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We'll be answering questions here over the next few hours. Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try to get to as many as we can but those pertaining to Entrenched will be prioritized. Thanks!

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We'll be answering questions here over the next few hours. Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try to get to as many as we can but those pertaining to Entrenched will be prioritized. Thanks!

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Originally posted by Pollen_Pirate

Will there ever be a return to inter-faction voice chat? The immersion was one of my favorite things.

Not anytime soon unfortunately. Basically when our regions started supporting more than 200 players our voice platform (Vivox) started having issues since it only supports 200 players per voice channel.

We can bring it back potentially if we switch voice tech or we write our own.

In terms of design, there's no reason why we wouldn't want that to exist. It was a great feature that I hope we can bring back in the future.

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Originally posted by Jasonjr698

Can enemies fill concrete trenches with ease? Or must they be destroyed

Due to the number of potential issues with filling in Trenches (e.g. griefing), we are only allowing it on Tier 1 Trenches and husks for now to test out how it works in practice. We can expand it to other tiers if necessary in the future.

So concrete Trenches can't be filled in.

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Originally posted by Maybar_66

Are there any changes on how building itself works? Will the BMats only be stackable if the player is using the corresponding uniform?

Basic materials are still stackable in all inventories. We made some adjustments to the stacking behaviour for the inventory (e.g. only some uniforms can stack ammo now, like the default one) to ensure there was room for advantages and disadvantages for different uniforms but we were careful to not make anything feel overly painful.

Engineer uniforms can just carry more unencumbered, but all uniforms can stack materials.

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Originally posted by DreximusRB

Given the ability for trenches and bunkers to be reserved, what mechanism is going to prevent players from intentionally building disruptive trenches and bunkers to grief, then reserving them so they cannot be removed? That is my only concern with the new reservation system for trenches.

Good question. Even if a Trench is reserved, it can still be destroyed by conventional means like HE Grenades just like before. So from that standpoint its no worse than before.

However, since Trenches can't be rammed anymore that does introduce a possible new avenue for griefing. Please test things out in dev branch and then post your feedback so we can try to accommodate any specific scenarios we might have missed.

As a side note, Trench reservations are shared with your Squad for collaboration purposes.

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Originally posted by itsmuddy

Is it not possible to break down each region into smaller voice sub regions that each have their on channel.

Now that I'm thinking about it that's probably a lot of work for little payoff.

We thought of that as well. The issue is that there's no easy algorithm to subdivide a region since every player could theoretically be in the same place at once.

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Originally posted by ValkenOfAstora

Now that we will need to transport a lot more material with flatbeds, could we get a stationary crane, like the one from seaports, refineries, Mass Fabs and Storage depots, as a bunker base building?

Having those would allow us to unload flatbeds easier without constantly having to build / move cranes around.

We have big plans for logistics including the possibility of buildable static cranes, but those features won't come in this update. We originally had planned for those features to coincide with the world expansion in this update but it was too hard to do so many things in one update in terms of development.

However, we are working on a few smaller things to help with the increased logistics requirement for larger world for now.

First, certain towns will be designated as "Port" towns which means they will come pre-stocked with hundreds of crates of starter equipment to help bootstrap logi at the start of a war.

Second, we are working on a stretch goal to help increase the logistics bandwidth between rear logistics towns and port towns. Ideally players are able to haul lots of crates to from the logi towns to these ports. Then "frontline" truck drivers only have to drive 1-2 regions across in most cases.

We're gonna be balancing things further throughout next week so we'll be keeping an eye on feedback with regards to this.

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Originally posted by English_American

It's clear with the expanded map and new frontline building, Logi needs help. The drives and sailings are already very long from backline logi regions. Now, with the expanded map with the northernmost and southernmost tiles being logi-specific, as mentioned on stream, the drives and sailings will be even longer.

Is there a plan to help out logi? I'm assuming you can't talk much about it because "Op-Sec" for the next update, but can we at least get a confirmation that the logi update we all want and subjectively need is coming soon?

On another note, this update looks amazing, and even with the longer drives, FMAT is sincerely looking forward to it!!!

This is a major concern of ours. Please see my response here which I think covers part of your question https://www.reddit.com/r/foxholegame/comments/pl5rme/official\_entrenched\_dev\_qa\_thread/hc8c0ex/?utm\_source=reddit&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3

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Originally posted by Zykovitz

Do the new bunker attachments take GS/BS?

I'm not sure which attachments you are talking about but Trenches/Bunkers still can take Bunker supplies like before. The new Pillboxes take Garrison Supplies.

As a side note, Soldier Supplies are being moved to the medical category which should alleviate the issues of SS and GS/BS fighting for production.

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Originally posted by 1010Reddit1010

What's going to be the fate of border bases with the building update?

Border Bases will remain the same for now. They are not our favourite thing but are there to break "border lockdown" which can cause more queuing issues for the game. They are more of a design solution to a technical limitation rather than something we deem is important for the game concept.

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Originally posted by shlazzer

As one of those people who spends most of his time building bunkers, I am so excited to get my hands on some of this -

With the changes to the interior of BB garrisons, do rifle garrisons no longer defend the inside? is this solely a PVP function now?

at first glance, it seems we have no AI coverage inside the BB itself

Unfortunately this was one of the trade offs we had to make. Rifle Garrisons no longer fire into a Bunker since they are raised. We added interior firing ports to help defend interiors and made the Barbed Wire mods more robust so players can do a better job at preventing enemies from getting inside in the first place.

However, we did at an early stage consider other defenses like booby traps or interior AI but they were cut from the update. Adding dedicated interior AI is an option in the future if need be.

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Originally posted by FiveCentsADay

I love the lever action, but I did wonder

What was the reason for adding a bunch of, what seems to be, pretty basic rifles? To extend the earlier war small arms period a bit longer? Or more variation to the starting rifles?

It's part of our process for building out the tech tree so there are more options and there is less of a feeling being "locked out" of critical tech while still being able to keep each war feeling unique.

We actually had planned to add these Rifles back in the "Infantry Arms Race" part of the Winter Army update but they were delayed until we got the tactical camera in place since the long rifles didn't work too well with the old camera.

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Originally posted by Effective_Carry7050

Concerning the uniforms,
Are the uniforms individual items / special uniforms crate?
If they are a special uniform crate, would the game promt the person picking up a shirt what type of shirt they want ?
If shirts are individual items how will this be worked out with the factory queues seeing the pressure on factories will go up?

Uniforms are produced in crates in their own category (so they won't interfere with the production of other items). They get submitted to base stockpiles. Any player can retrieve a uniform to put it on.

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Originally posted by MonsieurWTF

Will these Logi hubs be set up in their intended formats in Devbranch for us to test/review? Same question for if we will be able to see what designated "Port" town supplies will be for war-start logi.

While the starting conditions of the Dev Branch won't be 100% representative of the first war, in terms of logi town it should be pretty close.

The port town "pre-stocks" should be visible as well.

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Originally posted by amalgam_reynolds

I think there needs to be a stronger player emphasis on halfway shuttling and using storage depots. That would help alleviate some of the logi haul already. So often I see the back lines and the front lines full to bursting, and absolutely empty in storage depots in-between.

I couldn't agree more. Players already utilize places like the Baths in this manner and we want to push into it more with the larger world. We don't want logistics grind to increase, but this will require both logi buffs from us and some paradigm shifts will also need to be made among players.

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Originally posted by Atotalnoobtodagaye

A few questions. Not really as important to the game as some of the others but these are what I'm interested in at the moment.

  1. Will the magazines for certain infantry weapons be rigged? It's a little jarring seeing the reload animation for the Storm Rifle and Catara without the very noticeable magazines moving.
  2. Since flatbeds will play an bigger and more constant role now, do you plan on making them more cheaper or use Basic Materials instead of Refined Materials to build?
  3. Any plans for dismemberment? Would be nice for artillery hits to see some basic dismemberment.
  4. Will performance be improved? In weather and especially with the new regions, I'm worried what the effect might be on weaker hardware. This game runs fairly well on weaker hardware so hopefully that will continue.
  5. Will trucks have some of their stats changed (Speed, cargo compacity, etc) to better suit the much larger map? Is there a way to transport things in bulk more efficiently being planned (Choo Choo)?
  1. Good eye. Hopefully we can correct this polish issue in the future.
  2. No plans, but it could be a considered balance change in dev branch.
  3. We'd like to add that in the future. It makes thematic sense
  4. There is currently an FPS issue being caused by name rendering. We are hoping to fix that for this update, but we'll see how many bugs come through
  5. We're working on a Flatbed truck buff to help increase bandwidth between Storage Depots. Hopefully it'll make the release.
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Originally posted by Longjumping_Push_687

Thank you for this amazing game. I'm still shocked by the devstream.

Do players have to reserve each bunker / trench individually. Will there be a feature to do the while bunker?

Will players be able to demolish bunkers aswell as trenches?

Thanks a lot!

Bunkers can be demolished yes.

Right now you have to reserve each bunker individually which is a bit of a pain. Streamlining this with a "bulk reserve" mechanic is in the cards for the future.

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Originally posted by SPCR0

Will sandbags / barbed wire still cost garrison supplies to maintain ? will they keep decaying as they currently do ? considering the added effort to build them now.

Will AC's receive a overhaul in the future ? i believe in their current state they do not find much use mid and late war .

What happens if tanks try to run over a emplacement trench ? since they don't destroy them for now ?

Will the ignifist or white ash flasks receive a rebalance in the future ?

Will the warden mortar tank receive a buff in the amount of ammo it can store ? or perhaps be allowed to stack mortar shells?

They will still cost Garrisoned Supplies to maintain yes. Everything needs to decay in Foxhole for server performance reasons.

You're right about ACs.... In terms of balance, we'll probably review the other things you mentioned as part of a more dedicated balance pass in update 47 or 48.

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Originally posted by gruntzilla8

Will there be any consideration for a concrete mixer vehicle or way in general to carry concrete more efficiently? Additionally, an excavator vehicle late game to help build and dig?

We would consider a Concrete transport vehicle in the future, but it would have to come at a high cost or have some other constraint. Concrete is designed to be immobile to prevent it from being used offensively (e.g. creeping up with a concrete Trench/Bunker).

Originally posted by Loxen86

Will we, could we see a Logistics focused uniform? If not for any benefit, other than to assume the role, and get immersed?

What aspect of logistics are you imagining requires a specific uniform?

Originally posted by DPErny

Are there still female player models with the new uniforms?

Yep. I just didn't have time to showcase the different sexes and races.

Originally posted by Crommwig

my fears came true and uniforms are logi items, so my question is:

will we, at some point, get some kind of loadout system to ease the tedious gear pulling after every spawn. It gets really tiresome especially as medic and/or under arty fire.

It's something that seems really cool, but we have no plans at the moment.

Originally posted by Davilopy

When will the price of the game rise?

Yes, eventually.

Originally posted by Leofreitas021

at 1.0

1.0 isn't really a concept for foxhole. The game will just continue receiving updates and you will never fundamentally notice a shift from beta to "release"

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Originally posted by Gerrey

How long can we expect Engine Rooms to last on a full can of fuel? Also is the Intelligence Center a separate bunker upgrade from the SC, or are they combined.

The balance may be tweaked during dev branch but currently a fully fueled up engine room will be online for a bit over a day.

The Storm Cannon and Intelligence Center are both locked behind a shared upgrade now called Advanced Bunkers.

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Originally posted by raiedite

What was shown in devstream:

Moving around inside bunkers, trenches connecting several blocks of garrisons across the frontline

What will most likely happen:

Enclosed bunkers because why would you build doors?

You can no longer enter Bunker Garrisons from the outside (which has already felt unrealistic to us). So there is a trade off to keeping them enclosed, which is that you can't get into them for cover.

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Originally posted by RedText-1809

On behalf of the [27th], we're all really looking forward for this update, and you'll be sure to find us digging deep into the dev branch! but until then these are a few questions we have about the new mechanics / changes.

  1. Looking at the new Map, there are a few areas of concern near region borders (looking at kalokai + acrithia, Nevish Lane + Callum's cape, Godscroft + Morgen's crossing) Where the no-build zone / rapid decay looks to be overlapping some major chokepoints. Are there any plans for changing how these mechanics work to make these areas 'less of a pain' for lack of a way to describe it?
  2. With the changes to building and what looked like better AI on the RG, are there any (Buffs?) for our discarded MG Garrisons? (and do these extend to the MG pillboxes?).
  3. With sandbags / tank traps / barbed wire dropping a percentage of the matts on destruction, does the same occur once decayed? and are there any changes to how decay works.
  4. By the looks of it the (Intelligence Radar?) takes a 3*3 area, can you confirm the requirements for it to be built (i.e. command upgrades / bunker tech, space, engine rooms etc...) And how large is its detection radius? is it cross region?
  5. How long can we expect fuel / wattage to last / stretch? it looked like it was 100litres per engine, and 3000 watts per engine. We saw an example of the power being used to extend ranges on RGs and Obs Bunkers, does this extend to all garrisons? what else does it effect?
  6. Are Obs Bunkers unlocked immediately on a T2 bunker or do they need to be unlocked in tech / command modifications? and what detection range do they have?
  7. Can we refill engine rooms from a nearby tanker, much like vehicles, or must we fill them each by hand with a can?
  8. With the extended ranges we get with the 'Tactical camera', can we expect any changes to the Binoculars? especially with the prevalence of Obs Bunkers having a range of what looks like beyond 100m.
  9. Can the ALL the new modifications be deconstructed in the same way that they are now? (For half their build cost?) This includes the ladders, ramps, and interior embrasures.
  10. Are there any changes to G/B Supplies?
  11. Can you confirm that the two new vehicles are NOT HV variants? despite the changes in range (Collie 35m and Warden 45m)
  12. With the new backline regions, can you give us any more details on how this affects the current logi towns and locations of factories / refineries / MPFs.
  13. With a larger map can we expect to see more nuke sites?
  14. Based on the current system, it looks like a victory will need 30 of the 37 regions to win, will this be the case?
  15. Can the ALL the new modifications be deconstructed in the same way that they are now? (For half their build cost?) This includes the ladders, ramps, and interior embrasures.
  16. Can we refuel engine rooms from fuel runners?
  17. Are there any changes to how bunkers interact with terrain? Is it possible that we'll continue to see 'void holes', issues with rebuilding husks due to tight bunkers etc...
  18. Are RG/MG/AT pillboxes locked behind tech? like the AT gun
  19. Can we get G/B Sups into the MPF? and will uniforms be MPF-able?

Sorry! I appreciate the time taken for this ever growing list of questions!

  1. If there are any map issues like this found in the dev branch, please report them as we'd like to review them.
  2. MG Garrisons are receiving a big range buff in this update. Game balance will make it to the dev branch release notes on Tuesday.
  3. Right now it works that way but it could be received. Decay exists to prevent the server from being overburdened by too much structure spam.
  4. Intel Center shares a new Bunker Upgrade with Storm Cannons called "Advanced Bunkers". It requires a 3x3 platform and can "fire" cross region like Storm Cannon. I don't have the most recent spec balance handy, but you'll be able to test it out in the dev branch.
  5. A fully fueled Engine Room lasts for a bit over 24h. However this could change during dev branch. A powered Bunker Garrison can fire further at night (during the day it's behaviour stays the same). It affects all Bunker Garrisons except Howitzers.
  6. Observation Bunkers requires a new Base Upgrade that sits under Concrete. T2/T3 Obs. Bunkers have about 1.6x/2.25x the radius that a Watchtower has.
  7. Engine Rooms can only be filled by cans atm.

Sorry! Have to move on to other questions.

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Originally posted by Nextra123

Can vehicles other than tanks still destroy trenches by running over them?

No. Trenches can no longer be destroyed by vehicles driving over them.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by Nuello

Will there be huge optimization in term of fps when in huge battle and server issue? I feel like in current state joining big battle can be draining with fps drop in major frontline. This heavily translate when no mans land are has the shittiest fps drops. It hard for me to enjoy huge battle honestly. Hope dev can see this

There is a rendering performance issue that we are aware of and are working on. We're hoping we can address it on time for the Entrenched release but it depends on how many other bugs we have to deal with over the next week.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by LurchTheBastard

Will there be any changes to trench-bunker connections to help cut down on bunkers being made that have no entrance? Whilst bunkers having more internals and room for internals is great, being able to fight inside them is pointless if the "meta" is to make sure no-one can enter them at all.

You can no longer enter Bunker Garrisons from the outside so there will be a trade off to leaving such structures sealed off.

We also considered adding doors to Bunkers to encourage more interior building but it was cut due to us running out of time. We might revisit it in the future.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by MonsieurWTF

Very cool! Thanks for expanding the water lanes even more! I mean that seriously.

1) What are the team's thoughts regarding the long-term plan for the logistics hubs that are landlocked? Places like Heartlands, Great March, Reaching Trail. Are we basically going to need to hold out 'til Trains for those places to become fully viable?

2) Will the more-subtle water locations, such as Umbral Wildwood / Callahan's Passage see anything change with their water bodies, or logistics facilities? Thunderfoot/Lochan feel somewhat underwhelming.

Very good questions.1

  1. We are working on some stretch goals to improve logistics between land depots. Stay tuned to the dev branch next week for possibly more news on this. Our goal is to make "foward ports" more viable.
  2. Not planned. As much as I love the use of water logi, we also want to keep some regions as predominantly land.
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Originally posted by LordSpaceRicky

With late game niches being filled on both sides, when can we expect to see the same being done for the Early War?

IE when can we see a bunker buster for the Colonials or a cheap anti-structure tool for the Wardens? In this update? In the next 3 months? Are such necessary and needed tools even being worked on?

Not for this update, but there's still quite a few things in the early tech tree that we haven't got to yet. The options you mentioned are a possibility.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by Aracuz

With the addition of what essentially is two playable floors on bunkers, can you see yourself revising the decision to only make the bottom floor of structures like ghouses accessible? I have been craving actual two-story structures for a while now

With the CTRL to view top floors in place, that is a possibility. However, the issue is more the amount of rework it would take to redo the garrisoned houses, which I'm not going to lie is probably too much to do anything soon. However, it's possible for us to start experimenting with this for new structures. It's not in the plan but it is technically more feasible now than before.

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Originally posted by Davilopy

When will the price of the game rise?

The price will most likely be going up this fall. We announced this earlier in the year: https://steamcommunity.com/app/505460/discussions/0/3115906960355833166/

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Originally posted by Teaslurper


  1. Are uniforms also respawns (e.g do we need to spawn in a soldier uniform then change taking 2 shirts or can we spawn in directly as the uniform we want?
  2. Can pallets be repackaged while while half full of building materials or is it an all or nothing deal? Can materials be mixed (e.g so 50% sandbags/50% metal bars)
  3. Can foxholes be connected to trench systems or are they still completely stand alone.
  4. With foxholes now being a shovel item, are shovels included in the spawn kit?
  5. Are the new pill boxes built via hammer or by adding sandbags/metal like with tank traps/sandbag walls etc?
  6. What happens to crates of uniforms that get stolen by the enemy? Are they turned into the basic shirts? or just not submit able?
  1. No. You spawn and then pull the uniforms out like any other item.
  2. Yes Pallets can be repackaged at anytime. Materials right now can't be mixed unfortunately.
  3. Foxholes and Pillboxes are separate from Trenches
  4. No
  5. Pillboxes are built with the Hammer
  6. They can be submitted but not equpped
7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by ScarySpooker

Crate of uniform are faction locked ? For exemple what happen if warden have a crate of heavy topcoat uniform from colonials ?

You can't equip uniforms from the opposite faction.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by RelentlessPolygons

Will this update address the SC spam meta and the "meta-bunker" concrete spam in any way?

No big changes, but SC ammo will be moving to a late position in the tech tree so it can't be used too early in a war.

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Originally posted by Numbers078

You guys thinking of a sailor uniform? Maybe less Inventory in exchange for a much longer swim time?

Come back late next year and ask me that again.

7 days ago - /u/markusn82 - Direct link

Originally posted by I_Saw_A_Bear

With the new sandbag will we be able to build a t2 sandbag wall and place a t1 sandbag wall closer than the current sandbag-storage box meta?

Also you just ruined my good weekend in the best way.

Last I checked, the collisions didn't let you place them too close but I think we'd want to review this and see if it can be improved during dev branch.

Originally posted by DPErny

Fantastic! There are quite a few women that play this game and they really appreciate being able to choose the female player model.

So do we.