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Reposting my comment from yesterday. Hopefully it's helpful.

As mentioned on our devstream the goal is to keep server performance stable but make maintenance more manageable by allowing supplies to be produced at the MPF/facilities, having auto repair on decayed structures, and giving more control over what is supplied with Maintenance Tunnels. The goal is not to make things harder for no reason. If it wasn't for the technical constraint we wouldn't even have decay or it'd at least be very different.

The team is keeping a very close eye on the system over the next week. We're concerned about both problems: Either it's too difficult to maintain structures or server performance starts degrading. It's a difficult trade off in both directions and the system needs time to tune itself to the correct balance.

about 1 year ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

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Is the system something that you can actively tweak over the course of the war, or something that requires a steam update?

I speak from the perspective of someone who built day 1 defenses on ulster, only to see it hit very poor. Based on the information I've been given in game from the system my intuition tells me that building to have standard meta defenses will result in very poor supply status. That's unsustainable.

The system tunes itself over time based on server performance. An update isn't required. We knew implementing this would be a risk, but the only path to figuring out that very delicate balance between usability and server stability is to try in a real world environment with 1000s of real active connections. The initial system tuning was based on data from previous wars but it's never as accurate as live testing.