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12 May


The change was made for many reasons, but in part to reduce the toxicity around new players being accused of malicious behaviour. The community has made some good points though so we're re-evaluating this change for now.

11 May


Originally posted by Maxoxpower

if this patch "remove" or REDUCE my " lag" or my hitches when im near big concrete base late game.. im ALL IN :)

That was one of the biggest things we've optimized so hopefully you'll see some benefits there. I really wish we had more time to spend on client optimization as there still so much to be done, but it'll all have to wait until after 1.0 at this point.


Originally posted by Aesthetech

These all look like good changes to me. Gonna break down my thoughts on this one briefly:

Game Balance

Large scale game balance is not the focus of Update 49, but several higher priority adjustments have been made:

Sniper Rifles (all classes) have increased economic cost, reduced stability, and require crouch -- Sniper barge nerfed! lmao lol lmao. In all seriousness these are all good changes.

All deployed Tripod weapon health is increased -- They were a little fragile, I think this is ok as long as it's not like 3x or something.

Ignifist 30 equip time decreased -- Should have been auto equip, but maybe there's some sort of engine limitation there? No idea. This helps, though.

UV-24 "Icarus" weapon range increased -- Interesting. 35m? We'll see what the datamine says. Not opposed.

T8 "Gemini" weapon ...

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Your assessment of the HV40 is correct. It's more of a temporary fix. There are larger changes relating to Field guns coming in the future.

10 May


I'm colonial and even though there are some balancing issues its still the best game I've ever played, in-game is luckily not as toxic as the reddit.

I'm going to use this as a pull quote for the game

03 Mar

If you are enjoying these updates, please take the time to leave us a review. Thanks!

New Uniforms
Velian Flak Vest A heavily reinforced vest designed to protect grenadiers from shrapnel back blasts. As such, the Flak Vest reduces cuts and scrapes on top of dampening bullet impacts.

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

24 Feb


Definitely have this discussion Reddit, but please also include as much detailed feedback on #devbranch-bugs-feedback on the Foxhole Discord. The team will review that channel, but won't necessarily read through posts on this subreddit. I'm not promising any change one way or another, but just want to make sure that feedback reaches the right channels.


23 Feb


Originally posted by Fescues

Now that Smokes are back, do you have any plans on adding the Warden's variant landing apc?

No plans.


Originally posted by c0met00o

Will this game go to console or possibly the steam deck?

We have been testing some experimental changes to make the game's basic functions work on Steamdeck as a side/hobby project (as there's much bigger fish to fry) and its pretty cool to run logistics with it. I wouldn't recommend frontline combat. We hope to tinker more with it in the coming while but its definitely low in priority. Hopefully we can push some of these changes out in the coming weeks with the release of the Steamdeck.


Originally posted by trisgeis

Thanks devs for the great update. Do you have a reason why you expanded the capability to queue stuff in factories with multiple squads but not for a regiment? The regiment seems like a little underutilized in game.

We try to have clear roles for different communication tools. Regiments are intended for persistent social grouping (i.e. clans) while Squads are intended for war time communication and coordination of assets.

Allowing regiments to queue orders isn't out of a question, but we'd like to avoid overlap in functionality if possible.


Originally posted by Noname_FTW

Thanks for even acknowledging the existence of the LOGI Community (even though its just a simple reddit comment but its more than we've got until now which says something on its own). I think I can speak for a good chunk of that Discord Server when I say that players would already be satisfied when devs would engage with such a group that has spent LITERALLY HUNDREDS of manhours to give you verifiable feedback in forms of polls and excel sheets with pain points FOR FREE.

It could be such a useful tool for the dev-team to ask for concise feedback by asking the LOGI Admins to do a poll regarding LOGI or promoting other initiatives by the dev-teams.

It is not about promises but sometimes just simple acknowledgment of feedback and when possible giving feedback to the feedback to simply have a conversation.

We overall appreciate how the logi community has conducted themselves. It has resulted in positive outcomes and their feedback has contributed to Update 48.


Originally posted by WREN_PL

Dev man...


The changes will hopefully smooth things over in a few areas, but there's still a lot we hope to work on in terms of logistics. It will take time though.


Originally posted by Autica

I wont be able to toy with devbranch till Sunday or later however,

With allowing players to join more squads, will there be an update to refineries allowing squad members to pull from your queue?

For new Heavy Ammo category, will it be added to mass fab too or only through normal factory?

Unfortunately not. The refinery wasn't designed for Squad use so it would have to be reimplemented to support that use case. We aren't closing the door on the possibility but its doubtful that would fit into any near future update schedule. For now, resources will still have to be carried over to a Storage Depot if they are to be shared.


Originally posted by kdsnk9s88

First, thank you for the update it’s really good we appreciate it, but I want to ask if you guys are aware of the problems with bunker optimization. Currently for many players (including me) the game stutters so much that it becomes nearly unplayable if you are close enough to a large number of bunkers, to such a degree that it was a faction wide meme that certain areas of the map were “frame graveyards.”

I would just like to know if you guys have any plans on fixing this, and if you have any idea what caused this to start happening in the first place since it has only been an issue in the last few wars.

One thing that will help in tracking down these cases is to note exact details of scenarios under which it happens. I understand it might feel like its happening "everywhere", but if specific times/locations can be cited we can try to load the data from those maps on our internal servers to reproduce the exact issue. A simple bug report in the future on FOD with this information would be very much appreciated in the future.


Originally posted by gamechfo

How will squad chat work now?

will you hear all of them or only a selected one?

also, will text squad chats be be differentiated in the text box?

You will always have one "active" Squad and that's where voice chat will go. You can choose your active Squad by clicking on a button (this UI was missing from the dev stream videos, which was using an older version).

I believe we made a late change to show the Squad name in text chat lines so you know which Squad it came from.


Originally posted by shipidge78

Thank you for giving us this massive "small update". We really appreciate it as a community ❤️

My question, although probably brought up hundreds of times, is that whether the changes requested in the LOGI open letter will ever be considered (besides the ones you've already addressed)?

We're always looking to address as many issue as we can across all player groups and types (which includes logi union feedback), but we try not to talk about potential future changes until we are very confident we can deliver those things into player hands soon.

We don't want to mislead anyone or setup false expectations, which we have done in the past. In those cases it wasn't fair to players and it was our fault for disappointing people. These days, when feedback comes in we just try our best to listen and get to work to address issues in a concrete way that can be delivered in a future update.