almost 6 years ago - The Fortnite Team - Direct link
- Fortnite is work in progress
- Together with all of you the game will evolve
- Change will take time and it will be longer than we would like
- We are 150% committed

Fortnite Commanders,

In the four days since Head Start Access began, your enthusiasm and passion for Fortnite has completely blown us away. We are humbled and amazed by all of your tweets, streams, videos, and your incredible support and patience as we’ve worked through technical issues to keep you in Fortnite fighting back the storm.

When we decided to open Fortnite to a larger community via Early Access, we hoped some of you would embrace the opportunity to jump in and help us put shape around our core systems and features. We hoped a handful of players would want to participate in our development adventure. You exceeded every estimate of just how many of you would show up!

This is a live service and we are here for the long haul.  We’ll keep iterating and over time with your help we’ll deliver an ever growing, improving and awesome experience. With that in mind here are some things you should know about Fortnite during Early Access:  
  • Your interest in Fortnite has overwhelmed us... and our tech. When servers fall over, we’ll get them up and running ASAP and keep you updated while we do.  
  • Our UI is brand new. What we have now is the framework for the future and we will be making major changes over the next six months. We agree that we need to improve the experience.
  • We haven’t finished all the tutorials (Like: how to increase your power?)  We will iterate. The balancing act of building new features versus building tutorials is real! However, the community has already stepped up with helpful videos and guides.
  • We’ve been iterating on game balance for awhile and this will continue all the way through Fortnite’s lifetime. You can expect iteration in many areas from the difficulty of a mission to how it feels to tap a button.
  • Fortnite will eventually be a free-to-play game. It’s the best way for the game to reach the most gamers in its lifetime. We want to build a sustaining model that is fair, respects your time investment and has a well functioning economy, and to do this we want your feedback. But if you’d rather wait until we have evolved the game more, that’s okay, we will be here when you return.
  • We are a live, online game and every update we will add more things to do.  Worried that after 80 hours you might run out of quests?  We will have events that provide new ways to get rewards and new play activities.  
One of the challenges of Fortnite has always been how to describe its scope and our commitment to evolving it.  If you want to join our band of stalwart builders, know that you are part of a community of others who care about the game just as much as you.  Everyone should do their best to be cool and nice to each other.  

Fortnite is a game about building and hope, there are enough storms out there in life, let’s see what we can build here, together.

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