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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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For additional details on Update 52 check out our latest Devstream.

DRAGON'S TEETH An anti-tank obstacle that prevents vehicle access to an area, and is resistant to most types of damage. Dragon's Teeth are built in rows, which can be dynamically scaled in length when placed.

HAVOC REMOTE CHARGE A high-powered explosive charge that requires a detonator to deploy. The Havoc Charge is highly effective at demolishing large structures. The charge must be detonated via gunshot. The Havoc Charge’s true potential is unleashed when executing strategic demolitions at safe distances.

FACILITY UPGRADES New Facility features have been added to provide additional options for power generation and to streamline liquid transport. These upgrades are summarized in the image below.

ADVANCED CONTRUCTION VEHICLE An advanced variant of the Universal Assembly Rig, the BMS - Fabricator is fitted with a unique kit designed to handle advanced or specialized construction and excavation jobs. The Fabricator can fill in certain trench types and can construct a variety of Bunkers and other defensive structures.

RAILROAD MAPS Player built train networks can now be visualized on the world map, giving logistics the ability to collaborate and plan their train routes.

FACTION BALANCE This update contains several key game balance changes. The Colonial's have had their Grenade Launcher significantly upgraded, with it's anti-structure damage increased by 100%. Their Super Heavy Tank class vehicle has also had it's range increased to a full 40m, giving it the range to devastate structures from a distance.

The Wardens now have a mobile 94.5mm armoured vehicle (that isn't a Super Heavy Tank class), bolstering their end war anti-tank capability.

TIER 2 STORAGE ROOMS Storage Rooms are now available at Tier 2 Bunkers, enabling artillery shells, large tank ammo, and other large munitions to be stockpiled at frontline bases.

STRUCTURE DECAY OVERHAUL Decay mechanics have been completely overhauled, giving builders a much higher degree of control over structure maintenance. Supplies needed to prevent decay can now be produced at Mass Production Factories and Facilities. In addition, decayed structures can now be automatically/passively repaired by Maintenance Tunnels over time, removing a previously time consuming activity.

30+ QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS This update has dozens of other quality of life changes and small improvements. Below is a small subset of those changes, but there are many more in the release notes.

  • Redesigned map legend with new filters and customization options
  • Reservable storage for combat vehicles
  • Transportable concrete
  • New Track Switch interface
  • Structure event logs
  • Bandwidth usage for high player activity events reduced by 80-90%
  • Many new anti-griefing and moderation features
  • Dozens of other improvements

RELEASE NOTES There many other features and bug fixes in this update. Read the full release notes[www.foxholegame.com] for the details.

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I SAW A BEAR UPDATE VIDEO For a more comprehensive walkthrough of all the new features in Update 52, check out community veteran I Saw A Bear's video below.