
24847s that second place because they easily
24849s could have lost the high ground then
24850s fell in third so solid play and that
24852s should boost them up the leaderboard as
24854s well
24855s i don't even know what this is going to
24857s look like because there were so many
24859s teams that that just made plays yeah
24861s well so i saw canada as well like in the
24864s end games the monster we have as well
24865s but let's have a look now this is how
24866s things stand
24867s 151 points vivid i mean
24870s it's i mean the lead is definitely been
24872s shrunk a little bit here but still we're
24874s talking about 35 odd points here this is
24876s still a big margin yeah absolutely
24877s incredible that peter bought violet even
24879s though they went down a little bit early
24881s in the game earlier than what we've seen
24882s them put out they are still up there by
24884s quite a margin but like we mentioned
24886s blake and lawrence that performance
24887s right there they're gonna be bumping up
24888s three spots it's amazing actually to see
24890s we were talking about big leaderboard
24891s ships right there buca mira didn't
24892s actually move at all and then send it in
24894s cold only went down one so maybe not as
24896s many shifts as we were kind of expecting
24898s but nonetheless you know great
24900s performance out of blake and lawrence we
24902s love to see that yeah just finding ways
24904s to hide in that mid ground the low
24906s ground that is really difficult if you
24908s have no idea how difficult that is to
24910s play with no materials get no refreshes
24913s and then just continue to like sneak
24914s around find your way through those
24916s builds and not run into players that is
24918s an impressive game even though it
24919s doesn't say it on the elim count that
24922s was really cool by blake and another
24924s team kanata agers you mentioned it yeah
24926s they were able to have a really solid
24928s match as well they picked up several
24929s eliminations in that end game able to
24931s get themselves up into this top ten hide
24934s and seek nets another one shooting up
24936s the leaderboard so we did see some
24938s shifts on this bottom
24940s half of the top ten but not necessarily
24942s on the top half yeah and let's not
24943s forget as well every single one of our
24945s our placements here on fncs finals as
24947s well there comes that prize pool as well
24949s 15 points right now between 10th
24951s position and third position that is so
24953s close uh narwhal nexty here they were
24955s seeing the end game i mean the high the
24958s high ground we said was good but they
24959s did drop to low vivid and managed to
24961s maintain because the storm despite the
24962s fact the storm has been all over the
24964s place today we've seen it on water tons
24966s and now we see it moving in their favor
24967s and they are able to remain intact on
24969s the lower ground but still get the
24971s victory royale and go through with a lot
24972s of points yeah we actually saw that it
24974s was actually teo who was on the high gun
24976s for most of the game and sun and mnf
24978s were speaking to it that they had no
24980s mats left and they pretty much wrote it
24982s out for as long as they possibly could
24983s actually pick up that second place so
24984s well done by them but narwhal and nxt
24986s having the awareness realizing listen
24988s this high ground team they're not really
24990s playing for much it kind of looks like
24991s there are little shambles maybe they are
24992s out of maps eventually they do go into
24994s that storm kind of make that a little
24995s bit of a higher gun play and finish the
24997s game off with eight eliminations in the
24998s victory royale so big swing for them
25000s yeah hey you got to make plays to win
25001s the game that's what this is all about
25003s right you want to be able to be on top
25005s of the leaderboard at the end of the day
25007s so solid play by them and hey they're
25009s looking that much better yes that's
25010s right and you see blake and lawrence
25012s have really shot up the leaderboard now
25013s and they're in a second position they're
25015s not too far away so anything is possible
25017s still we always say that in fncs finals
25019s uh we're going into our next game here
25021s it's game five and of course
25023s everything's to play for who will get to
25025s the top and who could supersede
25027s peterborough we'll have to wait and see
25029s it's over to the cast of sundown our
25031s monster to bring us all the good stuff
25033s over to you fellas
25040s thank you so much adam vivid and spg
25044s with two matches to go it's still just
25046s peterbot and biola's world everyone else
25048s is playing catch-up the last game though
25051s if you take the top away everything else
25053s is super competitive so if they slip if
25055s they fall if they stumble there's some
25057s room yeah that's the thing now the
25059s standings have truly become a lot more
25061s competitive right those teams that were
25062s starting to break away and and kind of
25065s feel like the tournament was slipping
25066s from them have an opportunity now they
25068s get to jump back into things and that's
25070s what we're seeing here canada and agers
25071s jump really hop skip and jump their way
25074s into top 10 there and they're only
25076s what six seven about eight points or so
25079s separating them to the top five and that
25081s top five it gets truly competitive as
25083s well i think blake and lawrence have
25085s proven that if they can get out of that
25087s draw spot they can do serious things
25089s yeah they're able to find the picks they
25090s need they're able to find the
25091s eliminations but as we saw up there the
25094s eliminations is what's separating the
25095s top and here we go we got this game we
25099s got one more and then we'll have n a
25102s west just right after that and then we
25104s do it all again tomorrow also don't
25108s forget make sure you tune in at the top
25110s of show tomorrow we got something real
25112s spicy for you can't wait to see what
25113s that's all about but here it is game
25115s five is underway it's a south pole
25119s touches down voyo and except finally
25122s being contested here and this is again a
25124s contested drop for volume xf we've seen
25126s him be so successful for the entire
25129s semis run
25130s smackdown cobalt though gets shut down
25132s here the one time smacking kobold
25134s actually got out of here they played
25135s really really well we saw that for sure
25137s as they made it end game but talk about
25139s two very skilled teams unfortunately
25142s just clashing at a drop spot not big
25144s enough for two and cobalt now he's just
25147s kind of have to chill but there's only
25149s one spot you're really gonna hide and
25151s you see him he wants to try and drop
25152s down and find a right hand that he's
25153s able to sit behind he does have that
25156s drum shotgun off of the rip where if you
25158s want a weapon to 1v2 with as we saw
25161s peterbot do this is it the difference
25163s being it's really strong right off the
25165s rip if your opponents don't have shields
25168s that's not really the case here yeah
25170s these guys already have the siphon
25171s material now a little bit more loot the
25173s more time that he waits the more likely
25175s voya and xf are to just get situated
25177s here and find more to win this fight out
25179s here it is though they start to commit
25180s on into cobalt cobalt is just hoping
25182s they walk in and give him the fair one
25184s when you hear the shots going off he
25185s gets a knock but it's not gonna be
25187s enough here boyle will be able to finish
25189s that up and just like that they hopped
25191s their way into 19th place with two
25193s eliminations there on over to slacks and
25195s clarity g last game sleepy sound that
25198s battle bus actually worked against them
25200s they were taken out right away and this
25202s time we've had a different bus than
25203s we've seen it was almost due south due
25206s north right down the middle which
25207s doesn't favor really any part of the map
25210s unless you're going to the extremes
25211s towards the outside but because
25213s everyone's kind of moving at the same
25214s time we have seen less duos taking that
25217s initial chip damage because somebody on
25219s the earlier part of the bus path is able
25221s to abuse them right so now we're going
25223s to see probably a little bit more
25225s dragged out fights here in these pois
25227s unless somebody wants to get moving and
25229s clarity he is moving yeah they're trying
25231s to make up for lost time there clarity g
25234s and slacks were in second place
25236s coming into that game four getting taken
25238s out off the rip there
25240s had them hard stuck at 92 points and now
25243s you're seeing that all these other teams
25245s took advantage of it those bubble teams
25247s that were within that top 15 have now
25248s managed to claw their way into this
25250s conversation and put themselves within a
25252s competitive reach of them for peter
25254s bottom bylaw falling outside the top 25
25257s they didn't enough to at least give them
25259s some points it wasn't just a dud round
25261s by any means last game yeah i mean five
25264s points isn't bad but it really cut into
25266s their average of scoring about 50 points
25268s a game as you can see peterbot still
25270s in first with total elim sitting on 14th
25274s which is absolutely bonkers he is just
25276s in elimination he's not talking any
25278s amount of placement he's accountable for
25279s 42 points himself that is really
25282s impressive as you see acorn get a
25284s knocking confirmation on the fable taco
25286s in the feed for the first time though
25287s we're seeing them get pushed out a
25288s little early here from the collider
25290s force to the outskirts having to give
25292s away all that center point loot that's
25294s so so valuable for acorn and edgy though
25296s they were in 14th last game they have
25298s slipped down so far down because they
25300s fell early this time now fighting up
25302s against gold in here and of course fable
25304s taco this is a a drop that they don't
25306s contest each other but they fight for
25308s some loot within each other's passing
25310s and teams will fight back right they
25312s will push players back edgy does manage
25314s to find the full elimination there and
25316s that's the finish the two elims for them
25318s now and that's all because
25320s you know fable talking golden they get a
25322s little greedy right
25323s we want some more loot we're gonna go
25324s for that floor loo and now it forces a
25326s fight and those are massive upgrades on
25328s either side edgy sitting on an epic
25330s striker pump as well as the legendary
25332s combat shotgun i believe there was an
25333s our combat smg i believe there was
25335s another legendary weapon that he's going
25337s to gift over to acorn i mean they're in
25339s prime position edgy is actually
25342s i was the best that he's going to do the
25343s smart thing and rotate back over to
25344s acorn because scented and cold they're
25347s rolling up for right now our second
25348s place duo they're getting pinched again
25350s clicks and day we're actually able to
25352s make the 3-2-1 work this time they
25354s managed to find them last this time he
25356s fights back but lawrence does not do
25359s enough clicks goes down day goes down
25360s threats and rides are seeing this all
25362s unfold outside and they have an option
25364s to weigh in here but they say no no no
25367s we're not going to go head to head with
25368s clicks and day it's not worth it they
25371s back out and just like that we get to
25373s hop on over to another exciting fight of
25374s scented and cold they opened fire onto
25377s acorn and edgy but they don't find
25378s enough to finish the battle here this
25380s was stella yes for those of you who
25382s don't know faze wall taker seven is
25384s phase scented the reason he goes by wall
25386s taker is they play low ground all the
25388s time he's generally the one trying to
25390s get up on the walls and set up colt with
25393s that being said when you are one of the
25396s best players in your region please rep
25399s your brand rep your name let us give you
25401s all the clout when we throw your name up
25403s there when you get the vr we want to see
25405s face centered we want to see your name
25406s we want to be able to celebrate you it
25409s makes it easy in that regard we don't
25411s have to do any of the guesswork because
25412s we're going to swing on over to man city
25414s threats for the most part our players
25416s this season done a great job oh yeah
25418s that's the only one one of the biggest
25421s early on mira early on had to call him
25423s out on that too but we're talking today
25425s actively interesting cs finals so
25427s scented you know step up but player five
25430s pops off here he finds himself a nice
25431s little elimination that's a much needed
25433s one for them they still have a just to
25436s get a mountain to climb in front of them
25437s their journey's just beginning here on
25439s the standings that edges them on up to
25440s thirty-one for bismuth diego their
25443s journey is continue to be halted here at
25445s the sleepy sound this time though to the
25448s hands of melito and ignali who roll on
25451s in out of nowhere molito and ignala of
25453s course making their first big statement
25455s out of the semi-finals they're picking
25457s up a win and then of course those
25458s qualifiers where they continue to pick
25459s up wins which was so impressive because
25462s we hadn't seen them before but that is
25464s what the fncs platform is all about
25466s another duo who is fighting in their
25468s first ever fncs final trying to make it
25471s through somebody who is no stranger to
25473s the finals in fact they got a couple of
25475s uh acts of champions videos up on their
25478s socials here sentinel's booga dignitas
25481s mural trying to find a little bit of
25482s room a little bit of space here slightly
25485s i feel like this is the fourth time
25486s we've had a pretty much center first
25488s zone which is making all of these
25490s rotations a little interesting but also
25493s something interesting to note monster
25494s take a peek at the top left one no solo
25497s riders around two this is far and away
25499s the lowest we have seen the player total
25501s this early on in the game so you can
25503s tell enemies they're settling in a
25505s little bit they know where they can push
25507s they know where they can fight and we're
25509s starting to see some of these fights
25510s resolve a little bit quicker a little
25512s more confidence coming on the teams who
25513s are playing really well one of which
25515s being avery must hey they're right there
25517s in the conversation yeah you know what
25519s we start to find is you know teams kind
25520s of fine tune their play style so since
25523s this is a faster paced game more action
25526s you'll notice next game will most likely
25528s be a slower pace game it's almost like
25529s the teams that did a little too much say
25531s all right maybe i overextended i'm gonna
25533s play a little slower and the ones that
25535s kind of found success try to continue to
25537s keep up that pace because they have
25539s success they make more points so it does
25542s determine a lot depending on how your
25544s game plays out ultimately but you will
25546s find it's sort of like a tug of war
25547s it'll always find its balance back and
25549s forth for agers and kanada
25551s again talk about a team that just did
25553s not start off very hot we talked about
25555s how those zones that when they landed on
25558s top of them was not working now look at
25560s this for the earliest time we see them
25561s get straight into the center zone
25563s they're not playing that outskirt stuff
25565s anymore they don't want to hear any of
25566s that noise they're trying to play for
25568s tax and i like this because kannada has
25571s some amazin