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Happy for the discourse around this change. The one thing to keep in mind throughout the discussions is that the only reason for pull/retrieval times existing at all is for anti-griefing. It's far from bulletproof but early on in Foxhole's pre-alpha development we found through testing that it eliminated a huge percentage of griefing and players taking more items than they need. Not a lot of massively multiplayer games have open public sharing of items like Foxhole does and this is one of the things that helped make it work in the first place.

I'm not saying there can't be a better solution but just want to clarify that this is the main reason for it's existence in the game today. It's not there for realism or because we're intentionally trying to make things harder for anyone.

Even if a better solution were to present itself, it should be implemented more intentionally and not through a piece of content like the BMS Mineseeker.

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Originally posted by Heyyy_ItsCaitlyn

I'm glad to see there's dev team visibility on this.

Personally, I think that pull times being as long as they are for most things is hurtful to the game just because it affects everyone. Every player has to contend with waiting at town halls to pull tank ammo, RPGs, tripod weapons, etc. and logi players have it even worse, spending lots of time waiting to pull crates from stockpiles, especially public stockpiles - which arguably should be the most used ones, in the name of team cooperation. The longer a player continues to play, the more of their time is spent sitting in inventory screens waiting on pull timers with an auto clicker, and that time adds up quickly. Accounting for how every player has to suffer through it, I would argue the cure is worse than the disease.

Foxhole has made some great strides in curbing griefing with the latest moderation changes, and I hope that someday pull timers can come down, because time spent pulling is, honestly, just wasted time.

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Fair and reasonable points all around.

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