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The system accounts for this kind of behaviour with Tripods. This scenario has a negligible if any impact on the Maintenance Supply economy.

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Originally posted by ShineReaper

Are you absolutely sure about that, since people report that a region went from Good to Very Poor?

Maybe there is a bug in play that this intended function of the system doesn't work?

Our certainty level is high, but the possibility of bugs or data errors should never be ruled out. If there is a discrepancy, please note it in the bug channel on Discord with as many details as possible demonstrating the issue including time stamps and regions. The team does not look at reddit for bug reports unfortunately. Thanks.

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Originally posted by foxholenoob

Do vehicles have any impact?

The main reason for decay and Maintenance Supplies is to keep server performance at a stable level. For that reason, anything that can impact performance can theoretically have an impact but there are measures in place to mitigate the obvious cases of griefing.

To be upfront though, it's version 1 of a brand new and complex system. If there are issues please let us know so we can iterate in the future (though please don't take this as a promise for any particular change being made).

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