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12 Sep


Looks like a Warcraft/StarCraft map

11 Sep


Originally posted by I_Saw_A_Bear

1080p x2 version

It's not fan art but its the closest tag.

No worries Mon


Originally posted by Kysman95

We'll talk about that after todays dev vlog

Trains are not coming my friend.


Originally posted by lordbaysel

"Fan art"

I can't be a fan of my own game now???? HUH?!!


Originally posted by Chaotic_HarmonyMech

Devs already confirmed war 82 is update war. If we finish early, just super long resistance phase

This is not true. A new war will start if the current war ends early. This happened with a prior big update.

Its important to understand that there are hundreds of new players of new players joining the game every day. We completely understand if some players don't want to play in a war before a big update, but it's important that new players have an active game to play on their first day.

10 Sep


LOL. I feel ya.

There are a few small things we are doing to help with logi:

  1. Freighters are unlocked from the start
  2. There will be a few designated "port" towns that will be pre-stocked with hundreds of crates to help bootstrap logi in a war
  3. We're working on a small stretch goal to buff logi. To temper expectations it won't be a game changer but it might optimize logistics a bit over distances.

These will help by small amounts, but on their own won't be enough. A paradigm shift will be needed as well for players to haul crates to distribution towns between the logi towns and the front so we'll be looking for ways to help push into that direction.

A bigger logistics update is in the cards for the further future, but in the mean time we'll have to make due with smaller changes. For some background, we we're supposed to originally have logistics and building in one update but there was simply too much to be done at once so ...

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Fantastic! There are quite a few women that play this game and they really appreciate being able to choose the female player model.

So do we.


Originally posted by I_Saw_A_Bear

With the new sandbag will we be able to build a t2 sandbag wall and place a t1 sandbag wall closer than the current sandbag-storage box meta?

Also you just ruined my good weekend in the best way.

Last I checked, the collisions didn't let you place them too close but I think we'd want to review this and see if it can be improved during dev branch.


Originally posted by Numbers078

You guys thinking of a sailor uniform? Maybe less Inventory in exchange for a much longer swim time?

Come back late next year and ask me that again.


Originally posted by RelentlessPolygons

Will this update address the SC spam meta and the "meta-bunker" concrete spam in any way?

No big changes, but SC ammo will be moving to a late position in the tech tree so it can't be used too early in a war.


Originally posted by ScarySpooker

Crate of uniform are faction locked ? For exemple what happen if warden have a crate of heavy topcoat uniform from colonials ?

You can't equip uniforms from the opposite faction.


Originally posted by Teaslurper


  1. Are uniforms also respawns (e.g do we need to spawn in a soldier uniform then change taking 2 shirts or can we spawn in directly as the uniform we want?
  2. Can pallets be repackaged while while half full of building materials or is it an all or nothing deal? Can materials be mixed (e.g so 50% sandbags/50% metal bars)
  3. Can foxholes be connected to trench systems or are they still completely stand alone.
  4. With foxholes now being a shovel item, are shovels included in the spawn kit?
  5. Are the new pill boxes built via hammer or by adding sandbags/metal like with tank traps/sandbag walls etc?
  6. What happens to crates of uniforms that get stolen by the enemy? Are they turned into the basic shirts? or just not submit able?
  1. No. You spawn and then pull the uniforms out like any other item.
  2. Yes Pallets can be repackaged at anytime. Materials right now can't be mixed unfortunately.
  3. Foxholes and Pillboxes are separate from Trenches
  4. No
  5. Pillboxes are built with the Hammer
  6. They can be submitted but not equpped

Originally posted by Davilopy

When will the price of the game rise?

The price will most likely be going up this fall. We announced this earlier in the year:


Originally posted by Aracuz

With the addition of what essentially is two playable floors on bunkers, can you see yourself revising the decision to only make the bottom floor of structures like ghouses accessible? I have been craving actual two-story structures for a while now

With the CTRL to view top floors in place, that is a possibility. However, the issue is more the amount of rework it would take to redo the garrisoned houses, which I'm not going to lie is probably too much to do anything soon. However, it's possible for us to start experimenting with this for new structures. It's not in the plan but it is technically more feasible now than before.


Originally posted by LordSpaceRicky

With late game niches being filled on both sides, when can we expect to see the same being done for the Early War?

IE when can we see a bunker buster for the Colonials or a cheap anti-structure tool for the Wardens? In this update? In the next 3 months? Are such necessary and needed tools even being worked on?

Not for this update, but there's still quite a few things in the early tech tree that we haven't got to yet. The options you mentioned are a possibility.


Originally posted by MonsieurWTF

Very cool! Thanks for expanding the water lanes even more! I mean that seriously.

1) What are the team's thoughts regarding the long-term plan for the logistics hubs that are landlocked? Places like Heartlands, Great March, Reaching Trail. Are we basically going to need to hold out 'til Trains for those places to become fully viable?

2) Will the more-subtle water locations, such as Umbral Wildwood / Callahan's Passage see anything change with their water bodies, or logistics facilities? Thunderfoot/Lochan feel somewhat underwhelming.

Very good questions.1

  1. We are working on some stretch goals to improve logistics between land depots. Stay tuned to the dev branch next week for possibly more news on this. Our goal is to make "foward ports" more viable.
  2. Not planned. As much as I love the use of water logi, we also want to keep some regions as predominantly land.

Originally posted by LurchTheBastard

Will there be any changes to trench-bunker connections to help cut down on bunkers being made that have no entrance? Whilst bunkers having more internals and room for internals is great, being able to fight inside them is pointless if the "meta" is to make sure no-one can enter them at all.

You can no longer enter Bunker Garrisons from the outside so there will be a trade off to leaving such structures sealed off.

We also considered adding doors to Bunkers to encourage more interior building but it was cut due to us running out of time. We might revisit it in the future.


Originally posted by Nuello

Will there be huge optimization in term of fps when in huge battle and server issue? I feel like in current state joining big battle can be draining with fps drop in major frontline. This heavily translate when no mans land are has the shittiest fps drops. It hard for me to enjoy huge battle honestly. Hope dev can see this

There is a rendering performance issue that we are aware of and are working on. We're hoping we can address it on time for the Entrenched release but it depends on how many other bugs we have to deal with over the next week.


Originally posted by Nextra123

Can vehicles other than tanks still destroy trenches by running over them?

No. Trenches can no longer be destroyed by vehicles driving over them.