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23 Nov


Originally posted by HiggsTugsten

Just a short question. How will something like the Tankette handle on the field bridges, since it is classed as an armored car but has tank armor.

As of now, Tankettes can cross Field Bridges. Keep in mind this may change as we adjust balance during Dev Branch.


Originally posted by shackers1337BRIGGS

Great to see you are looking at improving past features
Will you be looking at suppression at all as both the mechanics and numbers relating to it are confusing to most players ending with the majority if not all players refusing to suppress without a machine gun even though a handful of rifles or SMGs could do the same job at any point in the war

I would like a way for players to roughly tell how much suppression they are applying to a target and how close a target is to being suppressed so players can make informed decisions in contributing to suppression rather then hoping for the best or ignoring the mechanic completely

Yes. We hope to revisit stamina in a near future update to give it more relevance.


Originally posted by TheVikingMusketeer

with Anvil showing alot of horses
would it be possible to add horses and Swords to Foxhole aswell?
Cavalry could be really effective both early, mid and late game

charging through defensive positions in early
charging tanks and pushguns during mid and late game
it would be really frikking cool

I hope so at some point. Calvary for scouting, combat, and light logistics.


Originally posted by Cloud_Drifter

Field Bridges are very cool and not only have a combat component but also a logi advantage, being able to create short cuts for trucks and haulers. I wanted to ask if flat beds, cranes, construction vehicles and harvesters can go on them?

As of now, most logistics vehicles can go over Field Bridges. Keep in mind things can change as we balance throughout Dev Branch.

Edit: Cranes and CVs will have a hard time crossing right now, but again this balance may change


Originally posted by Captain_Conway

What Tech exactly will Copper be used for? All late game weapons/vehicles, or just vehicles?

Around what tech tiers will the new tripod weapons be on? Close to current Infantry MG guns? spread out over the tiers? Are their relative positions TBD?

Where in the tech tree are the New ACs going to be? Closer to Tankette/ST or closer to base AC?

Copper will be procured with the Harvester, so it will be for all tech that comes after Harvesters in the Tech Tree.


Originally posted by Lone_Recon

hi mark! can't wait for the next update!

is there any updates on adding the stationary fuel tank (fuel station) you guys showed off in update 27 dev stream two years ago?

also is there any plans to allow resource containers to carry crude oil (as moving crude oil by trucks is soul draining)

oh and speaking of oil is the oil rig still planned? or is this idea been scrapped?

edit: oh and can trucks cross the new field bridges?

We know a lot of players are asking for logistics features. We're working on it, but like what we did with building we want to make sure we can really move the needle in a future update as opposed to just adding in one off features here and there that will only help by a small amount.

We are always looking for smaller tweaks like balance changes or tweaks to help where we can.


Originally posted by SpectroDE12

the modular system for haltracks is very cool.

I must ask, will this system be implemented to other vehicles? Especially the ones that already exist. Thinking maybe we can swap barrels on things like the falchion to give it an FMG, or add a new engine for better performance but higher fuel cost (to give a couple examples)

Can we add an option to swap

Resource Containers


Shipping Containers

at Seaports/Depots? This is a MASSIVE issue both factions have to deal with.

Right now it's limited to the Half-Tracks only on land. We want the Half-Tracks to be like the swiss army knives for land vehicles. We've thought about things like adding them to water vehicles but no solid plans yet.


We'll be answering questions here over the next few hours. Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try to get to as many as we can. Thanks!

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20 Nov

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The next Foxhole Devstream is on Tuesday, November 23rd at 2PM ET. Join us on Twitch for a preview of Update 47.

Keep in mind that this will be an interim update that is focused on smaller scale features and improvements.

Foxhole Twitch Channel[]

The next Foxhole Devstream is on Tuesday, November 23rd at 2PM ET. Join us on Twitch for a preview of Update 47.

Keep in mind that this will be an interim update that is focused on smaller scale features and improvements.

18 Nov


Originally posted by davidty2006

Who knows why the devs bothered to even model the faces with textures in all.

Because it's the only way I'm gonna get practice making faces in a game.

08 Nov


Chris Pratt as Mario.

03 Nov

29 Oct


We understand that certain players want there to be a longer break. It's important to note that there are also many other types of players: New players, returning players, players that can only play on certain days of the week or who have limited hours due to work, school or other commitments. This is especially the case since the game has opened up a lot over the last year. New or returning players may come in and have a bad or misrepresented view of the game during a long resistance phase.

The 24-48h "break" between conquests is the balance intended to accommodate all types of players.

23 Oct


This is incredible

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