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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Update 51 is focused on iterating on Inferno features, with new quality of life changes, optimizations, and content to support existing features like trains and fire. For further details on this update, please check out our latest Devstream.

FIRE ENGINES In the last update, fire weapons were introduced which allows structures and entire towns to be set towns ablaze. Fire Engines have now been added to help players fight fire.

Each faction has their own unique Fire Engine variant, with the Colonials getting the R-12b - “Salva” Flame Truck and the Wardens getting the Dunne Dousing Engine 3r.

CABOOSE One of the biggest pieces of feedback we got for Update 50 was how difficult it was to maintain railroad networks. To help alleviate this, the Caboose car is being introduced, which will automatically repair tracks when driving over them, removing the need for Maintenance Tunnels or Bases for maintenance.

The Caboose can be attached to any train and consumes either Construction Materials or Garrisoned Supplies to repair decayed tracks.

FACILITY UPGRADES Facilities have been expanded with new upgrades and structures to help players overcome challenges and to add additional utility to them. They are summarized in the image below.

FIRE UPDATE A comprehensive pass was done on fire mechanics to address various player feedback. The summary is that infantry flamethrowers have been buffed, fire rockets have been tempered, and the experience of putting out fires has been improved.

There are a lot more under the hood changes to fire that's worth noting. For full details, please watch this timestamped portion of the Devstream.

Lance-25 “Hasta”

Flood Juggernaut Mk. VII

Fissura gd.I

O’Brien v.190 Knave

QUALITY OF LIFE Many quality of life features have been added based on player feedback, including the following

  • Large items can be removed from Pallets directly without opening the UI
  • Trench Connectors can now be built underneath Tracks and Provisional roads
  • Build menu has been sorted for easier navigation
  • One click reservations for power networked Facilities is now available
  • Demolish times have been increased, providing greater flexibility for builders
  • Interact menu now shows upgrades, making it easier to select a specific structure
  • Tunnel UI now shows Garrisoned Supplies consumption rate
  • Equipment tooltips now include extra details such as where it is produced from

OPTIMIZATIONS Update 51 introduces many optimizations to the servers and networking infrastructure which should amount to an overall smoother experience, especially for vehicle gameplay. For details, watch this timestamped portion of the Devstream.

RELEASE NOTES There many other features and bug fixes in this update. Read the full release notes[www.foxholegame.com] for the details.

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I SAW A BEAR UPDATE VIDEO For a more comprehensive walkthrough of all the new features in Update 51, check out community veteran I Saw A Bear's video below.